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With ABC’s hit mystery-drama Lost coming to its long-awaited conclusion in May – kicking off with the two-hour season premiere at the start of February – it’s no surprise that there are plans to carry the franchise on long after that. But what I didn’t see coming was any sort of new TV series or a feature film version, simply because Lost writers and exec producers, Damon Lindelof (who’s also the co-creator) and Carlton Cuse, have said that once season 6 ends then it’s over with.

However, you can’t put anything past studios looking to cash in as much as they can on such a lucrative property – it looks like ABC is planning more for Lost within the land of TV and even movies.

The news comes from Variety (special thanks to io9 for pointing us to it), which lets us in on the plans for the continuation of Lost in many different forms. Initially, this will be more comic books, games and novelizations, as well as special edition and re-cut editions of the six seasons. Heck, even a Lost theme park attraction at Disneyland is already being petitioned for (word is it’s actually in the works for real). But further down the line we could be looking at a new TV series and even movies of Lost, which means a new cast and all that – in other words, “Lost: The Next Generation.”

This isn’t just all speculation as Variety quotes ABC marketing exec VP, Mike Benson, on the situation:

“We’ve been talking about this for a couple of years now… We want to keep it alive but make sure we maintain the integrity of the franchise. We’re not about milking this thing for all that it is right now; it’s important to see this live for years to come.”

I’m not sure about that part about them not wanting to milk it. After all, we were promised a definitive end date back in late season 2/early season 3 when Lindelof and Cuse fought hard to acquire it. Now it appears ABC don’t want to let such a money-spinner fade off into the sunset.

Lindelof and Cuse most likely won’t be involved in any way with a continuation of Lost, and they would like their work to stand very much on its own. Lindelof has said - “People deserve an ending, and to promise a continuation of the story in any form in some way negates the finality in some way.” I have to agree with him on that one.

If ABC goes ahead with what they appear to be seriously considering then they’ll have to find new people to take over as the creative force and to me that sets alarm bells off. No one knows Lost like the people who have been involved in it on the creative side for six years, so bringing in someone new could be a big mistake. The only option I can think of there is getting Jack Bender or Stephen Williams (two major recurring directors/exec producers on the show over the years) to step up to the plate and take over. However, I suspect they’ll be of the same mind as Lindelof and Cuse. Benson says that whatever Lost becomes after season six is up in the air at this point, and it depends on whoever comes in next to interpret it.

 Lost: The Next Generation?

Lost... The Last Supper?

However, that’s not to say that ABC wouldn’t love it if Lindelof and Cuse stuck around, as marketing VP, Marla Provencio explains:

“Damon and Carlton laid such groundwork, it’s going to be a challenge for us, and we have to rise to the occasion… We have to find different, creative and innovative ways to keep the fans happy and to keep the franchise healthy.”

“It’s been such an amazing collaboration… Most of the time we were not just creating promos, we were creating content that surrounded the program. It helped define who we are today as TV marketers.”

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lost logo Lost: The Next Generation?

Benson and Provencio would both like the franchise to be handled in the same way as Star Trek, with Benson believing that Lost could very well be a new Star Trek for them. As you’ll probably be aware, Star Trek started as a TV series in the ’60s but has since went on to spawn multiple spin-offs and variations in the land of both TV and movies, which is where I guess they’ve got the “Lost: The Next Generation” line of thinking from.

You can read the rest of the details on the possible Lost continuation here.

As I said up top, it’s entirely understandable that ABC wants to continue with one of their most successful and popular franchise-like TV shows beyond its conclusion in May. It’s just too much of a cash-cow for them not to want to milk it for all its worth – they could continue for literally years to come churning out anything with the Lost label on it and many fans would buy into it.

However, it still remains to be seen whether the show will have the same kind of staying power as Star Trek, as a lot of audiences out there will probably still be tuning in just to see what happens in the end. Variety‘s article draws a valid comparison with The X Files – that was one mega popular show in ’90s, but once it finished people just moved on, evidenced by the failed attempt at reviving its popularity with the second movie, The X Files: I Want To Believe.

There certainly will still be a loyal following for Lost who will buy the peripherals but a lot of folks still just watch the show for what it is – a TV show – and don’t go beyond that. Will they just move on once that final “LOST” thuds onto screen at the end of the last episode of the sixth season?

I’m one of those people who is looking forward to finding out what happens at the end of the Lost storyline that I’ve been following loyally for more than half a decade and am happy to see it come to a conclusion after six seasons (a great number for a drama series in my opinion). I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t be curious to see what sort of spin-off series’ and even movies that ABC comes up with for it, but I would rather they just keep it at these six seasons and just keep the candle burning only as far comics, games and special edition re-releases of the box sets. Like Lindelof said above: any actual narrative continuation kind of takes away from the finale, does it not?

In addition to that, a big selling point for the fans are the characters of Lost who have made it the success it is. It is a character drama and each and every character brings something special to the series and is lovable in their own way, even the villainous characters. A continuation would likely mean we wouldn’t see more of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, etc.

Would you like to see Lost continue on beyond the sixth season? Does keeping it going beyond the set end point take away from the finale and the series as a whole? Do you think Lost can become the next Star Trek?

The two-hour season premiere of Lost‘s sixth and (supposedly) final season airs on February 2nd at 9:00pm, on ABC.

Source: Variety (thanks to io9)

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  1. I wish Lost would just go away. First season was great, everything after was boring nonsense, I cannot grasp why anyone still watches this show!

  2. No!! everything Next Generation sucks to high heaven.

  3. Apart from The Next Generation!!!!

  4. @DrSamBeckett,

    People love it – myself included – because of the compelling mysteries and storylines; the interesting, diverse and even iconic characters; the brilliant acting (Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn being standouts); the twists and turns; the addictiveness to “see what happens next”; the great character development; and host of other great things.

    To each their own but it’s popular for a reason.

  5. Yes! Absolutely! Bring it on! I’ve never understood people opposed to sequels. Even if it was way inferior to the original I’d go for it!

  6. What about the making it up as they go along stories?

  7. @DrSamBeckett,

    Admittedly it did get to that point back in season 2 (but doesn’t EVERY show have an element of that?), but as I said in the article, they acquired a definitive end point and from then on they knew what they were doing. And the BIG picture, the absolute end point, they had set already and it was just HOW they got there that changed according to what they felt was right at the time of doing each point in the show (where they were in developing the characters dictating some thingsetc). The writers have said that there are things from earlier on that will prove they knew the ending way back when e.g. Adam & Eve.

    Lindelof and Cuse explained it as getting to a destination on a map – you may have one route in mind but along the way you may decide to take other roads, stopping to look at the surroundings on the way that you didn’t first intend to concentrate on. But ultimately the destination remains the same.

  8. As a HUGE Lost fan, I hope season 6 is not the last season.

  9. I don’t want anything at all after season 6 if it’s not what Darlton wants (except zombie season of course), and if it happens I’d be more interested in anything new Carlton and Damon might do after Lost. After all, even if Lost is a big mix of characters and genres, the main ingredient I think is the mystery, and if by season 6 we get all of the (most important) answers, what’s next? They could make up new mysteries but why not just start another show for that matter?

    • Are u stipid i love lost and im in my teens. Its mind bending and spectacular in many ways.i like how it goes to the futuer amd past.and it creates an adrenlin rush.sorry for bad spelling i am dislexic. I think there should be a secret dahrama station .lost can never get old

  10. Maybe if it on a timeline that we haven’t see yet I would watch.

  11. I don’t know if I could get into other stories in the lost universe. The characters are SO IMPORTANT, imo. I don’t know if I could care enough about new characters. I have been invested in these characters for like 6 years.

    Besides, aren’t most of the burning questions going to be answered? If they are answered satisfactorily, then I don’t see what there is left to tell story-wise.

  12. This show officially started to suck when they started using the ever popular “time travel” trope.

    This show needs to die,and never be resurrected.

    It had potential to be great,but my personal opinion is that with all the theories floating around on the internet,someone actually got it right and the creators had to rewrite their original idea into something else.

  13. I pray to whateva god their is to finish this god dam series. I got addicted to it for the first 3 seasons, but since then I find it a chore to watch. But, have to keep on watching it cos “I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS”. I often wonder how many other people feel the same.

    I would have never started watching it if I knew how silly and far fetched the storyline would become.

  14. I love it. However it is a story that when the final of this last season airs is over.

    Anything they want to do (games, comics, etc) need to be done now and get it done within the year of the last episode.

    There is another issue with “Hollywood”. Dry milking the cash cow. Get over it, look to something else.

    Ive always wanted/liked stories…. stories have a begining, middle and an end.

  15. strike the iron while it’s still hot

  16. It depends on how it's done. When they introduced Miles, Faraday, Charlotte, and Lapidus it worked great. When they introduced Nikki and Paulo…not so much. I could definitely be persuaded to come back if done well, but if done poorly I'll turn on it faster than an officer of the Black Rock on my prisoners.

  17. It’s over 4 years now…where is this next generation? Still waiting.