Lost: Season 6 ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’ Spoilers Discussion

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lost logo shadow Lost: Season 6 Everybody Loves Hugo Spoilers Discussion

Tonight’s episode of Lost brought back two familiar faces. While it’s great to see them back, there’s no doubt about what fans really want to see – answers.

While tonight’s episode may not have the abundance of answers that were in our ‘Ab Aeterno’ spoilers discussion, there was one major question answered that has been plaguing our favorite characters since the first season.

Considering we have three Lost spoilers posts, Lost: Final Season Spoiler Roundup, More ‘Lost’ Season 6 Spoilers; Upcoming Scenes Revealed and Insiders Talk ‘Lost’ Spoilers: Deaths, Answers & More that provide information about what’s to occur further on in the season, please limit this discussion to events that occur in “Everybody Loves Hugo.”

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

If everything proves to be true, tonight’s episode of Lost

grey loader Lost: Season 6 Everybody Loves Hugo Spoilers Discussion

, “Ab Aeterno” will provide fans of the series with answers to questions that have been lingering from the beginning of the series. Considering that’s not an everyday occurrence – especially to Lost fans – we have set up this as place where you can freely discuss spoilers from this episode without having to worry about ruining it for someone who has yet to see it.

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  1. Why did Desmond run over Lock?

  2. To get to the other side… wakka-wakka.

  3. What was the “one major question answered that has been plaguing our favorite characters since the first season?”

    I liked the episode a lot!

  4. What the whispers are.

  5. So what is the deal with Desmond in Universe X? Is he their version of Jacob? He is going to visit the non-Losties.

  6. So that Locke would go to the hospital, where Jack is the doctor, who fixes his spine, and he can walk again. Then Locke (and possibly Jack) start to feel that deja vu that Desmond, Charlie, Hugo, etc are feeling (since Locke gained the ability to walk after crashing on the island.

  7. oh yes…that's it. The whispers of the people who are stuck there. I need to refresh my memory about Michael. Thanks!

  8. I have a feeling we're not going to understand what's going on in the other timeline until the very last episode.

  9. I'm glad that Ilana died cause it might mean that sub spoiler that I read that I wish I didn't might not turn out to be true.

    And the whispers explanation was total BS. 99% of the time you only hear the whispers when the Others were about to come and they want us to believe the whispers have nothing to do with them, stupid. And Hurley can only talk to dead people yet everyone can hear the whispers. Just like the statue falling, this was a disappointing explanation.

  10. But the whispers were also heard right before shannon was killed and there were no Other's around, only Ana Lucia, Syaid, Bernard, Libby, etc.

  11. I thought they really blew threw the explanation really quick and while I knew Ilana was going to die suddenly, I didn't think it was going to be like that. Seemed a bit throw away as well.

  12. Spoiler sites are in SERIOUS need of updating…GET BUSY TONY!!!

  13. I disagree, I thought the explaination was fine enough for the whispers; like TheRevealer said, the dead islanders trying to warn or deter the alive islanders. As for Ilana I thought that it was a bit sudden but Ben's comment on the subject seemed pretty apt, “The island was done with her.” I did however have a problem with the apparent disregard they had for her death when the commercial break ended after she blew up. I expected the next scene to be them staring in disbelief or something. Seemed a tad emotionless.

    Overall I thought the body of the episode kind of slow, with no real gripping moments besides the beginning with Ilana and the Blackrock, and the ending with Desmond's trip down the well-hole, and Locke's uniting with the front bumper of Desmond's car.

  14. What sub spoiler?

  15. He met Jacob before he left on the second flight. Jacob gave him the guitar case.

  16. I too think that the whispers explanation was bs. it was so quick and it didnt seem right. I think Michael is not Michael but is the smoke monster. I mean, he tells Hurley to get rid of the dynamite? The whispers could just be a crappy explanation, but it could be a lie too.

  17. How about the theory that the island is purgatory and the entire series is a loose interpretation of John Milton's “Paradise LOST”

  18. His ability to speak with the dead is not limited to only those he came in contact with. If you recall, he was able to speak with Alperts deceased wife in Ab Aeterno. He never met her…at least not that we know of.

  19. I started season 6 with such high hopes but have felt really dissatisfied so far! Sayid being possessed really irks me. I mean, what is the purpose of making him such a robot? And Locke, the real Locke. Where is he? How come Hurley sees so many people and the good man Locke, who I used to love watching, is really gone! Jack, also suddenly taking a seat and enjoying the show while all hell breaks lose, seems totally out of character. Sawyer, Kate, everyone basically acting like sitting ducks without feelings or thoughts or goals of their own, is really frustrating.
    Ilana was too conveniently killed off – stupidly, if I may say so.
    And nobody seems to address the Aaron storyline. Claire was sent to this island because Aaron supposedly could NOT be adopted. He seemed to be 'dangerous' to the astrologer and Claire was told it was she who had to raise him. Obviously he's special since he's the only kid who was able to be born in the island. But now he's being raised by someone else and Claire is mad. What up with that little boy? Will he grow up to be evil? And why tease us with him and Walt being special only to conveniently forget about them in the end? I feel like some questions are being answered but some never will be . . . and I'm afraid the producers have found a loophole to avoid answering all of these questions in the end. After a confrontation between team black and team white, they can easily let us know the sideways life is the one the characters are eventually living or ending up in, and any and all questions about the island, the characters left hanging, and the storylines dropped, will be rendered irrelevant to answer.

    • listen guy. If you had paid more attention to season 3 you would have realized Aaron was not the only child born on the island, Alex was too. Babies, and their mothers, only die if the baby is conceived on the island.

  20. I completely agree with your opinions. One of the things that irked me was the constant introduction of new characters. I usually like that kind of thing, but it seemed that the writers were creating these people (how many sets of others are there, really?) as a way to explain some phenomenon that happened in the show in a previous season. Along with dropping other important story lines, it seems that these guys have written themselves into a giant hole, and the end is going to be messy and dissatisfying.