Lost Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion [Updated]

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lost season 6 premiere review Lost Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion [Updated]

Tonight saw the beginning of the end for Lost, one of my favorite shows on television. Or is that the end of the beginning? You never know with ABC’s hit series and the creative minds of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, their writing staff, and everyone involved in the creative process.

After a long wait, Lost has entered its 6th and final season, something that was pre-determined several years back when ABC agreed to let the show set its concrete end-date so the writers could fully plot out the structure of the show – and set up its story appropriately without forcing extra “filler” episodes to milk the franchise.

Just as I did with our Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion, I’ve made many pages of notes while watching the finale, having gone into it with no spoilers beforehand. Join us as I review and discuss 2-hour season 6 premiere of Lost, titled “LAX.”

While watching the episode, I typed up a summary of everything that happened as it happened to help me remember. I’ll post that later as a play-by-play recap of the entire 2-hour premiere.

For now, let’s hit on the big topics.


The show opens with the white flash resulting from Juliet setting off the bomb from the Lost Season 5 Finale. This transitions into the intro of the premiere which sees Jack back on Oceanic Airlines, flight 815.

So, did the bomb work? Did the Losties successfully put things in order and end up back on the plane? No, fool. This is Lost!

What we see is a re-imagining of the intro to the series, an alternate reality. The scenes start out the same as we remember and just like before, the airplane hits that foreboding turbulence but what we expect to happen does not, and the Flight isn’t interrupted by the airplane breaking apart into pieces.

Instead we see what would’ve happened with our favorite characters had their flight continued normally. We get several great cameos including Charlie and his drug habit, Boone who lost his life in season 1, exploding Dr. Artz and even a voiceover cameo from Greg Grunberg as captain of the flight.

Multiple Story Arcs

What happens in the alternate reality is only one of three stories being told at the same time and throughout the special we’re continuously jumping from one to another.

While seeing what the flight should have been and what happens to the characters at the airport once they land at LAX, we’re seeing the repercussions of what happened at the four-toed statue after what we thought was Locke manipulated Ben into killing Jacob.

Richard is there outside the structure, waiting with a large group of survivors and a bunch of armed folks led by Ilana (played by Zuleikha Robinson). Recall that at the end of Season 5, Ilana and co. brought the casket with the real John Locke to show Richard Alpert which had them all wondering who the heck they’d been following to meet Jacob.

So, following this story for a moment, some interesting revelations are made. We learn that the bad John Locke, who’s really Jacob’s nemesis (I refer to him as Esau) is in fact the smoke monster.

We also learn that he and Richard have history and are enemies of sorts. From the way everything has played out in the series so far, we are lead to believe that he is the villainous character of the show and that Jacob is the good guy. How Richard doesn’t age and what his history with these two are, or what his mission is, are still a mystery.

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  1. half an hour in and ALREADY more questions, no answerss…. GAAAAH.

  2. Is john the new Jacob?

  3. No, Locke is Jacob's nemesis (Esau?).

    Sayid will seemingly be the new Jacob, or at least I think that's why Jacob wants Hurley to take Sayid's body to the temple…

  4. they are in some sort of nirvana. im diggin it.

  5. from what i see indeed the locke(living) is jacobs nemisis Esau ,or as we know the black smoke aka the monster . Esau was seen with Jacob in the flashback when they saw the mysterious ship witch in the future was on the island and was where the dynamite was located for when locke was trying to blow the hatch open in season 2 .

    by the way i am 15 and i am so interested in the show LOST its sad quite frankly

  6. More Charlie and Claire this season!

  7. Alright, here's my theory I'm thinking that the black smoke “monster” is taking over locks spirit or whatever and using it to communicate with others, this means that he is pretty much invisible because as we saw if hes threatened he'll turn into the smoke monster. The only thing is the smoke monster can't go into the circles that are made.

  8. Well if nothing else, it's looking like they're going to be answering questions at last. Still nervous that the final answer will be unsatisfying…

  9. is flashsideways what were gonna be calling it? flashjump? flashskip? parrallel flash? we need some kind of a name.

  10. I really have no patience with these “when are we gonna get the answers!!!” people. It's not “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, there's no “final answer”. Watch the story unfold, think about what you learn and connect the dots. You'll enjoy the show much more.

  11. o k i am 15 minutes into season 6 and i am not so sure … i am so happy juliet is alive now if only charlie and claire come back i will not have this love hate relationship with this show for killing all the good characters

  12. Final answer to what question, exactly?

  13. That and 90% of questions have been answered already, I think many are stuck on questioning what the smoke monster is or how the time travel thing works.

  14. soo , obviously “locke” is trying to get into the temple, and couldnt with Jacob still alive…im guessing he is trapped on the island so to speak, he told Ben that he just wants to go home….but by what has happened, whatever he was referring to could not happen with jacob still alive..now jacobs dead, and “locke” believes that he can proceed with his plan, whatever it is. But im guessing by Jacobs lack of fight at his death, that he knew what was comming, and obviously has a plan which includes Sayid somehow…..cant wait to learn more about this new group of “others”…and i know we are labelig him bad but how bad ass is “locke”??

  15. My prediction is Smoke Monster Locke is an Alien!!!!!!!! lol

  16. Well, Esau doesn't inhabit John's body, as evidenced by the body still being on the beach. So it seems that Jacob would physically need to take over a body if Esau can simply impersonate a dead one.

    Good catch with Desmond not being in the hatch — I didn't realize that.

  17. Did anyone else notice the similarities between the smoke monster and the “sear bear” from Spongebob?

  18. Didn't like the flashbacks. Didn't like the flashforwards (not very much). Abso-frigging-lutely don't like the flashsideways.

  19. I cant wait to see how this all ends!!!!!!

  20. yay/boo

  21. the sayid group and evil locke group are in same time frame because when the new others set off that flare richard alpert sees it

  22. Amen! Either you enjoy the show and like it or you don't. It's not like some ingenious “answer”(whatever that even means) is going to make the entire series good for you in retrospect.

  23. I’m not sure how this alternate world/timeline will work, but I hope it is somehow connected to the island in some way. We’ve been following the people on the island for so long, even another version of them that hasn’t developed lacks to connection to the audience.

    It looks like this season will be the conclusion of the epic struggle between Smokey and Jacob. When I saw Sayid get up, I instantly thought of the ‘Last Supper’ poster. Jacob now inhabits Sayid’s body which is why in the poster Sayid is Judas, and Smokey is Jesus. And Smokey may not be that bad though he has a mean streak. All he wants is to get back home.

    Review of the episode on my blog:

  24. Exactly, Daniel. What the writers said about this show is that it's like a tapestry, with threads weaving together. As much as they annoy me, the flash forwards, backwards, and flashes ass-backwards (ahem, credit me) have given us the first three dimensional television program. The characters are the anchor. What did Jacob say in “The Incident part 1,” “Everything else is just progress.”

    Tonight's episode seemed to underscore some key statements of philosophy such as “You always have a choice.”

    Amazingly, we were introduced to another level of “Others,” the temple people and “FOJ” Friends of Jacob (credit me), some of whom were on the plane.

    Prediction: Desmond is EVERYONE'S “constant.”

  25. I take back my “flash sideways” monicker. I have chosen flash ass-backwards™ as the new convention. Credit me. (lol) Someone will find a good word for them…besides “annoying” and “eating into story time” like the other flashes did…

  26. Decent first episode. It didn't reveal how as I had hoped but it will be interesting to see how they resolve everything. This episode brought up more questions than answers. For those of you who missed it, I just watched it at this link. Works perfectly and good quality…


  27. They're totally in an alternate universe! JJ Abrams always ties all of his shows/movies together and this screams Fringe.

  28. Then why watch the show? And more-so, why take the time to comment.

  29. wtfffffffff boring episodes yesturday! who are those people in the temple! im tired of meeting new people in this show, we have already enough mysteries!