‘Lone Survivor’ Trailer: Navy SEALs Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

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Lone Survivor is based on the memoir “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10,” as written by former SEAL Marcus Luttrell. The film adaptation depicts the events leading up to – and following – Luttrell (played by Mark Wahlberg) undertaking a covert mission along with three of his peers. The objective: kill a high-level Taliban operative located in Afghanistan.

The film is a passion project for writer/director Peter Berg, who (as the unofficial story goes) agreed to direct Universal’s Battleship board game adaptation – on the condition that he would be able to make Lone Survivor thereafter, while the studio providing the necessary $upport for both projects. Universal has released a trailer for Lone Survivor online, presumably before the preview begins showing in theaters this weekend (attached to Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington’s buddy action vehicle 2 Guns).

lone survivor trailer Lone Survivor Trailer: Navy SEALs Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

In the Lone Survivor trailer, we are provided with a clear picture of the incident that resulted in Luttrell and his men being ambushed by some 250 Taliban soldiers in the Hindu Kush region (sidenote: in the real-world version, the squad ran into three kids and an old man). Most of the preview is focused on showing a reverence for the discipline and physically/emotionally-demanding nature of the SEAL lifestyle – with more of a grounded sincerity and less of the cheesy patriotism served up in Battleship

Berg insisted on an accurate portrayal of Naval protocol in Battleship (despite the film’s generally cartoony nature), so it’s safe to assume that he’s done the proper research so as to fairly portray SEAL operation techniques in Lone Survivor. Combine that sense of authenticity with the inspired-by-true-events storyline – which (maybe) could avoid prompting the propaganda accusations leveled at other recent examinations of the American military (see: Act of Valor vs. Zero Dark Thirty for flip sides of that coin) – and Lone Survivor may prove to be a contender during the approaching end-of-year awards season. Universal seems to believe so much is possible, as the studio has slated Berg’s film for a limited theatrical run in December (for Oscar-qualifying reasons).

The Lone Survivor cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Ben Foster (Contraband), Emile Hirsch (Killer Joe) and Eric Bana (Hanna). This film was written for the screen and directed by Peter Berg.


Lone Survivor begins a limited U.S. theatrical release on December 27th, 2013; it will expand to a wider release beginning January 10th, 2014.

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  1. Doesn’t look too shabby. But Wahlberg should stop taking in as many calories as he did when he trained for Pain & Gain. He’s getting a bit fat in the face. :D

  2. that trailer lost me around the middle.. I’m not impressed and I doubt I will be after seeing the movie (just like Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down)

    • +1

    • You are basing the craptastic fest that was Olympus Has Fallen to a film that is based on REAL LIFE and actual events? Seriously? GO back to watching Transformers movies….

      • Transformers was good.

  3. Sadly…anything Peter Berg or Taylor Kitsch touch is doomed from the start. Sucks cause I like Taylor.

    • What??? When Peter Berg focuses himself on intense drama/suspense/action he is amazing… Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom are perfect examples…

  4. I’d have enjoyed the trailer more if it wasn’t for the gungho god bless America soundtrack playing in the back ground! Plus the title kind of gives away the ending, surely they could have come up with something better?

    • Is there something inherently wrong with “gunho God bless America”? Does everything have to be cynical to merit interest?

      • @John

        Where have you been? We all know it’s cooler to be anti-American than be patriotic. Being patriotic is corny, racist, and uncool. Get with the times bro…

    • Wow yes your so called “gungho god bless america music” is the song Hero by Peter Gabriel who happens to be British and what problem do you have with being gungho American?

      • Well…actually the song is “Heroes” – written by David Bowie (and Brian Eno, yes both Brits) in 1977, from the album of the same name. Yes, here it is SUNG by Peter Gabriel, and right about where I realized who was singing is where I also lost interest in the trailer, for much the same reason as Dr. Ken…

        Nothing wrong with “gungho…etc.” – it’s just something I (and apparently others) have no interest in seeing expressed so…vehemently.

        • Liberals, yes its the reason Hollywood has ignored the thousands of real life heroes who fought for 10 years and the amazing stories they have compared to the fare hollywood has put out.

          • Ha… Marcus Luttrell makes it exceptionally clear how he feels about Liberals in the novel Lone Survivor…

    • @Noisewater

      Hey man, we all know you have to say “‘Murica” because that makes you sound even cooler…

      • Haha hey no there’s nothing wrong with gungho Americaness, it just felt a little cheesy for me and reminds me of Team America mixed with Acts of Valour, I’m just jealous because there are no British war movies these days that don’t star Danny Dyer!

        • You compared Team America to Act of Valor. This shows how low class some in America have become.

    • No. We are silent professionals. We do not build hopes by lying. We do not joke about the deaths of our brothers. There is no other title wprthy of this story.

  5. My brother has read the book and is a huge fan of it and Marcus Luttrell. He is so hyped for this movie, I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. To just mention something interesting, in real life Luttrell is 6’5, 200 something pounds, while Mark Wahlberg is 5’8.

  6. I highly recommend the book to everyone here. It’s phenomenal.

    Here’s hoping the movie measures up.

  7. Luttrell is a friggen hero and as pro America/gung ho as you can get. I suspect that kinda has to be in the movie as thats kinda what its about. The hate America crap movies don’t work as much as hollywood tries to spit them out. Battleship was bad but I’ve watched it 3 times because Berg used a wounded warrior as a major character and it was authentic as it could be. Bana has done this before as part of the cast of Black Hawk Down. Scott brough in everybody for that so I hope Berg has done the same.

      • @The Dark Cow

        I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was authentic, but come on, how long has it been since we got to see a BATTLESHIP like the Mighty Mo light off their 16-in guns?? I know it’s fake, but it looks real enough to get me to cheer. And from what I’ve read, they actually did film scenes on the real USS Missouri when it was brought back out to sea. No matter what, it was damn good to see her in action, see REAL Mighty Mo vets in the movie portraying themselves, and seeing an old retired battleship destroy a futuristic alien space craft… Oh, and the Hornets were a nice treat too. Sorry, a bit of a military geek… Fake or not, as long as they are portrayed in a positive light and they get to flex their muscles on screen, I always enjoy it. Other examples would be the A-10′s in Man of Steel, Transformers, and Terminator Salvation.

        You have to lighten up man. Just be glad they didn’t portray the military negatively like so many movies do now-a-days.

        • @Ken J.

          I was responding to another poster on the Authenticity.

          who thought it was authentic as it could be.

          Plus, I live close and see Big J almost every weekend.

          So I am partial to Big J.

          You have to understand, Military defend military, we may fight among ourselves, but we will join in to mess you up if you bad mouth or do any of us wrong.

          • @The Dark Cow

            I know who you were responding to, I just sensed a bit of animosity toward the entire movie, not just that ridiculous and unrealistic aspect to it.

            Oh, another reason I might be partial to the movie was its soundtrack being a child of the 80′s and 90′s rock… :-)

          • Yeah well, perhaps you should watch the movie first before going postal on it. What some actor says in his free time doesn’t matter. Or do you reject your mail, just because the mailman is a racist a**hole? ;)

            You know I’m right. If you don’t accept my opinion as the absolute truth, your cows will constitute today’s BBQ. I don’t care that they are dairy cows!

    • Just so you know.

      The Salt in the Sea water would have seized her screws.

      You do not keep live ammo aboard a decommissioned ship.

      Each turret fired 4 times. So that means it was carrying at least 36 rounds.

      • @The Dark Cow

        LOL, yah, it’s pretty hilarious that it would have enough fuel to do what it did, and that it would have live ammo on board when it was turned into a museum. But I’m glad they threw all of that to the wind so we can see her in action… The only other way is if they made a period piece from back when she was still in service…

        I’m not sure if they actually made it operational or not, but when they filmed the movie, they actually (probably by coincidence) had just finished working on the Mighty Mo to make her sea worthy again. So there was a chance that they got the engine working and installed new screws and shafts, but there’s a chance they just made it so it would float, and not actually move on its own power, I’m not sure to what extent the improvements/maintenance were. But it was being brought out of dry-dock when they filmed the sequence of it being brought back to life…

    • I thought the trailer looked awesome with its Gung Ho Pro America Vibe! Why because Im American and like movies like this! Those guys were true warriors and walked the warriors path!

    • Never understood the hate for Taylor Kitsch. He did a good job with every role he was given so far. He certainly isn’t responsible for the story or the box office failure of any movie he was in.

        • @The Dark Cow

          As a fan of the book I also care deeply on how Micheal Murphy is portrayed but lets not jump to any conclusions before seeing the finished product. I am optimistic about the movie and the casts portrayals of the men because Marcus has given the movie and cast his full support.

        • And you still haven’t really answered the question. Why is it bad that Taylor Kitsch portrays him? Has the actor made anti-American or anti-military remarks or something that I don’t know about? They guy seems like a good guy, and I agree with Winchester, he’s always been pretty likeable in all of his roles. The movies he stars in just happens to flop for whatever reason that is out of his control…

          • Officer wanting the respect and the movie down right of a fellow Officer.

            Regardless of Rank or Branch. We do not want a Heroes done with anything but the best.

            As for Mark Whalberg and all the movies he does with weapons and the movies that he is in that has gun violence.

            That POS says they should take away our guns. What a f-ing hypocrite.

            and him playing Luttrell, what a freaking joke. His freaking ego says..I gots to be the lead!

            • @The Dark Cow

              Marky Mark has said that before?? Wow, didn’t know that. But you know, it’s Hollywood. 90% of those clowns believe in those stupid ideals. It’ll be hard to limit it only to people who don’t. I mean, Act of Valor is probably the only time we will see true heroes depicting our true heroes, lol.

  8. Read the book. I’ve followed Marcus on Beck and O’Reily’s shows.

    I’m worried about what they changed to get it through hollywoodland.

  9. It was Operation Red Wings not Operation Redwing.

    Operation Redwing was a series of nuclear test in the 50s.

      • ::face palm::

        How the hell did that make it past the proofreader!

      • The book has been out four years. You think they would catch it by the second printing.

  10. Another Wahlberg movie? … thats number 4 for this year, talk about busy !

  11. I’ll give this a watch on Netflix.

  12. 15 cuts in 20 seconds…
    yep, looks like a Peter Berg film.
    No doubt will be better than Battleship but overproduced nonetheless.
    Let the actor do his job and keep the camera on him for awhile.
    I can’t help feel manipulated afterwards.

    • You can’t judge a movie’s editing by the editing of the trailer at all.

      • Internet critics can and do a year before a movie even opens. People need to cut the crap and stop prejudging everything.

  13. I am also a very big fan of the Lone Survivor book. I like Berg as a director but not for this. Kathryn Bigelow needs to be part of this. This failed mission was as big as the Bid Laden hit and needs to be filmed accordingly. I’m afraid this is just going to wind up an act of valor 2 or navy seals 2.

    Also, Luttrell is 6’5″, 200 lbs. A 5’8″ Wahlberg playing him is an insult. He was miscast and it’s a shame because the other members look somewhat similar to the actual members and they owe it to Marcus to stay true to the storyline. I can’t believe i’m saying this but a Ryan Reynolds with a beard looks like a Luttrell doppleganger and we all know he needs a hit movie bad. Too bad.

    • @Steve

      Really? Bigelow? I didn’t watch Zero Dark Thirty, but I did watch The Hurt Locker, and really didn’t enjoy the anti-military vibe from that movie. This movie needs NONE of that…

      • I don’t like Bigelow either Ken and HATED Hurt Locker, but she actually did a good job with Zero Dark Thirty. Not perfect but good enough.

  14. Yes. Watch zero dark thirty first and then make your comments. Judging from the trailer the cinematography is way off. This looks like another Wahlberg action flick, like shooter 2 or 2 guns. It’s stinks of Hollywood. Bay might as well have directed it. Just watch Battleship, then Zero Dark and you’ll see what I’m referring too. The Hurt Locker was not anti-military either it was dead-on.

    • @Steve

      LOL, ok, The Hurt Locker was dead on? Alright, I trust your opinion. ;-)

      • @ Steve that was a pretty funny statement about the Hurt Locker!

  15. Casting Mar as Luttrell is like casting (what’s his name) as Jack Reacher in the Lee Child movie. Jack Reacher is 6’5″, 250 lbs and Tom Cruise is 4’18″ or so… With all the junk they believe and put out in Hollywood, why should we be surprised. For Gung Ho, That’s American! Ever seen SAS or Israelies being gung ho? This from an E-5 of the Vietnam era. Thank God for our Patriots!!!

    • Yes, because 4’18″ really exists… It’ll be crazy if they call that 5’6″…

    • Yes its on the BBC its called Ultimate Force!

  16. Hahaha. All of you characters are awesome. I love these forums and how a stupid trailer can bring out the true feelings in all of us. It’s truly priceless.

  17. I dare you all to read the book without crying. I am really excited for this movie! I hope people go see it for the heroes it is remembering and honoring, instead of skipping out on it because they hated Battleship which had same director and actor. The book was amazing and these men paid the ultimate price for their country, like it or not, agree with it or not. RIP to all of these Fallen Heroes! Please support this movie!