New ‘Lost’ Season 5 Promo

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lost season 5 promo image New Lost Season 5 Promo

Although the air date for the season 5 premiere of Lost proceeds to draw ever closer, we continue to get new promos, posters and images (as well as teasing us with a certain kind of subliminal advertising). And along with the newest promo image (shown above) the latest ABC 30-second promo trailer for the show is perhaps the most exciting yet:


I don’t know about you but I simply can’t wait for the fifth season of what I believe to be the best show on TV. The intriguing questions, the amazing characters, the tension, the mystery… it all looks to continue on in the shows penultimate season.

What are your thoughts on the show? Are you a fan? Or have you grown tired of the endless questions and few answers?

Lost season 5 premieres on January 21st 2009

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  1. If you’ve been watching this show from the beginning, then you know it’s the greatest thing on television. Even the promos give me the chills.

  2. I’ve followed the show since the beginning and I have to admit, it just doesn’t excite me anymore. There are way too many doors still open. In fact, I’ve become really skeptical of anything with J.J. Abrams name attached to it because of Lost. But to be fair, I’m still going to end up watching it this season. Dang!

  3. @J BIZ,

    Fyi Abrams hasn’t been involved in the show (at least not creatively) since about season 1. Its been Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse who’ve been in creative control.

  4. I’ve watched it from the begening as well and I also think theres way to many unanswered questions, questions that I dont think we’ll EVER get the answers to that we were promised.

    I think when its all done it has several places it can go, one is to become one of the great epics in television history, another (likely) is to end with a bang but wont be worth re-watching because it will just frustrate fans at the lack of answers that pulled them in, in the first place, the last is that it will be an epic failure unable to deliver on what it is promising, pissing fans off and having to write follow up novels to make it make any sense at all in the end.

  5. I always find it a bit hyopcritical that a lot of fans say “Oh there’s more to Lost than just the questions, the character development is great, it’s exciting…” etc etc. But when the show gives them all that but just doesn’t happen to explain every little thing the fans complain, “They’re raising too many questions and not giving enough answers. This sucks, they better stop with this other stuff and give us answers!”

    But people forget that the reason that the show works as well as it does is because a combination of different elements (mystery, acting, characters, excitement etc) and not just one single thing.

    As far as the mystery and questions goes I can GUARANTEE you that at least 60-70% of the questions raised won’t get answered, it’ll just be the big stuff (What exactly is the island and it’s properties?, what is the smoke monster? etc) but if you’re expecting for every little thing (such as why this character knows about that character when we haven’t seen exactly how they know about them etc) you’ll be sorely dissapointed.

    I personally LOVE the fact that they raise so many questions, it’s part of what makes the show so compelling. I mean how many shows out there not only engage you but make you go away discussing it, thinking about all the details and trying to piece it together yourself? Very few. Most just involve you (if they’re good, mind you) but let you go as soon as the episode credits roll. But Lost is one of the few shows that does hold you but ALSO sends you away thinking back over it.

    But don’t worry the writers know what they’re doing – they may not explain every little thing (which it is preposterous to expect them to do so anyway) but they WILL take care of how the show ends. It’s their baby, they’ll make sure it ends fittingly and “well”. You watch…

  6. I wasn’t aware that Abrams wasn’t a big part of the show anymore. I guess that’s a good thing.

    I wish I had your optimism Ross. You are obviously still a big fan. But, there is no denying that Lost loses more and more dedicated fans every season. It’s also important to note that someone who has not seen every episode can’t simply “pick” it up and start watching. I will still watch this season, but only because I have so many hours already invested in it.

  7. I’m excited. I also have been watching since the 1st episode but the horrible season 2 and the slow-starting season 3 caused my interest to fall. Still I watched and after the strong 2nd half of S3 (and it’s amazing finale) and excellent S4. Lost has become a top 5 show for me again.

    I have faith the writers will give us enough answers to satisfy. They don’t have to answer everything but give us a good finale and I’ll be happy.

  8. @J Biz,

    You’re right can’t dispute the fact that fans of the show have dropped like flies over the seasons, particularly after season 2. But personally I don’t see why; for me season 2 is just as good as any of the other seasons. Maybe it has something to do with that season in particular being the biggest culprit of raising more questions than it answers. But again, that’s part of why I love the show.

    Season 2 introduces one of my favourite characters – Ben (or has he was known for most of that season; Henry Gale). It also deals with the hatch which was intriguing and perhaps one of THE biggest elements that made you discuss after watching each episode. It also has arguably the best season finale episode of the entire show so far (4 had the best imo).

    I also can’t see how fans, who have watched from episode 1, could just stop watching the show. I couldn’t NOT watch it till the very end, if nothing else just to see what happens.

    And with regards to your comment about people not being able to drop in at any point and “pick it up”. In other words you mean the casual viewer? In the words of the creator of The Wire David Simon, “….F—the casual viewer…” The best shows are those which you have to invest tons of time in, that way you get the character development, the overall story arc that you can follow and piece together yourself, and the general feeling that you’re PART of the show. That way (most of the time anyway, if the shows are quality) each episode feels like they are movie quality rather than little half hour throwaway pieces.

    As you can maybe tell I’m a committed and general MEGA Lost fan and because of my love for the show I will defend it to no end; sure I’ll admit weaker episodes and mistakes they made (I concur with complaints that they dragged the whole “Jack, Kate and Sawyer in cages” thing on for a bit too long) but overall I’ll argue tooth and nail against anyone slating the show.

    I think it’s the only show that I’m TRULY passionate about and admittedly a bit addicted to. I LOVE Dexter and The Wire but not as much as Lost. And once 2010 and the final “LOST” comes up on-screen at the end of the final episode I think there will be a huge void left in my TV watching. A void I don’t think ANY other show will fill again. Heck, at least I have another two full seasons to get my teeth into:) January 21st can’t get here fast enough!

  9. Ross, I’m stoked like you. I have been reviewing S1 and it sheds light on things that don’t come up until later seasons. I rarely rarely buy DVDs but I need to start saving for the set that comes out with new commentaries that give “series spoilers” and cohesion.

    I loved one of the writers’ description of Lost, which said it’s like looking at a tapestry or quilt–the flashbacks and flash-forwards–but it’s a beautiful quilt. I’ve long suspected that the quilt is also in the shape of a mobius strip!

    Anyone who is still bitching about more questions and answers, in my opinion, did not watch S4 and has no intuition or ability to add 2 plus 2. There are more pieces to the puzzle (quilt) than there are blanks now, and it’s all one story. In fact, if you watch with a modicum of intelligence, when one puzzle piece is laid down (be it an answer or a question), you will see a few other pieces in other parts of the puzzle get filled in as well.