‘Lost’ Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

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lost header Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

[Update: We’ve added even more Lost explanations!]

If you’ve visited our Lost series finale review and discussion, you know that opinion is sharply divided over how one of the biggest TV shows of the last decade came to a close.

Some people thought the ending couldn’t have been any sweeter, while others are either frustrated or disappointed with how Lost ultimately wrapped.

However, there are those out there who are currently feeling confused about how Lost came to a close and ‘what it all meant.’ So to help these (snicker) lost souls out, we thought we’d at least try and offer some quick explanations of some of the lingering questions. Hopefully it helps and doesn’t just further confuse.

It must be noted that unlike sites like Lostpedia, I haven’t done years and years of research on this. I’m just a moderate Lost fan who happens to have a good mind for literary analysis. So here goes nothing. And in case you haven’t guessed already:




I don’t know why people are having trouble understanding this, as it is CLEARLY explained in the final minutes of the finale episode by Christian Shephard (Jack’s dad). The original Oceanic 815 plane crash happened. Everything on the Island through seasons 1-6 happened. The “flash sideways” universe introduced in season 6 was a sort of stop-over point between life and afterlife (referred to here as the “purgatory universe”).

Lost The Last Supper image 3 Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Each person in this “purgatory universe” created a reality for themselves based on their lingering issues in life – that which they could not “let go” of. For Jack it was Daddy issues; Kate, the guilt of murder; Sawyer, the quest to find “Sawyer” and be a better man; Sayid, the unrequited love of Nadia; Charlie, looking for something “real” in his hollow life of fame, etc…

Everyone was still attached to their Earthly concerns (we’re getting very Buddhist here, bear with me) – but when they made contact with those people they’d met on the Island, they remembered the journey and growth they had experienced because of the Island, and could finally understand the connections and “purpose” brought into their damaged lives by being there. With that greater understanding of themselves, they were each ready to “leave” or “move on” to the next phase of existence – i.e., the true afterlife.


Some people are convinced the final image during the end credits of the Lost finale was the “clue” to the characters being dead the whole time. OK, let’s think about this: The image appears during the closing credits, after the final appearance of the “LOST” logo. That means that the story had officially ended. Saying that the biggest reveal came while the end credits were rolling is like saying a movie’s climax happens during the end credits. Not bloody likely.

The image of the plane crash (if you look closely) has memorabilia from the Lostie’s time on the beach where they first made camp. Shacks, towels, etc… it was one part nostalgia (remember where it all began?) and also one part commentary on the circular nature of the Island.

Like the Black Rock ship that brought Richard to the Island (“Ab Aeterno“), or the downed plane with the heroin that had Mr. Ecko’s brother’s corpse inside of it (“The 23rd Psalm“), the remains of Oceanic 815 and the evidence of a small community built on the beach are just more monuments of the Island. The next time somebody crashes there, they’ll see that stuff and wonder what the “mystery” behind it is…

Then they’ll whine and complain about how unsatisfying the answer is. (“What? That’s how that mystical guy “Hurley” came to the Island? LAME.”)


lost desmond hume Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

One of the biggest things people seem to be questioning is how Desmond was able to “wake up” from the purgatory universe and how he had the know-how to “wake up” the other Losties. For that answer, you really just have to look back over the history of Desmond.

Desmond (specifically through his connection to Penny Widmore) is a sort of “constant” in the show. No matter what happens, when, or where, Desmond seems somehow immune to the Island’s energy (which has electromagnetic properties) and has a sort of awareness that can transcend space and time (his consciousness shifts seen in episodes like “The Constant“). These “shifts” and Widmore’s explanation that Desmond is special because of his resistance to the Island’s energies, imply that Desmond would even be able to “shift” his consciousness back and forth between this universe and the purgatory one, catalyzed by Widmore’s team placing him in that huge electromagnetic machine in the season six episode, “Happily Ever After“.

So, it does stand to reason (at least Lost reasoning) that Desmond – after having his consciousness “shifted” to the purgatory reality – would “wake up” after encountering HIS constant, Penny. It’s another fast and loose metaphysical explanation, but one that (for me) still works within the framework of the show.


Lost Top 25 Moments Jacob and Man in Black conversation Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Over the course of the show people have wondered about the mythology of the Island – where it came from, what it is and what are the “rules” that govern it and its mystical protectors? Admittedly, this is an area where the showrunners played things fast and loose, hoping that the momentum of the characters’ story arcs and the whole “good vs. evil” showdown would be enough to appease most fans. Alas, not so.

Season six of Lost did a great deal to semi-explain what the island was – a sort of container for a very important energy that seemingly links this world with worlds beyond… or something. That energy is represented by light and water, and if that light goes out and the water stops flowing, the world is basically screwed. Everything magical or fantastic about the Island stems from this energy, and many of the technological oddities found on the Island (the Swan Station from season 2) are a result of the Dharma Initiative trying to harness and control that energy (i.e., man trying to bend magic and mysticism to the will of modern science).

lost dharma initiative stations 570x532 Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

However, there are some things that were definitely left unexplained: Why did the Man In Black become a smoke monster when he was exposed to the light (was it a manifestation of his corrupted soul)?; What is the nature of the “rules” that governed certain aspects of the Island – who could come and go, who could kill who, who was healed from injury (Locke, Rose), who lived forever (Richard). How were these rules established and maintained?

The Jacob/MIB origin episode, “Across The Sea”, attempted to fill in that aspect of the Island mythology, but what we came away with were a lot of vague pseudo-explanations. The protector of the Island basically makes up the rules and once those rules are established they are set until somebody (a new protector?) changes them. This is the reason why the MIB was obsessed with “finding a loophole” in order to kill Jacob; it’s also why Jack was ultimately able to kill the MIB. Smokey was connected to the energy source, and when Jack had Desmond “turn off” that energy, Smokey lost his powers and was merely flesh and blood again.

lost smoke monster cerberus esau Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Makes sense…doesn’t it?


One of the earliest sub-plots of the Lost mythos was the notion that pregnant women died on the Island before they could successfully give birth. This was especially important during season one, back when Claire was pregnant with Aaron and got kidnapped and experimented on by Ethan, a memeber of The Others (“Raised by Another” & “Homecoming“). Of course we now know that Ethan was likely working with baby-doctor Juliet to help Claire – that is before Charlie killed Ethan (oops!) – and that Aaron was likely born on the Island without incident because Claire was already far enough along in her pregnancy before coming to the Island (just like Jacob and the Man In Black’s mother).

However, the pregnancy issue popped up again in season 3 when Sun learned that she was pregnant (“The Glass Ballerina” & “D.O.C.” ) and was a the prominent focus of Juliet’s flashback arch (“One of Us“). So whatever happened to the mystery of the baby mama drama?

lost Sun Juliet Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Simple answer? Story developments made the issue a moot point in later seasons. Aaron was born fine, Sun eventually gave birth OFF the Island and Juliet died, even after she had no more pregnant patients to tend to. So really, when you think about it, there was no more of this story left to tell.

But does that excuse the fact that we never found out why pregnant women were dying on the Island? It might be bugging you, but I’m chalking this one up to being another random “rule of the Island.” Or maybe electromagnetic mystical lights just aren’t good for fetuses. Either way.


lost the statue Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

This is one Lost mystery I don’t really need answered. Who built the statue, why they built it and what did represent are all things you can probably find out with some historical research on ancient cultures. People who have done the research claim the statue represents a goddess or fertility or something along those lines, linking the broken statue with the Island’s baby mama drama. Personally, I can neither confirm or deny the historical relevance of the statue -  if you’re curious, you should do the research.

As for the relevance of the statue to the Lost mythos: to me was evidence that the Island had been around for a long, long, time, and that people had been coming to it throughout history. So basically, it was a way to let viewers know, “This place plays a pivotal role in mankind’s existence.

I’m not trying to look much deeper than that.

Continue to Lost contradictions and missing characters…

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  1. Searcher, that’s the point… The show does speak for itself, I never needed any further information. I understood everything the brilliant writers put forth. It’s people that (for whatever reason) didn’t catch on that need the extra help. Damon says it himself, he thought they did a pretty clear job explaining what happened… Without treating us like we’re idiots that need to be spoon fed everything… Of course.

    • Since everything is so clear for you..
      I would like to hear your thoughts to my questions..

      - How did the losties who got stuck in the seventies managed to get back to the right time..? (the bomb did not explode/ so was it the dead of Jacob? Or the drilling by Dharma? or what?)

      - Why is MIB stuck in Locke’s body in season 6? (Illana says he cant appear as other dead guys anymore)

      • Henry… if that is in fact your real name. :) LOL… I might have to go dig under a parachute to find the truth.

        The Smoke Monster being stuck as Locke was a direct reaction to his choice to have Jacob killed. The Smoke Monster found a loop hole but it came with a consequence… he knew their would be sacrifices and it was a reaction to his action that he’d have to deal with, much like Jacob had to deal with the mistake he made creating the smoke monster. Plus… it was a convenient reason for being to keep Locke around. It’s much more powerful from a story perspective for us to watch Locke run a muck than it would be watching MIB. Not that it matters for your question… but it’s important to remember that MIB (Jacob’s Brother) is not actually the Smoke Monster… or better put… he is no longer Jacob’s brother, but something else completely. The Smoke Monster was just using his body as as a vessel. The way he/it did countless others. When Jacob threw his brother into the light, a portion of the evil that the island keeps at bay was released. This evil can inhabit the bodies of the dead and infect the hearts of the living. This evil wants nothing more than to spread. Which is why he wants to escape the island so badly. It was a reaction to the action Jacob made that became something Jacob had to deal with.

        As for the time travel. It was always the release of the islands energy that allowed the travel to be possible. It was the whole reason they were skipping around when the wheel at the orchid station was off kilter. The drilling that caused the release at the swan station was enabled them to transport back to the future.

        • Travis-But just where into the future did they transport to was it back to the same time and space they started out in, the same time and space where Desmond turned the fail safe key and destroyed the swan hatch I do remember Juliet being at the bottom of the shaft in the alternate timeline they created in the 70’s so just maybe they transported to the future on this alt timeline that would make since seeing that she is still in the shaft and that sun is running around with a picture of them in the darma from that same alt timeline and Richard said he knows them from that alt timeline, you can get a look at the imploded hatch in season 5 because you left , then look at the construction site and shaft in season 6 the incident ep 1 after they went to the future two totally different things , you can’t erase the hatch what happened happened , this can only happen on an alternate, they set out to destroy the hatch and that is what they did , destroying the hatch will not prevent them from crashing on the island , that was Jacob’s doing , no need in getting into that wright now , just would like to hear your theories on where they went , the darma picture , what Richard said . And way there is no swan hatch.

    • Travis- it’s nice to see that maybe we can talk man to man after all, one thing we do have in common is defending the writers and that’s a big reason that after almost 3 years I started commenting was in there defense but it’s not the only reason, I see lost differently and even to defend them there will be some of those what the he*l moments, up until now all I have ever done is read every and anything that I come across searching ( not Pennies boat ) for ppl that seen things as I did , and I have tried hard to convince myself that the end is purgatory , the problem is that ( in just my opinion ) I picked up on a lot of thing that ppl overlooked , and it’s those d*m sneaky writers , and when I say a lot I mean a lot and the kicker is that none of it points to purgatory , so all I can do is stay with what I seen to start with , I am 50 years old when lost aired my kids where teenagers and had better things to do my wife watches very little TV so I watched it alone never talked with ppl about it and didn’t even know what a blog was till my son showed me a week or so after the end , when I grew up and you watched a mystery you had better stayed toned in because our internet was called reses or lunch hour , have I ever wondered if it’s possible that my views cant be correct against so many others dang rite , but the older you get the less things will surprise you , I just have to stay with what I see until someone gives me a reason , and ( just thinking out lowed its possible lost may be a victim of the internet ) and or it could just be me losing my d*m mind , regardless I am here to just talk about it as adults that’s it , in the beginning I busted off a lot of my thoughts and that’s all I could do so that ppl like you would see where I stand , or it would just be a one sided conversation , there is over 4000 comments on this site alone when I come across a site it doesn’t take long to see where their heads are , and all sites are pretty well all the same , and they all have the same questions , a few of the most popular are why is Walt special and the Clair/Aaron plot and the writers always get the blame , it just so happens this is the site I was on when I couldn’t take it anymore , now to avoid reading 4000 comments and to see that not even sambo had an answer I have to assume the answer is not here and that the writers hadn’t given out that secret or it wasn’t in a book because sambo or Travis would know . But the answer was confused writer’s, (not from you Travis other ppl ) the first thing I talked about was the Clair/Aaron plot and I may have been letting my temper get the best of me and there is more that ties into the plot that I did not write about, so I am going to write on that subject again and toward the end I will give another answer to a question some ppl ask and you can see how it ties rite in but doesn’t point to purgatory , and I’m sure that you have most likely answer this in the past, most of the well not most any time I have seen someone try and answer it, it was like they were having to make up a story to fit in a story , and it’s not even that big a deal just one of those little clues ppl turn into a question , Malkin told Clair she must raise the child , Clair did not she abandoned Aaron , and as a result she was claimed by mib , now Kate has him , Desmond vision of Clair and Aaron getting on the chopper is not going to happen now , instead it will be Jack and Kate , this was what Jacob was trying to avoid , Clair, Sayid, and Hurley had never been touched by Jacob so at this time they are not true candidates , now you know which Kwon it was , but since Clair messed up two true candidates are going to get away now plain A is shot time for plan B we don’t know what plan A was but it didn’t include Jack and Kate leaving Widmore was right on time but now he is 3 years early so the frater must go , when Jacob goes back to touch Hurley and Sayid his timing for Sayid is so perfect it appears that one of widmore’s ppl ran over Nadia , this gives Sayid the motivation to kill widmore’s ppl thus creating the 3 year delay for Widmore , I now most ppl think Ben was having him do it because of his hatred for Widmore ( the Alex deal ) but it’s all setup by Jacob to delay Widmore’s arrival to the Island because Clair messed up , now one of questions some ppl ask is why was Sayid with Shannon instead of Nadia , Nadia was killed in the here now and had no ties to the island so for her dead is dead, she can exist in the alternate timeline because she is part of Sayid’s life but when the lamp post puts them back to their place in time Nadia will not be there ( dang I hope I got her name write ) now the Clair/Aaron thing should have been figured out by any lost fan , but it was not and it is just one of many , now do you understand why I am having a problem with just saying purgatory yeah works for me . And maybe I am off on the whole Clair/Aaron plot so if someone has something to offer please do so . I believe the writers would love to see the day they can cut loose and all there intensions have been solved . But first maybe we should all take a step back and make sure we are on the rite path .

      • Sorry to burst all your bubbles but they all died in the plane crash, ya know the one that started the show? I think it was episode 3 season 1 right after the bounty hunter that brought Kate on the plane died, jack & Kate sat on the beach and jack says to Kate, “we all died in when that plane crashed.” It was supposed to make you think that was meant metaphorically, but really it was true. So all the magic and craziness that was that island, was really when they all started coming to terms with who they were in life, and started working towards moving on. If you watch the series again under that assumption, it all makes sense. The problem is the writers may not even meant to go that way but in the end, that’s how they went.

      • Sorry to burst all your bubbles but they all died in the plane crash, ya know the one that started the show? I think it was episode 3 season 1 right after the bounty hunter that brought Kate on the plane died, jack & Kate sat on the beach and jack says to Kate, “it doesn’t matter who we were before the crash. Three days ago we all died.” It was supposed to make you think that was meant metaphorically, but really it was true. So all the magic and craziness that was that island, was really when they all started coming to terms with who they were in life, and started working towards moving on. If you watch the series again under that assumption, it all makes sense. The problem is the writers may not even meant to go that way but in the end, that’s how they went.

        • That makes no sense and everything after season 3 completely discredits it.

  2. I was wondering, those flaming arrows that started raining down on the beach camp- everyone started running. (Juliet tried to put a dead guy on fire out with sand), and yes a lot of them died. But there were a few survivors who got away. Bernard and Rose obviously split off and made their own home. But what happened to the final few crash survivors?

    If the plane made it off the island in season 6, how did Kate and Claire die. Also, what happened to Miles, Richard and the pilot?

    • Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Richard and the pilot left the island with the Ajira Flight and they lived their lives in the ‘real world’ until they died..

  3. How did they get off???????

  4. Very disappointed by the ending. I just watched all six seasons straight through. I really wasn’t expecting more religious propaganda crap. Could the ending have possibly been any more cliche? And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thought the storyline (if it can even be called a “line”) was absolutely ridiculous. Horrible writing. I will give them credit for character development though. They did a great job in that department.

  5. Why was Micheal not present at the finale? hopefully he went to hell for killing those 2 chicks :P

    • Michael was stuck kn the island with the other whispers remember when hurley tlked to him thats what dead Michael told hurley

  6. I watched LOST on Netflix in a period of 2-3 weeks. (yes I watched it for 10-15 hours a day sometimes.) A little obcessive, but I LOVE television. And, I loved this show. I thought it was one of the best shows I have ever watched, and that says alot because I am 50 years old and have watched ALOT of TV. I guess I am sort of a a TVaholic. Well, anyway ,back to my critique of the show and the ending. Like I said, I loved the show, the characters were very well developed, the storyline was fascinating to me and I could not wait until the next episode, (even though I only had to press a button to see the next). Of course the show was full of mythical characters, time travel, mystical forces, and paradoxes. It was supposed to be filled with questions along the way and at the end. That was the point. I think the ending was for each of us to find out our own meaning. Because the show was not about the people of the crash getting home, it was about LIFE and the different fates that people might have, depending on choices made or events occuring. No matter what “reality” the show was trying to convey to us, one thing was constant, the people of the island all met in alternate lives no matter what events happened, or what choices were made. Then there was the struggle between good and evil, Jacob and his brother the smoke monster. This part was cliche for me, it was too simple for this series, for it just to be about good and evil, the show went way beyond that. It was there because good and evil is in everything. I think the ending was showing that they were all dead from the crash, like others have said, and that they ended up in an alternate state, whether it be limbo, or purgatory, or whatever. And when people “died” on the island, they just finally went to the place they were supposed to, sort of like, heaven or hell, so to speak. The show was so interesing and enteraining for me, that the ending really did not matter. I enjoyed the show regardless of the questions. My theory does not answer everything, not by a long shot, but, I think the audience missed the point. Everyone needs to come up with what the meaning meant to them. And as for the missing characters, that did not show up in the end, that too is left up to YOUR interpretation. So, basically, what I am saying, is that no matter how much you think about this show, there wlll always be questions unanswered, as there is in real life. Not everything is wrapped up in a neat little package, you have to work hard to get answers in real life, and some things just can not be explained. I have suffered through many painful deaths in my life and I do not have any answers as to these deaths, especially since 4 of them were under the age of 30 years old and as young as 14. I will never understand why they were taken from me. Sometimes I think that if they had made differnt choices or their parents had done things differently, they would not have died, but I will never really know. So, forget about what happened in the end, and rememeber and enjoy the show as the way it was, a show about a mysterious island the the forces that controlled it and the people on it. Also, enjoy the characters. Some of the characters will stay with me for the rest of my life and the storylines too. I hope that I made some sense here, but that is how I choose to see it. It was a show that I immensly enjoyed, even though I did not spend years watching it. And I am not going to ruin it with questions that can not be answered.

    • They were not dead from the crash. Everything on the island happened. You can have your opinion, but even the makers of the show said it on multiple occasions. If you like I can show you interviews.

      • I felt very philosopical that day, sorry. I am open to any and all versions of what really happened at the end. I do, however, still think that the show was more of a metaphore for life than anything else. But, please send me the information on the interviews, I would be very interested in anything to do with the show, because I loved it so much.

  7. I loved the show, which I just finished over the course of a month, but would feel more at ease if I understood the writers’ intent over the ending. While the “purgatory” theory would be a neat way to wrap everything up, there are a few key facts that trouble me and require analysis that I may have missed elsewhere.

    When the bomb explodes in the 70′s, this was done specifically so the flight 815 would never have crashed – so said Daniel, the expert. When Juliette dies, and her spirit soon thereafter tells Miles “it worked”, this clearly means that an alternate universe was created where flight 815 never crashed. The lives we then see (prior to the church setting in the final episode) must therefore be taken as alternate lives, not purgatory. We see the plane land, and there is no indication they have died, but that they now have slightly different lives.

    The idea that they all needed to return to the island, as candidates to replace Jacob to stop un-Locke from escaping, has nothing to do with purgatory, it fits the larger theme of good vs evil and that the island was a prison for this evil.

    At the risk of losing my thread here, if the ending is meant to show that the characters have ended up in purgatory, then when exactly did they die? We see what appears to be simultaneous “existences” of various characters on both the island and back in the “real” or “alternate” world. In fact, up to the very end, we see island-Jack still alive during alternate-Jack’s active conversation with his dead father. And if Kate and Sawyer escape on the plane at the end, then how can they simultaneously be dead in purgatory?

    The only answer to resolve this would be that they were already dead from the original plane crash, but I don’t think that’s the case, for many of the reasons mentioned on this blog – there was a crash, and what happened on the island happened. So there is my dilemma. The plane crash happened, and it also didn’t happen – they survived the crash, yet at the end they’re all dead at the church. I cannot make sense of it.

    Adding to this, how are Hurley and Ben at the church, yet still working for the island? That seems to support the idea of alternate universes rather than purgatory.

    So for me, the only answer that seems to fit is that the bomb caused two timelines and two universes – one where they crashed (and possibly died), and one where they all lived alternate lives. The fact that the alternates came to learn of the plane-crash timeline lives made sense to me, and I was moved by their “rebirths” and reunions, but I cannot resolve the transition from a “merged consciousness” of the characters back in the real world, to them all being dead at the end.

    What am I missing?

    • Edmond – I have never been a believer in the purgatory stuff myself but that’s just me, if it was purgatory I would be ok with it but I cannot find the smoking gun that says it is, instead I can find a lot of things that suggest it is an alternate timeline, there are way too many things happening in just this sideways alone that don’t add up to purgatory, if there all dead then why has ben and his dad been to the Island , why is jacks tattoos different , if Juliet removed jacks appendix on the Island then why did he have them removed at age 7 or 8 , why does a dead man need his appendix removed , why is sayid going to heaven after killing all those ppl in purgatory is murder not kind of the opposite of what purgatory is about , why does Faraday tell Desmond he doesn’t think they are living the life they are suppose too , when Eloise ask Desmond are you taking my son with you Desmond says no not with me , I thought they were all going to heaven , somebody might want to tell Faraday he should go outside and set with ben , I could go on and on but it would be useless , you said you have read though some of this blog have you read thread 55 it contains a lot of stuff for purgatory and against purgatory you may find some useful things there , if you have not read it then take 3 aspirin in advance and check back in latter .

  8. The concept of the purgatory story becomes feasible when you realize that there is no concept of time in the after life(in this story line). Everyone is already in the afterlife whether or not they died before or after someone else. You don’t wait in the afterlife for someone because everyone will be there.

    • Casey – how do you determine if it is the afterlife or an alternate life the overall evidence points to alternate?

  9. Searcher,

    It was the afterlife. Damon says it himself. Also, all you have to do is watch and it’s right there, all the evidence you need because its WHAT HAPPENED. The “alternate” idea was put in place to surprise us at the end. The writers wanted us to think it was an alternate reality. They wrote it that way so that when it was revealed that it was purgatory, we’d be surprised. They obviously did a good job… In your case too good. They wanted us to think the bomb caused an alternate timeline… But it’s revealed to us in the end that the bomb did nothing. The island being sunk was actually a metaphor for the island being buried in their dormant memory of their real life. There is no alternate timeline. Damon says it himself (needlessly) because if you simply watch and pay attention it’s all there.

    • Travis – where does Damon say this maybe this is what I need to see

  10. Where in the end is it revealed to us that the bomb did nothing?

  11. They were not in an alternate timeline. Juliet was mumbling the same thing she said to Sawyer at the vending machine when he unplugged it. What worked was them getting back to the current year and not stuck in the 70s. All the old people on the island had experienced what happened in their past. John Locke came to Richard in the past before he was born. That is why Richard had been watching him grow and trying to get him back to the island. The old lady Eloise knew she would kill her son because Daniel said to her when he was dying, “you knew all along.” Whitmore knew John Locke before John knew him because he met him on the island when he was a young lad. Daniel said everything on the island happened. What we saw after the back stories was purgatory. Claire had the baby again and was in the church because Eko had baptised them together on the island and she wanted to go to heaven with her baby.

    • Constance – I now all that butt loads of time travel for sure, and yes it did get them back to the current year going forward but do you realize that when the Island stopped moving in the 70’s and they interfered that that created an alternate timeline because you can’t change the past what happened happened, sun was sent to 2007 on this alternate timeline as a constant so they would have a place to travel to the fact that sun had a picture of them from 1977 and Richard said he knew them from that time should tell you this is the same alternate timeline , after the bomb goes off and they transport to where sun is there is no hatch only a shaft and construction site , all this means is that everything they did defeating mib and all happened on an alternate time line , does not count they were learning what to do without Jacob having to tell them , Jacob has been trying to do this for 100 or 1000’s of year this will be the first time it is successful , and they don’t even get it right the first time there is a seen where Sawyer flashes into an alternate timeline that we never see develop .

  12. In the season six premier, Why was the island buried, if the whole point of the purgatory life was to “let go” of things they couldn’t let go?

  13. Jon, it was a metaphor. Something often used I writing… Um… Just about everything. In the flash sideways they don’t remember the island… Thus it is buried in their mind as it is buried under the sea.

  14. Also… The island being buried was another clever way for the writers to trick us into thinking that what we were watching was an alternate reality caused by the bomb. When in fact it was not. It was a red herring.

    • Travis – if they were to destroy the Island in this alternate timeline they created in 1974 and moved backward in time to a place where the Island had never existed then they would have no memory of the Island and this would also be a place they created just like Christian said. ?

      • @Searcher
        Did you not see them when they had flash memories of THE ISLAND and how they connected with each other? What you are saying would remove the scenes from the show. It would make what Christian said pointless. That is exactly what shows us they are in an afterlife and not an alternate timeline. You are ignoring these facts to fit your theory.

        How could we have invested so much in the characters over the years and getting to know them with all of their shortcomings. Even in the sideways after the plane landed they were all still trying to find their way. Kate was running, so no Jacob, no island doesn’t negate she was wanted for murder.

  15. There were no alternate timelines. Period. Searcher I have no idea why you’re so fixated on that. I’ve been on this thread for 4 years and never once has anyone boggled my mind as thoroughly as you have with your “out of left field” views. I wonder if we are even watching the same show. I appreciate your opinion and your theories but the facts are facts.

    • So you think that in 1974 they simply just changed all those darma ppl lives that they had contact with, and that whatever happened happened and you can’t change the past is all just a bunch of bs .

  16. Searcher… Yes, they created it together but, no it was not an alternate time line… Because they were all dead in the place they created together. And “a place you created together is very vague” this is a place that exists for all that can make it there or for all that are ready to let go and move on. The portions they created are the portions they can… So it’s not just their specific “holding cell” or “purgatory” but they do have specific portions they created themselves. As Damon explains in his interview, everything that happened seasons 1-5 (and of course portions of 6) “happened” … The flash sideways moments we see in season 6 (what you claim to be an alternate timeline) was whatever we perceive to be what happens to us after we die. AFTER Jack closes his eyes. He doesn’t call it purgatory in the interview, he specifically avoids it because he doesn’t want to label it. But make no mistake, it is the “afterlife” or what precedes it or whatever “life” is that follows… Not an alternate timeline. Christian explains that “there is no time here” so we can’t bind the explanations of “when” the flash sideways happens as it pertains to when characters die with our natural understanding of how time works.

    • Travis:

      I appreciate the dedication you’ve made to helping explain the “Alternate Timeline (AT)” vs “Purgatory (P)” debate. I believe I understand your point now, having read your responses and thought back on the show, and watched Damon’s interview. However, there are a few points I still need to have ironed out so I, too, can move on – if you have the patience for it. :)

      Let me say that I really enjoyed the show, but I need closure on some of these final points.

      One thing that makes this confusing, I think, is that when we see the bomb go off, Juliette’s spirit tells Miles “it worked”, which referred to Daniel’s plan to create an (AT) where flight 815 never crashed. If what happened to Miles on the island was real, and he could really listen to the dead, then Juliette’s spirit (who was really dead) saying “it worked” would seem to indicate that Juliette would really had to have died and known that she was dead in order to communicate as a dead spirit with Miles. If Juliette dies and goes to (P) because she doesn’t realize she is dead, then how does she communicate this to Miles? This still confuses me, though maybe it’s a minor point.

      Looking back from the perspective that there is NO (AT), the other aspect that still confuses me is the chronology: we don’t begin to see (P) until after the bomb explodes. I believe we first see (P) at the point that flight 815 lands safely, which would be part of the writers’ red herring tactics. The fact that Desmond is on the flight with Jack DOES indicate something is amiss, but if Jack doesn’t remember the island, I’m not sure how his version of (P) could include people he didn’t remember.

      Using Jack as an example, however, this would mean that when we see Jack die on the island at the series finale, which was his real death, that would be the moment that his spirit manifested in (P), which would be when he (thinks he) was on the flight 815 that landed safely. So this was all very deceptive and rather unfair to the viewers who were trying to figure this out, because when you see events happen in a certain order, you have a reasonable basis to expect they are actually happening in that order, but it’s not the case with LOST, is it?

      If I’m following this, you’re saying that all the people shown at the church in the finale had died “at some time or other,” because time doesn’t matter in the afterlife. If that’s true, I don’t know how we were supposed to figure that out in advance. Anyway, what makes this especially hard to accept as (P) is that during the finale, we see people at the church (i.e. Hurley, Ben, Kate, Sawyer and Miles) who were still alive in the real world – Hurley and Ben were still on the island, Kate and Miles and Sawyer had escaped the island alive with Lapidus.

      So while I can see now that there IS ample evidence to make clear that the end WAS meant to be (P) and not an (AT) – with the absence of Jack’s son and Desmond running Locke down to get him to “let go” being the best examples – I personally am somewhat annoyed with that as an ending because it was presented entirely out of order from the events on the real island, and that seems to be the biggest reason many people have a hard time understanding or accepting that there was no actual (AT) – only a sideways (P).

      In other words, since we never see everyone die, it’s hard to accept that everyone is dead in (P) at the same time, and the fact that they’re all together at the church implies that they all died together already, which is why some people theorize that everyone died in the original crash.

      I think the writers were overall very clever, and I give them credit for trying to come up with a novel ending to the series that wrapped everything up. However, I now feel it would have been clearer and more satisfying if the church was filled only with people who we knew died in the real world, rather than showing people in (P) who were actually still alive in terms of the viewers’ experience with the story. That’s why the (AT) theory still plagues people, because it accounts for the idea that some people are still alive. As viewers, we had no basis for the concept that “time doesn’t matter” and that everyone could be in (P) at the same time regardless of when we saw them die.

  17. There was no alternate time line because:
    a) Sawyer was never a cop
    b) Jack never had a son
    c) Juliet would have still been on the island because she never was on flight 815.

    I can continue, there are a lot of things that happened in purgatory that did not coincide with an alternate timeline. If there was an alternate timeline then we would have seen things happen in the course of three years like we did when the Oceanic 6 came back. When Jack came back from Australia, he was talking to his son about the grandpa dying. When did Jack have a kid or marry Juliet since she was still on the island? When Sawyer got back he was a cop. How did that happen and he was a con man? Jin and Sun were not married in this “alternate” timeline. Rose should have died of cancer and not be a human resource person for Hurley’s company. So tell me if the plane never crashed why wouldn’t we see their lives continue from what we discovered about them?

    The answer is they were in purgatory.

  18. Every single thing written for the flash sideways was written to make us believe that’s what happened in order to surprise us in the finale. Locke tells Jack that he has no son… Because Locke has “come to” and remembers. Jack created that in his own mind because of his daddy issues. It was just a simple plot point devised to make us think the bomb created something different. The writers did a great job… Cause until the finale I too thought that the bomb had created some other timeline. However, we are supposed to realize that that’s not the case in the finale when we discover that all the flash sideways moments were actually happening after everyone eventually dies.

  19. @Travis exactly!

    And another clue was the fact that Helen and John broke up before he went to Australia. John created her in his mind as well as his father and the whole story about the flying lessons and how he blamed himself for what happened to his dad and he was punishing himself so he didn’t want Jack to fix him.

    Desmond and Whitmore being his favorite employee, c’mon that was funny. Whitmore hated Desmond way before the crash and he wasn’t even on the plane as a matter of fact.

    If the bomb prevented the plane from crashing we would have seen their lives continue, and not be in some cases altogether different.

    • Those changes you see are what would happen in an alternate that’s why it is an alternate this is not there hear now life , in 1974 they went sideways dropped the bomb went forward and back , Jacob has been manipulating them since children but now he is out of the picture so there lives should be different the bomb did not prevent the plane from crashing in the hear now timeline only the alternate

  20. Searcher… You just said it yourself… You’re talking absolute nonsense friend. I understand what you’re saying and it’s a neat idea, but the truth of the matter is that is not what happened. For the last time, there is no alternate timeline… Damon explains what the flash sideways is in the interview posted on here multiple times. He states that everything we see in the flash sideways happens AFTER their DEATHS… Specifically after Jack closes his eye. I can’t believe I’m even still trying to rationalize this with you!!! Your scenario doesn’t make any sense!!!! We KNOW they are dead in the flash side ways!!! So it can’t f’n be an alternate timeline… It’s the same existence because they end up remembering the truth and THEY are dead!!!!! It’s the end of the life that was not another life all together.

    • If at one time you thought the bomb created some other timeline what changed your mind?

      • Searcher… The finale changed my mind. Or better yet not changed my mind but revealed the truth. All I did was watch it. It’s when we as viewers realize that they aren’t actually in another timeline but that they have all eventually died and the entire season 6 flash sideways has been a sort of holding cell existence for them to find each other, let go, and move on. I would suggest watching the entire series again. It’s quite the experience and its amazing the things that you pick up on the second time around. Damon says everything that happens in the flash sideways happens after Jack closes his eye… So that’s pretty much that. “There is no time here.”

  21. Furthermore, let’s say the bomb did create an alternate timeline, you’re saying that it would have changed their entire lives… Which is incorrect because as we see… The island still was inhabited by Dharma so that means Jacob was their and still meddling in the Losties lives the same as he had been. The only differences would have been from that point forward. Jacob would still have done the things he did. The Losties lives wouldn’t have changed. The island wouldn’t have sunk until they sunk it… Which means they would have still had to go to the island because they are the ones that sunk it!!! There is no way the bomb creates an alternate timeline. It’s nonsense and it did not happen.

    • No you are misunderstanding me, I am blogged out for now catch you tomorrow if we can find time

  22. @searcher I don’t understand…
    What does Jacob have to do with their lives? Are you suggesting Jacob cause Sun and Jin to marry and Jin to work for Sun’s horrible father. Sun have an affair with her friend who went to university in the USA?

    Jacob gave Rose cancer so she and Bernard could travel to meet the healer?

    Jacob caused Jack to marry and eventually divorce the woman he fixed. But had he not interfered Jack would marry and divorce Juliet not to mentioned have a son with her and she leave her sister in Florida. Oh yeah Jacob gave her sister cancer too and caused her parents to divorce.

    The scenes where Jacob met some of them when they were children showed how they were ordinary people lost like him, as he stated. They were unhappy, miserable people. Richard’s back story explained this, why Jacob brought those like him to the island. Jack had a cruel and unloving father. Kate had an abusive piss drunk father. Sawyer father killed his mother. Hurley father ran away when he was 10. Sayid father was stern and unloving. John grew up in a foster home. We all know what kind of father he had. It showed they grew up with some troubles in their personal lives and they blamed themselves for their issues. Those problems had nothing to do with Jacob. So what we discovered about their past was what their lived turned into as adults. If the plane didn’t crash and the bomb prevented that, why would it change their entire lives. Jacob was not responsible for what happened to them. He only watched them and figured they would make good candidates to dis-prove what MIB said about people, even when they are depressed and seem like at their worst.

    They discovered in the afterlife the time on the island was the best time and how they needed each other. John and Rose were the only two who knew the island gave them a second chance. Because one was literally dying and the other been through the most tragic events.

    • Constance – I am talking about how the smallest thing in life can make such a big effect, if Jacob had not given Sawyer that pen would he of wrought that letter, if Jacob had not baled Kate out from stilling that lunch box what would her parent of done, the numbers for Hurley, if jack had not been so upset about the Island he would not of been standing on the edge of that bridge and caused that car accident Sayid’s girlfriend getting run over …. Look I love the show and I understand why these thing had to happen I don’t blame Jacob for anything he does because some ppl call him cruel I understand what his agenda is and I say do what you got to do, you are referring to a lot of things that happened in the original hear now time that is not the time I was referring to I was referring to the sideways only. I know that everything that happened on the Island from the time they crashed to the end all happened and to this day the imploded hatch is still there just like they left it, what I am trying to say is that in 1974 when the Island stopped going thought time Sawyer, Miles, Juliet and Faraday come up on two others that had just killed Paul and where harassing Amy, Miles ask Faraday we don’t get involved wright Faraday said it don’t matter what we do whatever happened happened , the moment they stepped in an Alternate timeline was created , you can’t change the past , on the original 1974 timeline the darma ppl will continue as normal go on to drill the shaft have an incident that has nothing to do whit the bomb build the hatch that the losties discover in 2004, this timeline has no knowledge of the alternate and the alternate has no knowledge of them two different places in time , that’s why young ben does not no Sayid when they meet in 2004 ( and I think Sayid was captured by Mikhail in the 74 sideways but they dint know each other in 2004 ) lost does not give you a smoking gun on things that are important , and I like that , Faraday said you can only move forward and backward in time like on a string he stops short of saying sideways because he is not sure what happens if you interfere that’s why we have to use the clues they provide us , and since these ppl meet in 77 and don’t know each other in 2004 I would say they are on two different timelines , now keep in mind all of this is being orchestrated by Jacob Jake’s crew does not land in 1977 on pot luck and sun doesn’t land on this same timeline in 2007 on luck , the darma picture of them in 1977 and the things Richard say’s is the clue’s that sun is on the same timeline Faraday said to travel forward you need a constant , when they drop the bomb and move forward to 2007 all we have is the swan shaft , the 2004 hear now timeline has a hatch what ever happened happened you can’t just erase the hatch , this means they are still on the 1974 sideway time line they created Jacob said he doesn’t want to tell ppl what to do so hear they will learn what to do to defeat mib , when it’s all said and done they learn that all they need to do is pull the plug wait a few minutes and put it back in ,a reboot , to separate mib and Smokey Desmond is the man for this job and he said I am leaving and we know he is not going to the same place as Faraday , but first he has to get back to the hear now original timeline at least he is at the wright place for that the lamp post .

  23. Searcher,

    We get it, it was a neat idea and most of us were thinking the exact same thing prior to finding out the truth in the finale, but it is absurd to think that now. Let’s just say that there flash sideways lives were what their lives would have been had the island never existed, that still doesnt make it an alternate timeline. The simple fact is that when season six begins we are watching the afterlife in every scene that occurs in the flash sideways. They have all passed on. Tell me this, if it’s an alternate timeline then when in that timeline do they die?!!!!!! Jack realizes he’s dead as do all the others so when does that happen in that timeline? I mean OMG just stop it already. There are so many holes in that random tangent of a theory that it makes the rest of Lost seem like flat air tight plane. For the love of all that holy stop it with this ridiculousness. We know for an absolute fact that its the same life, the same timeline… It’s the conclusion of one life, not an awkward end of one with no resolution to the other. The whole point to the finale was to conclude the story of their lives… Not end one that just was just introduced to us and then leave the lives we’ve been watching for 5 season open ended. Just STOP IT. Damon says it himself so I don’t know what else you need. You need to re watch it I think. If it were an alternate timeline then they wouldn’t all be dead at the end. Seriously, LET IT GO and MOVE ON from that idea. It’s not what happened and its preposterous to believe so. The flash sideways all took place after our characters had passed on, THEY WERE DEAD THERE, not an alternate timeline but whatever we perceive to be the afterlife or the place in between life and the afterlife. For the last time, the bomb did NOTHING… It was a red herring, a plot device to make us believe it did so that we would be surprised in the end. Ther is actually more evidence that the bomb didn’t go off at all!!!! But I’m not getting back into that. I hope you eventually come to your senses. The reason I’ve been following this thread for so many years is because I want viewers to have enjoyed Lost as much as I did. So I’ve stuck around to answer questions and such. It’s not helpful to those that want REAL answers to read crackpot theories about alternate timelines that just didn’t happen.

  24. Sorry to burst all your bubbles but they all died in the plane crash, ya know the one that started the show? I think it was episode 3 season 1 right after the bounty hunter that brought Kate on the plane died, jack & Kate sat on the beach and jack says to Kate, “it doesn’t matter who we were before the crash. Three days ago we all died.” It was supposed to make you think that was meant metaphorically, but really it was true. So all the magic and craziness that was that island, was really when they all started coming to terms with who they were in life, and started working towards moving on. If you watch the series again under that assumption, it all makes sense. The problem is the writers may not even meant to go that way but in the end, that’s how they went.

    • Oh Kim… no need to be sorry, my bubble is still intact. It’s sad to me that there are still people out there that just completely didn’t “get” the show at all. Trust you don’t need to quote that moment… I’ve seen the show 3 times through and then some, I know that moment well. However, you are wrong… the show runners said multiple times throughout the course of the show that they were alive and if you need to hear it straight from the horses mouth… here you go. LINK BELOW

      If you don’t want to watch the whole thing go ahead and skip to the 6 minute mark… by 8 minutes Damon will have walked you through it.

  25. @searcher
    ” I am talking about how the smallest thing in life can make such a big effect, if Jacob had not given Sawyer that pen would he of wrought that letter, if Jacob had not baled Kate out from stilling that lunch box what would her parent of done, the numbers for Hurley, if jack had not been so upset about the Island he would not of been standing on the edge of that bridge and caused that car accident Sayid’s girlfriend getting run over.”

    This makes no sense. When Jacob walked away from Sawyer the uncle came over and told him not to think about it and to promise him he would let go. He told him okay.

    When Jacob prevented Katie from stealing the lunch box he asked her to be a good girl and not steal again. She said okay. Her Dad was a drunk and the mother got with him while Kate’s father was deployed. I don’t think her stealing the lunch box and them finding out would have made things better for her life.

    You are giving Jacob way more credit for things. The show is called lost. Damon explained the characters were lost. Jacob had nothing to do with the tragedies in their lives. He wanted them to leave that life behind and make a better one on the island.

    “Miles ask Faraday we don’t get involved wright Faraday said it don’t matter what we do whatever happened happened , the moment they stepped in an Alternate timeline was created , you can’t change the past”

    Correct you cannot change the past. The past was the past to the Darhma people. To those from the future it then became their present. They didn’t know about any of it until it happened to them. Charlotte told Daniel he told her not come back to the island. He said that to her after the time stopped moving and they were in the 70s. It became their present. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

    “and I think Sayid was captured by Mikhail in the 74 sideways but they dint know each other in 2004″

    Wrong! Mikhail came there by Ben’s recruitment. He lied to them. He was not the last of the Dahrma people Ryzinski and Desmond’s mate in the hatch were. He died the day the plane crashed. They built the hatch after the incident and pressing that button prevented the incident from happening again. They knew what to do after Miles and the people from the future came to warn Mile’s father. The orientation videos say 1980 at the bottom.

    I am not even going to comment on the rest of your post. It really makes no since at all.

    We learned in the finale they were in purgatory. The entire sideways after the plane landed was made up in their minds. Travis has explained countless time they were all dead then.

  26. hi,

    i want to comment about alternate/ afterlife.
    constance and travis are right. there is no alternate, when i watched the six season i didn’t even have a name for the sideways reality, i just saw that scenes and mysterius connection between the characters, expecting the writters would explain everything in some moment as eventually happened at “the end”, only in that episode i learnt the truth about what that sideway scenes were: an afterlife, only at the very end i understood because christian said, that they were all dead in that reality, some died before than jack (boone, shannon, sayid, locke, juliet etc) and some died long after jack (i assume that kate, sawyer, claire, hurley and ben) everything what happened until jack closes his eye in the island was real.

    the life they had in the afterlife, was characters own creations to work out issues they had in real life. I think, that we saw the island sunk because part of the island probably sunk when desmond pulled out that cork. but most of the island remained because jack put the cork back.

    coming to jack interfering in the life of the losties…i think that when jacob touch them, he just marked them as candidates, as we witnessed, sayid and hurley were marked as candidates, only after the oceanic six left the island. but they were already “lost” in their lives, before they crashed in the island. i think, but that’s my idea, that jacob did not really interfere with their lives.

    about the bomb, juliet last words, were about bring the losties back to present. the dialogue she has with sawyer in the vending machine, and in his arms, represent that she was in the middle of both worlds, she was dying and had one feet in the afterlife, obviously she was confused because sawyer was in her dying moment, and also in her afterlife.

    the losties did not change the past, Ben become who he is, because sayid shoot him in his past and he were saved by the others, in that moment Ben lost his innocence and he always was one of them. Faraday died at his mother’s and she knew it, and he realised in his final moments, so nothing changed.

    So, travis

    Sun remained in the present because she was their constant? i never get why she didn’t go to 1977, i read somewhere that it was because jin was the candidate..but such theory doesn’t fit because in that case Kate wouldnt have traveled to 1977, since she was crossed off.. what do you think?

  27. So i have a question. If season 6 was based around the afterlife and whatnot, then at what point did all of the characters die? That is what is hanging me up. Is it as simple as when they died on the show? Or something else? Anyone kind of understand what im trying to say here? If so, can you explain what im asking? Thanks.

    • John,

      Christian to Jack, “some died before you, some long after”. This is very literal. Those we see die on the show did just that. Those we see live on… Kate for example… Do just that. They die sometime later in life. Hurly and Ben, possible 100′s if not thousands of years later as they lived on to be the islands protectors. At least they did it until they gave the job to Walt. Reference “new man in charge” prologue.

      It’s easy if we simple listen to the words the actors are given to say. This dialogue is chosen carefully to specifically tell us what has happened. Kate, for example… When she sees jack for the first time in the AT after she has awoken, she looks at him with the face of women that hasn’t seen the man she loved in a very long time and say” I’ve missed you so much”. Kate is talking about how she missed Jack for the rest of her life after the events of the island. Imagine you are Kate, you’ve just awoken and remembered the life you were forced to live without Jack, never to see him again after she says a final goodbye to him after killing MIB on the cliff. This moment is heart breaking in that realization but also beautiful because what was a life time in reality might be but “a blink of an eye” in the afterlife or visa versa because as we also know “there is no time here”. So things are different for Kate and those tha have awoken now. That time they struggled means something different now. Kate is at peace and soon Jack will be to and she knows this, soon they will be living an existence that we couldn’t possibly understand and they’ll all be doing it together.

  28. well,guys…lets cut the bullsh*t OF “AT vs P crap”.this series is more of a mystery when u look at it from a keen sense.lets ask ourselves more bout the mythology of this movie..ive watched this series for over 6times repeatedly but one person seems to get my attention somuch.WALT ????why is he so…bizarre in this movie??lets take it to the beginin when WALT steps father BRIAN tells micheal about walt.. “when ever he is around,bad stuffs happen”..right after when WALT held a book concernin birds.then out from nowhere a bird bangs at their window death.
    also,before the time that locke and jack went lookin for explosives to blow off the hatch,WALT told locke “do not open it mr LOCKE”…Howcome WALT knew bout the hatch and what they were plannin on doin with it when he had not even seen or heard bout it?????
    talkin bout altenate afterlife and purgatory…we all know that all persons who appeared on the island in some spirit form had all died…ok guys tell me..how possible did WALT appear to LOCKE when ben shot him and left him for death in the pit of dead dharma groups.he told LOCKE “Wake up john..you have got work to do”……..wat does that mean??? did WALT ever die in this movie?? so,if he did..how come LOCKE went to town and visited WALT right after that???why did WALT never appear in the final episode in church wth the others???but yet he appeared on the island to LOCKE.
    Not only did he appear to LOCKE but also appeared to shannon right after the “others”attacked and kidnapped him on the raft…and in the course of shannon pursuing walt in the forest lead to her death…really..bad stuffs do happen around him.walt wasnt death when he appeared to shannon so how come he did appear??? WALT’S character in this movie is a mystery…i dont understand …pliz anyone ..how can u explain this???

  29. Walt is special and Ms. Clue said they got more than what they bargained for when they took Walt. Walt has telekinesis. We never got to really explore everything about Walt and I wish they would have added more, but he grew up too quickly.

    • Adding to that…

      It’s not unheard of in Lost for certain individuals to have certain special abilities… Miles for instance can hear the dead.

      Walt was special. Very special. However, much like Miles feared his ability as a child, Walt didn’t exactly know what to do with the odd things that would happen to him.

      We know that Walt (in all likelihood) eventually becomes the Protector of the island after Hurley and Ben get him to go back and take the job. (SEE “NEW MAN IN CHARGE”) … I believe that it will be Walt who eventually aids in saving his father Micheal’s soul. Thus somewhere down the road, Walt and Micheal will likely “move on” together to join the others in the great beyond. The island is always where Walt belonged if you ask me. If not for his father, he would have likely took his rightful spot much earlier… Micheal made many mistakes and one of them was taking Walt off the island.

      Walt was asked if he ever “finds himself in places he’s not or shouldn’t be” … I don’t remember which. This is just a nod to his ability to be in two places at ones sort of speak, or appear to people using his telekinetic abilities.

      It’s also interesting to think about the similarities of Walt’s unexplainable appearances to how Jacob would appear to others as a younger version of himself. I recall many times where young Jacob would reveal himself to the losties for one reason or another. With Walt serving as the protector it’s not crazy to think he is doing the same thing. So when we see others see Walt, this very well might be Walt appearing to them from the future when he has the ability to do so as the Protector.