‘Looper’ International Trailer 2 Offers Better Explanation of the Plot

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Rian Johnson’s Looper has been met with high-anticipation from both arthouse and sci-fi fans, due to its thought-provoking look at the phenomenon of time travel, and how that technology literally forces one young man to come face to face with himself. Action-heavy trailers showcasing stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as two different versions of the same man) have certainly caught the eye of the average moviegoer; though, they still might not be certain what the movie is about, exactly.

But fear not: the latest Looper international trailer is here to help explain things.

For those who may still not be clear on things (despite the heavy exposition in the trailer): Gordon-Levitt’s character, “Joe,” is a hitman assigned to kill victims sent back in time by the future mob. Joe disposes of a body that technically doesn’t exist in the past, while no corpse exists in the future to incriminate the mob – and a perfect “loop” of unsolvable murder is closed.

However, when Joe’s next target turns out to be his future self (played by Bruce Willis), a moment’s hesitation costs him his quarry, and that failure puts young Joe in the crosshairs of the mob. After that, it’s a chase of Joe vs. Joe vs. the mob, complete with all the time travel mechanics that will hopefully be made clear in the film.

Looper UK Poster 570x427 Looper International Trailer 2 Offers Better Explanation of the Plot

Rian Johnson is known for bending genre conventions into complicatedly awesome narratives (see: Brick and The Brothers Bloom), and many are expecting him to do for sci-fi what he did for neo-Noir with Brick, and crime-caper flicks with Brothers Bloom. From the marketing it’s clear the studio wants a wider demographic to be lured in by the futuristic visuals and action set pieces – but be forewarned, early word on the movie is that it’s a head-trip – albeit, one very much worth taking.

Looper will be in theaters on September 28, 2012

Source: Sony France

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  1. I’m looking forward to this movie and welcome any “head-trip” moments it may provide.

  2. Sounds interesting and “head trip” movies seem to be returning, which isn’t a bad thing to me.

  3. l’ll really enjoy Joseph essentially playing bruce willis

  4. I cant wait for this movie to come out. It looks really impressive.

  5. Old Joe should certainly remember what happened when he was younger.
    Although from the looks of the trailer Old Joe is surprised by seeing Young Joe.
    It will be interesting to see why that memory lapse exists or if it is addressed at all.

    If Old Joe did remember everything as he should or perhaps recovers he would
    know exactly where to go and what to do to evade and survive Young Joe.

    Once back in time Old Joe escapes and appears to be hunting young Joe.
    There is a problem — if he kills Young Joe he evaporates himself.
    A dead Young Joe does not get to grow up to be Old Joe.

    Since Old Joe does exist in the future Young Joe is not killed by Old Joe.
    If either is killed then Young Joe kills Old Joe. But can he kill his future self.
    It would probably be worth trading the wrath of the mob for saving yourself.
    Best guess is Old Joe and Young Joe team up to fight a common foe — the mob.

    • In movies, and maybe someday real life?, time travel has differnet ways of working. In some, like 12 Monkeys, which I believe Willis is also in, time travel changes nothing. You cant change the past. Go back in time, and it turns out you going back in time is what made the future the way it is.

      Others, like the Back To The Future trilogy, go back in time, change the past, get a new future. I think Looper will be like that. Once Old Jo is in the past, all bets are off. No one knows how it will end, who will die. In Old Jo’s past, he wasnt killing time travellers. Time travel is invented, the mob goes back in time and recruits Young Jo, and later sends back Old Joe for Young Jo to kill. But who knows? I’m intersted now, and cant wait to see Looper, see how its all explained.

      • Usually rules have to be bent significantly in any time travel story.
        Rian Johnson has stated though the rules have to work and
        he gives the impression meaning that rules can’t be broken.

        From his statements I do not think we will see scenarios
        like 12 Monkeys or other similar films, I sense he wants
        rules to be logical and not bent to make things work.

        Time travel bends the rules by definition though
        so any logic derived is also bent derivatively.

  6. This movie looks great and even better, it looks R rated :D

  7. Ohhoho-Yeah!!!

  8. since t.d.k.r i am a fan of j.g.lewitt , i always thought this babyface can´t play character roles,now i know i was wrong.

    • Watch Inception.

  9. Over the past month or so Johnson was risen pretty high on my radar as a writer/director to watch out for. I watched Brick for the 1st time and loved it and then his work on the episode “51″ of Breaking Bad blew my mind.
    I was already excited about Looper but now it’s an absolute must see…

  10. “Joe disposes of a body that technically doesn’t exist in the past, while no corpse exists in the future to incriminate the mob – and a perfect “loop” of unsolvable murder is closed”

    This, I don’t understand:
    The one send back to the past/present to be killed: Why should his corpse disappear in the future, only because he is killed earlier?

    Or, there still is a corpse in the future, but the police can’t incriminate the mob with the corpse. But if the police find the corpse, they must wonder that this person is dead for so long. There must be a lot of evidence that he has lived much longer, until the mob has send him back in time (his friends and family, videos, etc. can confirm, that he can’t be dead for so long).
    And there must be a lot of corpses who are longer dead then they should, or they even found corpses of people which are still living, because the mob haven’t send them back yet, but when they didn’t send them back, then there can’t be a corpse. The old story of “what if I travel back and kill my father?”.
    Feeling dizzy? Me to!

    This timetravel-stories are pointless, there always have to emerge alternate timelines to explain these paradoxes, yawn!

    • Once the body is sent to the past there is no body. No body, no crime.

      • That is not true, as I described above.

        When you travel, let’s say 10 years back in time, and then you are waiting 10 years, your are back in the future/present, only 10 years older.
        So you were never really away, your body was always here. For the people, which have stayed in the future/present, you were never away, but for them the history has changed in the moment you traveled 10 years in the past.
        And there are two of yourself, one 10 years older and one 10 years yunger.
        Have you never seen “Back to the future”?

  11. The old story of “what if I travel back and kill my father before I was born?”