What Happened With The  Main Losties After the Bomb?

I suppose we could call this part the main story arc of the show but that’s debatable and all are three plots are equally important.

We see that Jack, Kate, Miles, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, etc. all wake up at night in the jungle all around what used to be the hatch from the first two seasons, or The Swan station as it’s officially known as.

The station is in its imploded form after the incident in the season 2 finale where Locke let the hatch timer count down against Desmond’s wishes. So, we know at least that this group of characters is no longer stuck in the 70s but that they didn’t exactly accomplish what they set out to do since they’re still there and the hatch was still built and destroyed.

There’s a lot of friction here with Sawyer pissed at Jack about Juliet who dies and with Sayid nearly passing away too.

For some reason, Hurley is able to communicate with Jacob who died an hour earlier (in the season 5 finale) and Jacob tells him that they must bring Sayid to the temple in order to save him. My first guess is that he wants to takeover Sayid’s body for himself like his nemesis Esau did with Locke (kind of, but not really, he’s a smoke monster).

So, Juliet’s dead and Sawyer takes it upon himself to bury her, forcing Miles to stay with him. He keeps Miles with him so he can communicate with Juliet using his “ability” because just before she passed, she had something important to tell Sawyer but couldn’t.

We find out her final words were that “it worked” in reference to the bomb going off. What that means exactly we don’t yet know, unless she simply means that they went back to the future/present time… Time-travel is to confusion what ice cream is to goodness. Or, she may be referring to this alternate reality where some things are a bit eerie…

Anyway, Jack, Jin, Kate and Hurley must deal with Sayid’s little problem of impending death and Jack figures he cannot do anything to save him. This was tad bit off because knowing Jack’s history, he never gives up. Regardless, this happens so that Hurley can tell everyone that Jacob wants them to take Sayid to the temple and as crazy as that sounds, it’s Lost after all and the characters don’t have any better ideas.

When they get there, they’re captured and brought to the real temple with a new character we’ve not yet met played by Japanese superstar Hiroyuki Sanada. He has a large group of people working for him including a hippie translator and Cindy the Stewardess from the Oceanic Flight who was part of the others before.

We don’t know what this group is all about but they work for Jacob and fear Esau big time. Hurley is able to convince them of Jacob’s orders to bring Sayid into the temple and they perform the ritual to bring him back to life involving a fountain of apple juice and drowning him. Although a perfectly normal medical procedure, it fails and everyone is sad and/or bitter.

After that, the leader wants to talk to Hurley in more detail about Jacob and what he said and Hurley informs him that Jacob’s dead. This puts the temple folk into red alert and they set up their black ash defensive lines (Esau the Locke-impersonating smoke monster can’t cross these ash lines) and launch a flare into the air. I’m not sure what the flare is for unless they have even more folks out there to inform of the danger.

This story arc for the episode ends with the hippie translator trying to get Jack to go with him but Jack physically resists engaging in a little shoving match with two randoms until Hurley shouts to get their attention. Why? Well, because Sayid is waking up. Or, should I say Jacob?

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