‘Lone Ranger’ Trailer: Johnny Depp’s Serious (and Stylish) Western Adventure

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Few reboots have generated as much discussion and controversy as Lone Ranger – and it’s easy to see why. The film re-frames the classic Ranger story from a do-daring western into a $200 million (maybe more?) dysfunctional buddy adventure with Pirates of the Caribbean-style grit, and philosophical musings similar to those in director Gore Verbinski’s Oscar-winning animated western, Rango.

Johnny Depp as Tonto has also prompted complaints about racially-insensitive casting (despite Depp being one-quarter Cherokee and adopted by the Comanche Nation) to concerns that he will overshadow Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the Ranger, by delivering an overly-familiar Jack Sparrow-esque performance. Today’s teaser trailer probably won’t put those worries to bed, though it should help to quell some of the storm.

Disney previously unveiled a teaser for Lone Ranger at its Comic-Con panel this past summer. That footage featured majestic sweeping shots of the Old West and steam-powered locomotives, accompanied by some sinister voiceover from Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins) as a tycoon who recognizes that the invention of railroad technology will mark a new era in human history. It concluded with an action montage, featuring a short slow-mo shootout, brief appearance by Helena Bonham Carter, and a few shots of Hammer and Depp (stuffed crow hat and all).

The official teaser trailer, as you can see, is the same, right down to the final ‘money shot’ with Tonto hanging on the underside of a train after disconnecting its passenger cars. It all unfolds in a serious manner, with stylish cinematography and earthy color palette that help establish the western atmosphere (how many of the much-ballyhooed supernatural elements have been carried over from earlier script drafts, remains to be seen).

lone ranger trailer Lone Ranger Trailer: Johnny Depps Serious (and Stylish) Western Adventure

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in ‘Lone Ranger’

Depp, from what little we see and hear of him, seems to be toning down his quirky mannerisms, instead playing Tonto as an eccentric, but no-nonsense, American Indian warrior. Verbinski once compared the Ranger and Tonto to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, though it remains unclear whether or not that means Hammer will be the comical foil to (or equally serious as) Depp. Either way, the actor’s done solid work in the past, both dramatic (J. Edgar) and playful (Mirror Mirror), so that bodes well.

I stand by what I wrote after seeing the Lone Ranger teaser at Comic-Con: if this trailer is a proper reflection of the film’s tone and style, then Disney could have a winner on its hands – one that instills new life into the western genre (similar to what Pirates did for old-school swashbucklers). Of course, it’s best to wait and see more footage – some that’s lighter on the trains, heavier on the actual characters – before placing any bets on that wager.

Lone Ranger opens in theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2013.


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  1. In vein of failed action reboots like The Green Hornet and 3 Musketeers, oh wait I remember those trailers they were awesome! How about the movie, no oh well. Do you work for Disney cause I think anyone trying to give this crap good credit is. There is clear evidence of the budget cuts throughout the trailer. It’s just another visual flare with a confusing mess of a story. Not only those other films pulled it off Cowboys & Aliens and John Carter. It’s time not to always trust the trailer in cases like this. Johnny Depp is in our film please see it! Not even Hammer got one line in it. The final money shot set on a train like we haven’t seen this before, another clear budget evidence they couldn’t be more original to stand out. I’ll wait for the first reviews.

    • You and I clearly remember the trailers for Green Hornet and 3 Musketeers differently (among other things).

      • Oh please Sandy, just admit it. Those trailers were full of visual crap throughout just like this to sell the film. Are you even a real reviewer.

        • No, my point was that I don’t recall the trailers for either of those films being ‘awesome.’

          Y’know, if I didn’t know any better, I might think you’re just trying to get a rise out of me… :-P

          • Sandy…

            Jersey has made…interesting…comments about a great many things on other threads. His snide, insulting tone should come as no surprise, by now.


    • 3 Musketeers was a good film,
      and John Carter was one of the best films in recent years !
      Please,do not expect all people to have the same taste in Films as you do.

      • John Carter was FAR from one of the best films in years lol!

      • I enjoyed John Carter as well.
        Three Musketeers…. left a lot to be desired.
        I also felt that Green Hornet was not all that bad either.

        • I also liked John Carter

    • It is the first teaser/trailer for the movie. So it is rough. This is primarily the end of the Video Shoot and Principal Photography. It is going to be rough, there is no CGI edited in yet, there is no shading effects, there is not removal of shadows of equipment.

      I go back to 2006 and the first Teaser for Transformers was raw, you even saw the “Driver” for Prime in the window.

      It is going to be raw, but to say it pinched pennies is not a good call at all. At the 1:05 mark you see one engine sliding toward a rail car with two people…yet there is a perfectly placed pole to slow the train down and allow it to ride on a select path.

      This movie is more heavy on Visual Effect, than Special Effects.

      How much Special effects do you want in Western.

    • but it´s always the first expression,to get a taste of it. to judge so early and so clearly negative about it,is not right i.m.o.. i do find the comment of -sandy- informative and professional. i can´t even watch the trailer but now i´m more interessted in it,because of the comments from -sandy-.

      • my comment above is for -jersey schindler-.

  2. Oh wait Hammer spoke in the trailer? God his voice sounds so horrible like crack. Someone give this man water.

    • That’s odd considering he didn’t speak.

  3. HATE IT!!

  4. Set pieces do look elaborate and use of cg (backgrounds).. Ya wondering myself about that whole werewolf rumor. A 200M film? Seems hard to justify but for what its worth the cinematography looks great, one of my main concerns was the tone of the film itself and from this trailer it does seem that they’re doing it right, esp with Depp’s character being essentially the antithesis to his Jack Sparrow. hope there is more to the story than just stopping bad guys from controlling trains but at least the trailer has me interested for the time being.

  5. If this movie is even a “little” as good as the last Depp/Verbinski collaboration, Rango, then “Lone Ranger” might be a classic!!

    And the trailer, looks promising

  6. As a western film, it looks interesting.

    As a Lone Ranger movie, no , just, no.

  7. Visually attractive but not even a “Hi-ho Silver”? Now that is a teaser.

  8. I’m going go reserve judgment on this one. It’s hard to tell which way the tone of the move is going, silly or serious. Is it really about the lone ranger, or is to tonto the center piece? I need to see more before I decide to see it or not. Not everything j depp is in is good.

  9. $200 Million? Seriously?

    • figure that a 1/4th of that is Depps Salary.

  10. can´t watch it. i have made a download,but nothing.

  11. If there are no werewolves in it then I am up for it .

  12. watched it now on you tube, the trailer so far looks very very cool. the burlesque-western saloon had a cool atmosphere to me, and the action and great landscape scenes are looking like great camera-work. the few scenes had gave me chills,and like i said my first expression is now that this movie is on my most anticipated movies of 2013 list.

  13. The daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains
    will not return to those thrilling days of yesteryear.
    This trailer recalls the legend of the lone railroad.
    Hammer looks like Johnny Cash on the prairie.

  14. I think it’s right that Tonto is more than a side kick, the native Americans or ‘Indians’ were always portrayed as the bad guys in old American movies which was clearly never the case! They were defending their land from invaders intent on Genocide! Tonto should really be portrayed as the Oskar Schindler of his time and not just the human equivalent of Toto!

    Ooh ranty!! Anyway he trailer looks ok, don’t really know what this is aiming for, we have had a lot of decent westerns recently with True Grit, 3:10 to Yuma and Open Range, think this is going for the Maverick approach, bit bored of Johnny Depp and these crazy characters, prefer him when he was the indie king, Dead Man was an awesome western!

    • The proposition!! great western lol

  15. Have to say it looks better than i thought it would it reminds me a lot of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies i certainly hope its as memorable. I also really hope that there are no werwolves in this movie, and based on the trailer it looks like there aren’t thank god, twilight has messed up a lot of things in the world of movies the last thing i want is for them to mess up a western too…oh the horror what a terrible image that would be. Anyway again this looks promising as someone else said, i’m looking forward to it, i hope the budget increase was worth it, i don’t hate the Tonto costume (my mom said it looked like Kiss met the Village People) and i think Armie Hammer is a pretty good actor i liked him in the Social Network didn’t see J-Edgar but in the end i just heard it was okay and not great, and although i like him plenty Mirror Mirror didn’t seem all that appealing to me, i certainly like Depp though and Wilkinson and Carter so the casting sounds pretty good to me at least… Hope this is good hope its fun i look forward to it

  16. The trailer looks pretty promising.

    But for some reason, I have some nagging feeling that this will be a repeat of John Carter. It will get good reviews from critics/fans, but it will bomb at the box office and not come close to making back its budget.

    Who knows. Only time will tell.

    • I don’t get what your saying with a repeat of John Carter, its a totally different movie

      • Obviously it’s not going to be 100% like John Carter. They are completely different genres.

        What I was saying was that I have an inkling that they will both bomb at the box office, even though they’ll get good reviews. That’s what happened to John Carter, which had a HUGE budget, and Lone Ranger has a huge one as well. And they’re both disney movies, if that means anything.

        You know what? I think I said it best myself in the previous comment: “I have some nagging feeling that this will be a repeat of John Carter. It will get good reviews from critics/fans, but it will bomb at the box office and not come close to making back its budget.”

        All you had to do was read the rest of the paragraph, buddy.

        (Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but it bothers me when people don’t read your comment and then comment on it.)

        • I think this movie has the bonus of star power that John Carter didn’t have. Plus a director who has plenty of experience handling live action big budget blockbusters, which John Carter also didn’t have. I think it’s up to Disney to market the film better than they did with Carter.

          My hopes are up for it anyhow :)

  17. Looks pretty great to me. :)

  18. reminds me of Pirates of The Caribbean franchise … its Disney of course !

    • looking forward

  19. I am gonna see this movie for the same reason i saw Green Hornet. Nothing but my sheer love for these classic radio characters will compel me to see this. Though Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger, that makes me feel a lot better than Seth Rogen as Britt Reid. Plus, the costume makes the Ranger actually look more like if he HAD been real back during the Western expansion. So saddle up people, and lets pray to God that this movie doesn’t suck.

  20. The first trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean was just as vague. Now we just have to hope that it is creative and fresh like the first Pirates and nothing like any of the sequels. This trailer was no where near as good as the first John Carter trailer. I am gonna play that Peter Gabriel song right now.

  21. I really hope that to to doesn’t overshadow ranger in this one, the title is lone ranger so it needs to be about lone ranger, I hope this will be better than green hornet even though I didn’t entirely hate that movie it really bothered me that Kate overshadowed hornet. hammer is a good actor we all know or enough people know it he just needs his big break as they say, I hope this is it. When he was casted as Batman in the unaccomplished Justice League movie I could totally see him in that role probably better now because he’s older, hell I could even picture him as superman when he was in alas for the man of steel, I hope they make the lone ranger about the lone ranger make Tonto a good sidekick but don’t make him the movie.

  22. it sucks…no real color to the costumes to grey looking…and that music suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what’s with the Tonto s***! is this The Lone Ranger or Tonto and the Ranger!

  23. I think this movie is going to do well. Im going to go see it in theaters when it comes out

  24. This teaser does nothing to convince me one way or the other.

  25. Johhny Depp as an injun. A lead actor that many, many people will have to Google, massive script squabbles and a gigantic budget. This is going to be a blood bath. Also, while people can have whatever tastes they want, when a “huge” movie loses tens of millions and lots of high level people associated with it are soon after taking extended involunhtary vacations, said film is demonstrably not one of the best movies in years.