Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

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lost season 5 finale Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

Five seasons of Lost down, one more to go. If you watched tonight’s episode, it was quite a complex ride.

I just got home from a friend’s house where we had about seven or eight people watching the two-hour season 5 finale of Lost. Some have watched all along, some only a few episodes and some had no idea what was going on. It was an interesting dynamic to say the least seeing the reactions and questions coming from the non-fans. It really makes you think how this show, more than any other I can think of, is truly impossible to follow unless you’ve been there all along.

Now, on to the finale… Where do I even start?

First off, if you’ve not seen the finale, you best watch it or catch up in the show and watch it before reading on. Do that and come back to post your thoughts, we’d love to read them. This article and the comments will be discussing spoilers.




If you’re still here, it’s time to talk Spoilers.


As briefly as I possibly can summarize the episode: we finally meet Jacob, we see the four-toed statue in full form, we discovered why the unwilling members of the oceanic six came back, why many of the characters seemed to be destined (chosen) to come to the island in the first place, how Locke “survived” his death (twice?), how Jacob is the key to connecting many (all?) of the characters with the island, we find out why Locke knows everything he knows and who he really is, the losties all come together again annndddd the island gets hydrogen bombed the same year Star Wars came out.

lost rose bernard vincent Lost Season 5 Finale Review & DiscussionOh, and how could I forget! Fan-favorites Rose, Bernard and the most important character of all, Vincent the Dog, all make triumphant returns in the finale to explain where they’ve been all this time.

I read in the papers this morning that after tonight’s episode, fans would not know how the show could continue – that it acts as a sort of conclusion. Of course, for us Lost fans, this is no conclusion at all, but the start of a bridge leading to the real conclusion that will come in the form of 17 new episodes starting a full eight months from now.

From the final official Lost podcast of the season, producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed that this finale would give fans all the tools they need to form together a proper theory of what the show is all about and possibly how it may end. Well, they certainly did do that with the season closer and many theories of old can be officially trashed now.

The Finale

In traditional Lost fashion, the first episode opens mysteriously in the distant past where we get to see the four-toed statue in full form. While that was a cool reveal, the big reveal came moments later when we see two unknown men talking with each other on the beach beside the statue with the Black Rock ship in the ocean background. The conversation of the two strangers hints at them being long-term enemies and it ends with one referring to the other as Jacob and promising that one day he would find a loop-hole to kill him.

Wow. No messing around.The first scene of the show give us Jacob after all this time and speculation – Awesome!

Well, kind of. While Jacob was a cool character throughout the finale, appearing at key points in each character’s lives and seemingly recruiting them with his golden touch, it did feel very haphazard to see it happen all at once in this finale.

In two back-to-back episodes, we met Jacob and his nemesis (his brother Esau?), saw how he was involved with our main Losties, and how he seemingly dies – All in a two-parter out of 103 episodes of the series so far. Why not develop that some more over the last two seasons? It seems a bit much to have all of it in one episode and have it all so convenient, like it was made up in this certain way afterwards to find some way to explain what we’ve seen in past seasons.

That being said, the religious themes and characters were incredibly interesting and we can certainly tell there is a ton of work behind-the-scenes being done to tie everything together. It is creativity at its finest. Looking back on the episode, even the intro where we see Jacob wearing white and Esau wearing dark representing good and evil, mostly everything that occurs over the two hours is very precise and intentional.

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  3. I haven’t read all the 354 comments so what I’m about to say may be reiterrating what others have previously said.

    My first thought about the cabin is that Jacob never lived there…or atleast not during Ben’s trips to the cabin. Rather, I think the cabin was inhabited by Jacob’s brother. Jacob lived under the statue way back in time when the black rock was arriving and I don’t think he ever left. I also think Richard knew this and was journeying to the statue to get the lists and slips of paper rather than the cabin. The “help me” i believe was Jacob’s brother looking for someone to help him with his loophole. From the gist of what was shown in the finale…I see Jacob as an inheritely good person and don’t see how he could be the person in charge of the others under Ben’s regime(which was at times cruel). So I think at some point in time Jacob’s brother found a way to make himself the person to answer to rather than Jacob. The cabin with the ash around it was different from Bernard’s cabin, so I don’t really see a connection there. Oh and has anyone translated what Richard said when the people transporting Locke’s body asked him what lies in the shadow of the statue or whatever? I didn’t have time to catch exactly what he said.

    As for the bomb…I believe that it was meant to happen. The bomb resulted in the delicate balance that the hatch was created to maintain and i think also destroyed the top part of the statue, which was part of the sanctity of the island.

    I hope season six helps explain what happened to Claire because I don’t think there was ever anything good about the cabin or the visions of Christian. Maybe Aaron is a “candidate” to possibly be a leader of the others in the future…or maybe thats just wishful thinking.

    p.s. My prediction for season 6 is that a mysterious man wanders out of the jungle by the name of Joshua. He will then lead others in battle eventualy reconquering the island aka promised land haha =].


  4. I’d just like to add that we don’t know for sure that Sun’s pregnancy will be successful. From what Juliet has said in previous episodes, the pregnancies don’t start going “bad” until during or near childbirth time. The problem was never that the women couldn’t conceive on the island: it was that every single one died during childbirth. So we won’t know if Sun’s pregnancy is really successful until after she gives birth and survives it. Hope that makes sense.

    Also, remember that the gigantic statue that we see in the Jacob/Dark Shirt flashback is of the Egyptian goddess Tawaret, who’s primary role was pregnancy and childbirth. Is it just a coincidence that the destruction of a gigantic statue of the “childbirth goddess” suddenly causes successful childbirth to be impossible on the island? Just some food for thought =).

    I think it’s likely that the atomic explosion (at whatever year it ended up going off depending on whether Juliet time-traveled as she fell into the energy) is responsible for the destruction of the statue, though there’s obviously no concrete proof of that yet. If it did work out that way, it’s kind of ironic that the fertility and childbirth specialist (Juliet) is the one responsible for setting off the bomb and destroying the childbirth goddess’ statue, which in turn causes the very problem on the island that Juliet was recruited and brought to the island to solve in the first place =D. Ah, my head’s spinning already!

    Also damien, interesting speculation on Richard Alpert you presented!

  5. Let’s go a little deeper into possible religious meanings. First of all, Jacob vs. Esau could be a parallel to Jesus vs. Satan. Some have speculated that Jesus and Satan are really brothers (remember, Satan is a fallen angel). The Bible says that God loved Jacob but hated Esau. Going with this possible parallel, Jacob had 12 sons (the 12 tribes of Israel…later Jesus had 12 Apostles). They were enslaved, roamed the desert, and entered the promised land. Moses led them through the desert, but wasn’t allowed to enter the promised land (Jack being the Moses character, remember Jack’s not on “the list”). Aaron led the people into the promised land (Aaron in Lost is safe on the mainland for now, growing up). Back to Jesus, he was killed when the Jews demanded his death, some thing at the prompting of Satan (the thinking is that God protects his Son from Satan, but Satan talked the people into killing him. However, that was God’s plan all along, in order to save the world). My thinking is that Jacob is alive again at some point in the last season, and Aaron somehow plays a role in leading the Losties to salvation in the future.

  6. Dear Joshua,
    Ilana asks Richard the question, “what lies in the shadow of the statue”, and Richard replies, “Ille qui nos omnes servabit” (Latin for “He who will save us all.”) It is also interseting that she first asks to speak to Ricardo, whereupon Richard steps forward and says “I am Richard”.

  7. well Richard has always seemed like he was from Spain to me, and naturally if he was from Spain, his name would be Ricardo originally, when he came to the island with the Black Rock, if that is in fact when he came to the island for the first time.

  8. I’m also very curious to find out what people think about the reason there is Locke’s body inside the container that Ilana’s people carry to the statue. Also interested in why Richard is asked in Latin, not spanish, which leads me to believe he is actually older than the Black Rock, since Latin was a dying spoken language in the mid 1800s.

  9. Just a thought about the radiation from the bomb. Didn’t Desmond and the other gent have to wear radiation suits to go outside?

    If it was a “small” bomb, the radiation could be “tolerable” by the time the “Losties” get to the island.

  10. Very Good!!!!!

  11. i like what richard says to ilana when she asks him what lies in the shadow of the statue and he says he who will save us. is he referring to jacob? i had friend point out that locke’s body was in the statue’s shadow as well. i think the hydrogen bomb detonation is the incident, i mean that’s what the episode is called, and usually the episode names literally and figuratively sum up the episodes themselves. however, other than guessing that the h bomb going off was the incident i don’t know what is gonna happen in season 6. there was one thing i did like about the finale, remember in season 1 when kate is stitching up jack and he tells the story of tearing the girls sac open and haveing to count to 5 and stich her back up, i thought it was cool they showed it in the finale

  12. I so wish Juliet and James will be re-united in season six!!! They are so perfect together. Juliet balances Sayer just right, she is much better for him then Kate.

    I so want Juliet to come back on season 6, I practically tore my head off when I assumed she was dead. I love season 5, just because of James/Juliet, wish their lovestory had been shown more, instead of skipping those 3 years…

  13. did anyone notice when juliet woke at the bottom of the hole…she almost…came back to life…like john locke did when jacob brought him back after being oushed by his father? it seems likely to me jacob was there to “touch” her, so that with her free will she would be capable ot setting off the “incident” needed to re-unite the clan for season 6.

    what lies in the shadow of the statue? ille qui nos omnes servabit (he who will svae/protect us all). this has to mean jacob. the biblical jacob has faith in the goodness of man and the beauty and gift of free will. he was a simple spiritual man, “staying among the tents.” esau, his twin brother and eventual enemy who vowed to kill him, had no faith in man and saw them as greedy power hungry fools. he was a hunter, and a savage murderer. his own greed and obsession with revenge ended up being his downfall.

  14. If the hydrogen bomb is supposedly what destroyed the statue then why/how is Radzinksy or any other member around to push the button and finish all the hatches. A blast big enough to destroy a statue of that size would surely kill any humans around

  15. You’re thinking of a blast that mushrooms upwards; think of the blast being sucked downwards. No radiation escaped that hole, but the implosion shook the island. Radzinsky jumped out of the jeep, and survived to build the Swan.

  16. Well if it was sucked downwards, it still doesn’t explain the speculation surrounding the statue being destroyed. I guess if all of that energy was diverted downward some sort of small earthquake could have happened which might shake the statue enough to break off the top part?

  17. You’re all assuming certain things:

    A. The nuc was indeed detonated and caused the “incident.”

    B. The Blast from the nuc destroyed the statue but didnt kill many or all people.

    C. The statue hadn’t already been knocked down ages before…perhaps during the incident we know nothing of…when the ‘black rock” was sucked to the center of the island by a massive magnetic episode.

    We just can’t know until the final season.

    What i’d like is speculation on what happens to Jacob, and if he knew all along he had to die to unite “the family” (as in…”they’re coming”). Surely he understood Bens nature and almost begged for Bens reaction after his “what about you?” response. why did he need Ilanas help? And will be be re-incarnated? is that what “candidate” means, as in a male island dweller with a body Jacob can inhabit?

  18. What’s the significance of these numbers? 4 8 15 16 23 42
    The numbers were being punched on to the hatch like a serial number.. (as hurley watches)
    How does that become the code that has to be entered on the machine in the hatch years later?
    What does it have to do with hurley’s lottery ticket?

  19. what was the original idea with the ‘tailiee’ charecter libby in season 2, was there any reason for her axing? as there seemed to be a storyline going where she was in the same hospital as hurley but then nothing else came of the story, any reason?

  20. Wow. I am impressed with your analysis. I would not be surprised if you were correct about the biblical Jacob and his Egyptian bondage compared to our Jacob and the losties. It makes the list from season 3 make complete sense.

  21. just a quick one really, how do we know that the person jacob was talking to at the beginning of the finale, was not just the black smoke that had taken the form of someone jacob once knew? it doesnt have to be an actual person, maybe just jacob against the black smoke?

  22. But just what is the black smoke?

  23. the islands security system? like the producers said, some things will not be completely explained, just like in star wars with ‘the force’ we just took it that it was an higher power but it was never explained how it worked and stuff

  24. Let’s open another discussion.. What is everyone’s opinion on what the opening sequence will be for this season’s premiere?

  25. david good question ive been pondering that since may 14th.

    the producers said viewers can expect to be completely confused initially during the season 6 premiere. we’l have little or no understanding of what’s going on.

    what i want…is for everyone to be back. charlie, boon, shannon, ecko, juliet, charlotte, even ethan and and dead others.

    good news: all 4 of these characters have been in talks with the produers over lunches in La or dinners in london, etc. will they visit as ghosts? will the “incident” reset the past (or future) and bring them back? i miss them, and look forward to seeing them again. they’re part of the family.

    “libby” however is still so angry she was killed off during season 2 that she refues to come back. her stubborn revenge stance reminds me of the biblical esau (minus the murderous rage).