Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

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lost season 5 finale Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

Five seasons of Lost down, one more to go. If you watched tonight’s episode, it was quite a complex ride.

I just got home from a friend’s house where we had about seven or eight people watching the two-hour season 5 finale of Lost. Some have watched all along, some only a few episodes and some had no idea what was going on. It was an interesting dynamic to say the least seeing the reactions and questions coming from the non-fans. It really makes you think how this show, more than any other I can think of, is truly impossible to follow unless you’ve been there all along.

Now, on to the finale… Where do I even start?

First off, if you’ve not seen the finale, you best watch it or catch up in the show and watch it before reading on. Do that and come back to post your thoughts, we’d love to read them. This article and the comments will be discussing spoilers.




If you’re still here, it’s time to talk Spoilers.


As briefly as I possibly can summarize the episode: we finally meet Jacob, we see the four-toed statue in full form, we discovered why the unwilling members of the oceanic six came back, why many of the characters seemed to be destined (chosen) to come to the island in the first place, how Locke “survived” his death (twice?), how Jacob is the key to connecting many (all?) of the characters with the island, we find out why Locke knows everything he knows and who he really is, the losties all come together again annndddd the island gets hydrogen bombed the same year Star Wars came out.

lost rose bernard vincent Lost Season 5 Finale Review & DiscussionOh, and how could I forget! Fan-favorites Rose, Bernard and the most important character of all, Vincent the Dog, all make triumphant returns in the finale to explain where they’ve been all this time.

I read in the papers this morning that after tonight’s episode, fans would not know how the show could continue – that it acts as a sort of conclusion. Of course, for us Lost fans, this is no conclusion at all, but the start of a bridge leading to the real conclusion that will come in the form of 17 new episodes starting a full eight months from now.

From the final official Lost podcast of the season, producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed that this finale would give fans all the tools they need to form together a proper theory of what the show is all about and possibly how it may end. Well, they certainly did do that with the season closer and many theories of old can be officially trashed now.

The Finale

In traditional Lost fashion, the first episode opens mysteriously in the distant past where we get to see the four-toed statue in full form. While that was a cool reveal, the big reveal came moments later when we see two unknown men talking with each other on the beach beside the statue with the Black Rock ship in the ocean background. The conversation of the two strangers hints at them being long-term enemies and it ends with one referring to the other as Jacob and promising that one day he would find a loop-hole to kill him.

Wow. No messing around.The first scene of the show give us Jacob after all this time and speculation – Awesome!

Well, kind of. While Jacob was a cool character throughout the finale, appearing at key points in each character’s lives and seemingly recruiting them with his golden touch, it did feel very haphazard to see it happen all at once in this finale.

In two back-to-back episodes, we met Jacob and his nemesis (his brother Esau?), saw how he was involved with our main Losties, and how he seemingly dies – All in a two-parter out of 103 episodes of the series so far. Why not develop that some more over the last two seasons? It seems a bit much to have all of it in one episode and have it all so convenient, like it was made up in this certain way afterwards to find some way to explain what we’ve seen in past seasons.

That being said, the religious themes and characters were incredibly interesting and we can certainly tell there is a ton of work behind-the-scenes being done to tie everything together. It is creativity at its finest. Looking back on the episode, even the intro where we see Jacob wearing white and Esau wearing dark representing good and evil, mostly everything that occurs over the two hours is very precise and intentional.

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  1. Dino gave an excellent answer as to why Richard is in the two different time periods and hasn’t aged a day. I’m not quite sure what you’re having trouble understanding. Jacob made it so that Richard never ages. He looks the same in 1977 as he does in 2007 or any other time.

  2. Remember our good old friend Mr. Eko? And his brother Yemi? Could Yemi have been Esau when he appeared to Mr. Eko before the smoke monster killed him?! My guess is YES! Dont hate me if someone else already commented on this cause i didnt read any of the other comments D:

  3. Claire was killed. The Claire we saw in the cabin with Christian was not realy her, just like the Lock that we´ve seen this season is not realy Lock.
    Can BlackShirt impersonatew more than one person at the same time?. Hugo can see dead people too, even outside the island. Maybe we are not dealing with a shapeshifter.
    Jacob could heal people outside the island (i think he could have cured Lock back after the accident but chose not to).
    And the island can cure people (cures even Cancer). But it did not cure Ben or Jack. Why?

  4. wow dino you must spend alot of time visiting this site. Two thumbs up man i wish i had your energy. too bad all i can do till 2010 is watch the series all over again. is any1 else doing the same or am i just addicted?

  5. Also another thought. Im unsure if Richard has always been on the island or not. Someone mentioned that he couldve come on the Black Rock, which is a pretty good theory that i have 2 points on. 1.) Jacob recruited Richard into his little immortal possie after the boat came ashore. richard was a slave and was being transprted for who knows what. 2.) A more stronger theory i have is that Jacob sent richard off island to get people to come to the island. I cant think of many other ways jacob couldve done so other than jacob just being plain beast. This theory is further supported being that the one girl from the algera flight called him Ricardos, which has more of a latin/egytian feeling to it. Hey i dont know, im in high school still and flunking history soooo…

    Also could someone give me an explanation as to how the girl knows jacob, or is that still a mystery too? There is also that one guy Miles got kidnapped by “bram” i think his name is.

    Another thing! Were the people who time traveled during the flight “chosen” by jacob or black shirt? My guess is Jacob because Ben was not picked and was not considered very important to jacob “What about me, jacob?!” “What about you?” Owned. I can honestly say i lawled when that happened… God i typed too much D:

  6. Dear Mark, Lost was a nice, inexpensive way to spend a Wednesday night, trying to figure out the clues and make sense of the plot. We are all amateur detectives, and it was easy to get lost in Lost. Which brings us to the title; ever notice that everyone on the show “lost” something?

  7. Leo made a comment that Claire was dead…when was she killed? I don’t remember when that happened because i thought she was just missing?

  8. The house she was in was blown up by the comandos that were looking for Ben in season 4. You never see the body but i am sure she is dead.
    But again, i was sure Jin died in the end of season 4 but he survived without a scratch. (Don´t ask me how he did that)

  9. Just watched the trailer for V on abc and noticed that Elizabeth Mitchel (Juliet) was on the show. Does that mean she went bye-bye when she was blown up?

  10. How is it that claire died in the house, when she seemed fine as sawyer picked her up. and alot is left to explain jin’s survival. if the writers b******* that he was able to jump off and swim all the way to nowhere (since the island vanished) then everything about the show wld seem pointless. I mean how cld jin survive the blast yet Michael (who’s probably still screaming “WALT”) apparently be dead, since he was a no-show in season 5. At this juncture, ther are several expectations and a it’s gna take more than a whole season (season 6) to explain wtf’s been happening. Seasson 5 finale doesnt even begin to scratch the surface of all the mysteries and uncertainties of the show. the writers must be having a blast, seeing as how they cld generate so much interest by throwing in a few biblical allusions and the rest lame imagination. There better be a great explanation for the “smoke monster”, “Egyptian Mythology”, “ben’s big eyes” and why kate and juliet never know what they want. Juliet’s fake smile and “Zen-like” attitude is so annoying.

    A quick note on the name of the Show. Clearly the characters of the show are not lost. After season 2 they all begin to realize their goals and purpose of landing on the island. The fans and viewers are the only people LOST after watching lost because that seems to be the only way the writers cld get 6 seasons out of anything.

  11. Dear Dino,
    Whether or not any1 lost anything on the show is irrelevant (in my opinion). Things are lost everyday to every1 regardless if its an ABC or HBO show. I find the title of the show so appealing because at the end of almost each episode every1 experiences the same sensation >> that of feeling Lost. Lost in the plot, lost in the mystery, lost in the …

  12. Sawyer picked Clair up aftert the blast. True. But i think she was dead (just like Lock and Christian).
    Miles was acting funny, like he knew something was wrong or at least suspected.
    Maybe Jin survived becouse the island wouldn´t let him die, just like it didn´t let Michael. (Until Christian told him “you can go now”).
    I think all those dead people (and not so dead like Walt) is the way the island has to comunicate with people.

  13. dino, gang, all my dearest fellow lost fanatics. richard is in 1977 and 2007…just as ben is (young, then old) and ellois hawking is (young, then old.) the only people not in both times are those who died in between, or those who tiem traveled. richard doesnt age because jacob gave him a blessing….in return richard is forever an advisor and guide to the island leaders. those leaders we know of thus far in order: charlies widmore, ellois hawking, benjamin linus (the 12th and youngest son of jacon in the bible, and the prefered son) and then of course john locke. now about claire…before season 5 the producers told us claire would not be featured in season 5, but would return in season 6. alive or dead, i dont know. i believe she is alive. next: matthew fox stated in an interview that he is the only cast member that knows the shows ending: that it will be “very very cool, very special.” my instincts tell me the dead will be brought back because they were chosen….charlie, boone, shannon, perhaps even ethan. but im likely wrong.

  14. something worth noting that i havent heard anyone mention yet is the fact young benjamin linus was saved by richard, and i assume jacob? or smoke monster esau? and lost his innocence. however since then we havent seen him. so we assume he didnt return to dharma….if this is true how could he be with dharma as an adult the day of the purge? to kill his dad and everyone else? in season 3 he was clearly still in dharma while working with the others. when and how does he return, and what is his backstory for where he was taken how he was saved and what occured?

    what year did the statue fall? did ellois have to leave the island with her child, and give up her leadership status to benjamin linus, because of the incident? will she be banished by ben, liek widmore, for breaking a rule ad showing outsiders the secrets of the others?

  15. leo – you clearly havent paid enough attention. sawyer picked up claire after the house was hit with the rocket.

    mark – jin jumped over board knowing the boat was about to explode. like faraday, he made it just far enough to be within the radius of the island which extends miles out to sea. daniel explained this after the island moved.

    sable – its very likely ricardos (richard) alpert came to the island on the black rock…which was in i believe 1855. see season 4’s “the constant” and the bidding on the black rock logs for more info. and i do think esau the possible smoke monster took the frm of yemi…and saw ecko as a possible island leader and threat to his plan to seduce locke and kill jacob.

  16. what lies in the shadow of the statue? translated from latin to english means “he who will SAVE us all (not survive). others have said it means the light surrounded by the dark, but either way it means jacob.

    esau vowed to kill jacob in the old testament (or bible?) because jacob took his birthright as firstborn twin, and he who wouldbe blessed by their father and by god.

    out of anger, after their father isaacs death, esau vowed to kill jacob who fled to egypt. he had 12 sons and a daughter, and each of his 12 sons founded one of the 12 tribes of israel. keep in mind jacobs 12th and favorite son was named benjamin, whom on his deathbed jacob called a “wolve that hunts during the day and feeds on the spoils in the evening,” and jacobs grandson was aaron.

    no coincidences here. the producers answered the question “whats going to happen next on lost with “read your bibles.”

  17. “leo – you clearly havent paid enough attention. sawyer picked up claire after the house was hit with the rocket.”

    I know. She was suposed to be in the house. That is why i think she died. But i could be wrong.

  18. “John…I need you to tell me which of these items belonged to you…alrready.” richard alpert, in his visit to john lo ke as a young boy.

  19. leo – remember after sawyer saved claire from the house she was in hit by the rocket? she woke up dazed and said “charlie?” sawyer took her to the house with ben locke and hug…then later they all went in the jungle. during the night claire woke…and saw her dead father by the fire holding her son aaron.

    i assume her father (perhaps esau) explained to her she had to leave the baby aaron, knowing his fate wold end up being, at least for a while, away from the island. i do now believe esau was manipulating people as the ghost of christian shephard….but i could be very wrong.

    either way claire was alive….she wasnt badly hurt, just shaken up. we’ll see her in season 6.

  20. For my final post of the day – in the season 6 spoiler…whose eye opens up this time? and if you look close a person can be seen inthe eyes reflection. so again…whose eye opens at the start of season 6, and who are they staring at? jack and locke? kate? claire?

  21. This is from IMDB on Elizabeth Mitchell and references an article from TVovermind.com. concerning Juliet and Claire’s return in season 6. There is a SPOILER in the last paragraph, so you may not want to read it. Here goes:

    Season 6 of Lost is still many months away, but spoilers (and some crazy rumors) are already surfacing about what will or may occur during the final season of the series. Season 5 ended with a bang – literally – and I for one can’t wait until the show returns in January or February of 2010.

    Fans, of course, have a few questions coming out of Season 5. The first is whether Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) will return to the show for the final season. When we last saw her, Juliet had fallen down a hole at the Swan station. Amazingly not killed by the fall, she ended the Season 5 finale by detonating the bomb Jack had dropped down the hole in an attempt to blow up the island and change everyone’s future.
    Fortunately, Juliet will be returning to the show, at least for a few episodes. Despite the fact that Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the cast of the new show “V”, we can expect to see her back on the island. RTE Entertainment says:
    It was recently announced that Elizabeth Mitchell is returning to the series in her role as Juliet Burke.
    Of course, this confirmation of her return doesn’t really say whether Juliet will be alive. We’ve seen many deceased characters return to the show. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Then there’s the question of Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin), who hasn’t been seen since Season 4. Jack learned that Claire was his half-sister and Kate has been raising her son Aaron as her own, but fans have always wondered what happened to Claire, who mysteriously disappeared in the jungle only to be seen one last time by John Locke, along with the “ghost” of Christian Shephard. RTE Entertainment confirms that Claire will return for the final season of Lost and that it has always been the plan of the producers to bring her back for Season 6:
    The producers of ‘Lost’ have confirmed that Emilie De Ravin is returning to the series.
    The actress, who plays Claire in the ABC series, will reportedly make a comeback as a full-time series regular for the show’s final season.
    “Damon (Lindelof) and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show,” Digitalspy reports executive producer Carlton Cuse as saying. “And even more excited for people to experience just how she will return.”


    Finally, there’s a crazy rumor floating around that Jack Shephard is actually set to die in the final episode of the series. I don’t necessarily buy it. There’s no source for this claim, but Sunday Mercury somehow believes that producer Carlton Cuse’s vague statement confirms it:
    In one of the biggest shocks in sci-fi, Lost producers are planning to kill off Jack Shephard next year.
    The castaways’ mainman, played by Matthew Fox, will die in the very last episode of the hit show, according to insiders.
    Show boss Carlton Cuse refuses to confirm or deny the news.
    “We put a lot of time and effort into creating surprises and unexpected events in the storylines,” he says.
    “If you’re watching Lost, it should be a pristine experience.”
    So will he kill off the doc?
    “I wish I could answer that question,” he says. “But it’d be like watching The Sixth Sense and knowing Bruce Willis is dead.”
    We’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then.


    the man in the cabin called to John Locke “help me” when Ben was pretending to be speaking with Jacob.

    i think this is either Bernard (because he was living in the cabin with Rose in the 1970’s, and knows Jack is away to call set of the bomb, so he is asking for Locke’s help.


    this is the Jacobs enemy, asking for John Locke to help him, so he can take a humans body and kill Jacob. however as you have seen he maages this anyway.

  23. Some food for thought for the final season: The Black Rock set sail from Portsmouth England on March 22nd in 1845 on a trading mission to Siam when she was lost at sea. The only known artifacts of this journey is the journal of the ship’s first mate, found among the artfacts of pirates 7 years later in Madagascar. Dynamite wasn’t invented until 1886. Did the pirates sail their ship for at least 40 years before coming to the island?

  24. If the bomb was set off, then the “losties” would never come to the island, thus making them never set off the bomb….

    Continuous cycle….?

    help me understand!

  25. @TOMlong,

    That’s what Jack believed, that if he set off the bomb at the Swan site, then the future would be changed and the 815 plane would just land in LA as it was originally supposed to. The reason it’s not a continuous cycle is setting off the bomb isn’t part of it, it’s CHANGING something. The fact that they just land in LA as normal and never go to the Island isn’t linked to them setting off the bomb. If it DID change the future and stop their plane from ever crashing, there wouldnt be any alternative that includes them going there (does that make sense?).

    But that doesn’t matter, because I’m laying my money down right now that them detonating the hydrogen bomb WASN’T CHANGING ANYTHING, that WAS The Incident all along. We were just watching it play out. In season 6 those in 1977 will be transported forward in time to where Ben/Sun/Frank are. Remember Jacob said, right before he died, “They’re coming.”? I think he’s referring to those who have been in ’77, and season 6 will involve the war that Widmore/Ben have been talking about, with all the talk about “sides” and “teams” and “the good guys.”

  26. how can i hyrdogen bomb go off and not change anything? a bomb to that extent would leave a massive whole at the swan site and radiation damage and poisoning for many years to come.

    there’s no way any of our guesses are getting anywhere near what the writers have in store and if our guesses are spot on then the show will turn to crap.

  27. Richard Alpert finally leaves the island and becomes the mayor of Gotham City in the Dark Knight.

  28. Good one Dino :o)