Lost’s Final Episode Title Revealed – Will The End Satisfy?

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Lost Season 6 header Losts Final Episode Title Revealed   Will The End Satisfy?

UPDATE: Now that the finale has aired, check out our Lost Series Finale Review and Spoilers and share your thoughts and opinions.

The episode which aired just a couple of days ago entitled ‘Ab Aeterno‘ finally gave us Lost fans the backstory of one of the show’s most mysterious characters, Richard Alpert. In my opinion, that episode ranks up there with the best of the entire show, perhaps only being topped by episodes like ‘The Constant’, ‘Through the Looking Glass’ and ‘Walkabout’.

One of the reasons ‘Ab Aeterno’ was so damn good was because of the answers it provided. I counted at least five definitive answers to some of the show’s biggest and longest standing questions. But more on that in a minute…

Part of the fun between episodes of Lost (at least for me) is reading the title of the next episode and trying to figure out what it could mean (searching for “Ab Aeterno” in Google and finding out it meant “From the beginning of time” made me almost faint with excitement icon razz Losts Final Episode Title Revealed   Will The End Satisfy? ).

Well yesterday, on the official Lost podcast, the title for the series finale episode was revealed. Don’t worry, IT’S NOT IN ANY WAY A SPOILER. You ready for it? Okay, here goes – the title of the series finale of Lost is:

“The End”

That’s right, it’s that simple. I was personally hoping for and expecting “It Only Ends Once,” which is a quote from Jacob in the opening scene of  the season 5 finale, ‘The Incident’. But hey, ‘The End’ works perfectly well, too. It’s obviously not terribly imaginative or creative, but it certainly puts a definitive stamp on the fact that this is the last episode of the show (although there have been rumblings that ABC wants to continue Lost in some form or fashion).

As show writer Carlton Cuse said – “I think we couldn’t probably make a more clear statement as to the fact that we are bringing our story to a close.”

Lost Season 6 The Last Supper promo image2 Losts Final Episode Title Revealed   Will The End Satisfy?

Now that we know series finale title, it’s time to discuss if the show can really satisfy the loyal fans who have stuck with it for six years. The issue most people have is that there are so many mysteries that have been brought up throughout the show that it’s literally impossible for the writers to answer every single thing. It seems strange to me that people can’t just accept that this is a mysterious show set on a mysterious island with frequently mysterious occurrences – and that’s just the way it is.

Now obviously there are mysteries that have to be answered, such as “What is the Smoke Monster? Who are the Adam & Eve skeletons? What are the ultimate destinies of these characters?” But as Lindelof has said, if it’s not important to the characters themselves, then it’s not important.

I’m sure this will frustrate and even infuriate some fans of the show (or those who are constantly waiting in the wings to bash the fact that the show raises more questions than it answers), but with only 8 episodes left (that’s counting the two-hour finale as one episode) can you really see it being any other way?

The big things will be answered but don’t count on, for example, finding out who The Economist really was, or whose glass eye was found in The Arrow station by the Talies back in season 2. At this point, do those minute details really matter?

lost alpert locke Losts Final Episode Title Revealed   Will The End Satisfy?

[SPOILER WARNING for those who haven't seen the episode "Ab Aeterno"]

However, for those who have been waiting on the BIG answers, I think you’ll agree “Ab Aeterno” gave us plenty. Here’s my quick rundown of the definitive answers we got in that episode:

  • Richard is around 175 years old.
  • Richard came to the Island as a slave on the “Black Rock” ship.
  • The Black Rock and a freak storm are what caused the ancient (Egyptian?) statue to break into pieces, leaving only a foot.
  • We learned how Richard came to work for Jacob and why.
  • Why Jacob brings people to the Island.

Now you can’t say that Lost hasn’t been giving us answers in its final season icon razz Losts Final Episode Title Revealed   Will The End Satisfy? .

With a show like Lost (heck, just about any show) you are obviously not going to please everyone with the ending. Just ask The Sopranos creator, David Chase… But I trust the Lost writers will bring us an ending that may not explain every little mystery that has ever appeared in the show, but rather one that will be a satisfying send-off for the characters we have grown attached to.

lost logo1 Losts Final Episode Title Revealed   Will The End Satisfy?

What do you make of the title chosen for the series finale of Lost? Too simple or simple and effective? Do you think the end will satisfy fans or is it fated to disappoint? Sound off in the comments section below.

Fellow Lost fans, we’re just going to have to deal with the fact that “The End” is coming, but until then we have seven other new episodes to look forward to. The next episode of Lost will air on Tuesday March 30th @ 9:oo pm, on ABC.

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Source: /Film, Official Lost Podcast and Lostpedia

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  1. I'm not worried about them answering all the little mysteries…. I'm worried about them answering the big mysteries.

  2. I'm loving LOST! I think it would be a great idea to continue on with the show but only to reveal secrets…. and show the past of the island. There wont be any need for any Losties

  3. “I think we couldn’t probably make a more clear statement as to the fact that we are bringing our story to a close.”

    Carlton Cuse said that, not Damon Lindelof.

  4. Dude wheres the spoiler alert before you give us the Richard stuff! Thanks a bunch

  5. So sorry about that, I thought that anyone reading this post would be interested enough in the show to have watched the latest episode. Then again, I'm not sure if were kidding since your username is “Lost gets worse each season” ^_^ Spoiler warning added.

  6. So sorry about that, I thought that anyone reading this post would be interested enough in the show to have watched the latest episode. Then again, I'm not sure if were kidding since your username is “Lost gets worse each season” ^_^ Spoiler warning added.

  7. Error fixed. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

  8. Lost is crap. has been for a long time. But sadly as with everything else. People will not wake up and realize it until its gone.

  9. I think if they tried to make more Lost after these next 8 episodes theyll just end up screwing it up they went to ABC with 6 seasons already written out all the way to the end. why mess with perfection.

  10. Your opinion. Not fact. Don't like LOST? Stop posting comments on pages about it then.

  11. The internet used to be about open discussion and democracy. This guy can say whatever he wants.

  12. I also really enjoyed that episode,but I thought it was scary when the boat crashed into the statue lol.It's exciting to see how Lost will end but at the same time it's really sad :( I will miss the excitement that Lost brought me every week.I was 7 when Lost first aired and I'm 13 now,Lost is my first favoritest show ever and I know that on the last episode I will be crying the whole time.Lost will always be my favorite show <3

  13. I think the title tells us a lot. I have a theory that when the Producers of Lost referred to Abbey Road as similar to Lost… they had this in mind.

    “The End” was the final track on Abbey Road (minus “Her Majesty”), and it ended with the line that completed all of the Beatle's songs, and drew a thread through them.

    In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

    Maybe Lost's final message is the same?

  14. It’s all a dream.

  15. I think that the content of the show will be complex enough that it’s combination with a very simple, simple title will be very very nice. The title is deceptive to what we are going to get with the actual show.

  16. I love lost and am sad to know its going away but i think they should have more to it like create a new season with the same characters or somthing and keep some of the story going. Just a thought…

  17. “The internet used to be about open discussion and democracy. This guy can say whatever he wants.”

    I really must reply to this. The problem, Pool, is that the internet is still being (ab)used for “open discussion and democracy”, and when you look at comments, many of them are simply a waste of space. On the internet, as in real life, say something only if it is of any value. Such comments like “Lost is crap.” is not of any value. If you are going to put something down, at least substantiate it with reason(s).

    Onto the topic at hand … I watch Lost, but do not like or dislike it. Perhaps it is in part due to the writers’ strike, but I feel, ironically, Lost is kinda lost. The plot seems to be very adhoc and it seems to go with whatever new ideas the authors wake up with without thinking the whole thing through. I am glad it is coming to an end, personally, whatever that may be.

  18. Every good story from Beowulf–todate, needs a good “ending”. LOST writers have had 5-plus years to create one—-ANSWER the questions we all have—PLEASE!!!

  19. They already explained who the Adam and Eve skeletons are

  20. Hey folks, this is going to be the spot to discuss the series finale, spoilers and all:



  21. I think what makes of “LOST” one of the most famous series of all times, it’s because they found a way to keep everybody interested using all that mysteries and that the reason why we have to admire, so i think we can just say that all serie was terrible just because the last episode didn’t bring all the answers, everything was so well done and was so coll to watch that i didn’t want it over.

  22. Just watched the last episode of Lost and I must say, I’m sorely disappointed. Oh sure, they tied up the story line nicely. But it was anticlimactic and lame!

    The show, through the seasons, felt a bit like the flow from a fire hose, really powerful and full of all sorts of twists and turns. Then with the finale, it was like someone turned off the tap and the water just sort of dribbled out until the hose was empty.

    I think that considering how heart-wrenching the rest of the series was, the end was too “Disney” … it just doesn’t seem like it should be a “happy ending show.”

    Obviously just my opinion here… but I would have liked to see a much more dramatic ending. I mean c’mon, how many people tried to kill pseudo-Locke, and then Kate just shoots him and Jack pushes him off a cliff? How come she was suddenly able to kill him when no one could before? And before, I thought that the alternate timeline was really cool, like maybe they’d actually changed history… but really, they just died and went to some special meeting place? Puh-LEaSe!

  23. I believe that the alternate timeline was real (perhaps created as a result of the detonation of the bomb in 70s),but some people believe that the alternate timeline was purgatory.If it was purgatoty, why was the island under water in the first episode of season 6? who destroyed the island?

  24. Lost Is The Beast!!!!!! I love LosT!!! I want to see Jack James and hugo in reality!!

  25. Look, I was disappointed with the ending because it involved bringing together all religions and that we all go to the same place, boring. It would have been nice if this island was created by some being from another planet. Keep it sci-fi. Keep it mysterious. Just leave religious affiliations out of the show. I’m just tired of people trying to bring all religions together, people telling individuals, ”don’t you see, we are one and the same”. Yeah, yeah. People who follow a faith be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. will continue to believe their faith, regardless of the ‘message’ Lost is so happy to divulge at the end of Season 6. Boo!