‘Lost’ Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

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lost header Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

[Update: We’ve added even more Lost explanations!]

If you’ve visited our Lost series finale review and discussion, you know that opinion is sharply divided over how one of the biggest TV shows of the last decade came to a close.

Some people thought the ending couldn’t have been any sweeter, while others are either frustrated or disappointed with how Lost ultimately wrapped.

However, there are those out there who are currently feeling confused about how Lost came to a close and ‘what it all meant.’ So to help these (snicker) lost souls out, we thought we’d at least try and offer some quick explanations of some of the lingering questions. Hopefully it helps and doesn’t just further confuse.

It must be noted that unlike sites like Lostpedia, I haven’t done years and years of research on this. I’m just a moderate Lost fan who happens to have a good mind for literary analysis. So here goes nothing. And in case you haven’t guessed already:




I don’t know why people are having trouble understanding this, as it is CLEARLY explained in the final minutes of the finale episode by Christian Shephard (Jack’s dad). The original Oceanic 815 plane crash happened. Everything on the Island through seasons 1-6 happened. The “flash sideways” universe introduced in season 6 was a sort of stop-over point between life and afterlife (referred to here as the “purgatory universe”).

Lost The Last Supper image 3 Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Each person in this “purgatory universe” created a reality for themselves based on their lingering issues in life – that which they could not “let go” of. For Jack it was Daddy issues; Kate, the guilt of murder; Sawyer, the quest to find “Sawyer” and be a better man; Sayid, the unrequited love of Nadia; Charlie, looking for something “real” in his hollow life of fame, etc…

Everyone was still attached to their Earthly concerns (we’re getting very Buddhist here, bear with me) – but when they made contact with those people they’d met on the Island, they remembered the journey and growth they had experienced because of the Island, and could finally understand the connections and “purpose” brought into their damaged lives by being there. With that greater understanding of themselves, they were each ready to “leave” or “move on” to the next phase of existence – i.e., the true afterlife.


Some people are convinced the final image during the end credits of the Lost finale was the “clue” to the characters being dead the whole time. OK, let’s think about this: The image appears during the closing credits, after the final appearance of the “LOST” logo. That means that the story had officially ended. Saying that the biggest reveal came while the end credits were rolling is like saying a movie’s climax happens during the end credits. Not bloody likely.

The image of the plane crash (if you look closely) has memorabilia from the Lostie’s time on the beach where they first made camp. Shacks, towels, etc… it was one part nostalgia (remember where it all began?) and also one part commentary on the circular nature of the Island.

Like the Black Rock ship that brought Richard to the Island (“Ab Aeterno“), or the downed plane with the heroin that had Mr. Ecko’s brother’s corpse inside of it (“The 23rd Psalm“), the remains of Oceanic 815 and the evidence of a small community built on the beach are just more monuments of the Island. The next time somebody crashes there, they’ll see that stuff and wonder what the “mystery” behind it is…

Then they’ll whine and complain about how unsatisfying the answer is. (“What? That’s how that mystical guy “Hurley” came to the Island? LAME.”)


lost desmond hume Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

One of the biggest things people seem to be questioning is how Desmond was able to “wake up” from the purgatory universe and how he had the know-how to “wake up” the other Losties. For that answer, you really just have to look back over the history of Desmond.

Desmond (specifically through his connection to Penny Widmore) is a sort of “constant” in the show. No matter what happens, when, or where, Desmond seems somehow immune to the Island’s energy (which has electromagnetic properties) and has a sort of awareness that can transcend space and time (his consciousness shifts seen in episodes like “The Constant“). These “shifts” and Widmore’s explanation that Desmond is special because of his resistance to the Island’s energies, imply that Desmond would even be able to “shift” his consciousness back and forth between this universe and the purgatory one, catalyzed by Widmore’s team placing him in that huge electromagnetic machine in the season six episode, “Happily Ever After“.

So, it does stand to reason (at least Lost reasoning) that Desmond – after having his consciousness “shifted” to the purgatory reality – would “wake up” after encountering HIS constant, Penny. It’s another fast and loose metaphysical explanation, but one that (for me) still works within the framework of the show.


Lost Top 25 Moments Jacob and Man in Black conversation Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Over the course of the show people have wondered about the mythology of the Island – where it came from, what it is and what are the “rules” that govern it and its mystical protectors? Admittedly, this is an area where the showrunners played things fast and loose, hoping that the momentum of the characters’ story arcs and the whole “good vs. evil” showdown would be enough to appease most fans. Alas, not so.

Season six of Lost did a great deal to semi-explain what the island was – a sort of container for a very important energy that seemingly links this world with worlds beyond… or something. That energy is represented by light and water, and if that light goes out and the water stops flowing, the world is basically screwed. Everything magical or fantastic about the Island stems from this energy, and many of the technological oddities found on the Island (the Swan Station from season 2) are a result of the Dharma Initiative trying to harness and control that energy (i.e., man trying to bend magic and mysticism to the will of modern science).

lost dharma initiative stations 570x532 Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

However, there are some things that were definitely left unexplained: Why did the Man In Black become a smoke monster when he was exposed to the light (was it a manifestation of his corrupted soul)?; What is the nature of the “rules” that governed certain aspects of the Island – who could come and go, who could kill who, who was healed from injury (Locke, Rose), who lived forever (Richard). How were these rules established and maintained?

The Jacob/MIB origin episode, “Across The Sea”, attempted to fill in that aspect of the Island mythology, but what we came away with were a lot of vague pseudo-explanations. The protector of the Island basically makes up the rules and once those rules are established they are set until somebody (a new protector?) changes them. This is the reason why the MIB was obsessed with “finding a loophole” in order to kill Jacob; it’s also why Jack was ultimately able to kill the MIB. Smokey was connected to the energy source, and when Jack had Desmond “turn off” that energy, Smokey lost his powers and was merely flesh and blood again.

lost smoke monster cerberus esau Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Makes sense…doesn’t it?


One of the earliest sub-plots of the Lost mythos was the notion that pregnant women died on the Island before they could successfully give birth. This was especially important during season one, back when Claire was pregnant with Aaron and got kidnapped and experimented on by Ethan, a memeber of The Others (“Raised by Another” & “Homecoming“). Of course we now know that Ethan was likely working with baby-doctor Juliet to help Claire – that is before Charlie killed Ethan (oops!) – and that Aaron was likely born on the Island without incident because Claire was already far enough along in her pregnancy before coming to the Island (just like Jacob and the Man In Black’s mother).

However, the pregnancy issue popped up again in season 3 when Sun learned that she was pregnant (“The Glass Ballerina” & “D.O.C.” ) and was a the prominent focus of Juliet’s flashback arch (“One of Us“). So whatever happened to the mystery of the baby mama drama?

lost Sun Juliet Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

Simple answer? Story developments made the issue a moot point in later seasons. Aaron was born fine, Sun eventually gave birth OFF the Island and Juliet died, even after she had no more pregnant patients to tend to. So really, when you think about it, there was no more of this story left to tell.

But does that excuse the fact that we never found out why pregnant women were dying on the Island? It might be bugging you, but I’m chalking this one up to being another random “rule of the Island.” Or maybe electromagnetic mystical lights just aren’t good for fetuses. Either way.


lost the statue Lost Finale Explained: Answering the Unanswered Questions

This is one Lost mystery I don’t really need answered. Who built the statue, why they built it and what did represent are all things you can probably find out with some historical research on ancient cultures. People who have done the research claim the statue represents a goddess or fertility or something along those lines, linking the broken statue with the Island’s baby mama drama. Personally, I can neither confirm or deny the historical relevance of the statue -  if you’re curious, you should do the research.

As for the relevance of the statue to the Lost mythos: to me was evidence that the Island had been around for a long, long, time, and that people had been coming to it throughout history. So basically, it was a way to let viewers know, “This place plays a pivotal role in mankind’s existence.

I’m not trying to look much deeper than that.

Continue to Lost contradictions and missing characters…

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  1. All I have to say is BOO-YA!!!

    • My wife just finished watching this show today, the world of TiVo, and she said she liked it. I watched this show intermitantly with her and I never liked it. I found it to be, over acted and silly, but that is just my 2 cents. All I have got to say is that I have my wife back on Sunday’s so that we can go enjoy ourselves instaed of watching silliness

    • Where are the black people? Did the father and son not go to heaven? What happen? They were a major part of the plot at one time. Are we to assume something by them not being in heaven or in the church??? Any thoughts?

      • Bill…I thought about this as well, the only conclusion that I could come up with was this: During Michael’s time on the island he was obsessed with two things, his son, and getting off the island. He came back and under the direction of Christian (MIB) and destroyed the freighter, and as we saw in season 6, his spirit was used to trick Hurley and the others into going with Locke(MIB). My thought was that his soul/spirit went in another direction as it appeared that he never sought forgiveness from the group. Walt, may have still been within the living and in which case, didn’t join them at the church. Just my thoughts!

        • I got one question in season 6 in the end when Kate the pilot and the rest of the people leave the island the airplane jack saw was it theirs or he was seeing the one that he was in. In addition to that were did Kate and the rest of the people go.

          • They went home. It was never clearly stated or shown that they landed back in LA but that is where Kate,Miles and Lapideus are from. If you recall in the series finale Christian, Jack’s father says to Jack that everything that happened on the island happened and that some people died before Jack and that some had died long after Jack died. So it was alluded to those on the plane-Kate,Claire,Sawyer,Miles etc. died after but we are never informed when exactly each person died (the year) or how they(Kate, Sawyer,Claire etc.)die but they plane does take off and makes it up in the air. That is what we are shown in the finale.

          • They landed in LAX, lived and died at some point in their lives. Kate, Sawyer meet others in the church and move on in their afterlife. If you remember Christian Shepherd says there is no now here in the finale. I hope this makes it clear.

        • I thought Michaels spirit was stuck on the island (which would explain him not being in the church) because of what he did to Ana Lucia and Libby? I didn’t think that was a trick at all.. otherwise why would he have told Hurley if Libby did come to visit him to tell her he was truly sorry?

          • You are correct. Micheal’s spirit is stuck on the island(because he has not come to terms with what he did(killing) Libby and Ana Lucia etc.) To further that, Micheal’s spirit appears to Hurley while they are on the island,after Micheal was blown up from the freighter explosion, he later states to Hurley what the whispers are that the Losties often heard on the island. The whispers are the trapped souls that died while on the island who have not come to terms with themselves/their situation etc., and therefore;can’t be laid to rest. So that is why Micheal is not at the church. I know you did not mention Ben, but that is the reason why Ben does not go in the church to reunite with the others. He is not over his issues yet and must resolve them.

      • I totally wondered about this myself…I said to my boyfriend “hey wait, where are all the black people?” I think the only one who made it to the church was Rose. I get Walt’s age being an issue I suppose (although the dropping of his storyline is rather disappointing), but I think Michael and Eko are glaring oversights.

        • Michael never made peace with himself and what he had done by killing Libby and Ana Lucia, and Mr. Eko felt he did nothing wrong by killing all those people, the crimes he commited etc. He says it to the MIB who is portraying the image of Mr. Eko’s dead brother, that he is NOT sorry for what he had done because he did what he had to do to survive. I believe that is why we do not see either Michael or Mr. Eko at the church. It was not intended to exclude black people, as we do see Rose at the church. I guess I thought that was understood but everyone sees things differently I suppose.

      • Michael died he was on the freighter when it blew up to save everyone and he stayed on the Island forever being those people who whisper when the Mib is coming and his son lived when they got off the island he lived with his grandma.

  2. I’m still confused on Walt’s “special gifts” and if I just missed that explanation all together? To me he seemed like he was special and the Others captured him because of this and to manipulate Michael, etc. But was he actually special or just another kid? And if so, what was his gift? (In one of his flashbacks he is in his house with his mother and the bird dies outside the window…)

    • They abandoned that storyline when the actor who played Walt hit puberty and started sprouting like a weed. So we’ll never know. Just a case of life getting in the way of art, I’m afraid.

      Maybe a LOST spinoff about Walt? Any takers?

      • There’s obviously going to be a spin-off. Walt and his special abilities will be key to the plot. Michael will be the whisper. The overall story will be of Linus, the Island’s “rules”. If this does not happen I will be very surprised!

    • I do think Walt was special and we saw this at times when he “astral projected.” But I also agree that he was abandoned because he grew like 52 feet in 1 year.

    • Walt has psychic abilites: One being astral projection-Remember when Ms. Clue, (one of the Others who is testing Walt) she mentions to Michael when he comes looking for Walt(after Ben has been released),she states to Michael: Has Walt ever appeared in places he is not supposed to be -i.e. recall how he was keeps appearing to Shannon on the island where the losties are located even though he is NOT technically there but rather he is captured and staying with the others? He is using astral projection. Walt has anger issues, issues of abandonment and does not know how to control them-recall when he makes the bird crash into the window because his step father is not paying attention to Walt showing him the bird in the book? That is another psychic ability known as telekinesis:the ability to move objects with ones mind.

  3. Well done!

  4. I would like to point out that Desmond on the island kept talking about getting to somewhere “amazing” and it was probably him seeing so far into the future that he saw them at the church or in heaven.

    I think jack said it best, “whats done is done” everything actually happened as they showed it. theres no “alternative”

    • Absolutely agree about Desmond seeing the church and “heaven” at the end. Remember…he always saw the future and what was going to happen…IE: Charlie’s death, etc.

  5. i can understand the bomb/timeline thing. apparently, the LOST universe exists in a GRANDFATHER PARADOX time line. when the bomb went off, it destroyed the possibility of OCEANIC FLIGHT 815 from ever crashing onto the island, making it impossible for the LOSTIES to travel back in time and detonate the bomb, hence it never happened to begin with and they continued back on their timeline

  6. Actually, the Incident conundrum is one of the few things that can be explained. I just assume that the Incident was always the bomb going off. Simple as that…I guess.

    • I WAS thinking that the bomb going off was the split in time that caused the death of everyone involved. The rest of the season was just the dead people coming to grips with their death. The problem with that theory is the bomb actually exploded 30 years before. So again all should be reset back to normal. My head hurts. I couldn’t sleep last night trying to figure it out. I guess I shouldn’t try so hard to put a meaning to it and just accept it as damn good entertainment.

    • Yeh, that was what i thought also.

      If we go back to season 2, we see the poorly/rushed constructed concrete barrier (similar to that constructed arround Chernobyl) which is investigated by Sayid, and the button/timer was added to help vent the build up of energy created by the bomb disrupting the natural barrier.

  7. So when the bomb went off at the end of season five, the island didn’t sink, they just went to the island present i guess..

  8. Locke told Jack that he never had a son when they were in the hospital room, after the surgery, in purgatory world. What does that mean?! Why was the kid in it then?

    • The kid and Christian were just manifestations of his dead psyche, or something…

    • They were manifestations of what Jack was unable to “let go of” in life: namely the issue of fatherhood – how he related to his father and his fear that he would be a poor father to his son.

      Jack was still trying to “fix himself” and be a better man.

  9. One thing that I wish had been explained is just what the Island is. If Lost was all about the characters, I say that the Island was as much a character on the show as the USS Enterprise was in Star Trek.


    • They used to cork metaphor to “explain it.”

      Basically the island is a land mass sitting atop a massive mystical energy source, which effects it in weird ways.

      • Ah. The Island is a cork.

        Well, I’m glad that’s been clarified.



    • I totally agree. I still do not understand what the Island was, exactly. It housed this energy but what is the energy, I needed a more concrete answer on that end.

      • No, I think you misunderstood. I didn’t realize it until Kofi pointed it out, the island WAS the cork and sat on top of the energy.

        • Vic means he wants a DEFINITE explanation of what the energy and the island are EXACTLY, not a pseudo explanation wrapped in a metaphor.

          I agree Vic thats the only thing that still bothers me

          Also the ending was too nice. I wanted tragedy.

          Still loved the finale and the series as a whole

    • The Island was the Enlightenment.

  10. Well said, Kofi. You are a man of true words.

    It is a brilliantly ambiguous ending, yet it is clear as day. They’ve just given people the opportunity to perceive it in their own way, much like the afterlife has been debated for centuries.

    The need to have a clear-cut answer is proof of a person that simply did not understand the purpose of the show. Sometimes I like to be treated as an adult by my entertainment.

    • I see that they wanted to leave lots of things open to interpretation. What the light is, is something we can all figure out for ourselves.
      What bothers me most is that suddenly they throw this ‘let it go’ idea at us, and those who still have some lingering conflicts/confusions are told that asking questions shows that we didn’t get the final message about letting go and moving on.

      To me, that is treating the audience more like a child than anything else I’ve ever seen on television. Its as if they’ve said ‘let it go’ to mean ‘we know best’ the way a parent refuses to explain the whys of things to a child.

    • I agree with the idea of leaving that much to personal interpretation, in terms of what the island is and, for that matter, what the light in the cave means.

      However, here is one interpretation; the light, as the show is eluded to, is light that is somehow connected beyond the realm of the island. the island is the wall (cork) that impedes the evil (black smoke) from leaving and wreaking havoc. So what I can come up with is that the light is the very light that connects every creature. It is energy that resembles that which rests in each of us, in each living organism; our souls. Destroying it on the island, or shutting it off would mean there would be consequential effects in reality (parallel universe). This ultimately ties in to light vs. dark (jacob vs. MIB) and what their motives are. The island therefore can be interpreted in one way as a continuously changing platform for souls that have not accepted their fates and use the island as a medium to interpret important events that occured in their lives in order to create a story on the island that will assist them in coming to terms with their “sins”. And thus, that is how in Lost, these characters’ stories are intertwined, both on the island, off the island and in the parallel timeline.

      That’s my rant, it probably has mad amounts of loopholes lol

  11. Ok…. here we go:
    Each person in this “purgatory universe” created a reality for themselves based on their lingering issues in life.

    Who is Each person? Each person that came to the Island? Each person that was selected as candidates? Each person that died on this Island? When did these “Each Persons” die?

    How could Kate not let go of the guilt of murder? I dont think she OR Sawyer was ever remorseful or let go of what they did. Kate killing her father and Sawyer killing Lockes father.

    So while I agree with your not dead all of the time I have issues with murderers being let go without any punishment. ;)

    Crashed plane… I concur how could there be “stuff” there if they were dead the whole time?

    Desmond answer…. acceptable… ;)

    The Rules..My thoughts also. However if MIB wanted to leave WHY couldn’t he? Ben, Locke and Widmore did. I think the rules are more of a guideline… The less people know about the whereabouts etc of the Island the less chance of it becoming corrupted. Hurley if he wanted could have turned it into an amusement park if he protected it enough. :D

    In the end, I think the showrunners went for an “It is what it is,” approach. Which make a lot of people feel lied to and cheated out. Questions like Why was Billys hair color blue in one scene then two weeks late a different color can be passed over… however something that was hammered into the audience… oh I dont know like “RULES” then not really have them explained… Sloppy.

    I almost skipped the “Black People” section til I read this: unlike the other passengers, who still had to come to peace with themselves and their deaths. Which then asks when did they die for them to come to peace with themselves? When did they come to peace with themselves (Sawyer and Kate as exampled above)

    People are still asking about the Polar bears? A GREAT explanation. One of the only few “mysteries” (IMO) that was solved.

    The numbers… Since they go as high as 222 even in your screen cap, how were they derived? 222 is crossed out and before any of our losties. When were the numbers assigned names? What happened to the other names? Did they make it to the Island only to be killed by Desmond? See what I did there? ;)

    I agree with Ben making a deal with the devil and exacting revenge.

    The Dharma initiative made up a lot of the numbers on the wall. Who is to say Ben was not being tricked to follow MIB instead of Jacob? Since no one else could kill the Candidates but someone else Ben was perfect for the job.

    I would not like to get started on the bomb and time travel I moderated a LOST forum until the last 2 weeks as it got shut down. To much traffic….

    Anyway I look forward to any type of response. I was doing this betwen wrokouts so I may need to clarify some things.

    • I don’t think Ben made a deal with the Devil… I mean, not until he killed Widmore anyway. But think about this, Ben had a list of people to be brought to him in what… season 2? That list was no doubt given to him by Richard right? Richard definitely spoke to Jacob AND the people from the tail section were on Ben’s list as well and became a part of Richard’s Others and were taken to the temple remember? We know this because the flight attendant from the 815 plane crash was at the temple.

      So, my point is that Ben definitely had it in with the good folks the whole time, he just didn’t have a direct line to Jacob as we all know.

      Does that make sense?

    • I got one question in season 6 in the end when Kate the pilot and the rest of the people leave the island the airplane jack saw was it theirs or he was seeing the one that he was in. In addition to that were did Kate and the rest of the people go. thank u

  12. I thought that the bomb going off was “The Incident” that was mentioned in the Dharma Initative tapes in the Hatch. The Candidates didn’t die because the Island didn’t want them to. And it’s been awhile since I watched that episode, but my recollection is that it was the catalyst for the final time jump that brought them back to present day.

    • Good point… however, what about all those shots of the island under water in the episode right after the bomb went off?

      • well for one, i think it’s something the bastard writers did just to throw us off.
        otherwise, i can’t think of a plausible explanation.

        • I dont think the whole Island was underwater, if you watch the last episode, we see huge parts of the island fall into the sea. I think we are just being shown the bits that fell into the sea while the cork was removed in the finale.

          • Actually, during those shots of the island being underwater, you also see the houses in which Ben, Juliet, Ethan (bla bla bla) lived. And I dont think they were near the cliffs that were falling into the sea during that last episode

      • I’m soo late but if anyone is interested that was a scene that was either preceded or followed by (not sure which) the very first scene of purgatory .. which was a kind of like alternate reality in which the island was below water?

  13. Please give me your views on why the island women died if they were pregnant. The others were also obsessed with Claire and her pregnancy. And Juliet was brought to the island to help solve this problem. And didn’t Juliet get marked at some time, as a sort of punishment? Why? What for?

    Also, the giant statute. What was that about? Jacob’s ‘mother’ spoke Latin, correct? Is the statue a remnant from an even earlier group of people, or protector? And if so, why not
    just say so? A passing comment from anyone (in the past) as they walked past the statue would have sufficed. Same goes for the temple.

    A mythology was created here, and in the context of that mythology, questions arose, many of which could have been answered, and thereby would have enhanced the final year of the show. People who enjoyed the romantic elements of the show and the emotional-mystical-spiritual entanglements prob. liked the show more than those viewers who saw this thing as a huge mystery, with lots of ‘clues,’ many of which now appear to be nothing but dead-ends.

  14. I have one probably very stupid question: when did everyone die? All at the same time? Or one after another (even after leaving the island or being the guardian and still the ALT is in the same time frame for everyone?
    When did Hugo and Kate and Sawyer die? Given they all appear in the ALT, does it mean that they also hadn’t come to terms in spite of all the tests on the island and Hugo becoming the guardian?

    This makes the whole island episode somewhat pointless for them, right? Didn’t they take anything away from being on the island?

    • I did not get when they died either-in the finale some of them went off in the plane, what happened to it? and then Jack died on the island. And why was the baby Aaron in heaven with Claire as a baby? She could not have died on the plane originally, as she had not given birth yet? Is the idea that they died during the first crash, or in the finale-rather confusing to say the least, and disappointing from my point of view.

    • everyone died at different points on the island. remember, Boone and Shannon were there and they died pretty early in the series and then jack, kate and gang were there. Jack’s father said that “time didn’t really exist there” so everybody dying would seem to happen all at once. but for all we know, hurley and beb could have protected the island for another 2000 years.

  15. Further issues: There was never a satisfactory explanation of where the Temple and Statue came from, or who founded the Dharma initiative. I started watching this show at the end of season 2 when the giant foot appeared, and they never really said who built it. Why did I waste so much time???

    • Agreed, I would definitely like to have known if Egyptian civilization started on the island or if egyptians migrated to the island at some point.

  16. Wasn’t that just Jacks alternative life? Him trying to go on with a life with meaning? He died. The life with a son never truly existed?

  17. Okay….GREAT EXPLANATIONS! That DEFINITELY cleared some lingering questions for me… I guess then that the last question I would have is if “everything that happened happened” in real time (save for the “purgatory reality” or whatever it’s called) what was up w/ Jack seeing the plane at the very end??? Just an homage to how things came full circle on the island or something? It wasn’t their plane?

    • I thought it was the plane that Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Frank, Miles, etc were on…

      • That’s right!! How did I forget about that?? Thank you!

    • Jack saw the plane at the end so that we would know that kate, sawyer etc got off the island in the end. Thats why he smiled because he knew that they were now safe. Throughout the whole 6 series all he has done is try to “save” them. His mission was finally accomplished.

  18. OH and overall for the show from day one till the final credits. I posted this in another place:

    Entertained? Yes the ride was wonderful. However its like riding on the greatest ever made roller coaster then at the very end smashing into a brick wall and going splat.

    You have to ask was the end of the ride worth the ride itself…. nope……

    • I wish they would do another ending.

    • In other words, like having sex without the orgasm at the end :)

  19. All I can say is…someone needs to write a “Lost Explained” book!!! (and maybe get with Damon and Carlton about some of the issues left dangling)

  20. Hold on a sec. the bomb must have split time like a wave that deminished in a short time or bounced back canceling itself out.

    The alternate time line had people in it that was on the plane as it left the island in the end. So if those people was alive on the plane, they really wasn’t in the alternate time line.

    Perhaps it was Julias thoughts that shaped this alternate time line as she was at the source of the energy when the bomb went off.

    This was one screwed up story but it had the right title, for the viewers was always.. LOST.

    I think BSG ended it’s show the best way. :)

    • i think the purpose of the bomb was to propel our losties to 2007 because they were in 1977 remember? As far as the plane goes, i think it was just a starting point for our purgatory time line.

  21. i liked this article.
    will suggest it to my fellow lostfans!!!!

  22. Season finale = I want those hours of my life back because the finale was definately NOT worth watching. Very disapponting in my opinion. I was expecting the producers/script-writers to come up with something that would answer the question about the island itself!

  23. Also what was the point of never revealing MIB real name?? That really bothered me.

    • I don’t think he was ever given a name. His mother said she only had one name and for some reason “Mother” never named him. She always said, “where is your brother.”

  24. oh yaaaa… the dying pregnant women thing! WTF was up with that???

    • The pregnancy thing? An island “rule” or perhaps having babies in a electromagnetic mystical energy place just ain’t healthy?

      I agree they dropped the ball MAJOR by not explaining THAT.

      • uhm… pregnancy…. let’s see. i think that in order to give birth another life had to have simultaneously have ended. For instance, this would explain why Clair was able to have Aaron because Boone died at or right around the same time.

        But that wouldn’t explain why people were able to have children in Dharmaville, namely Ethan. Unless the explosion of Jughead and the altering of electromagnetic energy had something to do with it but why would electromagnetic energy be a reason why someone had to die at the same time in order for a baby to be born?

  25. Assuming that they are not dead the whole time and the Flash Sideways was a “Purgatory” realm and that they are all dead then, Why did “Purgatory” Jack start bleeding when “real” Jack was stabbed? Also, I’m not gonna say that Jacob was “good” and MIB was “bad”. All MIB wanted was to leave the Island and explore the possibilities, whereas Jacob wanted to stay ignorant to the outside world. Oh, another mystery would be what in God’s name is MIB’s real name… I’m so sick of calling him Smoke Monster or MIB.

  26. By the way… “Me”, Word ~ BSG was DEFINITELY the best series ending. EVER.

  27. yes, very well said, your theories mesh well with the framework of the story.. thanks!

  28. yes, very well said, makes perfect sense now.

  29. There is no ‘time line’. There are an infinite different universes, and each decision we make simply move us from on to the other, like changing lanes on the road.

    Bearing this in mind, there can never be a time paradox. All that happens is a different branch of another universe. Hence there is no future, only destiny!

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