Fox Not Canceling ‘Lone Star’ Yet, Despite Abysmal Ratings

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Lonestar FOX Cast Fox Not Canceling Lone Star Yet, Despite Abysmal Ratings

Fox’s Lone Star was one of the biggest talks of the 2010 Fall TV Season, with even our own Anthony Ocasio praising it as one of the best pilots of the season. However, despite all the critical praise heaped upon it, Lonestar ultimately crashed and burned in the ratings, snagging only 4 million viewers.

The buzzards are already circling, with whispers of Lone Star’s cancellation spreading wide and far in the mere 36 hours since it debuted on TV. However, Vulture has the exclusive word that Fox is not ready to pull the plug on their new contender quite yet…but still, the chances of the show clinging to life are looking slimmer by the minute.

I happened to catch Lone Star on Monday night – but it was purely by accident. I was watching the House Season premiere and just happened to leave my TV tuned to Fox afterward. My 9pm slot was already booked up (my girlfriend wanted to see Dancing With The Stars, while I was curious about NBC’s The Event), however within the span of three minutes, Lone Star had snagged my full attention and those other shows immediately got the DVR treatment.

Lone Star was something of a mystery to when I started watching it, so I’m going to assume that most of you (except those 4 million who tuned in) don’t necessarily know about it either. Here’s a synopsis:

In Houston, Texas the very charming Bob Allen (James Wolk) is married to Cat (Adrianne Palicki), whose father Clint (Jon Voight) is the patriarch of one of the richest oil families in the country. His plans for the future are to position himself high enough in the oil company so he can one day clean them out. Hundreds of miles away in Midland, Texas, Robert Allen has a girlfriend named Lindsay (Eloise Mumford) and spends his time bilking investors out of their hard-earned cash. Bob and Robert happen to be the same man, living two lives — which are coming dangerously close to colliding.

lone star 2010 fall television preview Fox Not Canceling Lone Star Yet, Despite Abysmal Ratings

This was a pilot that defied my every guess and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. It was truly thrilling ride watching con man Bob/Robert work his oil con on two fronts; deal with his hardcore con man father (David Keith); coax Lindsay and her entire blue-collar community out of their money; and try to win his ruthless father-in-law’s favor without meeting a grisly Texas justice fate. James Wolk was also one hell of a leading man, making Bob/Robert an anti-hero who all at once displayed limitless charm and cunning, deep emotional turmoil, and cojones of steel. The supporting cast (especially David Keith and Jon Voight as the father figures) were also pretty tight. I was pleasantly surprised, and then, really excited to get into this show.

Lonestar Pilot FOX 2 Fox Not Canceling Lone Star Yet, Despite Abysmal Ratings

At the current moment Fox is said to be continuing production on the show, with episode six going in front of cameras this week. However, the ratings were so low that even if more viewers tune in next week the smart money says it won’t be enough – but don’t let the possibility of an awkward cutoff stop you from checking this show out.

If you want to see some good TV drama and a nice spin on the con man genre, catch Lone Star next Monday on Fox @ 9pm, immediately following House. It’s much better than what NBC offered with The Event.

Source: Vulture

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  1. Def agree! I loved this show!

  2. Fox has a habit of pulling the trigger on new shows too soon. Everything I’ve read about this series and its leading man have been extremely positive. It would be ridiculous of the network to start discussing cancellation after only a couple of days, wouldn’t it? Not every show is going to be House, 24 or AI in the ratings but that doesn’t make them less solid & they should be given some room to grow. Hopefully the network will truly stand behind their product this season.

    • The show lost over half of the House audience though (68% I believe). That’s a terrible drop in audience for any show. I think that’s where all the cancellation talk came from.

      • Good point. I’d think there would be some jumping around the first few weeks of a new season to determine what people want to watch & what shows the networks move to different time slots or nights.

  3. I still think that networks are not adjusting their expectations to what ratings a show will pull in-especially on a Monday night at 9pm. Too many popular shows on at that time with 2 1/2 Men and Dancing with the Stars (ugh) being so popular, I am surprised that a brand new show was actually able to get 4 million viewers. I forgot all about this show, but I will see if it’s on my On Demand to try and catch it. Not every show is going to snag 12-20 million people-especially a new one. IF the show is as good as they say it is, the word of mouth (or internet) will get people watching it. Networks need to be a little more patient.

    • Agreed.

  4. Love the new show Lonestar!! Fox, please do not cancel!!

  5. That’s sad to hear. I was looking forward to the show and really liked it when I watched it. It deserves better ratings.

    Sadly I don’t think it was advertised properly. It had some ambiguous trailers. Also it wasn’t advertised enough before it’s premier I never saw one commercial for it until 4 days before it premiered.

  6. I thought I was the only one! And I knew I had a bias because I’m from Texas, haha.

    I adore that everyone who watched this show collectively stumbled across it! I also had FOX on for House and neglected to change channels. This show has so much potential, and I absolutely love where it’s going at the moment. Did anyone else get hooked based on the show’s tone/score? I was Googling lyrics for identification as soon as the show cut to each commercial. And the tone… especially the gas station scene, set to the climax of that song… I really like what they’re doing artistically. I also really loved the scene with the stranger at the hotel. That was really well done.

    Anyway, I also hope FOX allows the show to grow from more than just our shared, happy accident to something that could be really substantial!

    • P.S. House isn’t exactly the best lead-in for this type of a show. Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE HOUSE—but, y’know?

  7. i would like to know what gets a show cancelled.

    i would like to know what network picks up what show.

    screen rant can you type up about new tv shows coming to television regarding the process, with examples perhaps?

  8. After the end of LOST, I was looking for a new network drama to watch each week. Lone Star hooked me right in and I was excited by the pilot episode. To hear it will soon be cancelled is so frustrating and disheartening. While total junk stays on air for years (2 1/2 Men, 17 versions of Law & Order, Heroes, American Dad, etc), a quality show like this is gone in 6 episodes.
    The Networks are so concerned about losing viewers…yet they keep upsetting viewers by cancelling their shows too quickly and driving them away to cable shows! (And like Fox has something to replace Lone Star in that time slot that is going to suddenly pull in 10 million+ viewers?! Yeah right).

  9. I just watched the pilot today and I thought it was good. Hopefully they’ll give it a shot and try to promote it more.

  10. I had absolutely no intention of ever watching this show until I found the pilot episode available for free download on the Playstation Store.

    I watched it and have to say that I think it has some real potential to be a very good show.I really didn’t know anything about the plot or premise of the show,other than Jon Voight was in it,but I have to say that I liked the pilot and am intrigued of where the story is going to go from here.

    Hopefully FOX can pull their heads out of there @$$es and not get too anxious to pull the plug on yet another good show.

  11. I watched Lonestar and I really liked it except my local Fox station cut off the ending and that doesn’t help any new show! They cut into the show with added commercials and we couldn’t tell what was going on the last 7-8 minutes. This was in Dayton OH during the Sat. showing which I was glad I got to see but after putting 50 minutes in I didn’t get to see what happened at the end to make him go back to old life as the previews came back at the very end? I don’t know what they were doing at that station? Those at Lonestar should check it out!

  12. Holy Smokes! Cancel a show this good?! Heads up you loopy, attention deficit disordered network brass!! I remember ANOTHER show I ‘stumbled across’ by pure, dumb luck on it’s first airing. Knew nothing about it. Never saw so much as one advertisement for it on air, on radio, in a magazine. Wasn’t even a real television viewer. Was house sitting for a friend and had the Tube on just for background noise while I did some paperwork. The show? HBO’s The Sopranos. Needless to say paperwork never got finished. Furthermore, I became a subscriber to premium cable television just so I could watch that show. Leave LONE STAR alone! Let it build an audience. Some of us do not like football nor do we care to see a circus (DWTS). This show WILL be your success story and make us all realise that miracles CAN happen. Let LONE STAR be!

  13. One more thing for those of you on Madison Avenue…I appreciate good advertising and I spend money like a fool. So, keep airing your ridiculously clever ads during LONE STAR and I will reward your good faith in a very good show by buying your product.

  14. why did the show get cancelled:(

  15. This is the MAIN reason I DVR any new series I may be interested in. I wait several episodes before I watch them on the DVR,too. The Networks pull things so early…what’s the point of watching 2-6 episodes of program to have it yanked off the air and we’re left wanting “closure”. Who reads a book with the last 1/2 of it missing? With the great leap in technology in the last 20 years, the whole rating system needs an overhaul!

  16. I agree with all the comments here…Lone Star had an awesome Pilot and the story line will definitely get more viewers…only 2 episodes isn’t enough time. With the technology today with internet showing full episodes, ppl can go online to view the pilot and catch up. This show was very different from other shows and had me intrigued from the get go…even though I would never condone the deceit…the story line is very interesting to see how Robert/Bob and his father pull these cons off with all the ppl they come encountered with. Now they have cancelled the show…I’m hoping that cable will pick this up and allow us to watch the continuation of Robert/Bob’s story. Jon Voigt and David Keith are legends in their own right and deserve to continue!!!!!!