‘Lost’ Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

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lost header Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

[Update: We’ve added even more Lost explanations!]

If you’ve visited our Lost series finale review and discussion, you know that opinion is sharply divided over how one of the biggest TV shows of the last decade came to a close.

Some people thought the ending couldn’t have been any sweeter, while others are either frustrated or disappointed with how Lost ultimately wrapped.

However, there are those out there who are currently feeling confused about how Lost came to a close and ‘what it all meant.’ So to help these (snicker) lost souls out, we thought we’d at least try and offer some quick explanations of some of the lingering questions. Hopefully it helps and doesn’t just further confuse.

It must be noted that unlike sites like Lostpedia, I haven’t done years and years of research on this. I’m just a moderate Lost fan who happens to have a good mind for literary analysis. So here goes nothing. And in case you haven’t guessed already:




I don’t know why people are having trouble understanding this, as it is CLEARLY explained in the final minutes of the finale episode by Christian Shephard (Jack’s dad). The original Oceanic 815 plane crash happened. Everything on the Island through seasons 1-6 happened. The “flash sideways” universe introduced in season 6 was a sort of stop-over point between life and afterlife (referred to here as the “purgatory universe”).

Lost The Last Supper image 3 Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Each person in this “purgatory universe” created a reality for themselves based on their lingering issues in life – that which they could not “let go” of. For Jack it was Daddy issues; Kate, the guilt of murder; Sawyer, the quest to find “Sawyer” and be a better man; Sayid, the unrequited love of Nadia; Charlie, looking for something “real” in his hollow life of fame, etc…

Everyone was still attached to their Earthly concerns (we’re getting very Buddhist here, bear with me) – but when they made contact with those people they’d met on the Island, they remembered the journey and growth they had experienced because of the Island, and could finally understand the connections and “purpose” brought into their damaged lives by being there. With that greater understanding of themselves, they were each ready to “leave” or “move on” to the next phase of existence – i.e., the true afterlife.


Some people are convinced the final image during the end credits of the Lost finale was the “clue” to the characters being dead the whole time. OK, let’s think about this: The image appears during the closing credits, after the final appearance of the “LOST” logo. That means that the story had officially ended. Saying that the biggest reveal came while the end credits were rolling is like saying a movie’s climax happens during the end credits. Not bloody likely.

The image of the plane crash (if you look closely) has memorabilia from the Lostie’s time on the beach where they first made camp. Shacks, towels, etc… it was one part nostalgia (remember where it all began?) and also one part commentary on the circular nature of the Island.

Like the Black Rock ship that brought Richard to the Island (“Ab Aeterno“), or the downed plane with the heroin that had Mr. Ecko’s brother’s corpse inside of it (“The 23rd Psalm“), the remains of Oceanic 815 and the evidence of a small community built on the beach are just more monuments of the Island. The next time somebody crashes there, they’ll see that stuff and wonder what the “mystery” behind it is…

Then they’ll whine and complain about how unsatisfying the answer is. (“What? That’s how that mystical guy “Hurley” came to the Island? LAME.”)


lost desmond hume Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

One of the biggest things people seem to be questioning is how Desmond was able to “wake up” from the purgatory universe and how he had the know-how to “wake up” the other Losties. For that answer, you really just have to look back over the history of Desmond.

Desmond (specifically through his connection to Penny Widmore) is a sort of “constant” in the show. No matter what happens, when, or where, Desmond seems somehow immune to the Island’s energy (which has electromagnetic properties) and has a sort of awareness that can transcend space and time (his consciousness shifts seen in episodes like “The Constant“). These “shifts” and Widmore’s explanation that Desmond is special because of his resistance to the Island’s energies, imply that Desmond would even be able to “shift” his consciousness back and forth between this universe and the purgatory one, catalyzed by Widmore’s team placing him in that huge electromagnetic machine in the season six episode, “Happily Ever After“.

So, it does stand to reason (at least Lost reasoning) that Desmond – after having his consciousness “shifted” to the purgatory reality – would “wake up” after encountering HIS constant, Penny. It’s another fast and loose metaphysical explanation, but one that (for me) still works within the framework of the show.


Lost Top 25 Moments Jacob and Man in Black conversation Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Over the course of the show people have wondered about the mythology of the Island – where it came from, what it is and what are the “rules” that govern it and its mystical protectors? Admittedly, this is an area where the showrunners played things fast and loose, hoping that the momentum of the characters’ story arcs and the whole “good vs. evil” showdown would be enough to appease most fans. Alas, not so.

Season six of Lost did a great deal to semi-explain what the island was – a sort of container for a very important energy that seemingly links this world with worlds beyond… or something. That energy is represented by light and water, and if that light goes out and the water stops flowing, the world is basically screwed. Everything magical or fantastic about the Island stems from this energy, and many of the technological oddities found on the Island (the Swan Station from season 2) are a result of the Dharma Initiative trying to harness and control that energy (i.e., man trying to bend magic and mysticism to the will of modern science).

lost dharma initiative stations 570x532 Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

However, there are some things that were definitely left unexplained: Why did the Man In Black become a smoke monster when he was exposed to the light (was it a manifestation of his corrupted soul)?; What is the nature of the “rules” that governed certain aspects of the Island – who could come and go, who could kill who, who was healed from injury (Locke, Rose), who lived forever (Richard). How were these rules established and maintained?

The Jacob/MIB origin episode, “Across The Sea”, attempted to fill in that aspect of the Island mythology, but what we came away with were a lot of vague pseudo-explanations. The protector of the Island basically makes up the rules and once those rules are established they are set until somebody (a new protector?) changes them. This is the reason why the MIB was obsessed with “finding a loophole” in order to kill Jacob; it’s also why Jack was ultimately able to kill the MIB. Smokey was connected to the energy source, and when Jack had Desmond “turn off” that energy, Smokey lost his powers and was merely flesh and blood again.

lost smoke monster cerberus esau Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Makes sense…doesn’t it?


One of the earliest sub-plots of the Lost mythos was the notion that pregnant women died on the Island before they could successfully give birth. This was especially important during season one, back when Claire was pregnant with Aaron and got kidnapped and experimented on by Ethan, a memeber of The Others (“Raised by Another” & “Homecoming“). Of course we now know that Ethan was likely working with baby-doctor Juliet to help Claire – that is before Charlie killed Ethan (oops!) – and that Aaron was likely born on the Island without incident because Claire was already far enough along in her pregnancy before coming to the Island (just like Jacob and the Man In Black’s mother).

However, the pregnancy issue popped up again in season 3 when Sun learned that she was pregnant (“The Glass Ballerina” & “D.O.C.” ) and was a the prominent focus of Juliet’s flashback arch (“One of Us“). So whatever happened to the mystery of the baby mama drama?

lost Sun Juliet Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Simple answer? Story developments made the issue a moot point in later seasons. Aaron was born fine, Sun eventually gave birth OFF the Island and Juliet died, even after she had no more pregnant patients to tend to. So really, when you think about it, there was no more of this story left to tell.

But does that excuse the fact that we never found out why pregnant women were dying on the Island? It might be bugging you, but I’m chalking this one up to being another random “rule of the Island.” Or maybe electromagnetic mystical lights just aren’t good for fetuses. Either way.


lost the statue Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

This is one Lost mystery I don’t really need answered. Who built the statue, why they built it and what did represent are all things you can probably find out with some historical research on ancient cultures. People who have done the research claim the statue represents a goddess or fertility or something along those lines, linking the broken statue with the Island’s baby mama drama. Personally, I can neither confirm or deny the historical relevance of the statue -  if you’re curious, you should do the research.

As for the relevance of the statue to the Lost mythos: to me was evidence that the Island had been around for a long, long, time, and that people had been coming to it throughout history. So basically, it was a way to let viewers know, “This place plays a pivotal role in mankind’s existence.

I’m not trying to look much deeper than that.

Continue to Lost contradictions and missing characters…

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  1. Kate – this is my first post I have read a lot of post on and off since lost ended and can’t remember anyone summing it up like you and chocolatethief did, it was all for nothing, how sad is that, it doesn’t have to be that way one reason I have never posted before is because my views of lost and other ppl views are different, most things I would say will just cause more confusion, it’s easy to blame the writers and I am not referring to kate and sambo recent post I have seen this 100’s of times , it’s been almost three years since lost ended and ppl are still bringing up the Claire/Aaron plot and why is Walt special I can offer you my views on these two subjects and you be the judge could they be write or am I just another phyco , because of our differences in theories I will have to stay with the short version of the Claire/Aaron plot, Claire abandoned Aaron ( choose not to raise him ) went off into the jungle with who she thought was her father and because of this she was manipulated and claimed by mib , was that a 180 from what you expected , are you disappointed there was no big mystery involving Aaron , like I said that is the short of it the long is after you cool down and start asking things like what if she had not abandoned him ( was this Jacob request ) then what chain of event’s would that have changed , most likely the oceanic 6 would have been all non-candidates , ok I said I wasn’t going to get into the long of it so I am stopping the Claire/Aaron plot there , I just want ppl to realize the answers are there but in lost fashion they will create more questions and if you know the answer to them, then and only then you are on the write path, as for Walt , in across the sea Claudia asked mother how she got there and she said by accident , keeping it short you need to understand that Jacob’s ability to bring ppl to the island was not of mythology he had a gift like Hurley and Miles Walt also has this gift they showed this to us when he would think of the bird’s and they would try and come to him , just so happens there was a glass or brick wall in the way, they most likely did abandon the Walt thing but not before showing us this, on a 1-10 scale of importance I give the Walt thing a 1 and the complete meaning of the Claire/Aaron plot a 6 , and if I had a list of things to talk about they would be at the bottom ,there are so many things in lost that ppl over looked that if you knew you would have to rethink 80% of what you thought was write.
    For me to get into the good and meaningful things about lost it would take an extremely long post I will leave that up to the readers, do you want to get lost again. Yes or no.
    Since I overshot the Claire/Aaron plot I don’t want to leave you hanging, when Jacob went to see llana then this confirms that he has ppl on the outside malkin was one and he sacrificed his career by telling Eko he was a fraud just to make sure Eko flew out the next day, we already know of the Malkin Claire stuff, Jacob knew that claire might be claimed by mib and was trying to avoid it, if she had stayed with Aaron then desmond’s vision would have come true then claire and Aaron would have been on the chopper in place of jack and Kate , if that was the case then the suspect candidates would be Hurley sayid and sun, Jacob could have lived with that, Hurley and sayid where not candidates , remember that Jacob had never touched or visited Hurley or sayid so they were not candidates at this time, since claire messed up and jack and Kate got away Jacob went across the sea and gave Hurley and sayid there touch because he knew they would all be coming back , and now you know which kwon was a candidate , all of this from the Claire/Aaron plot, is this bad writing or bad viewing .

  2. In reguards to the bomb issue end of season 5/ beginnig of 6 I think it is necessary to look at the island as a character. If what Jacob decribes can be taken at face value and the island serves as some kind of “cork” keeping the battle between good and evil away from the rest of the world then the island itself becomes an important 3rd player. Therefore, it can be argued that the bomb never went off in the 70s, the island itself “flashed” the Losties forward in time just before the bomb was struck so it wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. If you think about the island this way then this thoery can also be used to describe why the island moves..as a defence mechinisim.

  3. Kirsten – I don’t think you can take what Jacob said at face value, if mib has something of yours that means a lot to you then he has all he needs when the black rock crashed mib found Isabella’s necklaces this is how he was able to appear as Isabella and knew that Richard feared the devil and devised his plan to manipulate Richard into killing Jacob by telling him Jacob was the devil, the whole time Jacob was whooping up on Richard he keep saying I’m dead I’m in hell then after talking to Richard and getting the rest of the story and hearing from Richard how much he feared hell he used mib’s same tactic against him ,kind of a back in your face , and the cork was awfully convincing ,I just can’t buy into this hole good vs evil or the cork is holing in evil stuff it makes me want to gag , if it gets off the island it will spread evil all over the world, horse crap seriously , and then all we have to do is pull the cork and evil becomes mortal ,well what are we worried about , and this cork has been holding evil for thousands of years and evil doesn’t even know what it is and Pratley pulled the cork on itself ,like Lapidus said how about that.

  4. In season 1 after sawyer shot the polar bear my first thought was what is a polar bear doing on a tropical island, my second was or what is a tropical island doing where the polar bears live, most ppl just accepted the bears where used for experiments (and if I remember correctly they were referring that the bears where brought to hydra island from the main island not that darma brought them to the island) other clues would pop up like the birthday card Michael made Walt what is black white and red a penguin with a sun burn, the two guys working for penny stationed in a very cold place, ice on the bull wheel and other things I can’t remember , then we get electromagnetism and that the island moves the north and south poles are associated with imo , kind of makes you wonder if it travels from pole to pole, then one day I stumbled onto this fill free to comment and be sure and click the inukshuk link and remember when Sayid , Jin and sun where on the sailboat .


  5. Hi folks

    I guess my major disappointment with the ending of the show wasn’t the mysticism or the sloppy writing or the dropping of the scientific, quantum mechanics side of the story (the one utilized in Fringe.) It was the Christian aspect of it. I felt as though I was watching a great fantasy adventure serial and wound up with a sentimental religious tract. I know that many of you won’t be bothered by this, but as a non-believer raised in the Jewish faith I didn’t expect to wind up at the end of a fun ride in a church surrounded by saints and crosses while the characters headed towards the light of God. I’m okay with science fiction, just fine with fantasy, throw in a little mysticism, all good, but please, leave Jesus out of it. I’m fine with all of you believing anything you want, but please don’t sucker me into church at the end of fun science fiction, fantasy adventure.

    Of course, it’s my own fault. I probably should have seen it coming. Shame on me.

    • Was a temple of all religions or believes.

    • In response to Arthur Remes…I did not get the impression that the characters were meeting up in a church at the end. They made a point of showing all types of different religious symbols…Jewish, Buddhist, etc in the entrance. …symbols that I have never ever seen in a Christian church. I got the impression that it was a sacred temple of some sort. It would stand to reason in light of the whole series that they would meet some place scared. Where else do you think they should have met up? Taco Bell? Disneyland? A school gymnasium? Just to appease the atheists in the audience? I also did not get the impression that the light shown when Jack’s father opened the doors was suppose to be God. Just the same as I didn’t think the light of the island’s source was God. It was suppose to represent the unknown. My take on it anyway.

    • I felt like the end scene was very cheesy. As if they (the writers and producers) were getting exhausted with the story so they just scribbled something down. And I believe you’re right. They should’ve left the religious part out of the story. They never use this direction through out the whole show, why use it now? I think it was just a quick scapegoat to make the masses happy. I did not like it at all.

    • I think that’s valid. You should read Doc Jensens excellent look at the finale, which is a solid argument for the idea that the “Lost” finale really is a REJECTION of religion.


  6. Britt…

    Juliet was referencing the vending machine Sawyer’s candy bar got stuck in. It was an Easter Egg for the future events in the flash sideways. “There is no time here” – Christian Shepard. While Juliet is dying in Sawyer’s arms she is sort of “half in half out” experiencing her moment in the flash sideways. It’s hard to wrap our heads around a world with no time but when you take time out of the equation it all makes perfect sense. So when Juliet says, “it worked” she was talking about how unplugging the machine to dislodge the candy bar. It represented her moment with Sawyer.

  7. Could it be that the island was purgatory where “lost souls” could connect and find themselves with the help of other lost souls even though they never really met in life? And all the survivors of oceanic 815 died originally in the crash but some needed to find what they were missing in order to move on to the next life (afterlife/heaven/reincarnation)?

  8. It’s already been said a million times over by writers, producers, actors… Damon himself… They did not die in the crash. They survived and died when we saw them die in the events of the show. Those we didn’t see die, eventually did, later on after the events of the island… From what we don’t know and it doesn’t matter. Christian says to Jack, “the most important time of your LIFE” (paraphrased) … He says life… That’s the point. There is a great interview out there on the web… It’s also way back in the thread, of Damon explaining a lot to some ignorant stupid would be know-it-all. It’s really a great watch. The Lost Encyclipedia is a great read as well.

  9. It’s already been said a million times over by writers, producers, actors… Damon himself… They did not die in the crash. They survived and died when we saw them die in the events of the show. Those we didn’t see die, eventually did, later on after the events of the island… From what we don’t know and it doesn’t matter. Christian says to Jack, “the most important time of your LIFE” (paraphrased) … He says life… That’s the point. There is a great interview out there on the web… It’s also way back in the thread, of Damon explaining a lot to some ignorant silly would be know-it-all. It’s really a great watch. The Lost Encyclipedia is a great read as well.

  10. I believe that the “baby mama drama” as it was referred to, was caused by the gas attack of Benjamin. My reasoning to believe this, would be that in the episode where Juliet, Sawyer, Daniel (Faraday, not Russo) Jin, and Miles went back in time to when the Darma initiative was active, and in that same episode (because this episode kept shifting between present day for these characters, and how they became a part of the Darma initiative, a women named Amy was pregnant, and I think it would be same to assume that she would have been on the island the entire time she was pregnant. So remembering this, and that Richard was already on the island (If memory serves, I think his ship was what destroyed the statue) so I don’t think this theory made above is correct. All I know for a fact is that there were many pregnant women before the gas attack, during the Darma initiative, but the problem with pregnant women on the island was occurring after the Darma initiative was killed off. Let me know though if you guys have any thoughts on this theory I’ve proposed though, thanks!

    • Cole,

      As it was referenced to in the show like 20 times and in the the epilogue “the new man in charge”… For the millionth time :) … The baby mama drama was caused due to the unique electromagnetic energy of the island and more so “the incident”. Before the swan pocket was drilled into, as long as pregnant mother or polar bears stayed away from energy rich areas (such as the orchid) they’d be fine. After the swan pocket ruptured (which had 10x the energy of the orchid station) no more babies. The good doctor says this flat out in the epilogue (keep pregnant polar bears away from the orchid station because they are negatively effected by the energy). Also if you follow the time lines of when babies are born and not… Before the incident… Born… After… Not born.

  11. Arthur – well said, the church surrounded by saints and crosses cannot be denied but the characters headed to the light of god (or purgatory) can be if that helps, you can make it into purgatory and good vs. evil if you want but making since of other thing will be like trying to put a squarer peg in a round hole,
    So let’s talk about purgatory or not purgatory first you need to get a grip on time travel when they found their self’s in the 70’s and join up with darma then they have already created an alternate timeline the ppl that are there have already lived that life and what happened happened any contact just causes a chain reaction of things that did not happen and can only exist on an alternate timeline, in the original 70’s at the swan station it got out of control and there was an incident and the swan hatch was built then 30 years or so passed, those things happened you can’t change that , now back to the alternate timeline jack drops the bomb and the bomb goes off after Juliet hammers it, the island sinks and they are transported forward in time because they had already existed in this time and you can’t change that , now comes the sideways, an alternate timeline of how things would have been if the island and Jacob had never existed because in this timeline they sank the island and IT WORKED, lax at last, there are a lot of things that happen in this timeline that just would not add up in purgatory .just to hit on a few , Juliet removed jacks appendix on the island and here he had his appendix taken out at age 7 or 8 ,ben and his dad have been to the island Roger must of told Horace he wanted a raise again or he would leave ,must not of got it this time ,not on this timeline anyway , all of these changes you see with the characters are just the way things would be if Jacob and the island had not existed , example , let’s say you looked out your window just in time to see someone take off with your pet and you have a time machine so you go back in time and keep your pet inside till you see the pet nabbers drive by then you go back to the present or the here now and your pet is still gone , latter you are sitting at the corner cafe and meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with, but in the alternate life you created that day your pet was sick and you took it to the vet , if ppl will just stay with the themes of lost the pieces will fall together, go watch the church seen again and this time don’t think purgatory think alternate timeline and see if things will make just as much since , things like there is no now hear , an alternate timeline is not your hear now , when jack says I died to, he just had his flash and is focused 100% on the island meaning I died on the island to , maybe this time around you will have a different opinion when jack says to Christian are you real and he says I sure hope so yeah I’m real your real ,everything that happened to you is real , and all those ppl in the church there all real to , you should know that Jacob seems to already no things that are going to happen like the Claire/Aaron plot and so on , Eloise also knew things , the man in the red shoes, and when she tells penny for the first time in a long time I don’t know what’s going to happen that’s because they are in the hear now , the church is the lamp post built over a pocket of unique energy like the shamans place, it allows them access to these timelines . not only did the lamppost get them back to the island it also put them in the timelines they needed to be, when they were transported forward after the bomb they were on the same timeline as Sun and the rest, but just what timeline is it, when Ben, Richard and unlocke were out on a stroll unlocke stopped and had Richard take the bullet out of locks leg …. After Kate and Jin left the temple to look for Sawyer they were escorted by two men one said to Kate you don’t remember me do you 3 years ago you hit me in the head with the butt of a riffle but to Kate that was 6 years ago ( 3 off island ) This puts us in the timeline of when the island was flashing in time, moving forward , everything they did killing mib and all doesn’t matter because it happened on a past timeline, or does it, in a roundabout way they have just seen the future, when they first got to the island some thought it was special some thought it was just an island all the way up till they seen it disappear in front of them, now all there questions have been answered and Jacob didn’t tell them what to do, ( trust me on this and I will explain latter the Aljira flight did not get of the island ) Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles, Richard , Lepidus ,Desmond , Hurley and Ben learn of this timeline stuff threw Richard he’s done it like when he visited young John , but the only way to bring the team back together is they have to die ,(first they secure this timeline doing things like getting Walt from the nuthouse to succeed Richard… ) then the plan is put into place how to do this , then a purge, Desmond is key to this that’s why he appears on flight 815 , next the awakenings the first time around it took all these ppl to learn what the island is all about , now they have a choice , go to the hear now of the island with Desmond and finish the job, let go and move on to their hear now, who wants to go back to the island , Desmond does not hesitate he knows his role and is quick to say I’m leaving , Kate and Sayid are both in trouble on both timelines , where Kate goes Sawyer goes and vice versa , could they wind up together after all , is war coming to the island or does Desmond just need to do a reboot to free Smokey from brother , what is the heart of the island , a successful hole in the ground surrounded by other caves and tunnels containing information , what is the swan hatch an unsuccessful hole in the ground surrounded by other hatches containing information , Radzinky designed the swan and knew everything about it Ryan dint learn much before Radzinsky’s death and Desmond learned less before Ryan’s unexpected death mothers mother dint seem to know much mother probable knew less and we see how much she taught Jacob before her unexpected death , Smokey is the failsafe a creature of mythology the true protector and way more powerful than the human protector and if the human was overrun and or killed by the hostels Smokey would take care of them and take form of the human protector and find another one ,mother made the first mistake by giving both boys internal life Jacob made the second …. When the plug was pulled this creature was powerless and the island started to crumble, what does that tell you the myth island and myth hatch is … they have lots of creatures and gods .
    Back to the Ajira flight not leaving, what did we learn about the changing of protector (inauguration I think sawyer called it) you get the touch of internal life then drinking from the CUP mother explains you will protect for as long as you can, (the bottle of wine and cork are worthless that’s way Jacob gave it to brother) then there’s the chant I have no ideal, maybe it helps you understand mythology? , in across the sea we know that mother gave both boys internal life unknowing to them, when Jacob got his inauguration mother had him drink from the cup and said the chant she had already gave him his touch of internal life, to me the now you’re like me stuff is just a harmless little saying, when jack got his inauguration he used his own cup and did not get the touch of internal life and Jacob chanted, in Ab Aeterno after Jacob finished whooping up on Richard he offered him a drink from the CUP , then gave him the touch of internal life, when Jacob chanted at Jacks inauguration Richard became the new Jacob and got his promise while all jack got was manipulated and a drink of water , and the hole Hurley inauguration thing , that was pathetic , then jack put the cork back in the island it was back to full force before Ajira got airborne Lapidus did not have the coordinates the island had moved since then and Richard wasn’t going anywhere , although I would of liked to of seen him go thought customs , date of birth please ! Ben calling Hurley a number one and Hurley calling Ben a two, seriously, would Jacob call Richard a two and himself a one, then who’s the man! Ben did not go into the church because he has finally found something more important to him than the island, Rousseau and Alex were both killed before the island started moving in time and this alternate timeline is the only way ben can be with Alex, ben will be there in the island’s hear now , remember the bomb happened on an alternate timeline, ben was there before the bomb and was never killed , john told jack he dint have a son because he just had his flash and this jack he knew does not have a son but John knows very little about alternate jacks personnel life , looking back you will realize things like unknowing to the others they were working for Jacob as a temporary failsafe , and all kinds of cool stuff, using timelines you will make better since of things like the black rock maybe this wasn’t its first visit to the island, the island doesn’t claim anybody’s life, put more stock into what Dave said , you can’t stay dead in the past if you have a future and unless the island is unplugged it is always at least 31 minutes in the past . Reading serves no justice; just go watch the best show ever.

  12. Everyone has an oppioin , it was the best flick I have seen in a long time. Movies are entertaining , and that is the purpose of filming movies. You either like them or you don’t . I’m glad I came across Lost on Netflix.

  13. hey.. my question is simply! how do we explain some people (jack, hurley, kate etc) leaving the island on penny’s boat? as they werent actually in the plane in finale season opening (it was “flash sideways” right?).. this means they must havnt left the island in the first place! Also, why were some of the people werent in the church in finale ending? e.g. that pilot guy or miles? this is means they didnt die? or its that their “sole is in peace”?

    P.S. I haven’t gone through the rest of the comments (in case my concern is already addressed in any previous comment, let me know)..

    • seems like the first part of my question is not correct, got the answer re jogging through the episodes, but second part is still a question..

  14. SN- miles was born on the island and I think he stated one time that he did not want to leave, and if they had a purge in order to have this awakening I could see miles not participating , doesn’t mean he should not be in the alternate timeline because he was there when they dropped the bomb, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think lapidus ( pilot guy ) was in the sideways which would make since because he over slept and did not pilot 815 like he was supposed to therefor he had no interaction whit them before the crash and he was in the timeline with Sun and was never part of the island sinking .

  15. SN and Searcher…

    You guys have it all wrong. The flash sideways was not an alternate universe. The bomb caused nothing as far as killing anyone or creating an alternate time line. That was a plot device to make the ending a surprise. It seems some viewers didnt pick up on that. The bomb didn’t kill anyone. There is actually evidence pointing to the possibility that it didn’t even detonate at all. The Losties simply time traveled. Ack to the present and the story continues. The flash sideways we see is basically purgatory… The events that occur there are happening after everyone eventually dies. Kate, Sawyer and company escape the island on the plane and live out the rest of their lives off the island… Rose and Bernard live out the rest of their lives on island… Hugo and Ben spend who knows how many years protecting the island. Though as the 6 minute prologue shows its likely that Walt takes over command not to many years after Ben and Hugo visit him in and offer him the(a) job.

  16. Travis- I never said the bomb killed anyone, and as far as being a plot device for a surprise I think they succeeded there because nobody seemed to get it, they showed the island sank for a reason but that is for you to figure out not for them to tell you right along with all the other questions ppl have been trying to answer for almost 3 years now, hundreds of times ppl have asked things like the Clair/Aaron plot only to get an answer that the writers didn’t know what they were doing , things like the Clair/Aaron plot are not that difficult, but if you believe the sideways was purgatory then I see where you may never figure things like that out , those things are what lost is all about you cannot deny that Jacob already knew how thing could play out he uses these timelines and if he can make small adjustment like the Clair/Aaron plot then things would work better but if it doesn’t work out no big deal he knows his next move , you cannot deny that Eloise used timelines , when Eloise new the man in the red shoes was going to die it most likely appeared to Desmond she knew the future when in fact they were on a past timeline and she knew the results , this is the same tactics they used on the lostie’s for them to learn how to defeat brother without Jacob telling them what to do like I said defeating brother did not matter this time around because it happened 3 years or so in the past you cannot just over look these things, and hugo or jack being the new Jacob is the biggest joke of all but the joke is on us , I have already commented on all that did you read my comments above, this is just the way I look at lost , to each his own , I have read the purgatory good vs. evil stuff inside out , if you have not read all my comments then please do so and we can debate from there .

  17. Im not sure if this has been answered (or asked) in a previous post, but my question regards the finale of season 2 and the hatch explosion. If I remember correctly, shortly after the hatch’s energy overload and the sky turns purple, charlie returns to camp very nonchalant and seems confused that locke and the others are not back yet, have just been at the site for the implosion. Did anyone get the impression that he saw or even spoke to them before returning? But also, we never know how locke, desmond and eko get out of the hatch before the implosion occured. On top of that it seems nobody is at all concerned with the sky turning purple, I mean during the event yes they are and are in obvious discomfort, but once its done people just go back to the business at hand.

    I was just wondering if there is an answer outside the series, or its something ive missed and it was returned to in the show

    • It is clearly shown what happens with Desmond after the implosion. Also Locke can’t talk for a while (goes tripping in sweat lodge to find Ekko) Ekko must have been blown in the jungle and a polar bear took him to its cave. And the sky turning purple was the massive load of electromeganism..

      • my query still stands im afraid. Knowing it was a release of electro magnetism, doesnt change the fact people are not bothered about it after the event, my question was why? there seems to be no question of what just happened. And i dont understand your reasoning with the characters in the hatch. I asked what happened to them during the event, not what the effects were after.. How can people get thrown out of an underground installation with the force of an implosion?

        Its something ive always wondered and was sure they’d go back to; refering to the questions in my orginal post

        • GJ1000- very nonchalant, that cracked me up how perfect, I didn’t get the impression Charlie had saw or spoken to them, I never thought Locke, Desmond or Eko got out I just figured they were launched with the hatch similar to the way Kate was launched from ground level at the end of the incident, as far as back to business I got nothing, just another day in the jungle I guess, I can’t remember anything else that was returned to on this but that don’t mean nothing I totally forgot about Eko and the polar bear .guess I need to find time for a third watch , sorry for being no help .

        • Well the simple explanation would be: The Island was not done with Locke, Ekko and Desmond. So it’s really irrelevant how they got out..

          • Thanks 4 the replies guys. My question was not the most pressing to answer, i know that, its just something that has been niggling at me. Maybe I read to much into it, but as it was a series finale and lost been lost, I felt questions needed to be asked (such as the ones in my originsl post).

            Heisenberg- The island wasnt done with them? fair enough, but wouldnt that answer be applied to each and every event that occurs on, and probsbly off, the island even if there is a clear straightforward answer to these happenings? very much a quick fix answer that fits all? As for Ekko, correct me if im wrong, didnt he die straight after the hatch event (dragged to a cave by a bear, then mauled by the black smoke). If you think this is the case, and the island wasnt done with them, then maybe the island is one cruel S.O.B

            • Well the island was definetly a cruel S.O.B!! What happened with Desmond was off course the most interesting part of your question. I really liked the episode where they show what happened with him right after he turned the fail-safe key.

              It’s a big WTF and builds towards one of my favorite Lost-episodes: The Constant.

              And yes you are correct about Ekko. I have wondered for a long time why Ekko got such a cruel fate. But appearently the actor wanted to leave the show. So the writers gave him a badass goodbye.

              I’m rewatching Lost now with a friend of mine. But we started in season 3, so season 1 & 2 has been a long time ago for me.

  18. I have another two question about Ben Linus. Richard said Ben would not remember when Sayid shot him. He said he would always be one of them and that his innocence would be gone. He then walked into the temple carrying Ben. Did he take him to the monster? How did he heal him? And I guess him saying he wouldn’t remember answered my follow up questions to when he first encountered Sayid as adult Benjamin.

    The first thought is not the monster, but the temple priest putting him in the water they brought Sayid to in order to save his life. However, the water only is suppose to work on the good. Why would Richard say his innocence would be gone. Ben was a liar and manipulator from the time he plotted to rid the island of Whitmore and become the leader. That is why Jacob told him he never talked to him. He wanted so badly for Jacob to speak to him. He didn’t care about the island, he wanted to be the leader and not a no body like his father.

    My reason behind the monster being the one to heal him is because when they were having the flashes and Danielle’s husband Robert was pointing the gun at her. He said the black smoke was not a monster and he lied and said it was a security to guard the temple. I suspect he killed all of her crew members and then took on their bodies because in one minute he told Danielle to put the gun down and he loved her, the next he tried to shoot her but the gun was broken. She then killed him and said they were infected. She didn’t understand the smoke monster could take on the dead.

  19. I would like to simplify some things but first let me say the reason I started commenting on lost is because of ppl like Kate, Chocolatethief, Arthur, and many more they love the show but hate the ending for various reasons when I read these things I felt bad for them and the story I got from lost is somewhat different than what they are being subjected to and most ppl biggest problem is purgatory and the lack of answers and I have commented on both subjects , I have been saying that learning to defeat brother didn’t matter because it was in the past , following where you are in time on lost can get confusing but that was the path I choose to use , my argument is against purgatory for those looking for something else , so let me simplify the subject to something ppl can follow easier with the same results in the end , after the island stopped flashing Sawyer, Juliet, Miles , Jin , and Faraday come across two others that had just killed Paul and was harassing Amy , Miles ask Faraday we don’t get involved wright Faraday said it don’t matter what we do whatever happened happened , the darma ppl the others and whoever was already there and already lived that life , the moment Sawyer stepped in an alternate timeline was created , jack , Kate , Hurley , and Sayid where brought back to 1977 to Sawyer’s group , sun was more to the present as a constant but it is still the same timeline which is an alternate timeline your proof hear is when Christian shows Sun the picture of them in the darma , when Ben see’s the picture he is surprised because he was there in 1977 but that isn’t the 1977 he lived , when Sun showed the picture to Richard he said I remember them very clearly and watched them die , the only way that’s possible is this is Richard from the 1977 alternate in the future on the 1977 alternate timeline in 2007, when the bomb goes off they are transported forward on this 1977 alternate to 2007 where Sun is, they have to because they had already existed after 1977, the swan is not what brought their plane to the island Jacob did so blowing up the swan would not prevent them from coming to the Island but the bomb sank the island ( see island sunk season 6×1 ) and on this 1977 alternate they were put back to their appropriate time on this timeline according to age as if the island never existed it worked , Faraday said you can only move forward and backward , these two things happened because of the same reason the bomb and it was orchestrated by Jacob, so if you consider them going backward (aka sideways) to be purgatory then everything they did going forward would have to be purgatory also , and we know it is not , an alternate is not the hear now , forward or backward .

    • true! can’t agree more.. “if you consider them going backward (aka sideways) to be purgatory then everything they did going forward would have to be purgatory also , and we know it is not”.

      Only the craziness come into viewer’s mind when they try to comprehend the two stories of same ppl going on the same time… I believe that just discard one story for grasping the other, and then simply look for the clues which makes the respective story more concrete, given the overall story line; hint: keep the sideways.. sideways ;)

  20. Well said, only the word sideways was made up by the viewers like Smokey and etc. when lost began we seen island activities and flashbacks nothing has changed except the timeline it is still island activities and flashbacks .

  21. Cookie- I don’t think Richard meant ben would not remember getting shot by Sayid but was referring to him being healed in the pool, we seen that with Sayid after he woke up from his pool experience he said what happened, as for always being one of them I just assume that if the island saves your life you owe it but as we have seen thought out lost rules are only as good as the person following them ,being infected can work both ways by Jacob or mib but in the end you have a choice, as for his innocence he was just a young boy and still had plenty of innocence , the reason adult Ben did not recognize Sayid is because that is a different timeline , the Ben we know that is with sun and was captured by Rousseau was never shot by Sayid , Ben was taken to the temple and healed as a child but that was on the timeline from the Ben we know, we didn’t get the story on that , just think about the back stories of the candidates how ones like jack changed extremely and ones like Kate not so much and the end result for Kate was the same , Bens island timeline experiences where more like Kate’s but in his real timeline it was not Sayid that shot him , just as with Kate the first time she killed her step farther the other timeline it was someone else , the alternate timeline Ben was shot by Sayid, in his real timeline he was injured by something or someone else .

    • That was confusing to read..

    • @Searcher
      If Richard meant the pool, why would he even tell this to Kate and Sawyer? They didn’t know what he was going to do or where he would take Ben Linus. I watched the interview with the creator and he said everything that happened on the island really did happen. Also the show proved they time traveled because Richard came to see John Locke when he was born. He asked him about the compass when he was a small boy, Sawyer told Richard he knew about the old man who marched into the camp and said he was their leader. Ellie told Jack and Kate her son came to her when she was 17. And Faraday said to his mum she knew all along what was going to happen to him. Charlotte told Faraday he was the scary man who told her never to return to the island. Ellie told Widmore he could never tell her about sacrifices.

      About Ben’s innocence yea he was a kid, that is why Kate and Juliet wanted to save him! My question is why Richard said he would LOOSE his innocence once they handed him over? Ben told Sun the temple was where they brought him when he was a little boy. He didn’t remember any of what happened as to how he got there, just whatever they told him. Now I understand why Sayid said he didn’t feel regret when he tortured adult Ben in the hatch. He had already shot him thirty years earlier.

      After the implosion they built the hatch and Desmond had to press the button. Was it after the implosion that the mother’s could not go to full term. Ethan was the last to be born there and Horace said they usually sent the mothers back to give birth off the island. However, nothing happened to Ethan or his mum.

      Okay I will stop rambling now. I love the show, not all the parts but most parts, mysteries, ambiguity.

  22. It comes as no surprise that a number of LOST-fans feel cheated after watching the season finale. I could tell already during the third and fourth season that this would be the case. During LOST, it seemed like the writers just let themselves go crazy with introducing new “what the h*ll”-moments, and spent too little time thinking about how all of this should be wrapped up in the end. And behold, that’s what happened; still a number of unexplained questions.

    • I understand that some viewers feel cheated. But to me they wrapped up my favorite series of all time in the best possible way. I never expected as a viewer that they would explain every little mystery. They explained all the big mysteries, so IMO they did a great job. Of course it was never possible to be satisfying for every LOST-fan around the globe.

      And I am sure if you would ask your important unanswered questions to a die-hard-lost fan, they would be able to explain most of your questions.

    • 4 years removed and it still cooks my noodle to hear people complain about the writing of this show. To those that have “questions” re-watch. I’ve seen the series 3 times through and you’ll be amazed at the level of detail and thought that the writers did put in. If you simply pay attention it’s all there. I’ve yet to come across a question that that wasn’t CLEARLY answered within the constructs of the show.

      Lost was and will remain a masterpiece. It broke the mold of mundane television that mostly treats it’s viewers like complete morons. It people want there answers hand fed to them in a horrible mess then I suggest watching Neo’s conversation with the Architect in the Matrix over and over again. (Don’t get me wrong… I still like the movies… but that was ridiculous).

      Lost challenged us to pay attention to the clues, the hints, the relationships, the subtleties in the acting… the expressions, the way lines were delivered.

      One such instance is the inexplicable confusion of what happens to those that escape the island/don’t die… but we see them in the church scene. There are many things that happen that explain this thoroughly. One being when Kate finally “comes too” in the flash sideways and sees Jack for the first time in a very very long time (now that she remembers). She says to him, “I’ve missed you so much”. The look on her face reads of a person that was forced to spend the rest of her life without someone she loved so dearly and is now remembering that life. It’s a painful moment, yet still a glad one, for the viewer we realize the tragedy and heartache it must have been to have to continue without Jack. Leaving him to die on the island, we see them say goodbye for the last time after defeating the smoke monster, that’s the last time Kate has seen Jack until this moment. It’s moments like this that explain to us the time that has passed. When she says “missed” she is refereeing to missing him for the rest of her life after the events of the island. That alone (among dozens of other moments) tells us clearly that her, Sawyer, and the lot that escaped and/or stayed (Rose, Bernard, Ben, Hurley…) carried on their lives after Jack saves the world.

      I can say these things with such conviction because I’ve been proven right time and again by the show runners themselves. There has been multiple interviews/videos/books where the writers clearly state their intentions and thoughts… all of which that many of us were able to put together using the pieces we were given.

      Lost didn’t tell us… Lost showed us and I’m thankful for that experience. It was so much fun.

      To this day… I’ve still yet to come across a question that wasn’t answered within the constructs of what we saw on the show.

      I’m not alone in this… nor do I feel I’m smarter than anyone else. I obsessively watched the show… which was helpful. I’d just like to stand up for the writers and others involved with the show that spent countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears… working tirelessly to produce an incredible experience for the world. In sickens me to think that there are people out there that are so small minded and ignorant that assume the writers didn’t put forth effort or know what they were doing. It’s idiotic. Yes, there was some scrambling in season three… and it’s the nature of any show to adjust course along the way… it’s not like all 6 seasons were written before hand… that’s not how this works people. Still in the end they completed the story exactly the way they had planned to.

      I suggest a re-watch… it’s quite incredible.

      • Your comment gave me goosebumps. Always nice to read comments of people who love the show as much as I do..

        I’m re-rewatching now with a friend who hasn’t seen seasons 5 & 6..
        Next episode: 5×12 Dead is Dead

  23. Any show that requires this much thought & room for interpretation was not a well written one. My opinion is the success of a show is never known until it airs. Then the writers have started traveling down a path that they may not be able to write their way out of….. OR are trying to stretch it out by making it more confusing and complex than it was ever meant to be thus leading to inconsistencies.

    • So you would prefer a show where the writers see us like little children who need to be fed every answer without having to think?

  24. IMO the magic of Lost is that even after watching every episode. It’s possible for every viewer to have a different opinion about some mysteries. Every viewer can choose how they interpret the fantastic story that is LOST.

    • Heisenberg- totally agree, Stevie –Nick, lost is something most ppl weren’t prepared for the writers brought it, and if you didn’t have your big boy pants on then be sure and blame someone else , confusing , complex, what the h*ll moments , dang right that’s what I’m talking about . Like Heisenberg said if you have an important unanswered question just ask I’m sure someone will help, figuring it all out is part of the fun then seeing the big picture is just as cool . PS you got to concentrate concentrate. Or maybe that’s just me I think my brain blew a gasket a long time ago, but it was fun.

      • It sure was fun! I am watching for the 3rd time now and it still is a lot of fun! It’s amazing how they can still mislead me sometimes with twists and turns, even though I have seen it all 2 times before! :p

        “Back to the Future,” man. We came back in time to the island and changed stuff. So if little Ben dies, he’ll never grow up to be big Ben, who’s the one who made us come back here in the first place. Which means we can’t be here. And therefore, dude? We don’t exist. – Hurley

  25. t—– – are we supposed to believe they escaped the island and lived out there lives just because you say so, I offered explanations keeping it in the context of the show why they did not, do you really think that in these interviews/videos they are going to give out there secrets, these things I have been talking about have you read them in a book, we’ll let me narrow it down to one thing just the FACT that sun was on an alternate timeline and the rest of them went forward to the same place which means everything they did was on an alternate which in turn means it was about learning what to do without Jacob telling them , did you read this in a book apparently not , makes me wonder what else these books missed .

    • Searcher… what the heck are you talking about – you’re not making any sense – for one, there was no alternate timeline (as you’ll understand in the link below)… there is life (everything we witness that happens outside of the flash sideways and the afterlife (the flash sideways) preluding them transcending to whatever comes after that. THERE WAS NO ALTERNATE TIMELINE. We’re led to believe there is in order for the big reveal at the end, but we find out in the finale that really the flash sideways is like a holding cell for those that have died to find one another and “move on” if one so chooses to. And no, not because I said so, because it’s what happened (watch the link). Yes, Sawyer, Kate… the others on the plane… Ben, Hugo, Rose, Bernard, Desmond, Penny… anyone you don’t see die during the show continue on after Jack passes away in the forest. This is FACT. Not only is it explained dozens of times in the show… it is explained in the six minute epilogue “The New Man in Charge” and it is also explained by Damon himself. I don’t understand how this can be misinterpreted. Jack watches the plane fly away for goodness sake. Christian Shepard “there is no time here” which means we can’t be hung up on the concept of time as we understand it.

      DAMON EXPLAINS BASICALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW (go ahead and skip to the 7 minute mark if you’d like) … Right from the horses mouth… even though he didn’t need to explain it … those of us that were paying attention understood.

      • t-I have seen it and there is nothing at the 7 min mark that has anything to do with what I am talking about, for some reason you keep implying that I am thinking they are dead, that is something I have never said, but I have stated that you cannot die here, you know these guys in these videos are limited on what they can say, even on that one when he talks of the sideways he says I’m not going to talk about what our intentions is, the things that happen in the show should speak for its self , and that is what you are getting away from , yes jack sees the plane fly over but if you know lost then you know that plane is going nowhere the island was back up and running the island stays 31 min in the past that’s why it cannot be seen there is one coordinates in and out if you know lost then you know this is not a Jacob thing , who comes and goes is a Jacob thing , I can already tell that these differences we have can only be resolved one step at a time , so now you tell me how it flew away .

        • t- Good reason the show should just speak for itself playing video war will solve nothing.

  26. i have been reading an interview to the showrunners, and it clearly explained why Jacob allowed the purge. at the beginning i was thinking that it was due to the fact that he did not want to get involved, but according to the interview, Jacob allowed the purge because the DHARMA initiative was getting closer to discover the properties of the island.

    “In terms of what Jacob allowed, what he didn’t allow, what The Others did of their own volition, with Ben basically saying “This came down from Jacob” is all in the area that is subject to interpretation purposely. What our intention was is that there is a repeating vicious cycle that seems to happen on this island, where people come to the island, they try to figure out what makes the island work, and the closer they came leads them to their own inevitable demise.”
    Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/exclusive-interview-lost-producers-damon-lindelof-and-carlton-cuse-talk-across-the-sea#LXxs4X0h1khtfQrX.99

  27. In regards to the statue i think the idea about it being linked to the baby drama is correct asThet hing the statue is holding is the ank which is the egyption symbol of life therefore the statue is something to do with the baby drama and possibly when it was destroyed that was when they started having trouble with people giving birth on the island

  28. In regards to the statue i think the idea about it being linked to the baby drama is correct asThet hing the statue is holding is the ank which is the egyption symbol of life therefore the statue is something to do with the baby drama and possibly when it was destroyed that was when they started having trouble with people giving birth on the island

    • the statue was destroyed when the black rock collided with her in 1867. The baby Dharma, was due to the incident, the electromagnetic energy released after the incident caused that the women couldn’t give birth to their babies any more.

  29. I have a few questions. Please feel free to help me..

    - How did the losties who got stuck in the seventies managed to get back to the right time..? (the bomb did not explode/ so was it the dead of Jacob? Or the drilling by Dharma? or what?)

    - Why is MIB stuck in Locke’s body in season 6? (Illana says he cant appear as another dead guy anymore)

    Thx in advance!!

    • Henry Gale,

      Very honestly i think it could be any of both reasons, and i think it is something the writers would let to personal interpretation.

      in regards, to MIB stuck in John Locke body, i think it is because, he found a real corpse in the island, the body of John Locke (Christian Shepperd body never were really found)and he choose that body because it was useful for him. in Collen funeral (season 3) they burnt her body, and that custom makes me think that they did so, in order to avoid that kind of situations coming to MIB.

      • I know why MIB used the body of Locke. It just wasn’t very clear to me why he got stuck in Locke’s body. Illana says he can’t take the form of other dead guys anymore.. Although he was seen as Christian Shepherd early in the season..