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lost cast Lost Season 3 FinaleSo Season Three of Lost is finally over and the finale was definitely a mind-bender.

I’ve complained about Lost here at Screen Rant for a long time, but I have to admit that in the last half dozen episodes or so it seems that the producers/writers have responded to viewer complaints about the show and it’s improved considerably, getting back to the quality level of the first season. During the first half of this season Lost was looking like it was losing it’s momentum, especially with the painfully drawn out, go-nowhere captured Jack/Kate/Sawyer saga. But once they dumped that storyline and got us back to the beach, the show took a turn for the better.

Spoilers follow, so if you haven’t seen it, I would recommend you stop reading.

Here are the highlights from the season finale (and there are many):

Ben discovers that Claire has betrayed him and “the others.”

Ben discovers that his daughter (if she is indeed his daughter) has betrayed him and he plans on leaving her with the Flight 815 survivors.

Rousseau finally meets her daughter.

Locke gets a visit/vision from Walt (Michael’s son, who with his dad has left the island), who tells Locke that he can’t die because he has a mission to complete.

The ambush of the others on the beach almost works, killing seven of the invaders but not all of them.

Ben is captured by Jack.

Charlie succeeds in disabling the radio interference and dies in the process.

Hurley gets a chance to be a hero.

But the really big deal in this episode was the fact that a number of Jack-centric flashbacks scattered throughout the finale where he is disoriented, suicidal and addicted to painkillers turn out to be flash-forwards showing him after they have apparently returned from the island!

It’s a huge revelation, and shows him throughout the episode desperately trying to get in touch with someone who turns out to be Kate. He is desperate to get back to the island but Kate, who apparently is now with someone else (Sawyer?) has no desire to return.

Quite the jaw-dropper episode and a great finish to the season as opposed to the weak final episode of Heroes. BTW, over at Freeze Dried Movies they have a very interesting theory concerning the entire story arc and where it may be heading.

Overall a really great episode, although there are still those odd unexplained issues floating just out of site (smoke monsters, Walt’s seeming powers, etc.). The one thing that made me say “C’mon!” in this episode was Charlie’s death: It seemed to me that he had time and the opportunity to get on the other side of the hatch and then lock it. By the time the grenade went off, he had already shut down the transmitter. That just didn’t make sense to me at all. Or am I missing something?

Anyway, we’ve got a very long wait until next season and although I think another 48 episodes is WAY overkill and far too many, I’m still looking forward to next season, at least for the moment.

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  1. I think Charlie realized that for Claire to be saved, he had to die. At least that makes him seem less dumb.

  2. That’s possible. He may have indeed thought that. Then again, I never saw him “flip a switch”, did you?


  3. Lost Season 3 Finale – “Through the Looking Glass”

    * Oh My God * I’ve just finished watching the Season 3 finale of LOST on Sky One HD, recorded last night. I’m almost speechless. How ? What ? Why ? To say I’m suprised by the ending is an…

  4. Here are my thoughts on the whole Charlie thing. Didn’t the same thing happen with Desmond at the end of the last season? Think about it Desmond supposedly died when he flipped the switch to save everyone on the island from the hatch overloading. So my prediction is that Charlie shows up in the middle of the woods just like Desmond did. I think it was way too obvious that Charlie a) could have gotten out of the hatch after the grenade went off and b) he could have swam out of the port hole when it filled up with water.

  5. Ohhh, good one! Knowing this show that is entirely possible, although it would be a cop-out IMHO. Of course a the brother/sister pair seem to have stayed dead…


  6. First of all, I am not usually a television fan and I have never made it a point to watch a TV series every week, although I have watched quite a bit of TV in my 55 years and have enjoyed major series during that time. But I have never come across a series that has been so interesting, intelligent, authentically unpredctable, and legitimately touching, scary, serious and funny and able to pull it off so consistantly and brilliantly for so long as LOST.
    That said, I now make it a point to never miss an episode and even look forward to it every week. Ever since season 1, LOST has been the most exceptionally written television series I have ever seen. Every episode is tremendously well-written. So much so that several episodes are so unbelievably exceptional that it is hard to realy fathom. Even most new episodes often turn out more well-written than the previous ones that were so great at the time. Since it’s beginning, LOST has been one of the greatest stories I have ever seen on the big scrren or even read in a book. And it goes without saing how it compares to current and former TV series. I have watched and enjoyed the show 24 from the beginning – missing maybe 10 or so episodes over its’ several seasons, and even at 24′s peak in the first three seasons, it can’t hold a candle to LOST. LOST is more like one long, academy award winning movie which is shown little by little every week.
    A few episodes such as season one’s Pilot, season three’s ‘The Brig’ (where the connection between Locke and Sawyer is revealed) – just to name a couple – and especially the 2-hour season 3 finale, have been, wthout a doubt, the greatest televison I have ever seen in my 55 years on this earth. The writing of the season 3 finale was beyond comparison. It was so much better than any TV episode and 98% of the all the movies I have ever seen. And even better than many books I’ve read). Really, words don’t do it justice.
    Ending with the hero Jack, broken and addicted, and so desperate to return to the island (after supposedly being resued) was true brilliance.
    Showing how the man who was at first was reluctant to be the leader but who eventually saved everyone and transformed into the true hero, fell apart after being rescued. Thus, in the end, Jack – the Hero, leader, and savior – became ‘lost’ without the island. Again the writing throws a curve and does with brillance, avoiding the stereotypical happy ending and again showing ust how tremendous this whole story has been and continues to be, seemingly getting better and better every week.
    The numerous layers the writers have given the characters is truly uncharacteristic for a TV show and what a superb job they have done. The acting Matthew Fox has done has been astouding (particularly in the season 3 finale) and the revelation that has been Terry O’Quinn as Locke along with Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Josh Holloway’s exceptional portrayal of Sawyer, Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Jorge Garcia’s laugh a minute job as Hurley, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond and Michael Emerson’s riviting, creepy and scary performance as Benjamin, have also all been spectacular and it’s unheard of to have so many great actors on one show for so long. Each of their performances has been so wonderful to watch, especially in Season 3. I don’t folow this really, but I’d be personally stunned if none of these actors and (it should go without saying) the series as a whole doesn’t win several significant awards like emmys.
    Lastly, Charlie’s portrayal by Dominic Monaghan over the last 3 season was magnificant, his struggles greatly compelling and his triumphs just glorious. That said, his death in season 3′s finale was genuinely heartbreaking, but it really illustrates why LOST is so uniquely beloved and truly an unparalleled show in TV history. It’s not just because of the series’s unbelievably consistant writing, but the way the writing and characters capture such deep emotions of the viewer so even when you know what is going to happen (as Charlie’s death was foreshadowed, even mentioned, and set up for weeks prior to the finale), his death still came as a suprise in the way it happened, with Charlie discovering perhaps the biggest secret of all and telling Desmond, all after chosing to sacrifice himself even after finding the secret out, for the simple reason that he felt it would save his love Claire, her baby, and finally redeem himself after the numerous mistakes he had made throughout his life – in other words, his own salvation. And it again proved that in LOST, anything can happen at any time and Even even the good characters (Mr. Eko, Boone, Libby, Shannon, and even Ana-Lucia) die adding even more layers to the story and those who survive.
    And what better way to end Season 3, than with the best written and acted episode of LOST’s three year run. I never thought I’d enjoy TV so much. LOST is a true creative materpiece.

  7. James that was a great comment. Problem is that unlike reading a novel which may take 5-6 hours or watching a movie which takes 2-3, viewers have to wait literally YEARS for the resolution of this story. With a movie or novel, if the resolution ends up being unsatisfying, it’s annoying, but not that big a deal. But to invest five or six YEARS watching a story unfold to possibly have it end with a lame or disappointing ending… that’s just too much in my opinion.

    I’ve heard the defense before that “Lost” is all about the characters, but damn it, the story has to fit in there some place and it has to GO somewhere, too.

    Thanks for chiming in with a great comment!


  8. you people arent thinking.

    charlie died because he HAD to in order for desmond’s visions to come true.