Poor Richard Alpert

All Richard wants to do is live forever, or something. When Bad Locke comes out from the four-toed structure after having ended Jacob’s life and taking out a bunch of Jacob’s servants in his smoke monster form, Alpert is completely freaked out with eyes wide open.

Locke/Esau goes up to Richard (while he’s standing beside the real John Locke, dead in his coffin) and says, “it’s good to see you out of those chains” then proceeds to beat him down pretty bad. Esau then shares his disappointment with the crowd (which includes Sun, Frank Lapidus and Ilana) then puts Richard on his back and walks away.

What Happens Next?

Esau is clearly on a mission and it involves retribution or something else against Alpert as well. We need to explore what the deal with him, Richard and Jacob is, perhaps through their own flashbacks.

The alternate reality ended with the characters going their own separate ways; Charlie is taken away in cuffs, Kate is trying to escape the marshal, Locke and Jack talk for a bit after Oceanic informed Jack that his father’s body is missing, Jin was booked by customs for carrying too much cash, etc. Where that is going and how it will tie-in to the other two stories we still have yet to see.

I’m assuming that the other two stories are now back in regular Lost time and will cross-over soon enough, meaning Jin and Sun will get to reunite. We can then reasonably assume the setting off of the bomb added the other reality which still has some weirdness to it. Why was Desmond on the flight? That means he’s clearly not in the hatch. But, what happened with Jack’s dad and Locke’s set of knives?

As for Jacob, if I’m right and he’s now Sayid, he and his army of followers will likely be doing something about Esau/Bad Locke/Smoke Monster.

I really hope we get some more info on what and how he becomes the smoke monster and why Ben was able to control him in smoke form with that device in his house in Otherville.  We’ll also need explanation for why Esau was going after all those characters in earlier seasons.

In Conclusion

It was a pretty solid Lost-style episode although I feel bad for new viewers who had nothing to go on except the one-hour recap. That didn’t look like too much of a help and this episode would be all over the place for them.

For die-hard Lost fans, it was awesome to see so many references and appearances from classic characters, including a big one of Claire towards the end. The final scene and Sayid’s resurrection was obvious but there was plenty set up going forward.

Share your thoughts and theories of the Lost Season 6 Premiere and your expectations going forward.

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