Lost: Season 6 ‘What They Died For’ Spoilers Discussion

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lost logo shadow Lost: Season 6 What They Died For Spoilers Discussion

Tonight, we have reached a Lost episodic milestone. With the penultimate episode of the series behind us, all that there is left is Sunday’s series finale. That means, by next Monday, all of your Lost questions will have been answered – hopefully.

Sadly, Sunday is still quite a few days away and this post isn’t for talking about what will (or won’t) be in the series finale, but for talking about everything that happened in “What They Died For.”

As UnLocke’s plans to escape the island are becoming clearer, Jack, Kate all the rest of the Losties have vowed to stop him – no matter what. Luckily, the one person that everyone needs and is looking for, Desmond, has been stuck at the bottom of a well for the past few episodes.

As Ben gets punch in the sideways world, almost all of the the Losties of that world are now remember what happened on the island – but what does that mean?

Don’t forget the showdown between Widmore and UnLocke as they finally come face to face. With no sound barriers around, Widmore is left to wheel and deal with islands darkest inhabitant.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

(If you’re unable to wait until Sunday, or are just curious about what’s going to happen, check out our Lost series finale spoilers post: Lost Series Finale Spoilers: Script, Set Photos & More)

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  1. well…. the last 5 seconds of this episode pretty much spelled out how the show ends. kinda disappointing. the island is destroyed and all the “flash-sideways” stuff is happening after the events of the island stuff.

    • I hope the island is NOT destroyed. I guess it’s that hopeless romantic in me. Why do you think they are all going to the concert?

    • if you know it’s going to be disappointing

      don’t watch… isn’t that the logical thing for you to do mate?

  2. First off let me say that I thought the episode was excellent and I’m sure the finale will be as well. But I kinda agree with Mark. This episode seemingly spelled out how the finale will go, and while I’m sure there will be some twists here and there, as of now it’s a little disappointing not to have a sense of tension and confusion going into the finale, with regards to what’s going to happen next.

  3. @mark- i dont understand you theory…how could the flash-sideways be after the events of the island if it was destroyed…they dont know eachother in the sideways reality and stuff…guess im just confused at it…

    but anyways…i LOVED this last epiosde and cannot wait for the finale!! i am hoping that all the mysteries are answered and cannot wait to see the MIB/Jack showdown!

  4. Maybe someone can help me out, as far as I can remember the losties are still stuck in the 60s. And if they are, how is it that widmore finds them and doesn’t look young, Miles can sense where Ben’s daughter was killed and lastly, it would be impossible for Ben to go to his house and find his belongings from the present. When and how did they get back to present time?

    • When they detonated the hydrogen bomb in the season finale of the last season, they all got sent back to the present timeline.

  5. Well It’s almost Done! Miss It I Will, But Honestly Will Miss The TRUE MAGIC Of Lost= I’m Talking Season 1/2/3 You All FEEL ME!?! Sad 2 Say I Think This Last Season was the weakest! ALOHA LOST!

    • What are you talking about?? Season 1 was amazing yes, but 2 and 3 were kind of going no where and in my opinion were the weakest. Seasons 4 and 5, and now undoubtedly 6 are really brilliant. Can’t wait for the finale!!

      • I agree with Branzo. The 6th season felt boring till about the 8th episode, without much happening. They should have been solving the mysteries, but instead they were wasting time showing the flash-sideways.
        Season 1,2 and 3 were great in the sense that there was a lot of emotional stuff going on. I can watch season 1 and 2 again and again, but can’t watch the last 4 again..

  6. well…. the last 5 seconds of this episode pretty much spelled out how the show ends. kinda disappointing. the island is destroyed and all the “flash-sideways” stuff is happening after the events of the island stuff.

  7. I think the episode was great. But, is Richard Alpert finally dead and if so, why now? Seems like a arbitrary end for such an important character.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Richard seemingly deserved more in death than to be pounded into the trees and forgotten about.

  8. I will be so utterly disappointed if they destroy the island. I can’t see that happening. Here is how I see it. Jack = Jacob, Desmond = Richard and MIB/Smokey = Ben. I was surprised that Ben turned to the dark side again. I thought his redemption would stick. Good episode. Can’t wait until Sunday!

    • Although…. I am still not sold on Ben. There may be a twist coming… I also want to know what will happen with Aaron, Claires son? That episode early in the series when they give her back story in Australia and that male psychic is scared to death of the baby she has in her tummy. So much so,that he urges her to board that doomed flight. Aaron should still have a role to play. Maybe Aaron = Smokey/MIB??? And Ben will die saving the island.

    • I really don’t think Ben has just ‘turned to the dark side’. He has a plan. He always has a plan.

  9. I was asking the same thing about Richard being dead. And also, is Ben really evil??? What if it is just an act, in order to get Locke to trust him?

  10. Was I the only one REALLY disappointed with the new Jacob being Jack? I was so hoping they’d throw in a fun twist and have Sawyer get the job. Would’ve made it a great show of redemption for the conman-turned-leader-turned-accidentalkilleroffriends. Having Jack get the job was such a cliche, and perhaps the most predictable event in this entire season.

    • no. the first seen we ever saw was jacks eye…hes the main character of the show, we have been waiting for him to be the one for a long time and for me it was great

  11. I think Jack taking the job 2.5 hours before the end spells his doom honestly.

    Anyway about the episode. I was VERY disappointed in the Darth Maul deaths of Richard, Whidmore and the chick with Whidmore. (Course, I’m not sure if Richard is really dead or is just recovering somewhere.)

    I do know that Desmond is likely my favorite character at this time though. Can’t wait to see what he does Sunday.

  12. Such a great episode! So many WOW moments… But just as many underwhelming moments: the campfire scene with Jacob seemed rushed. After the whole canidate thing being such a big deal for so long (this season?) I expected more. Bittersweet about how It went down… (I love Jacob so much! What a great actor to hate hate hate his guts one week on Dexter then have him pop up the next week on Lost an love him so much) part of me really likes the fact he gave them a choice and took the divine calling aspect out of it. The other part of me thinks the writters spent a lot if time setting that up just to run outta time and take the easy way out. I’m all for twists and would have loved Sawyer to take the spot, but in the third act of a story, the characters have to be true to themselves and with Sawyer dead set on leaving for so long with no hint of wanting anything else, it would have been out of left field and wouldn’t feel right. Give me twists when you can, but Jack just makes sense. As a character, he chose it, but really it was chosen for him by what the writters wrote into his character from episode one.

    I don’t think the island will be destroyed and forgotten when all is said and done. The characters in the flash sideways (now that they’ve got a glimpse of the alternate island life) seem determined to get back to that (better?) life. It’s goin to be a great finale! I think Jack and ben finally will have their face off (adios, Ben!) and smokey is going down!… Or who knows. This could all be another crazy Bob Newheart dream.    

  13. Hey does this make sense?

    The Island is ultimately destroyed. No doubt about that. Otherwise, there would be no resolution to the show. Jack would be the gaurdian and it would go on open endedly. With a new bad guy? Like who? Ben? No way. That’s not the spirit of lost. Where’s the twist?

    Instead, either Jack or Desmond realize that the only way to destroy the smoke monster is to destroy the island since their interconnected from the light in the middle of the island. Or smokeydestroys the island, but inadvertently destroys himself in the process. Jacob never wanted to be the island protector. He was reluctant to take the job, but was told he didn’t have a choice. He gives Jack the choice, who takes it, but then realizes his true purpose is to destroy it. Also, why didn’t the smokey’s mom just let him leave? He wasn’t divine or an evil entity at that point? What’s the big deal if he originally wanted to just leave?

    That’s why the sideways world and the island world will never collide though. The first episode of this season, we see the island underwater. That’s the aftermath of the finale. And then either smokey or Jack put some type of voodoo mumbo jumbo on them which transferred them to their alternate reality (saideways reality) to live. But things start to come undone over there and realize things are just a little off. Desmond, who’s enlightened (maybe he sacrificed himself on the island by destroying it), gathers them all together. For what though? To get back to the island? It’s underwater. There’s no going back.

  14. I wouldn’t rush to judgment about any certainties with respect to the finale. Will the island be destroyed? Maybe. Will Jack die? Maybe. Let me ask you this, over the course of the last 6-7 seasons how certain were you that something was gonna happen only to have your mind totally blown by something you didn’t see, or expect, to happen? :)

    Now, if all this speculation turns out to be true, then I’ll be just as disappointed as the rest of you, but I don’t think so…

  15. Is the concert everyone is going to Jack’s son’s or Charlie’s (or something else)? My guess: Jack’s son.

  16. Other questions: Where’s Miles? Will he be able to communicate with Widmore? Will Juliet show up in the season finale (maybe as Jack’s ex-wife)? What about the era when Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking were on the island preceding Ben taking Charles’ spot? Where’s Claire? Does it bother anyone else that the sideways reality is described as if the crash never happened but people that were on the island when the crash did happen, like Ben and Asian dude guarding the pool, are in the sideways reality too instead of on the island? A better description would be if the island didn’t exist or was destroyed before people like Ben made it there with the Dharma Initiative. Ideas? :)

  17. So anyone else wondering what exactly they (Jin, Sun, Sayid, Pilot died for?). Jacob said he would answer it but never did.

    You know what has really annoyed me about season 6 is it’s slow pace! I thought this season was gonna be the best one by far with loads of crazy and fast stuff happening but alas that was not to be. The writers over the years have left WAY too many questions open and now there trying to answer as many as they can with the limited amount of time they have. Well actually is it limited? 18 episodes? Why does Lost get treated differently from other shows that have to produce over 20 episodes?

    This season would have been better had it been given more episodes to start with so more questions would be answered and more of a plot development…