Intriguing Teaser Clip for the Lost Epilogue

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Lost epilogue first image larger Intriguing Teaser Clip for the Lost Epilogue

[Warning: The following article contains Lost SPOILERS!]

Lost fans who are hungry for more answers will surely be aware by now that “The End” wasn’t really the end (at least in terms of questions being answered/unanswered), as there is going to be a 12-minute Lost epilogue included on the season 6 and complete series DVD/Blu-rays.  But you won’t have to wait until late August to see that epilogue: a one-minute teaser clip has been released to wet your appetite.

Although some – myself included – were really satisfied with the way Lost ended, others weren’t too happy that the show didn’t tie up every single loose end.

We got our first glimpse of the Lost epilogue, entitled “The New Man in Charge,” with a first image a few weeks back. Although the epilogue is supposedly about Hurley and Ben’s time as protectors of the Island, the first image surprisingly showed Ben in a Dharma station and a quote from actor Michael Emerson said that, “Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down.”

Wait, wasn’t Dharma purged back in season 3,” I hear you asking? Yes, they were, but apparently there were some mainland members still doing their duty. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer – check out the teaser clip for the Lost epilogue below:

Head over to Access Hollywood to see a larger version.

When I saw that first image for the epilogue I was puzzled by how Ben could be shutting down Dharma stations if the Initiative no longer existed, considering that we (presumably) saw every station  on the Island. However, this clip reveals that the station isn’t on the Island but back on the mainland (specifically Guam).

What does the code that the bearded guy printed out mean exactly? Is that the same sort of thing as the coordinates the Oceanic 6 needed to follow in order to get back to the Island in season 5? Was that pallet the two guys in the clip were making up the one we saw in season 2? If that’s true then the pallet would be sent back in time as Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid were when they flew on the Ajira flight. Intriguing…

I assume the food pallets are still being made because no one told these guys that they were to stop doing what they were doing. Are they even aware that all those Dharma folk on the Island were killed (by Ben no less!)?

In typical Lost style a one-minute long clip has given way to a whole new set of questions. To quote some dialogue from “Across the Sea,” probably the most divisive episode of the entire show – “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.”

Lost season 6 and the complete series collection will both be released on DVD/Blu-ray on August 24th, 2010.

Source: Access Hollywood

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  1. They talked about missing the launch window. I guess the launch window makes some things go back and forth in time, which would explain the food reaching them in season 1. Can’t wait to see the entire epilogue..

    • The launch window seems to correlate much with the window Eloise spoke of to get the Losties back to the right “time” via plane. It’s extremely possible these windows have something to do with time variances. Remember when Daniel had the pay load sent to his location and it came much later then when the freighter it was sent from confirmed it’s arrival. :) Also when Ben shows up in the desert after he turns the wheel, he asks the receptionist at the hotel what year it is… :) … traveling to and from the island and how/when/where you do it from seems to effect the time in which/where/when you arrive.

  2. @AM

    While I agree with you a lot of things have “launch” windows that can be missed.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t do this….

    Hopefully this is present time. (but then why/who are they packaging things for?)

    Hopefully that piece of paper Ben pulls out and or that last print out is not what lands on the Island when they found it.

    Who is the new man in charge? Dharma was not affiliated with Jacob, so why would Hugo be? Neither was Ben for that matter.

    Or is this just a Dharma place that Ben took over? Is this location on the Island? (Makes more sense if it is)

    1 freaking minute of this and I have all those “questions”…. I really love to lovingly hate this show.

    • Aknot…. you’re hilarious and entertaining.

    • And actually when you think about this makes perfect sense… Ben took over the “role” as Dharma leader when he killed them in the purge… there was no reason to initiate the stoppage of food and supplies at that time. Ben and the others took over the barracks and lived there. Ben had extremely detailed knowledge of the Dharma initiative since at one time he was part of it. It makes sense that he continued to have these to guys sending them food on a constant basis. Why not? … That would be GRAVY!!!! No pun intended. After Hugo takes charge and the others have since all died and or abandoned that way of life, Ben shoes up viz Hugo to cancel the shipments.

      • No it doesnt. Dharma was a big business. Ben was a “peon” at best. If I am in the Army and my battalion gets killed all except Private Aknot I dont become Captain Aknot.

        So nope. 😉

        Now if the packaging plant was on the Island… maybe. However where are they getting the food from? And if they are getting the food from Michigan why isnt anyone asking questions?

        Again I wont be buying or renting to just see this. I will find another source. However I bet they dont answer/resolve as many questions as we think they will…

        And if they need this time to answer question logic dictates there was aneed fo rthese quesitons to be answered…. why not other ones?

  3. Aknot –

    The clip takes place at a Dharma station on Guam, not the island. It will be interesting to see how much the Epilogue can answer in twelve minutes (especially if one minute of it has already been shown here)! :O

    • hahah I was like Guam!!! digging all around… then watched the vid again.. 😀

      So… The DI is still running operations stateside. Ben Linus who more or less by himself killed everyone affiliated with DI on the Island is now in a position to fire people…

      Ben’s “Others” have some sort of cells on the mainland so maybe they have infiltrated Dharma… but enough “pull” to have a single surviving “nobody” appear in the position Ben is in?

      Is it possible this is a Time travel thing and it is the “70s”? You would think the jumpsuits would/should have been updated, and they are using an old dot matrix printer and the label ink printer (that I actually used when I was in High School in the early 80s…)

  4. thank GOD there is the internet for 12minutes like that – so i don’t have to give them a hundret bucks for the blue-ray season

  5. Ok it says PRESENT and the date on the print out is (or appears to be)
    WED 04/06 or 08/2010

    However the only Wed in April in 2010 are 7/14/21/28.

    I love to hate this show.