Hurley Gives More Details on the Lost Epilogue

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Lost epilogue Jorge Garcia Hurley Hurley Gives More Details on the Lost Epilogue

[Warning: This article contains LOST SPOILERS!]

It’s been almost three weeks since the end of Lost and I don’t know about you but I’m still having withdrawal symptoms. For me it was a fantastic ending to the show (at least in terms of the characters) and even though I wouldn’t want them to tamper with it by adding any more, I still can’t help but want to see any and all footage I can.

If you’re in the same situation as me then we’re both in luck as Michael Emerson (who played Ben Linus) recently let slip that there will be a a Lost epilogue involving Ben and Hurley’s time as protectors of The Island. Emerson revealed this on G4′S Attack of the Show and from the video interview it looked like he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone (at least not yet).

However, the cat’s out of the bag now and there’s no sense in hiding it. So if you’re curious as to what exactly the Lost epilogue will be then you might want to check out what Jorge Garcia (Hurley) told E! Online yesterday.

At the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Garcia confirmed that the epilogue will be featured on Lost: The Complete Collection (and presumably the season 6 DVD). He obviously didn’t give away a whole lot, but here’s what he hinted at nonetheless:

“It will address some of the issues, like the food drops, and it will deal with what happened on the island after Hurley took over and how he handled things… It will give you a taste of what took place after Hurley took over as the new number one. There’s a little epilogue thing going on with the DVD.”

Lost Ben and Hurley Hurley Gives More Details on the Lost Epilogue

12-14 minute Lost epilogue will show Ben & Hurley's time on the Island as protectors

It’s funny he mentions the food drops as that was one of the lingering and ultimately unanswered questions of Lost. If you remember back in season 2 there was a food drop out of nowhere presumably sent by the Dharma Initiative 15-20 years after they had either been killed or evacuated The Island. I don’t think I was the only one who expected that to be answered by the end of the show, but evidently it wasn’t.

E! is also reporting from “inside sources” that Walt will be in the bonus material (we’re not sure if that means in that actual epilogue or not) and that we’ll find out what happened to him – hopefully including more about why he was so “special” – but there are no details beyond that. Garcia also hinted to E! that there will be more familiar faces in the epilogue, but he wouldn’t give away anymore than that – “There are other people in it, but I’m not going to tell you who.”

Lost epilogue Walt Hurley Gives More Details on the Lost Epilogue

Why was Walt so special?

If you’re interested you can head over to E! Online to check out the rest of the interview with Garcia, where he talks about such things as his experiences making the show, what he really thought of the finale (hint: he loved it but don’t worry he gives good reasons why icon razz Hurley Gives More Details on the Lost Epilogue ) and what’s next for him in the land of TV and movies.

As I said when Emerson revealed the existence of the Lost epilogue, I’m okay with there being more to the story because technically it’s not part of the actual show. The writers have always said the only thing that should be taken as Lost canon is what’s in the actual episodes of the show. So this epilogue will go along with deleted scenes and webisodes as an added bonus for avid fans.

What do you think of the new details about the Lost epilogue? What sort of answers are you looking for it to provide that the show didn’t?

Both Season 6 and the Complete Collection of Lost will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 24th, 2010. If you haven’t checked out the special features and the artwork then please do so. If you’re a Lost fan I promise when you see the packaging you’ll start saving your money!

Source: E! Online (via /Film)

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  1. ummm you can give all the lovely little ridiculous explinations you want. A road map as to why producers did X Y and Z. You can make all the lovely little ridiculous arguements you like. I dont care anymore. I havent for the past 5 seasons. Thats the problem. Lost is one of the biggest tricks that has ever been on TV. And I got an email today asking me if I am going to buy the dvd boxset of this series. HA HA HA.

  2. If you hate it so much, why are you reading articles about it?

  3. “So this epilogue will go along with deleted scenes and webisodes as an added bonus for avid fans.”

    No it will do what should have been done in the show…. EXPLAIN some things that couldn’t be explained by letting us “guess”.

    No I will not be buying it. I will find another method to see what should have been in the show in the first place.

  4. Thats it?? Just hurley, ben, walt and the food drops?? How about how the smoke monster was made!! Or how the island could be moved? And most importanly, what was the island?? I’m not spending a boat load of money for just 3 unanswered answers!! I will find another way too

    • In the season siux episode “Across the Sea”, they explained how the smoke monster was made and what the island was, as for how it could be moved, I assume that its because the wheel controlled the energy that the island was storing, as explained by the man in black to his mom in said episode.

      • Jose…

        So what was the Island? If the FS was the gathering place of everyone…. and the Island (and everything that happened there) was “real”….. how was the Island explained?

      • Mark-those things were explained in the show. The problem is, when people don’t like the answers in LOST, they seem to just regard the mysteries as unsolved. Kind of an interesting phenomenon, and I guess it’s a result of the complexity of the show and the interactive, mult-venue nature of it.

        • Amen AKnot

          Notice how the reply here is “It was explained in the show” which is in fact not an answer. Its the same reply the shows prodcuers give except she left out the “that matters” qaulifier.

          I agree, LOST lost itself and instead of saying “Hey we messe’d up by writing ourselves into a corner”, the shows producers use the “all that matters will be explained” and a lot of emtoion to generate feellings as a way to get out of admitting their shortcomings and that every film ever made has done a better job with wrap up then they did.

          And for anyone who replies with the good old “YOu just didn;t like the explinations and so you are..” bal, blah, blah. Just because you are easy to please and consider everythinge xplained doesn’t eman those of us with more demanding tastes shoudl also be satisfied.

          I don’t critize those who feel everything was handled proeprly for their take (at least not until they rip on thsoe of us who aren’t happy) and I would expect the same in kind.

          • More demanding tastes? If there’s any reason Lost had so many unanswered questions is because the show is way too big, and they decided that telling the characters story was more important than solving ALL of the mysteries. And yes, the writers did put themseleves in a corner at times but if you payed any attention they admitted it: ever heard of Nikki and Paolo?

            If you want something simple, that lays everything down for you and tells you “here’s how things are” with no place for interpretation and with fewer characters hence less stories to be told, just watch House or some other monster-of-the-week type of show where everything is plot-oriented and all the cards are on the table by the end of the episode. But don’t tell the writers how to do their job, they went for something new and bold and they made it, that’s why so many people don’t like it. And to whoever thinks about them trying to get more viewers, just remember they’ve had a contract for 3 more seaons since 3 years ago, so they had no pressure of keeping the viewers up to stay on the air, like pretty much every other show out there does/did.

            A final thought: The whole is more important than the sum of all parts. Yes, they’ve made mistakes, they’ve left unanswered questions, but it’s because they aimed pretty high and nobody’s perfect; but I rather that than shows that aim very low and succeed in hitting the target.

            • “If there’s any reason Lost had so many unanswered questions is because the show is way too big, and they decided that telling the characters story was more important than solving ALL of the mysteries.”

              What? What was Claires “complete” story? Talk about someone that would have/had/has issues… finally coming home?

              Tell you what there was a character that was really important. The writers and made it a character and referenced it as such… The Island. Could you tell me more about THAT character?

              It wasnt “to” big. What happened is it got out of control. A dam broke and instead of fixing the little cracks they continued to add water untill it just got out of control.

              They then fell back on the “oh its a Character driven story” after cramming “Fantasy/SCI-Fi” down our throats.

              They aimed high and the only target they hit was the one that paid them, the cast and ABC. Other then that they hit the very outer ring.

              They should have kept it at 3 seasons instead of trying to milk that cash cow. But milk they did and we were left with sour milk.

            • “More demanding tastes? If there’s any reason Lost had so many unanswered questions is because the show is way too big,…”

              @Mycroft, It Looks like you had a typo there in you statement. No need to worry I’ve corrected it and replied to your point.

              “More demanding tastes? If there’s any reason Lost had so many unanswered questions is because the show’s writers egos were way too big, bigger than their ability to complete any of the plot points they laid out and so there only out was to produce something soo emotional that people would cry and feel all warm and fuzzy inside and forgot all about the plot holes”. @Mycroft (take 2).

              You raise a good point here @Mycroft and I couldn’t agree more. I envy you; I do wish my tastes were simpler and easier to please so that a cry/hug/tear/ fest would have been enough to make the finale satisfying for me.

              “If you want something simple, that lays everything down for you and tells you “here’s how things are” with no place for interpretation and with fewer characters hence less stories to be told, just watch House or some other monster-of-the-week type of show where everything is plot-oriented and all the cards are on the table by the end of the episode.” @Mycroft

              Now you do have a great point here and it’s hard to argue against. After all who wants a show that actually tells you how things are and is plot-oriented and puts all the cards on the table at the end? That is unless you are a fan of Hitchcock or similar writers. The world would be a better place if movies were more like our drams; where nothing makes sense nor has any logical explanations but makes us ‘Feel’ something in the end because after all its all about feelings.

              “If I could only make the audience cry like they did, I wouldn’t need to waste hours upon hours constructing a real story with plot twists and stories that panned out. Instead I could simply type blah, blah, blah for several hundred pages in an hour or so and spend the rest of the day doing something I really enjoy” Stephen King replying to the question “What do you think of the way the Lost Producers ended the show?”

  5. i agree they are just responding to grumbles about the crap ending….

  6. I bet this guy drinks diet soda.

  7. I was actually sitting on my toilet (only time I think of LOST now) and for some reason thought of Hurley… (dont ask).

    Anyho Jokes aside…

    If the “food drops” are Hurley going back in time and doing them himself Im going to be irked…. actually I will just laugh and pity the writers and never watch anything associated with them.

  8. when did they mention how the smoke monster was made? Jacobs brother when into the light and then the black smoke came out. Which in my opinion was not the man in black. So they didn’t really answer that. And, i don’t remember them saying what the islands light was to be kept lit!!!

    • You raise a great point here Mark. One can say it was implied that the MIB was Jacobs brother however we also know that much of what was ‘implied’ in the storyline over the last 4 seasons turned out to be not part of “what matters” and so no wrap or exlpination for it was necessary.

      At this point I’m more interested to see what happens next with the losers, er I mean producers of Ost and I don;t mean JJ Abrahsm but the other 2 bozos. I’ll be suprised if the next contract for writing/producing doesn’t include some ‘explination’ clause to prevent them from P’Oing another round of viewers.

      Just imagine how short STEPHEN KINGS career would have been had he pulled this “Lost” technique in his story telling.

    • Are you serious? There was basically a whole episode that explained how the smoke monster was born, and Jacob actually said himself, specifically, that he was responsible for the monster.

      So basically what happens is:

      Jacob throws his brother into the light. The earth shakes. Smoke monster comes out of the hole where Jacob’s brother was thrown by Jacob. Jacob confesses to Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley that the Smoke Monster was that way because of him. You just for whatever crazy reason decide to ignore all that and think Jacob was lying. You claim they never answered that.

      Do I need to point out what’s wrong with that picture?

      • Yes… please do explain another “character” in this character driven story…

        What was the Smoke monster? Was it actually his brother or something else that took his brothers “spirit”? Why were there not other smoke monsters as apparently other people ended up down there? What made MiB so special to turn into a Smoke monster when none of the others did?

        Yes he “created” the smoke monster but it never really told you what it was…. Hell it never even hinted at what it was.

  9. couldn’t agree more with you bluecollar!! Here’s the thing. First, i don’t want every answer answered!! That would ruin debates and i’m for that. Second, I liked the way they wrapped up the “charecters lives.” But i can’t believe the producers are making us buy the full box set of the dvd to answer just what happened to hurley and ben, the food drops and walt. I watched again last night and there was no explanation of the smoke monster or really what the island was!! There is more to it than to protect the light of life!! The producers said they had the ending done first and wrote up to it. So they never had any intentions of solving SOME of the islands mysteries and i think thats junk!!

    • They’re “making you”? How’s that possible? Have you thought maybe there’s some people who don’t own any Lost season on DVD/Blu-Ray and would rather buy the whole set than all of the individual boxes (myself for example)? I mean did I miss something? Hasn’t pretty much every other show that’s on DVD out there put out a full set even if the individual seasons were out already? Is this the first show to do that and (oh dear, the horror) include extras! Damn those Damon and Carlton, they must be behind this all to make more money. Now if only there was a site where people upload videos for everyone to watch for free, where I could get this extra things like bloopers and webisodes and deleted scenes…

  10. Easy easy!!! I didn’t come on hear to be confrontational with anyone!! If you have your opinions and think answers have been answered thats good for you. I wouldn’t put you down. But you can’t argue that they aren’t “making you” buy the dvd to see 12-15 min answered from the finally. Where else are you going to find out what happened to hurley and ben, walt and the food!! And other series like seinfeld for example ended with no real cliffhanger or anything left on the table. So, if you wanted to watch the bloopers, you’d “HAVE” to buy it!!! Like i’ve said before i don’t want everything answered, but you have to admit there are more important issues to be addressed other than who’s dropping the food still and what happened to ben and hurley!!

    • Lost isn’t Seinfeld.

  11. You can watch all of the Seinfeld bloopers on YouTube without paying a cent, same for Lost bloopers, webisodes, etc etc etc. There’s also torrents and all that.

    Regarding unanswered questions, a video was posted here on ScreenRant about the writers talking at Times or something like that. In there they mention a lot of fans keep asking things like “Why was Aaron special?” and they reply that the psychic who first gave us the impression Aaron was special was proven later to be a fake. When they tell that to people they just seem to go “NO, WHY WAS HE SPECIAL?”

    Considering one of the more important issues was already answered and in fact had a whole episode dedicated to it, yet you consider they “didn’t really answer that”, I can’t take you very seriously.

    And you shouldn’t take me too seriously either.

  12. u guys all read into this way too much. its a show, not real life. im a massive lost fan and i want answers too but i realise they dont no all the answers themselves. they cant provide answers to how mib turned to smoke but jack didnt because it cant really happen. if they did give an answer itd be totally made up cuz it wasnt included in the shows storyline. they did leave questions unanswered but none of the major ones. they had smaller stories throughout the middle that were only there as cliff hangers to keep you watching. whatever they didnt answer, wasnt answered because it wasnt important to the main storyline. i agree the pergatory ending was pretty crap, but was a great ending for the characters. but the ending of jack dying back at the beginning was brilliant writing. so the characters got their ending. and we got ours. everything else was just made up stories in the middle of the main plot to glue it together and they probably dont have answers to some of it themselves other than to let us keep guessing. the only thing i think they really need to address is why was walt special and why was some of the people from the crash not in pergatory. although the answer to that is probably that the actors wasnt available or something along them lines anyway

    • @Gaz,

      You’re missing the point on why most of us who are ticked about the finale are more then just unhappy but out right pissed.

      Its not about their not giving an answer to every possible question but their intentional build upo and use of ever spawning plot points that were to never go any where and all the time they kept saying “All that matters will be answered”.

      These 2 are the modern day writing equivelant of the snake oil salesman. Cuse & Lindelhof pulled a con on all the viewers but a good number were OK with it and most of those were OK because it so moved them emotionally. Soap Operas are the crap of the TV world and they work of the pure emotion angle; stories with no logic to speak of but tons of emotion be it anger, love, lust, desire, envy, you name it.

      The LOST finale used the soap opera emtions overboard gimmick to provide literay cover while they ended the show without adressing most of the unanswered questons which ranged from significant to ‘ehh’.

      Thats why we are pissed of. Noal left INCEPTION with some unaswered questions at the end but he did it respectfully and not because he had no clue how to unpaint himself out of the corner that those 2 idiots who did LOST had done with thiier literary tale.