“Lost” creator reassures fans

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In an interview with Sci Fi Wire Damon Lindelof, co-creator of ABC’s Lost emphasized that he and producers J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk do already have the answers to all the mysteries on the island, and it’s just a question of when those answers will be revealed.

There’s a creeping sensation seeping into the minds of some fans of the popular show that is giving them a feeling of deja vu, and it’s making them (and me) uneasy. It’s the memory of a great show that ended up going nowhere.

That show was called The X-Files.

If you’re a regular reader here you’ve seen my rants on that show and the upcoming film. The fear here is that we could be in for the same sort of convoluted, go-nowhere-with-no-resolution storyline.

Sure Lost is interesting and fun to watch, but in the end it needs to make sense. The various threads need to come together to form a cohesive (and satisfying) whole. If the producers and writers manage to do that with what they’ve created it will be incredibly awesome. But if they don’t… and just keep leading us down a path that doesn’t really go anywhere, watch out for fan backlash and plummeting ratings.

Having said that, last week I saw my first hint of something that might start tying everything together with the connection between what the young boy (his name escapes me) read in the comic book and the appearance of the polar bear on what seems to be a tropical island. At the very least it seems that some sort of psychic phenomena is involved here and that he has the ability to manifest in reality what he’s thinking about.

But, one thing that I hope has some explanation is the fact that seemingly everyone who has survived the crash has some sort of mysterious background. Were there no normal, dull, everyday people on this flight? I’d feel better if there was a reason that all these people happen to have unusual stories leading up to their flight.

The fact that this will probably be picked up for another season doesn’t give me cause to celebrate either… in a mystery format I only like to be kept guessing for so long. It would be great to see this wrapped up in one season… but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

For now.

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  1. There’s only so much that can happen on a remote island; just ask Gilligan. Still, J.J. Abrams has potential. He created Alias, but then again, he also created Felicity, so it’s hard to know which way the wind is blowing on Lost.

    You’re right, though. American TV audiences are fickle, and if they don’t feel like their time investment is paying off somehow, channels will be changing all across the country.


  2. This is Y.

    Lost is one of the select few shows I care about watching on tv right now. (unless you count Leave It To Beaver reruns!) Anyway, I hope you and THEY are right and the story will go somewhere. Because at least so far, it seems pretty realistic to me, how people are sort of “doing their own thing” up to a point. The only thing I might see happening in a real life situation like this is there would be two camps of people following two leaders with differing opinions on how to handle the situation. Though the writers DO have that covered sort of with the beach group and the jungle/water group. I like the characters in this. And if I was on the island would be grubbing around with the knife guy and learning how to survive. :-) My only gripe is for the bank robber girl to get her flippin’ hair out of her face for gosh sakes! !
    Hope they step up to the plate and make this thing fly….

  3. stop being so a d d. lost kicks ass.

  4. Of course “Lost” is great. I just don’t like plot twists just for the sake of plot twists. It all has to tie together and make sense in the end.

    Or were you a die-hard “X-Files” fan to the bitter end who is eagerly awaiting the next (cough) movie?


  5. I thought you would be interested in this.

    I have finally figured what the TV show LOST actually is. It is a video game. Yeah, I know, you think I’m nuts. At least read this, or you could be missing a huge story.

    Just bear with me and keep in mind that the LOST creators just finished orchestrating the World’s largest and longest Scavenger Hunt- The LOST Experience. They are into games, very into games.

    I have detailed exactly how the game is played on my website http://www.LOSTisaGame.com.
    Why not spend a few minutes there? It will be well worth your time.

    Here’s a synopsis of how the game is played:

    “Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark.” Locke S1E2
    The Light player is ‘good’ and the Dark player is ‘bad’. At the start of each level, the characters are in a mixture of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ roles.
    The Light player is required to manipulate the characters into ‘good’ roles by choosing the actions that they take when faced with a variety of obstacles and situations. The way in which the character responds to these obstacles and situations determines which role that character takes on.
    The Dark player attempts to manipulate the characters into ‘bad’ roles by placing obstacles in their way. The obstacles can be the various versions of the monster or they can be introduced into the game by creating situations via game prompts that can result in ‘bad’ choices being made.
    The two players create the details about the main characters’ everyday lives on the island and their individual back stories (flashbacks) by responding to a series of prompts during the game. A list of pre-set options to choose from actually results in all of the duplications that occur on LOST.
    Points can be won for a variety of accomplishments such as finding items like the Dharma hatches & stations, the power sources and maps & keys. Points can also be won for actions such as cooperating or saving people.

    There are six levels in the game and there are time limits for completing the levels. However, additional time can be earned when a character accomplishes certain objectives.
    A level is completed when all of the objectives for that level have been accomplished and when the character in the role of the White Rabbit actually goes down the hole.
    Level 1 and Level 2 have been completed. Season 3 will represent Level 3
    All characters are reset to their original ‘good’ and ‘bad’ roles at the beginning of the next level.
    Memory losses and eye color changes often result when a character switches to a different role.
    The game is won when all six levels are completed.
    The game can be played by just one player. In that case, the game itself would be the Dark or ‘bad’ player.


  6. It seems to me that lost wasnt planned to be this long, but the almighty dollar is doing (rightly associated) “x files” and stretching it to ridiculous proportions. Only framnets of “plot” are revealed amidst the many many (many) ad breaks in the show.
    If it doesnt end next season……it will become a joke and boring.

  7. Lost is a virtual reality sim, its why locke can walk, its why very strange things happen…………….and its probably why there are a ridiculous amount of ad breaks in each show!!
    the show does need to end next season, and it better not disappoint like x files and V did.

  8. DJ,

    Wow, nice one. It never occured to me it might be a Matrix-type situation…