Now let’s get to the new promo trailers that have appeared online for Lost. The first one is a minute-long trailer that instead of rehashing old footage actually gives us new footage hinting at what’s in store for the season six premiere. We also have a few new sneak peek clips for your enjoyment – but to reiterate, there is new footage so if you want to stay knowing as little as possible (like me) then you might want to refrain from watching them. Anyway, here they are:

Next we have the official English language version of the amazing chessboard promo we first saw in Spanish a little while back. It features a voice-over by John Locke himself, Terry O’Quinn. Enjoy:

Finally we have the last two sets of character promo shots featuring Locke (or rather Jacob’s nemesis) and Jack. We’ve included a couple of each below (click for larger versions):

Well, that’s it for our Lost promo round-up. I think we’ve had enough of this stuff – we’ve waited eight months to find out what happened after Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb at the bottom of the Swan station shaft. Did it work? Does Oceanic 815 land in LA like it was supposed to? What storytelling device have the writers conjured up to conclude this six-year-long story? I guess we’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

Thoughts on all of these promos? And have you watched the leaked footage? Or is that kind of SPOILER seem foolish to you?

Lost season 6 premieres tomorrow (February 2nd) at 9:00pm at ABC.

Sources: Dark UFO, TVShowsonDVD and Cinemablend

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