A&E Cancels ‘Longmire’; Season 4 Still Possible Elsewhere

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longmire A&E Cancels Longmire; Season 4 Still Possible Elsewhere

The A&E Network is perhaps best known for being the home of such reality fare as Storage Wars, Bad Ink and the hugely popular Duck Dynasty. However, over the last few years, the cable network’s scripted dramas – Those Who Kill, The Glades, Bates Motel and Longmire – have also managed to catch the attention of viewers.

Based on a Danish TV series, Those Who Kill only lasted ten episodes earlier this year before ending its run, while crime drama The Glades finished off its fourth season with a cliffhanger; it was then surprisingly canceled. Now it seems A&E has decided to swing the cancellation axe yet again.

According to Deadline, A&E has chosen not to renew its hit western Longmire for a season 4. Yet the news outlet does say Warner Horizon, the studio behind the series, will indeed be shopping it immediately to other networks. In a statement, A&E didn’t elaborate on their decision, simply stating:

“We would like to thank the phenomenal cast, crew and producers of ‘Longmire,’ along with our partners at Warner Horizon, for their tireless work on three seasons of quality dramatic storytelling. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”

Katee Sackhoff in Riddick 570x320 A&E Cancels Longmire; Season 4 Still Possible Elsewhere

The news is particularly surprising because Longmire, starring Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, is A&E’s most-watched drama series of all time, and only second in viewers for the network behind Duck Dynasty. The move can possibly be explained by the excuse that the cable network is trying to cut down on external spending, since both The Glades and Longmire come from outside studios, whereas new series The Returned hails from the new A+E Studios.

Yet it also seems like the A&E Network is really trying to downsize its scripted programming overall and return its focus to reality TV. In perhaps a very telling move, A&E’s head of scripted programming, Tana Nugent Jamieson, recently went over to A+E Studios as SVP. She’s now in charge of developing scripted programming for not just A&E, but also Lifetime, History and LMN.

So there’s no telling what will become of A&E, but at the very least with its strong cast and ratings, Longmire does have a chance of finding a home somewhere else.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on Longmire.

Source: Deadline

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  1. A-E Have a higestest rating show and they cancel it who is in charge of their programing because he should be put back in the mail department. Not all of have the IQ of a crouton and think watching Kim take selfies of herself and these stupid realiy shows are anything but mind numbing crap. I got my family hooked on this show and was preordering the DVD for the seasons so they could get caught up maybe some other channel will recognize that they can pick up a winning show and leave A-E in the dust again it will serve them right. Hang in there Longmire cast you are the best on TV.

    • I totally agree with Linda G

    • Well someone hit the stupid button at A&E yet again.They believe reality shows are where its at and sorry they are wrong.No longer will I watch any A&e shows.Especially that fat reared Kardashian!!

      • It’s not about queers or global warming, that’s why they cancelled it.

  2. My husband and I watch very little TV but we got our 19 and 21 year old kids interested and we all talk about the show with each other even though we don’t live under the same roof anymore.

  3. Longmire was the best show u ever had. What the hell is wrong with u people .u left everyone hanging not knowing anythiing

    • Far and away; the BEST. Whatever its flaws, this show spoke to a lot of people and seemed to have something that’s sorely missing on television these days (character, values, heart, I don’t know really)

      It would be a real shame if no other cable channel picked this up because there’s nothing like it out there. And it is excellent!

  4. Longmire is one of my favorite shows, I can’t believe A&E is canceling it. The actors and writers are incredibly talented. I do believe that one of the other networks will see this as a great opportunity and pick up the show. So screw you A&E I hope you go bankrupt, you just lost another household of viewers!!!

  5. As I sit waiting with baited breath for a new season of Longmire I find out that A&E has cancelled it! You finally have something worth watching, a show that can bring in viewers looking for more than the plastic surgery of the week or stereo typical red necks on parade. Some of us prefer a good drama & mystery. I am very disappointed in you, I expected more.

    • I heartily agree! Longmire appealing stories, and the cast, not only the main actors, but also the secondary ones, are exceptional! I just found this series this summer, and have already bought the first 2 seasons. I don’t know where to watch the 3rd one unfortunately. I am very disappointed in A&E, when they have a quality show and then let it go. Donna

  6. I can not believe you canceled Longmire A&E use to one of my favorite stations but it seems every time you get a good show you cancel… What a disappointment

  7. The cancellation of Longmire by A&E makes as much sense as the US Congress reducing spending on education while paying for another bridge going nowhere.

  8. Has A&E gone completely crazy……finally a good entertaining show and they cancel it!!! Unbelievable!!!

  9. The cancellation of the Longmire series by A&E makes about as much sense as pouting gasoline on a fire. As I understand the basics, Longmire was one of if not the highest rating show in the A&E lineup. If that is the case…What’s the problem? This was actually a show that the entire family could watch as compared to a lot of SMUT programs that are being pushed out. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Longmire was my favorite show of everything else I watch. I am being lead to believe that A&E cancelled this series because of the age of the viewers is considered too old. If that is the case (aside from being discriminatory) what are you thinking? 5.6 million viewers don’t count? Even though I have read all the books already, this was just a damn good drama & mystery. I hope that someone like TNT, AMC or even FX will pick-up the series and run with it. We need good quality TV and this hits the mark high. I will say that I am very disappointed with A&E decision.

    • I totally agree with you. And yet they keep shows like duck dynasty that doesn’t really have a story line. Not sure what is wrong with A&E.

    • I am re-watching the series on Netflix and can’t for the life of me imagine why they would cancel this fine show. Could be the death nell of A&E….

  10. I was astounded to hear that A&E was cancelling a well written quality program like Longmire…but I shouldn’t be surprised after they cancelled Breakout Kings another well written quality program. You guys really need to rethink these decisions because I for one will not be watching any of the reality carp they try to pass off as entertaining.

  11. Cannot believe A&E is this stupid. So the audience is too old, huh? Well we can take our viewing and our purchasing power somewhere else. Reality shows are getting old and I guess quality programs are too much for you to fathom.

  12. Please do not cancel Longmire! One of the best shows ever! What’s wrong with you people!

  13. I am ABSOLUTELY stunned! Longmire is one of my favorite shows of all times and is A & E’s most watched drama. AND you cancel????!!!!??? Does anyone know what we can do to petition another network to pick the show up for more seasons???? I’m ready to lead the posse!!!!!!

  14. Though not following the books exactly, no movie or series ever do, this was one of the best if not the best series to come along in a long time. TV is becoming a waste land with all the quack quack family and honey poo poo. Longmire delivered a gritty and entreating performance each week.

  15. I am so upset that A&E would cancel such a wonderful show, but guess I shouldn’t be, they do it all the time. If it’s not reality, they are not interested. They should not even start a show & let people fall in love w/it, just to cancel it. I’m sick of it….

  16. Cannot believe you at A&E canceled the two best shows on television! The Glades and Longmire yet keep stupid and disgusting shows like the Kardasions who only show people with LOW morals and make them rich for doing so,What is wrong with you people????

  17. This is the best show on A&e and your taking it off the air what is wrong with you people ? What are you thinking with?

  18. A&E appears as though they want to disappear into the morass of inconsequential and nondescript channels that cable/satellite TV have so many of. I though a while back that they were finally starting to show some ingenuity by developing shows like “The Glades” and “Longmire” and find out that they’ve cancelled them and not only that, they didn’t even bury them with acceptable endings. Congrats, A&E……you’ve added your channel to the group I don’t include in my “FAVORITE” list of channels on my DVR and you’ve been relegated to the WGAS pile, never to be viewed again. Way to build a network!

  19. This is a VERY GOOD series. What is A&E thinking? I am hoping some other network picks it up.

  20. Seriously, I can not believe you would cancel such a good show, I don’t know about anyone else but all these real life crap (storage wars etc.) are boring. I remember when A&E first came on the air, you had shows like American Justice and good programming. Its time to fire the ones that are in charge and put people in their place that know what people want. If your trying for a younger crowd here is a tip, they are not the ones that like to sit around with family and friends and watch a good show or movie. Bring back Longmire and stop with the real life silly shows.


  21. I have always loved westerns. I really beleived this show would make it. my family really loved the show and I hope you find someons else to pick up the show.

  22. Jamieson is an idiot for cancelling Longmire!
    Reality TV is trashy! So if she is over the other
    Channels we can kiss good TV viewing goodbye!!

  23. Why is it when a quality show like “Longmire” gets a good following and good ratings it gets pulled. I myself have been looking forward to the new season. I can not be-lieve A&E makes the decision to cancel it. It had a fantastic cast and story line. I understand reality shows are cheaper to make but I am tired of so many of them. We pay to watch TV and so much of what is on is junk. I really hope another station will pick Longmire up for the new season. thank you

  24. I am amazed that you would cancel Longmire one of the best shows on A&E !! I hope another net work has the sense to pick it up ! Im have been a loyal follower of the Sons Of the Anarchy since they started ! But the final season is a bust !! The acting is poor and so is the editing and with all the shooting none of the sons get killed !! Oh please God see that another net work picks up Longmire !

  25. Longmire was the only show we watched on A&E .love the show. .it’s a stupid decision to take it off..we’ll never watch anything on A&E again! !!!#

  26. Those idiots at A&E. This is obviously the work of one stupid executive, because they keep coming up with new excuses. First they said they wanted a younger demographic, then they said they wanted to own the show, now they are saying that they want to concentrate on reality TV (in which case they should change their name to C&N for the Crap Network). Who cancels their second highest rated show? This is like Microsoft canceling Windows. Are you listening A&E board of directors, you have a moron runing the show, cut your losses and fire him/her as soon as you can, or give them a job to sweep the floors, which is about all they are good for. If A&E wants to produce programing for the brain-dead demographic who’s only worry is who will win American Idol and if Kim Kardashian has a new pimple, then they can keep them. I will never watch their idiotic network again. It’s amazing how many imbeciles are put in charge at American companies today, then after the mismanagement they cry for government bailouts.

  27. Cannot believe a&e. Longmire was outstanding. Fresh,smart,even great music! That finale was sooo good. What now? Who died…Branch or his dad?
    Can’t believe tv just got dumbed down further.

  28. A&E. Me and husband love this show, it is quality writing and acting. We looked forward to this show. I do not watch reality tv shows, which is cheap garbage, if your trying to safe money by running trash reality then your quality name is going down. Me and my grown daughters loved Glades, we watched that to couldnt believe you cancelled that show. Really Duck Dynasty… What happened to A&E.

  29. Why fix what isn’t broken? Do you really have to cut down on external spending? We all know you make money on this show! I’m so disappointed! Isn’t the point to make a good program and employ people while you’re at it? Watch this: