Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

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lost season 5 finale Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

Five seasons of Lost down, one more to go. If you watched tonight’s episode, it was quite a complex ride.

I just got home from a friend’s house where we had about seven or eight people watching the two-hour season 5 finale of Lost. Some have watched all along, some only a few episodes and some had no idea what was going on. It was an interesting dynamic to say the least seeing the reactions and questions coming from the non-fans. It really makes you think how this show, more than any other I can think of, is truly impossible to follow unless you’ve been there all along.

Now, on to the finale… Where do I even start?

First off, if you’ve not seen the finale, you best watch it or catch up in the show and watch it before reading on. Do that and come back to post your thoughts, we’d love to read them. This article and the comments will be discussing spoilers.




If you’re still here, it’s time to talk Spoilers.


As briefly as I possibly can summarize the episode: we finally meet Jacob, we see the four-toed statue in full form, we discovered why the unwilling members of the oceanic six came back, why many of the characters seemed to be destined (chosen) to come to the island in the first place, how Locke “survived” his death (twice?), how Jacob is the key to connecting many (all?) of the characters with the island, we find out why Locke knows everything he knows and who he really is, the losties all come together again annndddd the island gets hydrogen bombed the same year Star Wars came out.

lost rose bernard vincent Lost Season 5 Finale Review & DiscussionOh, and how could I forget! Fan-favorites Rose, Bernard and the most important character of all, Vincent the Dog, all make triumphant returns in the finale to explain where they’ve been all this time.

I read in the papers this morning that after tonight’s episode, fans would not know how the show could continue – that it acts as a sort of conclusion. Of course, for us Lost fans, this is no conclusion at all, but the start of a bridge leading to the real conclusion that will come in the form of 17 new episodes starting a full eight months from now.

From the final official Lost podcast of the season, producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed that this finale would give fans all the tools they need to form together a proper theory of what the show is all about and possibly how it may end. Well, they certainly did do that with the season closer and many theories of old can be officially trashed now.

The Finale

In traditional Lost fashion, the first episode opens mysteriously in the distant past where we get to see the four-toed statue in full form. While that was a cool reveal, the big reveal came moments later when we see two unknown men talking with each other on the beach beside the statue with the Black Rock ship in the ocean background. The conversation of the two strangers hints at them being long-term enemies and it ends with one referring to the other as Jacob and promising that one day he would find a loop-hole to kill him.

Wow. No messing around.The first scene of the show give us Jacob after all this time and speculation – Awesome!

Well, kind of. While Jacob was a cool character throughout the finale, appearing at key points in each character’s lives and seemingly recruiting them with his golden touch, it did feel very haphazard to see it happen all at once in this finale.

In two back-to-back episodes, we met Jacob and his nemesis (his brother Esau?), saw how he was involved with our main Losties, and how he seemingly dies – All in a two-parter out of 103 episodes of the series so far. Why not develop that some more over the last two seasons? It seems a bit much to have all of it in one episode and have it all so convenient, like it was made up in this certain way afterwards to find some way to explain what we’ve seen in past seasons.

That being said, the religious themes and characters were incredibly interesting and we can certainly tell there is a ton of work behind-the-scenes being done to tie everything together. It is creativity at its finest. Looking back on the episode, even the intro where we see Jacob wearing white and Esau wearing dark representing good and evil, mostly everything that occurs over the two hours is very precise and intentional.

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  1. I havent missed an episode, ever, but I fell asleep towards the end !!!!!!!!!!!! I hope my mother in law recorded it ! ARGH!!!

  2. Just watched the finale, loved jacob’s character. Dont understand how jacob’s brother can change shape. The first thing that came to my mind was the power of the pharos because there is a huge statue of one in the show. so far i have been watching lost all the way through every season, and the only thing i understand is why they actually do call it lost, because everyone watching it…….is LOST!

  3. OMG woah…..just need a minute to take that all in….well it dosent make sense why essau would do ALL that just to kill Jacob….i think that the island is like a lost place in ancient times??? AND ALSO back in season 5 flashforwards there is one episode where they arrive and they see a huge statue so that could mean that they (for a short time) arrived when Jacob and essu were there…….AHHH so confusing I LOVE LOST…..btw your post makes soooo mutch sense!!!

  4. Actually, the island was atomic-bombed, not hydrogen-bombed. As Sayid said, the A-bomb trigger that they removed from the big ‘ole H-bomb is “enough.”

  5. I think the whole “biblical thing” was such a good idea coz i’ve never seen a show like this that has put ancient Kinda creepy stuff which we know about but hav’nt explored before…makes me wanna study history!!! (okay i’m sad)

  6. I bet next season, with the proof of Locke’s corpse, the people try to confront the Locke impostor, and he turns into the smoke monster and whisks away back into the island.

    So the “Esau” character and/or smoke monster can be a shape shifter, including the scenes where Christian tells Locke to pass on his words to Jack, where Benjamin encounters his dead daughter (in the smoke monster’s lair), and when Locke-deux leads Benjamin and the others to attack Jacob? If so, doesn’t that seem both kind of cool and sort of a Scooby Doo cop out?

  7. So, no one wants to know what Richard’s answer to Ilana was when she asked him, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” I must have been the only one to miss that, but I think his answer might help provide some clarity to this discussion.

  8. “Ille qui nos omnes servabit”
    (Latin for, “He who [or that thing which] will save us all.”)

  9. Andy Walters = MVP

    The combination of this and that the statue is Anubis, makes for some pretty cool story depth.

  10. I think that Juliette’s flashback was for more than just dialogue – it was to show that Jacob did not come to her.

  11. I don’t think that was a Locke impostor. My theory is that he is Locke from the past, and was conned into having Jacob killed.

    My other theory is that Jack is the ‘hostile’ among the LOSTies, sent by his father to subjugate the Others.

  12. •Why did some survivors of the second plane crash land in 1977, others in 2007?

    They were told they had to replicate the conditions of the original crash exactly, or things would happen that could not be explained. They didn’t replicate it exactly, so things happened (such as some getting thrown into different timelines). The producers explained this before the finale.

  13. WOW-what mind boggling finale,Yet with some restless sleep and some research,The connection to our heritage in scripture is freightening.Just like a child predisposed to an addiction even if adopted so are we connected to our past.
    I think Jacob and Esau are both trying to save their family lineage,Like God(THE POWER OF THE ISLAND) the one in control cant be seen, only the choices we make lead us to the will for our lives.I see Lost thru different eyes now.Richard and the others were left in the desert(the island) Jacobs to the new world.Ben had ties to both and thought He could control His own world,that is why Jacob said “what about You”CHOSE THIS Day WHOM YOU WILL SERVE Lost just like life is US.when we dont know our leader we will follow anyone.

  14. Great episode, truly this season is the best one. So, from what I gather from this 2-parter is that LOST really is all about the conflict between Jacob and Esau…everything we saw in the first four seasons were setups to come to this point. If that is so then I am happy about that, I like it when a show takes the risk and throws a complete curve ball at you.
    So when the papers report that this is a “conclusion” in some sense, then maybe it is to the cast of characters which we have come to love: Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, etc. I’ll guess that next season deals with the Jacob & Esau’s conflict. Hell why not, its their last season, not like the network can cancel them right? Although, what does Sun & Lappidus have to do with this whole deal?

    Also, this reassures to me what I have been saying all along. Lindleloff & Cuse are the real master minds behind this show, Abrams takes the credit because its his production company.

  15. Esau needed a dead body to inhabit, christian shepard was dead in a casket on the oceanic flight. When locke saw christian on the island that was actually Esau in the form of christian and he needed a living human (locke) to do his bidding. So he told him to move the island so he would be able to go back to the “real world” put things in place to eventually kill jacob. Locke gets killed and his body is on the plane that brought everyone back so Esau could inhabit locke and get ben to kill Jacob. I believe this is the loophole, Esau being able to inhabit the dead bodies of christian shepard and john locke.

  16. The explosion of the bomb HAD to change something about the future, because if we remember in previous episodes, Ben destroyed the Dharma Initiative (remember, season 2-ish we discover that Ben killed the Dharma Initiative by setting off the “plague” from one of the Dharma stations, and then putting all of their bodies in a large hole, where 30-ish years later, he shoots John)…. so unless the Dharma Initiative somehow survived the blast of the bomb, this has definitely change the course of the future somehow, as opposed to setting the future in definite motion.

  17. I have been a loyal fan for some time now and I think the show had some of the most creative writing out there, but was anyone else slightly disappointed with the overall direction the show has taken? It was one thing to drag out this season with meaningless dialogue in order to meet their 17 episode contract, but to fall back so hard on the obvious and overdone religious out as an explanation for the gapping whole left by questions from previous seasons was nauseating.

    So much could have been done just from focusing on the whole time travel aspect alone rather than needing to throw in the whole good vs evil, god vs devil b*******. In my opinion, one of the most standout themes behind the show was that the line between good and evil were blurred and there was no simple explanation for what was going on. Now it seems, the writers have succumb to the idiocy of the masses, in an endeavor to systematically answer questions to meet their contract. 13 mindless episodes and all the substance (if you could call it that) crammed into 4.

    How is season 6 going to end? Ill tell you. The others and the losties will join hands and Nicholas cage will appear and they will all ascend to heaven. Awesome.

  18. I like to know who Richard is and how old is he? Is he an angel or maybe one of the people from that old ship?

  19. If this Good vs. Evil thing is correct, then I believe that Christian Shephard was indeed somehow connected to the Evil side.

    Perhaps the Losties, the Dharma Initiative, and the Others are all pawns in a greater war between Good and Evil – since Jacob and his “brother” may be Gods, then they cannot directly intefere, only influence people. Yeah, that’s right, I have seen Constantine lately.

    Also, I agree that the Juliet flashback was not useless – while everyone else was visited by Jacob, she was not. This could mean that she was not “chosen”, or that her fate is to die throughout the story, since apparently everyone else so far has survived (except Locke, whose story is very unclear).

    Overall, great finale – Lost style. Questions were answered and new questions were asked. Personally I can’t wait for the 2010 and the finally season of Lost.

  20. Did anyone else notice that Jacob was reading Flannery O’Conner’s “Everything That Rises Must Converge”?

    It seemed as though it was the writers … letting us know exactly how the episode was going to end. Possibly the entire show.

  21. I keep coming back to the scene where Jacob brought Locke back to life after he fell. It seems like this may have been in preparation for Esau’s future attack…..

  22. It definitely could have been in preparation… During that scene, Jacob is reading a Flannery O’Conner book and O’Conner also wrote a book called “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”… Hmmm.

  23. Awesome Awesome Awesome! Best Finale yet! This episode did what it needed to do.. give US answers to burning questions. I am convinced that Richard comes to the island via the black rock. “Esau” inhabits dead bodies.. maybe.. how does this explain Claire??? “They’re coming” may be reference to the losties coming to 2007, or may have to do with Bram and company. Jacob died a little too easy.. don’t believe it. Pretty damn sure that Juliet is going to play a HUGE role in the final season. This season is TRUNGE!

  24. Regarding the Jacob/Esau thing – the bible says that Jacob was simple man, a tent dweller while Esau was a hunter. Maybe this has something to do with the Others and the different ways we have seen them live – Dharmaville vs. tents. Also Locke/Esau brought a boar when he came back to the camp.

    As for the statue, I think it is Sobek not Tawaret

  25. Hello everypne… I have something very important to say about the Season 5 Finale of Lost. I watched it and it blew my mind. All I can say is



    Thank you very much.

  26. The writers drew from a lot of different mythology for this episode. I think at it’s core, the show has now revealed itself to be about the struggle between good and evil. Jacob is in white, the unnamed other in black (he’s probably the smoke monster). The conversation in the opening plays like a lot of mythology where the gods are testing humans. Jacob is bringing people to the island to test them or settle a bet of some sort. Smokey mentions that it always ends the same….bad. From the start of this series, I’ve said that the one thing that is common among the core survivors it that they have done things that have ended with people’s death. (Kate killed her father, Jin is an enforcer, Hurley was so fat a balcony collapsed and people died, etc.) All the characters have demons and they were on the plane for a purpose. “Fate” brought them together for some reason similar to the plot of “The Bridge of San Luis Rey .”

    Ben’s scene with Jacob and Smokey Locke was right out of the Book of Exodus (he even mentions Moses). I don’t think the brother Esau relationship is correct. I prefer Egyptian mythology, where Ra (sun god) is always in a struggle with Osiris (god of the underworld). Here again we have the symbolism of light and dark, good and evil, white and black.

    “The sun god Ra was essential to life on earth, and was thus among the most important gods. In myth, the movement of the sun across the sky was explained as Ra traveling in a barque, and the setting of the sun was regarded as Ra’s entry into the underworld, through which he journeyed during the night. While in the underworld, Ra met with Osiris, who again acted as a god of resurrection, so that his life was renewed. He also fought each night with Apep, a serpentine god representing chaos. The defeat of Apep and the meeting with Osiris insured the rising of the sun the next morning, an event that represented rebirth and the victory of order over chaos.”

  27. Wow, watch a review, I’m getting ready to watch again, I’ve watched the show from the beginning and totally watch for entertainment purposes, however, the religious allegory is intriguing, I also what on Scifi, and it’s real interesting to go back and forth to see the continuity. But gracious, I can’t remember every detail so reviews like this are very helpful. With that said Ben is a liar, always have been a always will be, I believe he was talking to Jacob in that cabin, maybe he knew he wasn’t talking to Locke. That really surprised me, that those people had a dead Locke in that case. I could go on and on but I recorded it and will watch again today. I’m just happy that there is TV that can provoke thought, make you wonder and will have you counting down the months until it returns.

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