Lost Final Season Premiere Date and Cast Info Announced

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Lost Season 6 header Lost Final Season Premiere Date and Cast Info Announced

The day has come for all us Lost fans when we can start officially marking our calendars for the air date of the season 6 premiere. ABC has announced that the sixth and final season of Lost will kick off on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 with a three-hour event, that is, a one-hour recap show (as per usual) shown at 8:00pm, followed by the two-hour season premiere entitled “LA  X” (the space is intentional, FYI) at 9:00pm-11:00pm.

Moving from last year’s Wednesday night slot, season six of ABC’s hit mystery show will settle in on Tuesdays, mainly because it doesn’t want to compete with ABC’s Wednesday comedy-show lineup (nor did they want to move the successful line-up to another day to make way for Lost). The schedule for later in season 6 is still being worked out, but it’s being purported that the new series V will follow Lost at 10:00pm. If we continue without breaks/hitches, the Lost series finale will air on May 18th, 2010.

So hooray for Lost fans who now have a set start date to look forward to. But on top of that news comes another few pieces of info related to casting and the rumored break-up of the season into two parts. First off, a few of the recurring cast members from previous seasons are now official series regulars (like the rest of the cast, a la Jack, Kate, Sawyer etc). They are: Nestor Carbonell (we’re supposedly gonna’ get a flashback episode for his character of Richard Alpert – finally!); Ken Leung (who plays the wisecrackin’, Miles Straume); Jeff Fahey (who plays the rough and likeable pilot, Frank Lapidus); and Zuleikha Robinson (who plays the mysterious Ajira Airway flight 316 passenger, Illana).

Staying on the casting side of things, it’s also now known that Emilie De Ravin who plays Claire Littleton – a character who was absent for the whole of Season 5 – is now back for the whole of season 6 as a regular. I guess we’ll finally get to know why in season 4 she left her baby, Aaron, in the jungle for Sawyer to find, and was later seen mysteriously in Jacob’s cabin… can’t wait for that explanation! The only piece of disappointing Lost news is the fact that Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume, is NOT listed a regular for season 6 – although we’ll most likely be seeing a fair amount of his character in a recurring role.

lost season 6 header Lost Final Season Premiere Date and Cast Info Announced

However, maybe the best piece of news to come out is that Lost WON’T be taking the rumored mid-season break for the Winter Olympics. We reported on that little stinker at the end of last month but it appears that with the start date of February 2nd, and the Olympics starting on February 12th, it’s just not feasible to interrupt things so soon into season 6.

So there you have it, we now know when one of the best TV shows around (personally I’d say THE best, but that’s just me) will premiere its final season. I’m gonna’ be VERY sad (literally, I’m not joking here…) when Lost is finished: no more mysteries, no more Jack, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, or Hurley; no more baffling and wonderful mysteries to ponder; no more Smoke Monster; no more running through the jungle… I could go on and on.

I’ve put my faith in the writers that they’ll end the show in a way that’s satisfying and feels “right.” They’ve gotten us this far and I’m fully confident they’ll end it as best a show like Lost can be ended. I’m shaking with excitement already icon smile Lost Final Season Premiere Date and Cast Info Announced .

Are you as much of a Lost fan as I am? What do you think of the cast members that have been “promoted” to regulars? Are you glad that the show won’t be taking a break for the Winter Olympics or did that possibility not even bother you?

As stated, the two-hour season 6 premiere of Lost will air Tuesday, February 2nd on ABC at 9:00pm.

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  1. The season won’t end on May 25th. There are going to be 18 episodes so with the two episode premiere and finale the show will end on May 18th. That is the third week in May when shows usually end too.

  2. @Mike,

    You’re right. I forgot to count that episodes 17 & 18 would air on the same date (the finale as one sort of thing). It would, indeed, be May 18th. Error corrected, as you’ll see. Thanks for catching that one.

  3. Lost is the best thing ever. What happen after the big bang ? Can’t wait.

  4. Personally,I don’t think Lost is anywhere near being the best show in television,but that’s just me.

    I liked the first season a lot,season 2 and 3 were relatively weak,imo,but 4 and 5 picked it up quite a bit.

    I’m not too keen on the “apparent” direction that the finale it heading towards,and why the hell are they going into new flashbacks?I can only assume that they will be pivotal to the plot,but I really hope that they go full steam ahead this season,and not have any “filler” episodes.

    I’ve said it in other venues and I’ll say it again here,the finale will either be one of the best ever,or one of the worst ever.

  5. howcome no Desmond, it felt like he’s the missing link in the whole mystery. I totally thought he’s going to come back to the Island. How did he end up on the Island in the first place? I know he was on a race around the world, but is it just a coincidence that he landed on that Island, the Island his future father in low is so desperate to go back to. And what about all what Eloise told him, she made him sound very important. his character just fits the whole energy of LOST

    anyway Desmond or no Desmond, I simply can’t wait, and I’m already worried of the post LOST depression.

  6. I really wish the show won’t take the direction of Jack dying for the salvation of all our sins, and the sins of Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, etc…
    we get that they are all sinners, I can’t remember did Jack ever kill someone on the show?? He did pull the trigger on Lock, but it was unloaded.
    killer or no killer, his desperate need to be the center of attention is enough to make him a sinner (for me)

  7. Real Locke better not F-ing be gone. Personally I think as much as they got almost everything right with Lost, the creators royally f-ed up the best character in Locke. He was best as the mysterious deep woods hunter- macguyver-rambo character. Sticking him in the hatch taited him from that point on. Jack is as interesting as whole weat toast. Sawyer, Locke and Kate are the real troica. I want Locke back in the jungle killing sh)t with his bowie knife

  8. Why did the first 9 episodes of Season 5′s online viewable full-version episodes get removed from places like netflix and abc’s website a few days ago (especially when episode 10 and on are still available??). Is it rerunning on a network somewhere/when??

  9. The thing to remember is LOST was not supposed to run as long as it did. I believe I read where they were prepped for 3 seasons tops.

    ABC saw the cash cow and made them extend it. So essentially you could watch seasons 1, 2 and the final and get all you need. (Im kidding of course with regards to 1,2 and last but not about it originally being only 3 seasons.)

    So a lot of the stuff in between was “fluff” and or added on the fly.

  10. Ken Leung has been a regular since season four, actually. He was mistakenly billed as a guest star in the press releases but was listed among the starring cast in the actual episodes. This is because like Faraday and Charlotte he was originally recurring but made a regular before the season premiered, but too late for them to change the promotional info.

    Both the show and press releases called him one last year, and he ended up appearing in as many episodes as Ben and Locke, and he got a centric, so I’m rather confused as to why you list him among the other promotions…?

  11. Aknot….really, you have no idea what you are talking about. It is true the writers did not know when the show was going to end until after Season 3 but to state that all after Season 2 is “fluff” and “added on the fly” is ridiculous. That is an insult to the writers and shows you haven’t really been watching for awhile.

  12. Not long to go now!

  13. personally that is your opinion and a sh!tty one, This show has been the BIGGEST TELE series in a long long time and hundreds of thousands of people would most certainly agree with me so if you dont have anything good or posotive or a Relevant theory to post just shut up- I must agree with Ben you have no idea what your talking about- Stop insulting this series if you dont like it dont watch and def dont blog about it

  14. cant wait cant wait only 3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!
    How excited is everyone!??

  15. not happy about Juliett . She should be with Sawyer. Kate should be with Jack.

  16. Not happy about Sawyer and Juliett -She should be still on the show!!!!

  17. not happy about Juliett . She should be with Sawyer. Kate should be with Jack.

  18. Not happy about Sawyer and Juliett -She should be still on the show!!!!