Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion

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lost smoke monster cerberus esau Lost Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion
I wish I had a pet Smoke Monster!

If any of this is right, it’s starting to make sense! I really need to re-watch everything from the beginning of season 3 onward.

This is just barely scratching the surface – there is so much more in the episode and infinitely more online about this that I’ve just started to read. If you’re a hardcore lost fan, you’ll have plenty of reading to keep you busy during the long wait till season 6.


The finale concluded with a bang (literally). In the 2007 timeline, we witnessed Ben kill Jacob with a knife on behalf of who we thought was Locke, but really was Esau. And in the 1977 timeline, a should-be-very-dead Juliet set off the hydrogen bomb by hitting it with a rock. Since she seems to be immortal, she probably walked away from that blast with no issue.

Jacob dies without a fight at the end, seemingly unworried. My guess is that he knows about the bomb going off in the past that will reset everything, but I’m guessing not in the way Jack hoped it would. One theory out there is that Faraday’s plan (now Jack’s) to use the bomb to prevent everything that happened is actually to ensure everything happens again. The course of events did seem to re-occur as they should with Dr. Chang losing his hand, Radzinsky living to push the button in the hatch and Jacob’s dying words saying “they’re coming” possibly in reference to the Losties returning to their proper time after the white flash from the bomb.

Here’s a twist: what if Jacob was intentionally changing things on his own. We saw him give the pen to young Sawyer which caused him to continue writing his letter and therefore get caught by a family member which leads to him promising not too write the note, possibly dropping his personal vendetta against the real Sawyer. We also saw Jacob convince young Kate to not steal again. Could that be Jacob changing everything for his disciples or was that what happened before anyway? (“What happened happened.”)

I wish I could say more, but so much happened that I’m starting to forget many of the scenes. I will definitely be re-watching the finale later this week to help take it all in.

So, what did you think of the finale and the good vs. evil religious themes? What about Jacob? How do you think next season will start?

Some Discussion Points

  • We see the old sailing ship, the Black Rock, in the intro and it is revealed that Jacob brought them there. Will we see how the ship got to the center of the island or how Jacob brought them there?
  • How does Jacob leave the island and keep coming back?
  • Did Jacob let himself die, knowing that the bomb would change things in the altered 1977 timeline?
  • Who was Jacob referring to when he said “they’re coming”?
  • Will Jacob and Esau’s history be explored and to see how they get their immortality and powers and how old are they?
  • Who built the statue and temples and how old is it?
  • What are Jacob’s lists for and what were the others doing with Walt and the children back in season 1/2?
  • If Ben didn’t really see Jacob in the cabin back in season 3, who called out “Help me” to John and what made the cabin go nuts in that scene?
  • What’s with Christian Shephard and why was he the one to tell John to move the island?
  • How did Juliet survive the fall?
  • Why did some survivors of the second plane crash land in 1977, others in 2007?
  • Who are the folks who brought Locke’s body to Richard?
  • If all Esau needed was a someone else to kill Jacob, why are all these other survivors involved? Why can’t they kill each other?
  • Will the Smoke Monster’s origin be explained?
  • Is Esau the Smoke Monster or does the Smoke Monster protect Esau? Or is it neither?

Source: Lostpedia

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  1. I believe that Esau is the Smoke Monster! Here are several reasons, especially from the episode, in which Ben confronts the monster.

    The monster doesn’t show up, because it’s already there (as False-Locke).

    And then, Ben falls through the hole, down in the ancient room. “Locke” goes away and suddenly the monster shows up! Later transforms into Alex and as soon as Alex vanishes, Locke shows up again!

    We also know, that the monster can transform into persons, as Esau\False-Lock did.

  2. When Jack was still held captive in the cages, I remember that there were adults and children walking past him and asking him questions especially regarding Ana Lucia. I recall the woman was the stewardess from the plain who gave Jack the free liquor and the two children were the one’s who were kidnapped I believe in season three. What happened to all of those people that were snatched on the beach and I still don’t see explanations behind taking the kids.

  3. FYI: this website contains a comprehensive article about Smokey, and is well worth the read.


    And to answer the question about the kidnapped children, one of the Others, Tom, said that it was to give them a better life.

  4. I found this site listing the ship’s manifest for the Black Rock. It’s interesting, but is it Canon or fake?


  5. Wow, that’s certainly interesting. What is a ship from England doing in the Pacific? Also noticed some of the names from the show but I also noticed some names from Heroes, Linderman, Adam Monroe. Interesting.

  6. but that is not verified. how in the world can we be certain where it came from, and especially who was on it?

  7. Well, hopefully we will find out. I personally think it’s the oceanic 6. They were propelled into that time with the event. LOL!!

  8. wow. daniel miles richard (i assumed thats when he arrived) 2 widmores likely charles’ ancestors…

    you guys hear the rumors that all the cast members who have died are coming back? and that matthew fox said the finale of the series will be so moving that he gets overwhelmed just thinking of it? this after claiming he’s the only cast member who knows how the show will end.

    im excited.

  9. i believe filming for lost season 6 began this week in hawaii? 22nd, 26th…i heard around that time filming was scheduled to commence. im very much looking forward to the final act. i do not believe it will disappoint.

  10. exciting news for LOST fans!!

    This Saturday, September 12, 2009 in Anaheim, CA, LOST cast members are going to be making a public appearance at Disney’s D23 Convention; additionally some really fantastic pieces of LOST history are going to be on display- including Kate’s toy plane, Hurley’s winning lottery ticket, Locke’s hunting knife, Sawyer’s letter and many other surprises! These items will be on view Thursday September 10 through Sunday, September 13, the entire weekend of D23, and will be up for auction after the series finale in May of 2010.

    Look for the guys in the Dharma suits! For the full story, go to profilesinhistory.com

  11. did you guys hear about the big auction after the series finale next year???

    check out profilesinhistory.com for the news!

  12. I want Lockes knife. and Kates plane. or kate herself if shes being auctioned. dominic wouldnt mind.

    i cant wait to see richards backstory. he’s a regular now, to appear in 16 episodes. dominic will be in 3. ecko may be back. will jacob be back? the comment “maybe hes a candidate” by bram and llana….the need a new jacob, jacob new this was coming all along right? he was prepared. thats why he went to llana (with gloves on as to not “touch” anyone and said “i need you.” ok enough rant. just sharing ideas.

  13. I think Lapidis is going to be a candidate for the new Jacob. Jacob is supposed to be the morally righteous and upstanding man in the Bible, and he appears to be this way in the finale as well. Lapidis is the one character in the show that hasn’t shown any sign of immorality, evil, or flat-out dislikable actions. It makes perfect sense he would become the new Jacob (if a new Jacob is on the way)

  14. We’re getting closer. month and change until season 5 dvd release, 2 and change until season 6. i will miss this series when it ends. but until then…

    will the true locke be back? jacob perhaps re-incarnated through one of our losties? aaron and walt may return aged?

    im looking forward to richards backstory and why he was chosen by jacob to advise the “others’ leaders over time. we know charles widmore, ellois, ben, then very briefly locke as the previous 4. who came before, and who comes next? religiously and spiritually, what are the producers trying to tell us? why did matthew fox say in an interview that the season 6 finale would be overwhelming, sad, joyous, that the show could not possibly continue because it will offer complete closure, etc. whats in store guys?

  15. i know,im slow, i always waitfor the LOST seasons to come out on DVD then watch them all in a marathon! so i just finished the end of season 5….
    i didnt actually realise how much i loved the season as a whole until they stared to piece ethings together at the end of the season.
    im a massive fan of jack, and reading over all you notes from the page (which are unbelievably thought out! …in a cool way)
    i really hope jack makes some kind of sacrifice at the end of the final series that kind of saves everyone…although its a massive shame that locke turns into a ?bad guy?.
    and YES, i want to see some more of jacob, i think the whole religious theme is awesome.
    when you think about it, the whole series of lost, from season 1 to 5…(nearing 6) has been all about science VS ?god?



  16. No doubt we will all find meaning in even the most casually placed propin the new pictures mimicing DaVinci's “Last Supper”. For example: There are two skulls on the ground – one each at the feet of Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Sayid (Naveen Andrews), whose position corresponds with that of Judas. Does this represent a nuclear holocaust?

    In the images, Jack (Matthew Fox) is placed in the Apostle Thomas’ spot.

    The cast is seated at a table fashioned from an airplane wing and sitting in airline seats. Behind them is a destroyed Dharma Initiative outpost bearing the Swan logo. At the end of the table there is an empty seat.

    The empty seat on the right remains empty in both pictures. Hmmm.

    Or is this just another stunt placed as a red herring designed to throw everyone off? Is J.J. Abrams messing with us?

    This is the link to the pictures


  17. Funny about the names of the “Good vs Evil” characters.

    According to the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, Esau was the fraternal twin brother of Jacob (whom God renamed Israel)—the patriarch and founder of the Israelites. Esau and Jacob were the sons of Isaac and Rebekah, and the grandsons of Abraham and Sarah. Esau was born first and when Jacob was born, he held onto Esau's heel (Genesis 25:26) Reading further about this you will find that Jacob tricked Esau into getting the birthright from thier father. Esau wanted to kill Jacob later but was thwarted by Jacob and his sons against overwhelming odds. Later, God despised what Esau did to Jacob and others and destroyed his family and descendants with a few exceptions. Interesting?

  18. Funny about the names of the “Good vs Evil” characters.

    According to the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, Esau was the fraternal twin brother of Jacob (whom God renamed Israel)—the patriarch and founder of the Israelites. Esau and Jacob were the sons of Isaac and Rebekah, and the grandsons of Abraham and Sarah. Esau was born first and when Jacob was born, he held onto Esau's heel (Genesis 25:26) Reading further about this you will find that Jacob tricked Esau into getting the birthright from thier father. Esau wanted to kill Jacob later but was thwarted by Jacob and his sons against overwhelming odds. Later, God despised what Esau did to Jacob and others and destroyed his family and descendants with a few exceptions. Interesting?

  19. I am totally disappointed with the ending of LOST!!! The show started off so exciting and progressively got crazier and crazier only to end in all of them being DEAD????? Why put us through six seasons only to have them all die?? All the flash backs, forwards and every which way have together with the ending left a really bad taste…. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING GUYS!!!!!!

    • Everything dies sooner or later. I thought the ending was very honoring of that.

  20. The defining feature that makes a program a soap opera, according to Albert Moran, is “that form of television that works with a continuous open narrative. Each episode ends with a promise that the storyline is to be continued in another episode”. Wikipedia.
    If LOST is revolutionary in any way, it is simply that it has transformed the soap opera format into something that is completely new. We’re all talking about the finale and what it means, and completely ignoring all the high drama of previous episodes and series. No one’s talking about the numbers, for example, or Locke and the button (2 or 3 hours of viewing at least), the war between Linus and Widmore (hours of viewing) to name but a few of these intense moments of drama. But why aren’t these important to us now? In the same way that what happened in Coronation Street 10 years ago isn’t important.
    This series cannot be compared a program like The Wire in any way – plot development, characterisation, script – but it can be compared the melodrama played out in Neighbours where we’re absolutely absorbed by what happens one day, and are capable of forgetting about it completely just a few weeks later.
    In LOST, almost every episode introduced some new kind of mystery. In fact they threw so many at us that the only way to keep watching was to forget what had come before. The only kind of program that requires its audience to accept these kind of radical changes is a Venezuelan ‘culebron’ where the characters spend their days trying to kill each other or locked in a dungeon in high heels and a mini-skirt. And then get married a couple of weeks later.
    Please, correct me you can think of a format that is more similar.
    The characters go from being psychotic killers to normal people and back, from episode to episode. Surely no one took Claire seriously when she started walking around with a gun and her hair all messed up.
    And why isn’t anyone talking about how poor the script was. Almost every conversation, every scene was the same cliff-hanger nonsense. “Do what I want because a. if you don’t something terrible will happen b. all your dreams will come true.” Please. This is 100% venezuelan. In comparison, I think of the scene in the Wire where McNulty is confronted by D’Angelo’s mum about her son’s murder, and it still breaks my heart. And this is being compared to a scene where people who spent a good part of their lives trying to kill each other all kiss and make up in a church for no good reason? …
    At best LOST is a soap opera with an identity crisis (identity crisis because soaps don’t ever finish) , at worst it was just a bad program and the writers have been stringing us along to see how much of their nonsense we would swallow.

  21. Can someone please tell me what happened to Frank Lapidus the pilot, he wasn’t in the end scene, and we clearly see him flying off the island with Richard, Miles, Kate, and Sawyer. What happened to the people who got on the plane and flew off?

    • I’m guessing they went home.

  22. This may be redundant as I’ve only scanned the prior comments, but it does seem that the prugatory sideways plot of the last year which I agree that is what it was, has nothing to do with the island, which my wife pointed out. She was confused by the ending, I explained my thoughts they were all dead as explained and creating their realities before moving on – which is a common belief of afterlife researchers (a subject I follow) and then verified on this site that is the consensus. But then my wife astutely pointed out, “what does that have to do with the weirdness of the island?” I paused, thought about it and realized absolutely nothing. That ending – purgatory could have been slapped onto any show – since purgatory is an independent element of the events of the island. We all die – we all have unresolved issued we address in the afterlife before moving on to the next level of existence, etc… That is a completely independent theme from what occurred on the island – it could be a conclusion to Fringe or Flash Forward to use some current shows as examples. In other words they never explained why the island is a source of electromagnetic anomaly – nor why it had protectors in the first place and where the protectors powers came from. Having these people meet in again in the afterlife due to their shared experiences on the island doesn’t explain in any way or even connect to the weirdness of the island except for Desmond bridging both worlds. It seems like just a lot of noise and smoke to obcure the fact maybe they never had a good explanation to begin with and tacked on this ending hoping no one would realize it or rather to appease all the critics who believed that to be the case. One other item that bugs me – Juliet right before she died in Sawyer’s arms whispered to him “it worked” referring to the bomb changing the past/future. This contributed to the red herring of the sideways being a parallel world/timeline and not prugatory, however the finale refuted that. So what did she mean – or did the writers just use that at the time to mislead us and then forget about it later conveniently? Thoughts?

    • Juliet’s declaration that “it worked” is understandable considering she would’ve at that point found herself in the purgaverse, which was specifically designed to be that What-if possible alternate reality in which it did work.

      And while purgatory could’ve been “slapped” on any show, it truly did fit the themes of this particular series, having always been about religous themes and the idea that there was something bigger guiding them and uniting them.

      I think the explanation of the island and what it was, the symbolism of Jacob and the Smoke Monster was intentionally written to be the most basic of metaphors about the eternal conflict of good and evil and, as it always had since the first season, as fantastic as that island was, the focus was always on the lives of those characters.

      The purgatory setup was a perfect way to acknowledge those characters and recognize that the events that took place on the island was simply a representation of their individual and group test in life.

  23. Guys…it turns out that the people who created Lost, got lost in the end themselves! During the 4th season, they told us that everything would be explained before the show completed. Guess what … they lied for the extra money, as if they hadn’t made enough already…Shame on them to disappoint so many fans!


  24. 6 years LOST watching this show, that promised to reveal all, but just left me totally confused.

  25. Do you feel that they all died from a plane crash? Perhaps in the ocean as no one ever came to look for them and the island was the place that struggling souls all went to to struggle with good and evil and redemption; after all the dharma people, the others, etc assuming they were all dead too? Do you take it Richard was finally allowed to die too? Was Jacob and MIB the island guardians and now the island exists for the next group of souls who will work out thier struggles before they can move on? The more I think about this the more I wonder. When the oceanic six went home, was home another made up reality where they learned they were still miserable and needed to go back to the island to work out thier purpose? I really can’t wrap my hands about this yet. I loved the ending for the most part, loved Jack and his dad’s reconciliation. Cried like a baby.

  26. i feel you are a stupid asshole working for the lost creators…they created this show with no ending, they thought they can show everything in the world without ever explaining it. Just think about the mysteries and what they did with it.

    I would never ever suggest anyone to ever watch this show coz it is just crap folded in a nice wrapper.

  27. It’s really amazing how many people don’t even realize what happened in the end. Look how many people think they were dead the whole series. Look how many don’t realize that the events on the island really took place and were seperate from the side-story about the passage to death. Unless people were just not paying attention or they’re really dumb, it was absolutely clear that they were not dead the whole series. Please rewatch the last episode and pay more attention, especially to what Jack’s father tells him at the end about all of them dying at different times…some before Jack, some long after. Of coarse it’s up to each viewer if you think the whole side-story of them in this pre-afterlife was a good idea or not…but please at least understand that it was seperate from the main series of events on the island.

  28. Just one point-

    Could this be Smokey the monster? That would certainly explain it taking the form of young Rousseau and telling Ben to follow Esau (in Locke form) which led to Ben’s willingness to kill Jacob for him

    It was actually Alex, Ben’s daughter, that told him to follow Esau. (Although she’s Rousseau’s daughter, it was teenage Alex rather than young Rousseau.)

  29. why don’t you take that rag off your head, Anzit. oh wait, don’t, because it’s just a stupid piece of s*** in a nice wrapper.