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Lost Season 6 header Lost: Final Count of the Mysteries & Answers

It’s been three months since ABC’s Lost came to an emotional close and a plethora of “Losties” from all over the world had to figure out what they were going to do with their lives (some people were that serious about the show).

But wait a minute, Lost season 6 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray today! That means fans can officially revisit the whole series from start to finish.

One devoted Lost fan, “Mark” over at Dark UFO, has already been over and over all the episodes of the show, meticulously noting down all the questions raised and tallying up exactly how many of them were answered. Just think for a minute how much work that is…

The resulting document is over 70 pages long (!) but if you don’t want to read it and just want to know how many questions and mysteries there were and how many of those were answered, then here’s a basic rundown of all six seasons:

*Note – these include the answers given in “The New Man in Charge” epilogue.

  • Season 1 has 80 total mysteries, 6 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 2 has 106 total mysteries, 17 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 3 has 101 total mysteries, 16 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 4 has 135 total mysteries, 28 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 5 has 148 total mysteries, 38 unanswered mysteries
  • Season 6 has 93 total mysteries, 22 unanswered mysteries
  • Total mysteries: 663 total mysteries, 536 answered mysteries, and 127 unanswered mysteries.

However, if you want to know exactly when, where and how the various questions and mysteries were answered then check out the extensive document below:

Now remember, this is the work of one person so there will probably be things in there that other people might interpret differently. But as far as I can see, this is an absolutely fantastic job of calculating all the mysteries Lost had and relaying just how many were left unanswered.

Speaking of which, as it it turns out more questions were answered and mysteries solved than a lot of people thought. All us fans endured six seasons of “Lost-skeptics” claiming that the show was raising more questions than it was bothering to answer. Well, looking at the above statistics there were only 127 unanswered questions of the 663 total mysteries – that’s less than 20%. For a show as expansive and complex as Lost, I’d say that’s pretty damn satisfying.

lost series finale lindelof thoughts Lost: Final Count of the Mysteries & Answers

I never expected Lost to answer every single question because in the grand scheme of things some questions didn’t really matter. The writers answered enough of the big stuff – particularly in season 6 (how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the Island, what happened to the rest of the four-toed statue, how Richard became ageless, what the Smoke Monster was etc.) – that I personally felt satisfied. This allowed me to get a heck of a lot out of the character-focused finale they ultimately went with.

However, I know not everyone agrees with me and for those people 127 unanswered questions is just too big of a number to ignore. Which type of Lost viewer are you: satisfied or frustrated?

If you’re part of the “they didn’t answer enough questions” group, then make sure to check out our own Kofi Outlaw’s Lost explanation post if you haven’t already.

You can buy Lost season 6 and the complete collection on DVD and Blu-ray from today.

Source: Dark UFO (reader “Mark”)

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  1. One thing I noticed we may have an answer for is ‘Why Locke had a vision of the drug smuggler’s plane crashing?’ Since time is all wonky, couldn’t it have been him ‘remembering’ actually being there and seeing it when he was time jumping?

    Thanks! Great list!

    • I think this misses the point of most of the argument against how Lost ended. It’s not the quantity of mysteries answered, it’s the quality. Most of the things that were answered were either almost insignificant or led to a new question. The big overarching questions that the show put forth, the main plot elements were never clearly answered and I think that gets people upset more than all the little things.

  2. Awesome. :)

  3. @Ooliboofoo,

    “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.”

    Seriously, I don’t see what a lot of people are complaining about. What big over-arcing questions didn’t they answer that you couldn’t work out for yourself? Walt’s powers are about the only hugely significant thing that I can think of and the only reason he wasn’t in it more was the actor hit puberty.

    The pregnancy issues is another big thing but if you think about you can interpret it as being an effect of the hydrogen bomb going off. We know it wasn’t always like that on the Island, even as recently as the time when Sawyer and Juliet were in Dharma because we saw Ethan that was born. So in the timeline it had to be sometime after 1974. And what significant event took place a few years after that? – the bomb got set off!

    Again, ponder the mysteries and you can make up your own mind. That was one of the great things about the show – it made you discuss and theorize. Things don’t NEED to be spelled out in black and white.

    • Meh that’s just a cop-out for bad storytelling.

      • Hey ooilboofoo and Ross…

        HI!!! I’m Travis and in the last month or so I’ve been having an epic discussion with a user named Aknot on another thread on Screen Rant…

        (it’s a good read, goes about three pages deep)

        Anyways, I’m on the same page as Ross… (they answer the baby thing in the extra 12 minutes btw, and yes, it was already answered if you just think about it… like most of Lost’s mysteries) … That being said, Aknot more agrees with ooliboofoo with the sloppy storytelling. Our epic discussion became so big that along with another friend (Samboo) that joined in, we decided to start a re-watchers club to analyze and discuss further. You guys would be perfect to join us if you’d like. We just started up so you two could jump right in. :) Aknot was kind enough to create site where we can all blog and really get into all the issues we want.

        Check it out if your interested!!!


      • LOST-one of the best stories ever told.

      • Think for yourself some, ooliboofoo. That was a big part of the way the story was told. The creators and writers WANTED the audience to figure some things out for themselves. No one has ever told a story in this way and I for one think it genius.

    • But there’s a difference between creating a mystery and giving the viewers the clues to figure it out on their own, and creating a mystery off the top of your head that not even you know the answer to. There are so many obvious examples that Damon and Carlton had no idea what they were doing, and if they didn’t even know, how are we, the viewers, ever supposed to figure it out?

      The best example is the Smoke Monster/Lockeness Monster. Clearly Darlton weren’t planning on the Smoke Monster being a sentient being from the beginning, at least not the smart, conniving one that we got in Season 5 & 6. In the first season, for instance, its just randomly killing people.

      And then there’s evidence that Christian Shepard and the Smoke Monster were NOT supposed to be one in the same. The fact that Christian’s body wasn’t in his coffin is enough evidence for that. We’re clearly shown with Locke that the Smoke Monster doesn’t need to get rid of the original body to change shape, and it’s pretty hard to argue that he disposed of it, because he didn’t dispose of Locke’s, and arguably he needed to hold up that facade more than he did Shepard’s. Then of course, there’s the whole Shepard shows up off the island on two occasions: once in the freighter and once in the hospital in LA. Even if we agree that Darlton wanted Christian and the Smoke Monster to be the same all along, then clearly they didn’t plan on the Smoke Monster being confined to the island.

      And don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that they should have had it all planned out from the beginning. I never once believed they did, and honestly, it’s counter-intuitive to the writing process anyway, so I wouldn’t have wanted them to. But that still doesn’t excuse them for all the aborted plotlines they fed us.

      Frankly, I wish I could just come up with my own solutions, but I can’t see past the glaring plotholes that Darlton created with almost all the “solutions” given in season 6.

    • This is a question that I know the answer to but have never commented on. If you look at my blog you will see I cover almost ever major theme in Lost and the exact spot where they got it from in Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time. The reason why the had it so that women couldn’t conceive on the island came from The Face of Evil. The planet was made up of 2 tribes the Sevateem the primitive tribe and the Tesh who were on the technological side of the planet on the other side of the “boundry”. Remind you of anything (i.e. the Others and the DHARMA initiative). Well the Sevateem had only one lead woman (Leela) and you saw 2 others the whole show. On the Tesh side there were all guys. So how did they keep the society going after so many years? It was rather hard to show this and when I wrote about my facts people came out and said that I was making it all up since the show in question is over 30 years old. Check out my website:


      I also story boarded the first 3 episodes of Lost showing you exactly where they got the idea to create the show:


      I also did the ending of Lost:


      Everything else can be found in the rest of my blog. I know for a fact that Lost is nothing more than a clever REMAKE!!!

  4. I would join the discussion more, but I was so turned off by the ending that I can’t bring myself to watch everything again because I know the disappointment that’s coming.

  5. This is pretty awesome, but I think I will take it slow reading this lol

  6. It’s pretty obvious that they created a lot of plotlines that just didn’t work out or contradicted other plotlines or they couldn’t figure how to introduce them naturally into the story and then just dropped them hoping no one would notice. That’s just bad writing.

  7. I’ve seen the series 3 times and I’m currently on my fourth with a few new friends. I’ve rewatched with others that were interested in watching the series. To ALL THE HATERS… pay attention is only advice I have if you want to enjoy this show. That may upset some of you but if you can come on and bash what an amazing achievement this show was than I can say shame on you for not appreciating it. THERE has yet to be a mystery unsolvable by what the writers gave us… period. I haven’t found one that can’t be explained using what we have within the six seasons of Lost… you just need to know where to look… and yes, lazy television watching people out there… a show that actually makes you work… makes your brain work???!!! Blasphemy!!! It’s the very reason why you loved it in the first place… it made you think, made you ponder… demanded your attention. I find it interesting that so many are so upset that Lost ended up being what it was that kept you all around for 6 seasons… I’ve said it a million times. Lost was never a show that just spoon fed viewers like most crap on tv… why is everyone surprised and that they left us to ponder SOME things and put 2 and 2 together ourselves? … The writers are laughing at you… I for one would think it to be an insult for them to sit me down, hold my hand, and walk me through what they were getting at… it all adds up if you do your math correctly… IT’S BASIC CRITICAL THINKING and CREATIVE THINKING… we all learned it in school. :) I urge those that didn’t like it to watch again… I guarantee you’ll notice all the AMAZING things you didn’t the first, second, or even third times around. That’s how good Lost was… so good you didn’t like it.

    • The problem Travis is they are not giving us 2+2. 2+2 will always be 4. There is no way around that. It is called Logic. There is no logic to a lot of what they did.

      A show that makes you work? Making me work is giving me a problem that there is a known solution to. 3452345245256 multiplied by the square root of 32345. And I can only use an ink pen and one sheet of paper.
      There is a logical answer to that problem. There is only ONE answer to that problem. I have been given everything I need to figure it out. It is now up to me if I want to figure it out or just go.. meh not worth it.

      What they are doing is what killer DMs use to do. (still do? probably not as that was a hindrance to the game)

      A “killer” DM would try to invent things on the fly that made no sense just in order to try and stop the players.

      A proper DM would have the story more or less planned out and logical back up plans if things went a little off kilter. It is called GOOD STORY TELLING.

      LOST had a decent shell of a story. Then the writers/creators/actors/ABC/Donut guy.. I dont know who decided to throw in crap to try and keep the viewers on their toes and interested. Well much like a killer DM a lot of people have seen through this.

      • I’m absolutely where aknot is on this one.

        • Already told you that you guys agreed on things. :)

  8. Unfortunately, for me, I fell out of the “Lost Loop” sometime during season 3, I think. I managed to miss a couple episodes and stopped watching. I’ll definitely be picking up the Blu-ray box set. Obviously I have a LOT of catching up to do. LOL

  9. I didnt get pass 3 pages. This document (well documented) is a joke. A “Mystery” is just that. A mystery.

    When I read questions like:
    How did Jack end up in the jungle?
    How did Oceanic Flight 815 crash?
    What happened to the tail section?
    Who is the father of Claires baby?
    What did Kate do to become a criminal?

    Etc and so forth I have to ask myself why?

    As Jbrose23 stated earlier and I have always said…

    “But there’s a difference between creating a mystery and giving the viewers the clues to figure it out on their own, and creating a mystery off the top of your head that not even you know the answer to.”

    A mystery is just that “Something unexplainable”.

    What is the Island.?… That is a mystery.
    Who is the father of Claires baby? Was not even a plot line how could it be a mystery? Also if it is plainly “answered” it is not a mystery.

    How did Jack end up in the jungle? Well lets see he was in a plane crash and he was either thrown from the main wreckage or possibly he stumbled deliriously into the jungle only to pass out.

    A mystery would have been him waking up on the other side of the Island, waking up in the Swan station etc…

    So if you take away the OBVIOUS then you have mysteries.

    Im jumping around and come across:
    Is there really a sickness, and if so, what is it? With the answer of:
    It is a sickness associated with the monster that is compared to a “growing darkness”, consuming the victim’s personality so that they no longer feel emotion

    However if Claire has the sickness she shows a crap load of emotion when she jumps on Kate…Not to mention the emotion she shows to Jin and the guy she stuck with a pike. Oh then she is quite emotional when she thinks they (Losties) left her via the Sub.

    It is a nice compilation of events. However just a cursory review indicates it is not as accurate as it is made out to be nor true to the titel of “Compelte List of Mysteries and Answers”.

    • On the contrary, I read it all and it is very accurate.

      • Not accurate to true Mysteries. Sorry if that was not clear. However Im almost 100% sure there were a few inaccuracies if not maybe difference of opinions.

        I would be more then happy to post a few here if that is the fact but I left the print out at my desk and wont be able to do so till Monday.

  10. Even the mysteries that were answered most of them were substandard shockers or even exciting to find out. They have systematically destroyed this show… Who would even bother with the DVD. We no longer care about this show. It will NOT stand the test of time. It came and it went.

    • That’s your opinion Sir Roth… and it’s an unfortunate one. I do wish that everyone could have enjoyed the series as much as I did.

      … funny that it came and went yet YOU’RE here commenting? By the way, the DVD box set is AWESOME. :) Really cool and fun. Though the secret disc hidden in it takes some actual critical and creative thinking so for some I guess they shouldn’t “bother” with it. :) I’m not speaking for everyone but it seems that many of the people that are upset with the show are still looking for something more… why else would you be here commenting… my advice to you, as always, is rewatch the show… there is SO much more to find the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times around. Things you find that make you realize just how amazing this show was and just what a great job the writers did… so good in fact that it made some viewers dislike it.

      • And furthermore…

        … this show changed television as we know it… and was a marvelous achievement. NO other show has ever even tried to come close to doing what Lost has done. And for some of the fans… this was it’s downfall for them. To watch this show over the span of 5 years only as it airs is not an easy thing to do. With so much going on it’s literally almost impossible to keep up and remember/notice everything. I had the benefit of watching the entire series over again before the start of season 6… this definitely helped me enjoy it more because it was easier to put things together. … Things popped out that you’d never had noticed the first time around. Things that show just how BRILLIANTLY it was written.

        • How did it change television? What did it do?

          The Golden Girls had more people watching its final episode then LOST did…

          18 The Golden Girls 27.2 18.9% 38% 01992-05-09 9 May 1992 NBC
          54 Lost 13.6 7.5% 13% 02010-05-23 23 May 2010 ABC

          The show while watched lost a ton of viewers and overall ranking between seasons 3 and 6.

          I wonder why people left? I can guess why most people probably stayed…. then they were let down…

      • Travis,

        Since you have the DVD set….

        Do they answer things that were not answered on the show? Do they show clips (on any of the DVDs) that would have answered questions on the show?

        If so then maybe they did not convey the story properly in the first place.

        Why “answer” stuff or add stuff in a DVD which should have clearly been in the show to begin with?

        If people have to buy something extra to go…. ahhhhh thats then why the show failed to some people as it did not tell the whole story WHEN it was supposed to.

        Another friend of mine is asking why I am watching it again… Since I didn’t like it..(the ending, the dropped plot points, the plot holes, etc I liked the show to a degree). I told him what better way to prove my point then to watch it again.

        The more people write about added features and explanations that were not shown during the show only proves that point more.

        • These little things are just added bonuses to add to the fun. Some of us relish in new mystery and intrigue, some of us just want to know what the hell happened with no gray areas. :) Lost followed it’s own rules… as you know I believe they were very careful about how much they showed us and I believe that they think they showed enough to make our own thoughts on the subjects. They did some things subtly and some things more direct. For me, as you know they satisfied every possible desire I had for answers – regardless of how they chose to reveal them.

          The DVD’s don’t throw any MASSIVE answers out… of course the 12 minute epilogue does, but we’ve already discussed that. This footage was originally planned to be in the final but they simply didn’t have enough space and or air time to show it. They said that themselves. They had to push the air time an extra half hour just to fit the footage we saw during the final. Also, after review, they thought that it disrupt the flow of the story. There was no real tangible sensible way to put it in and end it the way they wanted to.

          As for extra stuff… I freaking love it. It’s fun… just added bonuses of interest… still, nothing we can’t already pull from doing our own research… like the explanation of the Egyptian game that is in the secretly hidden disc on the DVD… We as viewers could get off our butts and research the game… how weird would that explanation have been if it were part of the show? Really weird…

        • @Aknot

          What does viewing #s have to do with anything? It changed television in the way it was filmed, the way it was written. Regardless of how you feel about the conclusion of the show (how they tied up plots, or didn’t tie up) – the show had people thinking. Not a lot of shows in the past 10 years have done this. Again, not saying this was a smartly written show. I personally thought it was, but evidently you don’t and that’s fine. But regardless of how we feel, there is no denying that the show got people thinking and theorizing (regardless of what the final payoff was). LOST itself was beautifully shot. Out in nature, on an island. The music (Giacchinos orchestral score). I’m giving a very brief answer, but my point is, you can’t deny that LOST really stepped up the game in how Television is viewed and filmed.

          Check your feelings at the door, and you would realize that LOST did have a big impact on TV. Whether one loved or hated it.

          • Anyways, to add my 2 cents to the debate: I was 90% satisfied with LOST when it ended. Front to back, as a story, I loved most of it. I was always in the group of people that cared more about the characters then the mysteries. I understand that one would be skeptical, and argue I’m just saying that to be a fan boi. But it’s simply not true. Even before the final season, when asked to list my favorite moments of LOST, when compiling a list – they were all human moments, and not island moments. Desmond Calling Penny on the Freighter, Charlie writing his Greatest Hits list, Jack giving the Live Together Die Alone speech, Locke realizing he could walk for the first time, The raft sailing in the Season 1 finale. What made LOST for me was this story of redemption, and getting a 2nd chance at fixing something that was flawed or wrong. The journey to finding peace. This IMO, has always been what was most gratifying about the show. And I am in no way underselling the Island and the mysteries. Those were just as important. It’s the backdrop to the show, what allowed these characters to go on that journey. So that is why I was not 100% satisfied and only 90%. While I can honestly say for the majority of the island stuff, I was satisfied, I agree with those that say they could have done more to flesh that out. They could have given more depth to the mysteries, and they chose not to. So that is where my 10% is missing.

            I also feel like, a lot of people just assumed the afterlife was “oh la de da they were dead, and it was heaven – HOW STUPID”. In reality, it really wasn’t. LOST has always been influenced by the 8 fold path to enlightenment and Buddhist Bardos. And it makes sense why the show was so circular, and there so many mirrors in the show (figuratively and physically). I really loved how they handled the afterlife sequence. It wasn’t them being dead, and having to face judgment from a deity. It didn’t feel cartoonized. Instead it felt more like, a continuation of their journey from the island. Another level of them trying to reach that peace they had all been seeking. I thought it was beautifully done, and was a perfect way to end a show that was about finding peace, and finding redemption.

            And yeah, I’m definitely more on the satisfied. I will by no means say LOST was perfect. It clearly was not. There were things I wish they would have clarified more, and given more depth to. But nothing took away from the story, and front to back I loved LOST.

            • Linus…

              I couldn’t agree with you more…

              … also with the favorite moments… all that you listed were mine as well… with some other of course.

              It’s interesting that you touch on how the story was so circular. In the box set of the DVD on the secretly hidden disc, there is an indepth explanation of the ancient Egyptian game that Jacob and MIB played. The explanation includes the rules and the meaning behind it. It’s pretty cool and the game has a very circular method to it… where players may have to continue reliving there destiny and such until they finally get it right and move on/win the game.

            • “What made LOST for me was this story of redemption, and getting a 2nd chance at fixing something that was flawed or wrong. ”

              This is where I have issues. (not with “you” just when people bring this up)

              Here are just 3.

              How was Sun Redeemed?
              How was Sayid redeemed?
              How was Kate redeemed?

              Sun: Murderer and Adultress. Paying blackmailers and threatening murder.

              Sayid: Do I really need to list this guy out?

              Kate: Murder, Marriage under false pretense, Bank Robbery, kidnapping/holding a minor not hers, etc and so forth.

              You can not tell me one or two “good deeds” redeem them. Under any of the “Religons” portrayed in that window.

              As for fixing what was wrong… could you be more specific?

          • Feelings checked…

            So what did it do for TV? Different and New does not mean “better”.

            The numbers mean just that. If people died off in watching it and it didnt do that well overall tells me regardless of the way it was written (poorly ;) ) or shot it didn’t “change” anything.

            Did it bring something new? Not really. Did it shoot/film differently? (Baywatch was filmed outside, kidding Ive never seen Baywatch!) meh.

            Did it make me think? It is still making me think. some of those thoughts would not be allowed here. :D

            With the make me think comment… Ive said this before.. what good is the worlds best roller coaster if the track is not finished and you smash into a brick wall at the end. Kind of ruins the ride….

            You get me and everyone else thinking and then NOT give enough to logically formulate an answer then not give answers you have effectively ruined the great ride that was the show.

            You can only dress up a pig so much… it is still a pig.

    • I disagree. And the millions of fans who pre ordered the complete set coming out this month disagree with you as well. Its ok if you didnt like the show but dont hate on the ones that do. If you didnt get it, thats ok. No biggie.

      • I dont hate on the ones that do. Do you see me hating against Travis? Ive also invited people to partake on a site that we created and I am hosting jsut so we can talk about it.

        I could say there is nothing to “get” for me not to get. Then follow that up with just because someone jumped off a bridge would you?

        So its no biggie for me to discuss wha tI didnt like about the show and how I thought it failed.

  11. This is not from me, but here is a great read:

    This multifaith stained glass window is arguably the iconic image of the Lost finale, if not the whole series. The screenshot is from Jezebel, where Tracie Egan provides a characteristically insightful analysis of the show’s Buddhist themes:

    a component of Tibetan Buddhism, bardos are the different phases the deceased experience between dying and rebirth. It’s a dream-like reality, created by the “awareness” (or a soul) that is freed from the body upon death. Because of the disconnect of the awareness from the physical body, the deceased doesn’t immediately realize that he or she is dead. In the different bardo phases, the “awareness” needs guidance—from different deities, or, you know, guides (hello, Desmond)—to attain enlightenment, i.e., realize that they’re dead. A karmic mirror (remember all those mirrors?) is held up to the deceased so that s/he can reflect and eventually recognize. Once this happens—and it can happen in any of the bardo phases, depending on how much emotional baggage a person has packed for the afterlife—the deceased achieves Nirvana, and can “move on.” Depending on your belief system, this can be heaven, reincarnation, or some kind of simulated reality, like Eloise Hawking for herself and her son.

    • In almost every episode of Season 6, there was a scene in the flash-sideways where a character would look in the mirror, or we would see their reflection. The show itself (on island) – had a lot of scenes that mirrored one another. The episode where Jack puts Hurley in Charge of the Food Drop and has to convince him he can be a leader (just like that of the finale). Jack’s conversation with his father by the poolside where Christian tells Jack his biggest problem is “letting go”. In the pilot jack being injured in his side and having head wound. Locke sharpening his knives on the beach. In the finale Locke stabs in the same spot, and he gets hit with a rock in the head. The show is very circular – and adheres to the idea of DHARMA. I suppose that is why I was so moved by the scene where Jack touches his coffin and comes full circle, remembering his life. It was a very profound moment – and him reaching enlightenment and peace.

      • In the document under: The other 48 days, there is a question stated unanswered that is answered.

        Who did the glass eye found in the Arrow Station belong to? … Um, for a dude that did all this research I’m surprised you missed this. … His name escapes me at the moment but it was the dude manning the Flame Station… remember… the one with the eye patch.

        • True, however…

          The only person on the island known to have lost an eye was Mikhail Bakunin. However, it was later revealed that Mikhail’s right eye was completely scarred over, which presumably precluded him from having use for a glass eye.

          So I believe that is why he left it as “Unanswered”. Which to me, would be a fair assumption. Especially if he was being on the safe side. I’ve been reading through this document, and he did a really great job.

          • Well… I’m currently re-re-re-watching the series… so I’ll keep an “eye” for whom it could possibly belong to other than Mikhail… thanks btw… name was on the tip of my tongue.

    • How do the other religious icons that were part of that window fit in?

      • They represent every religion around the world. The show proposes that all religions are equal in that you all end up in the same place when you die (the good ones). Im not sure thats my belief but I think that is what the show is trying to suggest.

      • All the religions being shown was just supposed to represent that what “comes next”, so to speak, is left up to interpretation – or to the individual. They as creators, didn’t want to pick one religion because not everyone is that ONE religion. The LOSTIES themselves all came from different backgrounds and cultures, and not all of them had the same religious values. But the Bardos is supposed to reflect your life, a continuation of your journey after the physical body dies, so it also allows for all religions (when it’s supposed to reflect you). The afterlife in itself was based in the Buddhist Bardos, not Christianity. But I also think you are taking it too literal. Just because the creators decided to use something like Buddhist Bardos to do the afterlife sequences, doesn’t mean it had to be 100% that down to the tee. They can take liberties, or even put their own spin on if it they chose too.

        • Well thats not entirely true. If I am not mistaken most of those Religions have diffeent views on what happens to the “soul” after death.

          There is not “one” holding area for all. Menaing what Christians believe as opposed to what Budist believe RIGHT after death is not the same thing.

  12. Who did the glass eye in the Arrow belong to?
    Wasnt this “Patchy’s” eye?

    This write up was great and so far I agree with everything I am reading except I think a few more questions got answered just like my above comment. GREAT JOB!