Lost: Season 6 ‘Across The Sea’ Spoilers Discussion

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lost logo shadow Lost: Season 6 ‘Across The Sea’ Spoilers Discussion

As we creep closer to the series finale of Lost, things are starting to fall into place. With last week’s episode, “The Candidate,” bringing about the end of Jin and Sun Kwan, one more potential candidate was scratched off the list of possible Jacob replacements.

In tonight’s episode, “Across The Sea,” we get an episode full of answers as Jacob and the man in black take center stage – offering a glimpse at the beginning of their relationship as well as find out how things came to be so nasty between them.

As a fan of Lost, I have to say that it is probably the best episode of the season. Not only because it is filled with answers, but because we are finally able to see the incredible back-story of the island’s most iconic inhabitants.

We have three Lost spoiler posts that each provide information about what’s to occur further on in the season:

Keeping this in mind, please limit this discussion to events that occur in “Across The Sea.”

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. One thing can be said, the show inspires passion. I cannot decide how I feel about this episode but I know this, it kept me sleepless. I want to start getting answers and I feel like I got some but that for each question that gets answered, I have two new ones.

  2. i am up for if some of mysteries … little ones .. left unanswered .. if everything will be answered, there will be room for no imagination and discussion afterwards … but if you want to answer .. then give me something .. please .. still hoping that finale will be Lost-lyk

  3. Somewhere in the “Rules,” there must be some loophole that MIB is using that started with encouraging Locke (as Christian Shepherd)to leave the island so everyone would come back (though not everyone who came back was a viable candidate). This may be a comment way out in left field, but it is interesting that Hurley is the only candidate that can see dead people, like MIB can and is. Does that make him more of a threat to MIB? Also, is it possible that the “fake” mother gave part of herself to each of her two “sons,” guardian of the light/island/man’s fate to Jacob and the smoke monster ability to MIB?

    • nice theory but if he was suppose to take his place .. i dont think jacob needed Jack to stare at the sea 😛 .. he said Jack needs to do something .. Richard said that whenever Jacob “touches” you .. he gives you something . so maybe every candidate has something special in him.
      For the mother to “give” her abilities to her sons is a little off the hook .. she ddnt even knew anything about the island .. i dont think she had “something” in her .. just wanted to be her son wid her people ..

      • The “fake” mother, not Claudia, who gave birth to Jacob and MIB. Hurley could oppose MIB with his powers. Also, ironic that neither of the two possible “smoke monsters” has a name!

  4. This episode was also somewhat of a letdown for me. The mother didn’t give Jacob nearly enough information to do his “job” in my opinion, yet now he knows everything.

    And Jacob tossed MIB into the light because he was furious with him for murdering the mother so he sealed him to a fate worse than death. Simple as that.

    The mother isn’t another smoke monster, she’s just very powerful. She ‘brought’ the pregnant woman to the island specifically for the baby she carried … she just didn’t know there were two. You know — like Jacob has ‘brought’ people to the island himself to search for his replacement.

    This is just (not meaning to diminish it) a mythical story about an ancient God or Demi-god who has been charged with the task of protecting the world via the island. Kind of how Atlas holds the world on his shoulders.

    But yes, I could have done without this episode completely. And I was disappointed that it made Jacob look like an idiot at the age of 43.

  5. I don’t know how someone could be disappointed, I thought that was an AMAZING episode. They’ve explained so much so far in season 6 – the Whispers, the Numbers, where Jacob and MIB came from, who the Adam & Eve skeletons are, how the Black Rock got to the Island, how the Statue got broken apart, why Jacob brings people to the Island, where the Smoke Monster came from, why MIB wants to leave the Island so badly…

    I don’t think anyone can say they haven’t answered enough questions.

    Just a quick question I had not really about a mystery within the show but more of how the audience watches it:

    Were the characters in this episode supposed to be speaking another language (Latin?) but we were just hearing it in English? I never thought of it during the episode but my dad said afterwards and I’m wondering now. If they were not supposed to be speaking English they didn’t make it very clear.

    • That was my assumption. I thought they used the Valkyrie technique and just changed it quickly in the beginning so we didn’t have to read subtitles the entire time. Otherwise, they would have said something like, you speak English…

  6. I loved the episode I just feel it would have been better have it be the first episode of the season. It would have freaked people out and start off the season right. If they are trying to close out loose ends maybe they shouldn’t introduce new characters what will just raise new questions. Also anybody else freaked out that CJ Cregg is a killer?

  7. Did anyone else notice that the drink fake mother gave jacob is the same wine that Jacob gave richard and they both live forever until someone kills them? I wonder if that has some significance?

  8. I think the joke is on us and the creators are laughing their a**es off. They are just making this up as they go and saying, “This one will really have them talking for a while. They will spend days on end arguing and trying to figure this out. Hee hee hee!” I don’t worry about it too much. I watch the show because I like the characters and their interactions. There have been plenty of WTF? and OMG! moments. And the mysteries or mysteries solved. So much has happened over the years that I have forgotten many of the questions! That’s why I don’t stress too much over the answers. I care about the Losties and their fate. I grieve for Jin, Sun and Sayid but thrilled that Sayid redeemed himself and died as a hero. Or did he? Hee hee. All I need to know is who the poor sucker is that will be left to take Jacob’s place. I hope it’s not Hurley. I’m thinking spinoff with his character.

    • OK, great episode, many questions answered… but how does all this give power to Jacob to influence the outside world? Who made the light house? Why did the numbers work for Hurley? What body is MIB using (or does he even need one)? Is MIB going to turn good at the end and take over the island?? Who was the smoke monster when the egyptian temple was made? Does there need to be a smoke monster as well as a “Jacob”?

  9. I like to think that things got screwed up with the birth of the twins. The island mother (guardian) was relieved with the birth of Jacob, but seemed confused as to what to do after dark brother was delivered. She raised them with specific roles in mind (who knows what she wanted from Jacob), but we all see that it was folly. Jacob, who was forced into the role of protector of the island, welcomes human intervention and represents the opposite of his assigned task. Dark brother, who adopted his mother’s point of view, is trying to leave. Anyone else notice that when the brothers were born, Jacob didn’t cry (purity) and dark brother did (knowledge of good and evil)?

  10. Sorry, just a little more…perhaps the twins’ mess are the reason the island prevented any women from having babies. This is what makes Aaron special – the island chose him to live. The others believed Walt to be special because he was the youngest child on the island. Everyone (island included) is looking for a spiritual successor.
    However, we know for sure that not every IMPORTANT question will be answered. “Don’t ask questions, beacuase every answer will just lead to more questions” – that wasn’t the mother’s line, that was delivered to us straight from the writers; their bailout for sloppy storytelling. I mean unfinished story arcs, such as how/why Jack got his tattoo? How John’s father/James’ homewrecker magically appears on the island in a closet? The entire plot involving the temple with new others this season alone (superfulous!)? How when the wheel is turned, the entire island(s) are transported? It seemed to me, in the end, that Abrams had a grip on his vision, but when he left the others released the reins a bit.

  11. LOST is the biggest trick in television. I will give the show props for season 1. it was excellent. From the Jump and I mean the very beggining of Season 2 it has gone down too far. That tells me that the didnt understand what they had from beggining. But sadly people wont wake up and realize it until its off the air and they’ve made all that money from the DVD sales.

  12. no no its clear that MiB is bad and will never be good. The writers have confirmed it:

    “The episode features the deaths of at least 3 main cast members, the highest of any episode in the series. Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse described the episode as “brutal”. Regarding the mass deaths of the characters, Lindelof stated “now you know this show is willing and capable of killing anyone.” Cuse also added “There is no ambiguity. [The Man In Black] is evil and he has to be stopped… When we watched the death scenes ourselves, it was brutal. [But] the story always comes first.”