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Lost Ben and Hurley epilogue 570x300 First Image of the Lost Epilogue

If you were one of those people who was disappointed in the Lost series finale because it didn’t answer all those burning questions you had then you should head over to our own Kofi Outlaw’s Lost explanation post. If you’re still not satisfied with the answers (or lack thereof) then you will probably want to check out the epilogue that’s going to be included in the season 6 and complete series box sets.

But you don’t have to wait until the release of those before you get a look at the Lost epilogue – we have our first look at the story after the story via an image over at EW.

We learned of this epilogue a couple of months ago when Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) let it slip about it on G4′S Attack of the Show (something I don’t actually think he supposed to do at the time). Then Jorge Garcia (Hurley) added some details a couple of weeks later, hinting that the epilogue sheds light on some of those questions the actual show left unanswered; we also learned that we’ll be seeing some familiar faces pop up (Walt?).

Before I say anymore just take a look at the new image – as well as some inside info – from the Lost epilogue entitled “The New Man in Charge”. In case you couldn’t guess, there’s a SPOILER warning on the image for those who want to stay in the dark about the epilogue:


Lost Ben and Hurley epilogue first image First Image of the Lost Epilogue


Here’s the inside info from Emerson himself about the epilogue, specifically the context of that image:

”Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down. There are some good surprises.” And yes, ”it does answer questions.”

I don’t know about you but after getting over how awesome it is to see something new from Lost (it’s only been a few months and I’m already having withdrawal symptoms icon razz First Image of the Lost Epilogue ), a flood of questions hit me:

[Spoiler Alert!]

How is Ben going around shutting down Dharma stations if by the time he became Hurley’s number two the Dharma folk had been purged? Were stations still being manned and we just didn’t see them before? Did Ben travel back in time to try and shut down Dharma instead of killing them all? Did Dharma come back to the Island? And most importantly… is that guy on the right trying to steal Hurley’s look? icon razz First Image of the Lost Epilogue

Just one image and it already has opened up the Lost question floodgates once more…

I can’t wait to see the epilogue. Even though I’m satisfied with how the show ended (in my opinion character resolution on a TV show has rarely been so gratifying), I’ll see anything and everything Lost related. And I can’t help but admit I want to see what sort of questions the epilogue answers as even though I loved the ending of the show, I can’t deny there were some questions that probably should have been answered.

Man, even beyond the grave Lost is teasing us! Sound off in the comments below about what you think that image is all about and how Ben can be shutting down Dharma stations.

Lost season 6 and the complete series are both released on August 24th, 2010.

Source: EW

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  1. Amazing show, layered more than any that come to mind and a revolution in television. Loved the ending although i felt it lost some of the cinematic feel in season 6 visually in terms of lighting, camera work and things of that nature.

    It actually did answer almost all questions and gave you enough information to make educated guesses on others. There were only 2-3 totally unanswered questions.

  2. i probably wont dish out $59.95 to see this, lol.

  3. If killing everyone and having them meet up b4 they “move on” is character resolution….I mean this “extra” is resolving some characters so I guess they really didnt resolve it all… ;)

    Yup just wait until it is on Torrents or something.

    • They didnt kill everyone, the place they met was where everyone went when they died, no matter when that was.

      • Fine if having everyone die and then meet up. Doesnt really matter. Death is death. Jack could ahve been 104 when he dies or they COULD have killed him however since we dont know we dont know….

        They left to much up for interpretation as they lost all semblance of what they were doing.

        • Lol jack died on the island it showed that, did you even watch this show?

  4. @Ken,

    Exactly. I don’t see how some people are confused by that. It makes total sense. “Everybody dies sometime, kiddo.”

    • Yea man lol
      I understand some of the issues people had with the ending but some stuff people come out with is just mind-boggling ha!

      • Just look at the Inception thread. People are manufacturing odd theories even after the story was explained in detail by Kofi.

        • So the “crux” of Lost was everyone dies eventually. Even ones that are kept alive well past their expected age.

          People get that yet people also got entwined into a lot more that they didnt care to explain after making it such a big part of the story.

          Mind boggling is the people that think it was such a character driven story and that accept the ending as it was.

          If you want to split hairs and get mind boggling since in the end everyone was DEAD the writers did have them “KILLED”. Not killed as in someone stuck a knife in their chest but killed as dead.

          I havent read Kofis write up and havent seen the movie but was it “cut and dry”? A few write ups I read give people the opion of seeing it one way or another… Or is there only one way to see it?

          • It was cut and dry to me. There are a few moments that are left to consider, but aside from a very few frivilous details, people are hell bent on creating elaborate theories.

            Same thing with Lost.

            Kofi has a knack for clearing things up in a straight forward way, Im thinking people reflexively look for deeper meaning when it’s not intended by the storytellers. I understood Lost without any trouble, but admittedly was tangled up at a few parts with Inception. I fell prey to thinking too much a few times but overall it’s a good movie and worth the money at the theater. Go check it out and the read the explanation here at Screenrant. (I bet you’ll then want to see it even more a second time, I know I do but will wait for the DVD)

            • Cant speak to Inception as I haven’t seen it yet. However looking for deeper meaning and just wanting an explanation of things is a little different. (speaking of LOST)

              I use to moderate a LOST forum until it imploded under all the visitors and upkeep needed. (about 3 weeks before seasons end) I visited DarkUFO and anything else that was LOST related. The ending was still crap. I used this before.. it was like riding the Universes BEST roller coaster yet smashing into a brick wall and dying at the end of the ride.

              There were just way to many dead/loose ends. It was like a maze or escape ropes where you got to the end of the rope and found it just ended no where and you had to climb back up the rope and try another one.

              Could you summarize in a sentence or two as to what your understanding of LOST was?

              All I got out of the ending was you needed those “close” to you to pass on…. however there are questions as to why some people were there and some where not.. What was the degrees to Kevin Bacon you had to be with someone else?


              Cash Cow milk it for all its worth. ;)

              • I think the last few episodes tied it together enough to make sense of it, but of course they were elusive on a few points intentionally.

                I see it as just an ages old struggle, but our focus starts with the two brothers, one who guards humanity’s future and one who merely wants his freedom from the island. Good and bad are shades of gray throughout, and the “candidates” have their own similar good and bad shades of gray which they are seemingly forced to confront because of not only Jacob’s intervention but the Island’s redemptive powers.

                In the end six people flew off homebound in the jet to live in the reality they left behind at the beginning, everyone else moves on to the true afterlife, not the temporary one (the sideways timeline).

                Couldnt condense my summary any smaller than that, lol.

                • Yes but now there is no “Brother”. So where is the opposite side of the coin so to speak.

                  So is Humanity’s future no longer threatened?

                  Why was the one brother not allowed to leave even before he knew of the islands power?

                  Why did MiB turn to smoke and have his body poofed out while other skeletons littered the cave floor?

                  Since MiBs body poofed out was it really MiB or only a manifestation of “evil” based on the brother tossing his brother down the hole?

                  The 6 people have a lot of splaining to do. They don’t have the time to “lie” as did the Oceanic 6. Not to mention the missing of Widmore and his total crew.

                  Along these lines there is no “lesson” learned… no moral of the story. You can be bad (Sawyer/Kate) with no repercussion. You can attempt to do right by yours (Jin/Michael?) and get a raw deal.

                  What is the true afterlife? My impression is since they were in a church and there was a light it seems they are all going to a good place. Why not show them walking through the door then going straight to hell as all of them deserved it to a degree. Yet who are we to judge.

                  I understand they all eventually died. Is it safe to assume Jack was the linch pin holding them back? Was it him (spiritually) holding the rest back like a lost soul refusing to accept his death? He apparently died way before the other 6 unless of course they crashed b4 getting home..

                  Why did Ben not hold them back by not going in as he was a part of them “all” also?

                  How am I supposed to interpret all of that? The ending to LOST was not a 100% solution. I didn’t expect it to be. However in my mind and probably a lot of others views wasn’t even a %50 solution. People dont accept that from a 2 hour movie why accept it from a series that ran 6 years?

                  Why do you think they were they elusive on a few points intentionally?

                  • You asked me for a concise summary, you got one :)

                    (I will say this: The unnamed one doesnt need to exist,the struggle was consequential.)

                    We can question the smaller details all day long but the overall point was again, to me cut and dry.

                    • Fair enough I was just using your explanation of the age old struggle.

                    • i think they should have let the unnamed leave the island once he was human, it wouldnt have mattered, but they were all dead so how could he leave.

  5. I loved lost for years but the final episode was crap. A good ol cop out. The ending would have been better had they all just stayed on the island. I think it made it more like a dream, they all died that day when the first plane crashed on the island. They all had demons as well as good parts to them, it was the struggle to redeem ones self and thats what all of them did in one way or another. I think drawing the show out to 6 years was a stretch that eventually hurt the show. Still a great show with a great story line but i feel it was mucked up by Hollywood just wanting to make a little more cash off of it. Any time a story ends like lost did it just leaves to much to the imagination, to many was to interpret it. Doesnt make the show bad just makes the ending questionable. I believe they probably shot a better ending but lost it due to screening and idiotic input from people who want to see some form of a happy ending. But all in all im still a lost fan and forever will be until 30 years from now when it gets a reboot and they screw up the ending again. As for Inception excellent movie, wasnt hard to understand and the ending fit the movie well, unlike lost where it just left many scratching there heads, not over the explanation but more over how they did it, I know when i saw the end i simple said, REALLY, COME ON.