Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of ‘Lost’

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Lost Top 25 moments Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

After 121 episodes, over 5,000 minutes and thousands more moments, here we are at the end of Lost. It’s been a grand journey and I’ll miss it greatly.

But instead of mourning, why not celebrate all the great moments Lost has given us over its six incredible seasons? We here at Screen Rant have come up with a list of 25 of those best moments and present them to you below.

Now there was debate behind-the-scenes about whether or not we should put the list in order of a countdown, but we quickly realized that would turn the list into something other than what it ought to be. Instead of a countdown, we thought we’d just list these moments in chronological order – that way it’s less of a competition between the moments and more of a celebration of them.

[NOTE: Some of the moments have been combined together because they're linked in some way. So don't berate the article with "Those ares two separate moments!" comments icon razz Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost . It goes without saying there's a MAJOR SPOILER WARNING for those who haven't seen the show from start to finish.]

Without further ado, join us as we look back on the top 25 moments of what has to be one of the most popular, talked about, thought about, theorized and just pain obsessed about shows in the history of television. Enjoy:


Jack wakes up in the jungle – Season 1, “Pilot, Part 1″

Lost Top 25 Moments Jack in the jungle Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

The moment that started it all – Jack’s eye opens (just one of the show’s many iconic images), he finds some mini-bottles of alcohol in his pocket, sees Vincent the dog and runs through the jungle. When he emerges from the trees onto the beach everything seems peaceful for just a few seconds. But in true Lost style, nothing is what it seems and suddenly we’re in the hellish aftermath of a plane crash.

Even with the amount of diverse characters on the show, Jack has always been at the center of it and this is solidified by the fact he’s the first person we see. A great start that hints at a lot of what’s to come: mystery, excitement, intrigue, high stakes. Not to mention it added to what was the most expensive pilot of a TV show in history to date.

Locke revealed to be in a wheelchair – Season 1, Episode 4 “Walkabout”

Lost Top 25 Moments Locke in the wheelchair Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

Even though this happens just four episodes into the show, this was undoubtedly one of the most surprising Lost moments. The writers did a great job of disguising the fact that Locke was in a wheelchair, while at the same time hinting at something we had yet to see.

The actual moment when we find out Locke is a paraplegic is simultaneously heart-breaking and uplifting: In his flashback he argues with the walkabout guide, shouting the now-classic “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” line, when we finally see that he’s actually in a wheelchair. Cut to Locke just after the plane crashed, wiggling his toes, standing up and then running to help the other survivors. Classic.

Many people point to this as the moment when they where truly hooked on the show and although I was hooked from minute one, I can certainly see their point.

Jack’s “Live together, die alone” speech – Season 1, Episode 5 “White Rabbit”

Lost Top 25 Moments Jacks Live Together Die Alone speech Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

Yes, that line of dialogue has since become overused in the years of promos and whatnot (something which the show made a “wink wink” moment out of in season 3, with Jack and Rose), but that doesn’t stop the line and the rest of Jack’s speech to the castaways from being any less iconic or impactful. Along with helping to unify the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, ┬áit also helped mark Jack as a leader.

Michael, Walt, Sawyer and Jin sail off on the raft – Season 1, Episode 22 “Exodus, Part 1″

In a show filled with death, destruction, pain, suffering and frightening occurrences, it was great to finally get a truly inspirational moment filled with hope, as some of our Losties sail off in a homemade raft in search of rescue. The scene is milked for all it’s worth (if you watch it back it does go on for quite a while), but deservedly so.

This was back when we didn’t know all the craziness that was to come; back when we truly thought everything was as simple as finding rescue and getting off that island.

The destiny debate between Jack and Locke – Season 1, Episode 22 “Exodus, Part 2″

Top 25 Lost Moments Jack and Locke destiny conversation Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

One of the fundamental questions/debates in the Lost mythology is fate versus free will. In one decisive moment, two of the show’s best characters, Jack and Locke, butt heads over the issue. At the time, Jack couldn’t have been more of a man of science, while Locke was the complete opposite: A man of faith.

Jack perhaps changed more than any of the other characters over the course of the series. Little did he know at that point that Locke’s words, “Yes you do, you just don’t know it yet,” would turn out to be completely true.

The Others take Walt – Season 1, Episode 23 “Exodus, Part 2″

Top 25 Lost Moments Walt taken off the raft Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

One of the best and most memorable twists in Lost was when the mysterious “Others” appear out of ink-black night at sea, leading us to believe that rescue had finally been found. However, just when we think things are going to turn out well, we hear the dreaded words, “We’re going to have to take the boy.” After that, we were left to wonder between seasons who took young Walt, where they took him and why.

Desmond down in the Hatch – Season 2, Episode 1 “Man of Science, Man of Faith”

Top 25 Lost Moments Desmond in the hatch Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

Although not as effective upon repeat viewings as it was upon the first, the opening of season 2 when it’s revealed what’s down in the mysterious Hatch is still easily one of the top moments of Lost. I don’t know about you, but I honestly thought it was a flashback of Jack, before he became a doctor and all that (what with the long hair).

The use of the Mama Cass song “Make Your Own Kind of Music” was pure genius and I really love the way the camera makes its way up the Hatch shaft to reveal Jack, Locke and Kate looking down – exactly how we were left at the end of season 1.

Talk about opening up a can of worms.

Jack/Locke Faith Debate Pt. 2 – Season 2, Episode 3 “Orientation”

Top 25 Lost Moments Jack and Locke believe conversation Top 25 Moments From 6 Years of Lost

The second science vs. faith head-butting between Jack and Locke on our list occurred when Jack returned to the Hatch and told Locke the numbers. Locke said that Jack had to be the one to push the button but Jack didn’t want to, because he didn’t think anything would happen if he didn’t (something which is mirrored in the season 6 episode “The Candidate”).

Locke asked Jack why he found it so hard to believe and Jack replied by asking why Locke found it so easy. Locke replied that it’s never been easy for him. Before the timer ran down, Jack made a leap of faith and pushed the button. Electrifying stuff.

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  1. Great show, great finale…
    I’m sure others have said this, but:
    I believe the island was clearly defined in Season 1 when Locke was explaining Backgammon to Walt. Backgammon is all about getting your players, who are scattered on the board, to the end. During the game, you can be knocked out and have to start over…but you have to continue in the same direction until you finish the game. Some get to the finish line quicker than others, but the game isn’t over until ALL the players have reached the finish. I think that’s what the whole show was…one big Backgammon game!! Even young Jacob and his brother were playing some game that resembled Backgammon (black rock vs white rock, evil vs good, dark vs light) Was this just a coincidence? I don’t think so…
    Of course, there was much more to the show than just my simple analogy, but I think the Island was being used like a big game of Backgammon!

    • That’s pretty brilliant, TFG.

      One of my favorite moments was the freighter blowing up and Yunjin Kim’s devestating cries out to her husband. Breaks my heart every time.

      • That is a powerful scene in the 3part grouping “there’s no place like home. I just finished watcing part 1 of that series. It’s se04 ep01. Watch the last 5 minutes turning the sound up after Ben says: ” how many times do I have to tell you John, I always have a plan”. Let the wonderful Michael Giacchino home. The editing is spectacular embracing the metaphor of one door opening as another closes. It begins with Sun stepping out the door of the freighter onto the deck. Kate, Sayiid and Richard each came through foliage and walk out of the jungle. As Jack and Sawyer leave the scene of the firefight the door of the copter is behind them. Ben told Locke to step through the hole in the wall, walk 20 paces and turn left until he gets to the alcove, at the Antheuriums, reach down turn the handle and the elevator will take him down to the Orchid Station. Whoa, exclaims Hurley… Openings through jungle passages, an open door on the freighter, gateway paths out of the bush, open helicopter doors, hole in the wall, alcove and an elevator door. The look in the eyes of the characters and their expressions are resolute in the the same steadfast manner. The music powers one of the best collation of characters on the edge of time about to change.

    • Once you begin to think of the Island as a character that thought will never leave your mind.

  2. I would have added the part where Sawyer gets dragged out of the cage to be executed. The rain, Kate begging Sawyer to fight back and him telling her Close her eyes and not watch. Had me choked up.

    • Yes definitely agree. One of the best moments of season three. Of course not including through the looking glass

  3. One of my favorite scenes that no one has mentioned is in the season 1 finale when Sawyer is cutting the bamboo for the raft mast. Jack shows up to give Sawyer a gun when Sawyer tells him the story of meeting Jack’s father in a bar a week before the crash. The look on Jack’s face is priceless.

    • I was reading the list wishing for this scene to show up! I swear it is one of the best scenes of the series

  4. When Sawyer kills Anthony Cooper.
    When Kate begs for Sawyer to fight back and he tells her to close her eyes.
    When Boone dies and Aaron is born, beautiful scene.
    I love lost.

    • The reason why Aaron’s name is Aaron is also due to Doctor Who:The Judgement of Isskar which is one of 3 The Key to Time 2 books. The Doctor’s companion didn’t have a name and he simply started naming names that started with A and Amy turned out to be the name he gave her. She was only a few hours old when she got the name but she was in the body of a young lady.

      The Judgement of Isskar:

      Like I keep saying believe it or not Lost nothing but a clever remake, plain and simple!

      I am one of the biggest fans of Lost and enjoyed the show very much but they should give credit where credit is due.

      • wat

  5. I was hoping that one of the “event” companies who sponsor the opera and baseball game viewing in the movies would show the last two episodes in the movies too. I wanted to see the ending in a darkened theater with hundreds of other Lost fans. It still was great! No one mentioned Kate shooting “Fake Locke.” That was her redemption.

  6. I have been watching TV for more than 60 years and in my opinion LOST is the greatest story of all time… of all time. It is the most compelling and commanding story I have ever seen on television. Episode 77, The Constant, is a central nugget and the conversation between Desmond and Penny is without a doubt among the best 7 minutes ever filmed.

    • Did you know it was a remake? Most people don’t and the writers won’t ever tell you the idea for Lost came from Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time series.

    • I totally agree…..I’m an avid film and tv watcher and have just watched Lost again introducing it to my adult children….the story is gift and I can’t help feeling somehow more conscious of those dearest around me and who have taught me the greatest things about myself.

  7. When sun and Jin die was so was sad they were my favorite characters /:

  8. How about when Sawyer tells Jack about meeting his father?

  9. How about when Jack gets Kate to tell him the story while stitching up Ben, He tells her to run? Emotional moment, That’s an awesome part I think!

  10. When Walt tells Locke on the street he had a dream about him, he was sitting on a beach and everyone around him wants to kill him… later on in the episode, who’s sitting on a beach with a black blanket wrapped around him with the rest of ajira’s survivors? Locke of course… Alive! Epic…

  11. There are too many great moments to mention. I just finished a three week marathon of the entire series and it will haunt me for a long time. One of my favorite moments has to be when Sawyer, Jin, Charlie and Hurley got the van running and were driving around laughing, drinking beer and for a few moments at least, forgetting their problems and differences. It was a laugh/cry moment that I will always remember.

  12. Excellent list. I just finished this show and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever gone through in any TV series or movie. My personal favorite list includes most of these and a few others. How about the Others’ purge of the DHARMA Initiative in “The Man Behind the Curtain”? Also, one of the most emotional moments for me was in Season 6 when Hurley reunited Richard with the spirit of his dead wife Isabella. Finally, I would add the Smoke Monster’s massacre at the temple in Season 6 as a personal favorite, especially at the end when Locke and Sayid are walking away with that creepy music playing.

  13. Good list. I would move The Constant scene up further on the list, probably top three. For me the scene in Ab Aeterno where Hurley translates to Richard for Isabel is a top ten moment.

    • Episode 77 The Constant is a seminal piece in the puzzle of Lost. The final 7 minutes is among the best I’ve seen in 60 years watching TV. When Des leaves the apartment of Penny he is unsure of himself. However as the camera angle changes facing upward we see Penny closing the curtains on their relationship. Yet as Des begins to walk a smile comes to his face. He is looking forward confident in the knowledge he found his constant. Penny, Penny, my god is that that you Penny. Yeah, yeah, is that you Does? I love you Penny, I’ve always loved you. 7946 0893, it’s a London number.

  14. I pretty much have the same views as this guy who wrote this out. I have only one moment that I wish to add that always goes under the radar. When Eko dies he is seen walking into a light with his brother. I believe this is where Eli ‘moved on’. And since the actor who portrayed Eko didn’t come back for the finale i always cling to this notion of closure for Mr. Eko. Even Michael, Ben and Walt moved on separately from the Losties so I believe we had an early glimpse into this pre after life I’m that scene.