We’re less than a couple of weeks away from the premiere of the sixth and final season of Lost, and these promo pics and trailers just keep on coming. Today we have a whole batch of trailers for the show from various countries including Brazil, Turkey and Greece, as well as an official English language one from ABC. On top of those we also have more character photos that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, this time featuring Sun and Sayid.

Let’s get to it.


First up let’s take a look at the character promo images that have made their way online for Lost. Adding to the shots of Jin, Kate, Richard, Miles, Frank and Ilana, we have new ones featuring two long-standing characters, Sun and Sayid. Just like the other images, these character shots don’t give anything away about the final season, but I’m sure you Lost fans out there will want to take a look nonetheless. Here are couple shots of Sun and Sayid (click for larger versions):


You can check out the rest of the promo images HERE and HERE.

[Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for anyone not caught up with the show]

The last we saw from Sayid was he’d been seriously wounded by a gunshot (courtesy of Ben Linus’ dad, Roger) and didn’t look too good. Will he make it to the end of the final season? Or in true Lost style will he, as a major character, be killed off? We’ll have to wait and find out…

Sun, on the other hand, was very much alive and the last we saw of her, she was shocked to see that the real Locke was still dead after being transported on the Ajira flight she and the rest of the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron) were on. She came back to The Island in search of Jin, as she learned from Ben that he was still alive – will she be reunited with him in season 6?

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As you’re probably already aware, Lost is a TV phenomenon not just in the U.S. but all over the world. The promos for the show in non-English speaking countries have tended to be more creative than the ones we’ve gotten in the U.S. and UK . I’m hoping a couple of them – namely the chessboard and lost person flyers – will be utilized in those two markets.

Before we get to the foreign language promos, let’s take a look at the latest generic one released by ABC:

If you look closely towards the end, you can see a flash of Charlie – is that a sign we’ll be seeing him in the show again, as has been rumored?

Next up is a Turkish promo with some promo titles we haven’t seen in any of the other ones. It’s obviously in Turkish but Dark UFO snagged the translation to help us out:

“Legend will be completed”

“The circle will close”

“Are you ready?”

“Lost, Final season, coming soon, DiziMAX”

Next we have a couple of fun little promos hailing from Brazil. They are far less serious than a lot of the others, instead of offering lots of different footage from throughout the series, they just single out some of the funnier or sweeter moments from the show. We’ve included a couple of them featuring Hurley feasting on the food found in the Hatch back in season 2, and Jack and Michael playing golf from back in season 1. Enjoy:

You can check out the rest of the Brazilian promos HERE.

Here’s a promo from Greece that’s pretty similar to the ones we see in the U.S. Not terribly exciting, but take a look if you’re interested:

Finally here’s a video with actor Jeff Fahey, a.k.a. Frank Lapidus, discussing the “Lost Supper” images that have appeared over the last few weeks. Watch it below:

Well, I think that’s plenty of Lost promos to get you talking about the final season. Let loose in the comments section below.

Lost season 6 premieres on Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, ABC and Associated Press