A&E Cancels ‘Longmire’; Season 4 Still Possible Elsewhere

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longmire A&E Cancels Longmire; Season 4 Still Possible Elsewhere

The A&E Network is perhaps best known for being the home of such reality fare as Storage Wars, Bad Ink and the hugely popular Duck Dynasty. However, over the last few years, the cable network’s scripted dramas – Those Who Kill, The Glades, Bates Motel and Longmire – have also managed to catch the attention of viewers.

Based on a Danish TV series, Those Who Kill only lasted ten episodes earlier this year before ending its run, while crime drama The Glades finished off its fourth season with a cliffhanger; it was then surprisingly canceled. Now it seems A&E has decided to swing the cancellation axe yet again.

According to Deadline, A&E has chosen not to renew its hit western Longmire for a season 4. Yet the news outlet does say Warner Horizon, the studio behind the series, will indeed be shopping it immediately to other networks. In a statement, A&E didn’t elaborate on their decision, simply stating:

“We would like to thank the phenomenal cast, crew and producers of ‘Longmire,’ along with our partners at Warner Horizon, for their tireless work on three seasons of quality dramatic storytelling. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”

Katee Sackhoff in Riddick 570x320 A&E Cancels Longmire; Season 4 Still Possible Elsewhere

The news is particularly surprising because Longmire, starring Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, is A&E’s most-watched drama series of all time, and only second in viewers for the network behind Duck Dynasty. The move can possibly be explained by the excuse that the cable network is trying to cut down on external spending, since both The Glades and Longmire come from outside studios, whereas new series The Returned hails from the new A+E Studios.

Yet it also seems like the A&E Network is really trying to downsize its scripted programming overall and return its focus to reality TV. In perhaps a very telling move, A&E’s head of scripted programming, Tana Nugent Jamieson, recently went over to A+E Studios as SVP. She’s now in charge of developing scripted programming for not just A&E, but also Lifetime, History and LMN.

So there’s no telling what will become of A&E, but at the very least with its strong cast and ratings, Longmire does have a chance of finding a home somewhere else.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on Longmire.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Another decision by ignorant program directors who think they know what people want. Longmire was THE show we dare not miss that week. Yes we could DVR it but we HAD to watch. Great cast, good story line and the locations were great too. So Long A&E, it could have been great…………………

    • right on Longmire lives on

    • Good show. I hope someone picks it up.

  2. How could you possibly think this was a good decision?! One of the most watched programs and you still chose to cancel it – unbelievable! Well there goes one more reason for me NOT to watch A & E. You certainly do not care what your viewers want!

  3. Shame on you, A&E, for canceling a great series. I am in the age group that you do not want to reach with your programing so I will not bother ordering any program packages with A&E in them. This is a great book series and the Longmire TV Series and actors are great. You messed up!! Way to Go!!

  4. Bad move cancelling Longmire! Just as is was a bad decision to cancel The Glades. A&E will lose all viewers. Hopefully Netflix will get the contract, and I will get rid of A&E for good!

  5. As a result of Longmire being dropped, I no longer watch any A&E programs. Nor will I purchase any products that were being advertised on the A&E network. You obviously had your reasons for dropping a top program, now I have mine for dropping your network.

    • A&E stated..”that are trying to get away the the “OLDSTERS” You know..alot of the same “oldsters” that made them. Shame on them

  6. My husband and I and all of our “old” friends LOVE Longmire. It is original and fun and I personally love Longmire. I can’t believe A&E would take such a popular program off the air. The “older” generation watches more TV and buys more products than the 20-30 year olds. If A&E wants to air more reality TV then it will certainly lose my viewership along with a lot of other “old” folks who prefer quality programs over the ridiculous reality shows.

  7. I get about 200 channels and I look forward to watching very few. But one that I like is A&E so I can watch Longmire, But now you took that away from me. Why Why Why.

  8. I truly enjoyed the Longmire series. I could watch the program and not worry with explicit sex scenes being the programs plot. My mother and grandchildren could be in the room while the program was on and not worry about sexual content or scenes. It’s a pity sponsors prefer to entertain the younger generation and have no concern for those of us who prefer true entertaient. I think A&E has forgotten what their name implies the Arts and the Entertainment, they are not achieving either. I suppose Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, American Pickers(not you mean cheaters, stealers), as entertaining. I do not. Several years ago A&E had programs such as Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, these programs did entertain as did Longmire. The series should be reinstated.

  9. We’ve watched every Longmire episode at least twice, maybe even more times then that.
    We have never watched reality TV… AND NEVER WILL!!!!!!!! It’s shocking to us (and I quote)
    “The news is particularly surprising because Longmire, starring Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, is A&E’s most-watched drama series of all time, and only second in viewers for the network behind Duck Dynasty.”
    And so they cancel it. How brain damaged can you be? How do these exec’s keep their jobs?

    • Heard on the radio this morning that Longmire is being picked up by Netflix. NEW episodes — not just reruns. What a great Christmas gift for us fans that enjoy GOOD storytelling and characters we can actually like.

  10. Bad move A & E cancelling this great show. My family actually enjoys it compared to these reality tv shows. There is no more reason for me to turn in to A & E. Your loss.

  11. Are the people running A&E total MORANS? I’ve always held if something is not broken, DON’T fix it. Well Longmire was not broken, IT WAS GREAT!!! It had great ratings. So what’s the deal. Can’t they just keep a show people enjoy? They are not going to survive on reruns alone. And forget reality shows, we have had just about enough of those (except for Duck Dynasty of course).


  12. Only an incompetent group of programmers cancels a successful show. I hope that FX picks up Longmire. A & E has just lost another viewer.

  13. I just want to say that A&E has to be the worst TV channel ever. The two best shows on it and they cancel both The Glads and now Longmire. I wish they would reconcider bringing them back.

  14. Looks like Netflix has picked up Longmire. They have ordered 10 NEW Episodes. Thank you NetFlix!!! Goodbye A&E!! Hey Directv, A&E is running your customers and Top Shelf programming off to NetFlix. Hmmm Might not need Directv if this keeps up. You may want to review your contract with A&E. Oops…….

  15. Bring Longmire back!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. First A&E screws up by not airing the Boston Pops 4th of July. That made me mad enough. But then the idiots cancelled, very unexpectedly, The Glades. I honestly didn’t think they could do anything any more moronic than that.. UNTIL..they cancelled Longmire. What kind of stupid is A&E? The ONLY three shows A&E ever aired that were worth watching are now gone. Well, A&E kiss your network good bye. I will not EVER watch A&E again for any reason, and I know a lot of people in agreement with me. (And no, Duck Dynasty is NOT good programming. If I wanted to watch a bunch of hillbillies/rednecks, I’d go into town and sit on the street and watch for free. I have better things to do with my time.)
    GOOD-BYE A&E! I wonder what channel will take your place after you go under?

  17. I don’t understand A&E’s thinking. If I had a television series as popular as Longmire, there aren’t too many reasons I would cancel it short of a national disaster. I was and I stress Was. a fan of The First 48 and other A&E programs but now I will find another network to watch.

  18. I really hope it is picked up by another channel.
    reality shows are to many now. I hope to not to be watching on A&E

    It becomes very frustarting with with these people making these decisons. Why don’t you publishe phone numbers to call.

  19. When is the last time you turned on a News station and got news, why turn on arts and entertainment and get no art or entertainment, cheaper isn’t best for the public, hope your ratings drop ,then see where your sponsor are.

  20. Netflix picked Longmire up for season four and I’m hoping for more seasons beyond that. A&E’s big loss…Not only did they throw away one of the best shows I personally have ever seen but now I refuse to watch the re-runs of Criminal Minds (one of my favorite shows) on A&E. I only watch them on ION Television now.

    Long Live Longmire…

  21. So sad that A&E and Bravo have really gone downhill as far as quality goes. A&E should drop the “A” as it is no longer hosting programs that are “art”.

    Marketing (no doubt originating from money generating “powers that be” of these tv agencies) seems to have created this genre of “reality tv” as news quips would come out in the 90′s predicting its fore-coming, which to me seemed like a preparatory propogandistic move at the time and has now proven to be true.

    Also sad is that so many people watch these “reality shows” like a bunch of lemmings sacrificing art and knowledge (which to me is true entertainment) for base visual crack.

  22. WHAT! Cancelling Longmire?! My husband and i love that show! Really disappointed! Its a show that Hubby and I both enjoy watching together. Sort of old fashioned but current. Love Lou Phillips and glad to see him in something. Love all the characters.

  23. can someone PLEASE tell me what is going on with A&E? Why are they canceling all the great series? The Glades are gone, Longmire is gone. Im not happy with this station at all. Not that this is going to make a difference but im done with A&E. They start out with a great series and then just drop em. Thx for the dissappointment
    If anyone hears of someone else picking up these great series, PLEASE let me know

  24. There are hardly any tv programs on that are worth watching. Longmire is one of the best and I look forward to watching it every week. How could they be so stupid as to cancel it? I am going to pay attention to the commercials on A&E and will boycott the advertisers if Longmire isn’t renewed. I may also cancel my Direct Tv subscription. There isn’t enough on there to justify the high dollar amoun I pay.

  25. are u kidding me? bad reality tv is why i’m watching cable in the first place! idiots who make these bone head decisions should be fired. thank god for net flix i sure won’t be watching a&e.

  26. Can’t believe A&E dropped Longmire!! It’s one of the BEST shows on TV.

  27. A7E needs to be boycotted. Hope it loses all it’s audiences!! “The oldsters” that you are trying to shut out completely..are the “SAME OLDSTERS” that got you to where you are now. Shame on you…for all the good shows you have removed at the height of their popularity just to lose the oldsters.( Those words are out of A&E”S mouth