Title Of ‘Lost’ Season 6 Premiere Revealed!

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lost logo Title Of Lost Season 6 Premiere Revealed!

UPDATE: Click on the following link if you’re looking for the Lost season 6 premiere review and discussion.

Lost fans everywhere have been left hanging for months and months after the mind-blowing Season 5 finale, wondering just what the sixth and final season of Lost will entail. Just one of the many things on the list of questions we all have in mind is what will the title of the final season’s two-hour premiere be? Well, today, almost six months in advanced, the title has been revealed: “LA X”

And YES, the space is intended…

The title hint first came about from a video by comedian Paul Scheer of him “sneaking into” ABC’s lot to try and talk to Lost writers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Scheer recently made an appearance at the Lost panel at Comic-Con where he presented Lindelof and Cuse with a hand-made velvet painting of the two writers with a polar bear (the website he provided as well was the aptly named www.damoncartlonandapolarbear.com). At first Scheer just seemed like some crazy overly enthusiastic fan wanting to express his love for the show (all us Lost fans feel like him inside, we just don’t show it in front of other people…).

However, when Scheer sent /Film a letter a little while ago – followed by a mysterious letter sent to the site from Ronie Midfew Arts, claiming that Scheer was making Lost art entirely without their permission – the “average fan” status of Mr. Scheer started to become dubious. Now, with the following video, I think it’s clear that Scheer is part of some sort of Lost viral marketing campaign (probably an ARG, or alternate reality game, which gives people the chance to uncover clues by working out puzzles and the like). Check out the video, but keep your wits about you: there are some Lost Easter eggs and a couple of appearances from a certain duo of writers:

So… “LA X”, eh?

There’s already been lots of speculation running rampant in the relatively short time since this info has been released. Obviously the title is a play on LAX, the Los Angeles airport where Oceanic 815 was supposed to have landed. But obviously that space in between the “LA” and the “X” isn’t just as a result of Lindelof or Cuse’s finger slipping on the keyboard – it’s been confirmed as being, “important.” So what could it mean?


[Warning: Lost Seasons 1-5 SPOILERS  ahead]

The X could refer to the year 2010 (X being the roman numeral for the number 10) – the year which the final season of Lost will premiere. It could be signifying that Jack’s plan to reset the timeline worked and the point where our Losties reappear will be at LAX airport as was planned. It could mean the exact opposite of that, and that a safe timeline reset to LAX isn’t happening, with the X being spaced away from the preceding letters. Some fans are even suggesting that the “LA” is French (meaning “The”) and the X is a variable (X usually being substituted for any unknown number). The theories, as they always do with regards to Lost, go on and on…

And on and on…

I personally am more for the “Whatever Happened, Happened” theory – meaning that Jack’s plan didn’t work and that the Losties would end up back in 2007 with Ben, Sun, Frank and Co. But it’s looking more and more (especially with this mysterious title) like there will be some sort of reversion back to the plan having worked in some way. However, I’m sure it won’t be as cut and dry as, “The plane never crashed.”



In the end it’s Lost, so the title could mean a 1001 different things. We just don’t know enough about what Season 6 is going to even BE to have anything to extrapolate from the title. All we can really do for the time being is speculate.

What do you think the title “LA X” means?

The sixth and final season of Lost is set to premiere in early 2010.

Sources: /Film, DarkUFO and TVOverMind

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  1. The first thing that came into my head was LA X = X LA. As in not LA anymore, as in maybe the future?

  2. So, any chance on Homicide and Hernandez being part of the season 6 premiere?

    To Live N Die in LA-X!

  3. Did you notice rose means rose and bernard are the two bodies on the cave ,¿no?

  4. LA X = means LA ten… Ten of the main cast will return in LAX.

  5. LA X is French.

    La X = The variable.

  6. la x means the variable

  7. i just want the show to beggin already i just dont know what could happen i just hope it doesnt end with a dissapointment like the sopranos

  8. I’m de bunking the French theory because they would be using “le” instead of “la”. La is feminine and is only used with feminine words while le is masculine and is used for neutral words. A situation involving a play on words or simply the variable or letter X would use “le”.


  9. LA-X is an airport terminal. Flight 815 was headed from Sydney to Los Angeles (LA). The plane will land at the tenth terminal (X). LA-X has been mentioned in the series as the initial destination for the flight. Even in the finale of season 5, Jack says that he’ll see the others at LA-X.

  10. X could mean a number of different things. X = 10, X = variable, X = the old symbol(can’t remember which cultural)for mysterious or mystery, X = old christian symbol for Christ, x = symbol for a person, thing, agency, factor, etc., of unknown identity.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  11. Okay so this is what i think, i have a couple theories. ONE- the x means 10 so maybe the bomb blew up BUT it was contained by the electromagnetism so it didnt kill all the people and the losties got transfered to 2010 because the flash at the end of season 5 is them moving like they did 3 years ago. after all faraday said it could happen in five minutes of five thousand years EG: radynski so that he can be with kalvin in the hatch. But the x means ten so the losties are in 2010 maybe? and they are just back with sun dead locke etc. Or i could just agree with everyone else and say X is variable and La means the so it would be “the variable” but i dont think that makes much sense to me, its just too simple for lost and they already had an episode called the variable…guess we just have to wait and see. what do you think?

  12. My Theory:
    La is feminine french for The.
    In the variable episode Faraday clearly alludes to the fact that humans are the variable so a feminine LA would refer to a female variable.
    And since the title is in french it would refer to a french woman i.e. Danielle Rousseau who will be Faraday’s mentioned variable on the island.

    Ofcourse, we could just end up in LA in the year 2010 or with 10 survivors :)

  13. Doesn't anyone here speak Sapnish? “La X” in spanish means The Variable.
    Follow me on Twitter @Cali_TO

  14. Doesn't anyone here speak Sapnish? “La X” in spanish means The Variable.
    Follow me on Twitter @Cali_TO