Armie Hammer Has ‘Lone Ranger’ Sequels Deal; Johnny Depp Ready to Return

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lone ranger trailer Armie Hammer Has Lone Ranger Sequels Deal; Johnny Depp Ready to Return

Director Gore Verbinski’s revisionist The Lone Ranger required a lot of money to make – possibly as much as $250 million – and that contributed to the Disney film winding up stalled during pre-production for several months (along with an early script draft’s questionable elements). However, later this week, audiences will finally be able to decided for themselves whether or not the western blockbuster was worth all the development brouhaha.

The movie stars Armie Hammer as a law-abiding man, who becomes the titular cowboy vigilante and joins forces with Tonto (Johnny Depp), who is a very unusual warrior from the Camanche tribe. Hammer has a deal that would bring him back for any future Lone Ranger sequels, should the first installment prove successful enough to start a franchise; likewise, Depp is ready to continue his relation$hip with Disney, when it comes to potential Lone Ranger followups.

Multi-pictures deals are standard for this breed of Disney blockbuster (see: Oz the Great and Powerful), but Hammer cautioned E! Online that the potential Lone Ranger sequel (and beyond) “depends on this one.” Similarly, the female lead Ruth Wilson – who plays the Ranger’s ex-sweetheart turned sister-in-law – confirmed that she’s contractually set to appear in a Lone Ranger trilogy, but she then added that “So if there is another one, it would be lovely to be in it but you never know.”

By comparison, Depp said that “If they started talking sequel on this I’d be ready to go in a second,” but is not contractually required to do so (unlike his peers). Such are the fringe benefits that come when you’ve collected several $1 billion hits under your belt, which frees up Depp’s reps to secure him an even heftier payday for a Lone Ranger sequel (like they did for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and should manage to do again on the Alice in Wonderland followup).

lone ranger trailer depp hammer Armie Hammer Has Lone Ranger Sequels Deal; Johnny Depp Ready to Return

Without spoiling anything, we can confirm that Disney’s Lone Ranger wraps up on a note that allows for future adventures with the Ranger and Tonto. Problem is, Verbinski’s western is more thematically self-contained than his first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (look for a feature on that subject to arrive in the near future), and as such, Verbinski might not be so inclined to return for a sequel as he was on his previous Depp franchise.

Disney would probably be willing to replace Verbinski with another director on a Lone Ranger sequel, but when that happened on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the final result was a hollow shell of Verbinski’s ambitious second and third installments in that Disney franchise (flaws and all). For now, though, it’s best to wait and see how Lone Ranger does at the box office, before spending more time speculating about what could go wrong in a sequel.


The Lone Ranger arrives in theaters on July 3rd, 2013.

Source: E! Online

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  1. This seems less lone ranger than it is of tonto and johnny depp.

    • “TONTO and the Lone Ranger”

      …yes, that does appear the focus of the commercials.

      • It makes me wonder if they only kept the title for contractual reasons. Otherwise, they would have changed it to something like Tonto and his Ranger.

  2. Gore Verbinski said he felt he had to re-imagine The Lone Ranger.
    From the looks of it he succeeded. His Lone Ranger is imaginary.

  3. I think this movie will surprise a lot of people in a good way. It might do better than most think.

  4. I am very curious to see how this movie does at the box office. The production plus advertising budget is 250 million dollars. The studio will have to get around 500 million through ww film gross, merchandising, DVD and digital movie sales, etc, to have any chance of making a profit.

    • The budget before marketing is estimated at 250 million.
      No firm numbers are available but that sounds about right.
      Marketing will be on top of that. I don’t see this making money.

      • I agree. I think it has the potential to be a catastrophic flop.

        I, for one, extremely dislike the focus on Tonto over the Lone Ranger in the commercials.

        • Absolutely. As a long-time Lone Ranger fan I
          find this whole production offensive top to bottom.
          This is strictly The Lone Ranger in name only unfortunately.

          • Yes…not only does Tonto seem to be the major character here, with the Lone Ranger as his sidekick, but the film also seems like it will be a bit campy, with awkward humor and some unbelievable stunts.

            An action/drama movie truly based on the original Lone Ranger would have been a much better idea, but I think the studio is banking solely on Depp’s popularity, and the teenage girls do still seem to like him.

            I’m hoping it flops, but we’ll see.

          • Wow, so the entire budget is probably around 300 million. That’s insane. I’d be shocked if it made a profit.

          • @Robert Palmer

            One of the reason, I love the Lone Ranger.

            You never saw his face..ever.

            Which was one of the great things about the Lone Ranger, you always was left wondering “Who was that Masked Man?”

            • Good point. A key factor for the legend of the Lone Ranger.

  5. I hate to derail the conversation,but if I’ve said it once,I’ve said it 1000 times,Armie Hammer should have been cast as Captain America.He would have been much more convincing than Chris Evans.

  6. Just watch the movie yesterday, the worst movie of this summer, too much comedy/funny moments, and The Lone Ranger himself is a joke, he becomes the Hero on the last 5 min of the movie, not what I was expecting.

    • And like the other comments, Tonto is more Heroic than the Ranger, so it should have been The Lone Commanche, instead of Ranger.

    • Wow,more comedy than Iron Man 3? Somehow that’s hard to believe.

      • yep, is a comedy fest, more than IronMan 3, specially when you got Johny D doing all the funny stuff, and Lone Ranger been a clutz.

        • why? Johnny Why? Why did you destroy the lone ranger? If you didn’t like the actor who played lone ranger and you wanted to play him, why didn’t you do that? why did you have to ruin it with the same nauseated redundant “pirate of the Caribbean” theme, which is stupidity upon stupidity so call comedy. If you want to be a comic than play Dagwood and Blondie, not the lone ranger.

  7. I hope this is good look forward to it

  8. Based on the reviews and one of the most troubled productions of recent memory, perhaps they should “ahem” hold their horses with the sequel talk.

    • They are probably just trying to “hype up” the first film by claiming that there are already sequels in the works. Depp still has a loyal teenage fan base, which is likely why it seems the studio fashioned the movie more around the Tonto character than the Lone Ranger, but as you can see from the comments above, many of us disapprove. With Depp’s popularity, it could make some money, but I think it is equally likely it could be a dud, and of course, if so, there will not be any sequels.

  9. The way I see this movie going down is that it will have a pretty big box office return yet garner mixed critical reaction. Obviously, there will be more sequels. Pirates 1 and 2 were fine for me but 3 and 4 were just too much. 1 and 2 had their obvious flaws, overlength being a primary concern but 3 dragged on way too long and the story was boring and pointless. 4 was awful. When you look at National Treasure, I have to say the movie was pretty good but Nicholas Cage was just awful. Put Matt Damon in there. And replace Diane Kruger with Natalie Portman. Jon Turtletaub wasn’t the best choice at director. I would’ve had Spielberg in there to better the content, and for him to not do Indy 4 which was mediocre. The sequel was unnecessary. Anyways, as you all know, these were the past Bruckheimer-Disney films. Nothing special. Pirates 1-2 and National Treasure were good popcorn flicks but could’ve been much better. Same here. And plus Johnny Depp, who was brilliant as Jack Sparrow, is becoming more of a movie star than an actor. He’s just becoming a caricature. Anybody think of Kirk Lazarus? And where did Armie Hammer as Captain America come from? I thought Chris Evans did a fine job

  10. The real question is anyone really looking forward to this movie?

    It is nowhere on my list of movies I want to see for the summer…the commercials put too much on Johnny Depp and it feels like its gonna crash somewhere between Jonah Hex and Wild Wild West…

    The could have made a really dark version of The Lone Ranger but I think Disney has backed a failed franchise here and people are a little worn out on Johnny Depp doing over-the-top characters…

  11. didnt Taylor Kitsch had a deal for John Carter sequels ?)

  12. Ranger’s one of my favourite western heroes. If Tonto’s getting a bigger share of the action – it doesn’t matter as long as there is chemistry between them. And please God make the story solid with as little unnecessary stuff and plot holes.

    • And yeah, would love to see Taylor back in John Carter. Inexplicably panned by critics, it is a decent action entertainment.

  13. I agree “John Carter” was an excellent film — it was one of the few movies last year that deserved a sequel (many of us are still hoping there will be one eventually). But I will give “The Lone Ranger” a chance — I’ve been watching a few of the TV episodes to get ready. The new stars will have to work hard to beat Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

  14. People, I saw the movie on a media screening in my country yesterday and… it’s awesome. Before I was invited, I didn’t even care to see it, but I was so wrong – I’m very happy I did! I had never heard of a previous Lone Ranger movies, shows, comics or whatever, this was my first encounter with the idea and it was amazing! I know a lot of you are fans of old versions and stuff and disaprove of Tonto being an equal to the lone ranger, but it actually works perfectly well in the movie. I would really like this movie to be a success for Disney, because it totally deserves it!
    Oh, and watch out for the rabbits – they made my day!!!!

  15. HAHA! Yeah because this will make enough for a sequel xD

  16. I think there should be a sequel because, I saw this movie and I loved it, every thing from the trains to the Indians and I thought Johnny Depp did a great job as Tonto.

  17. The film would have been great, but, making a childhood hero of radio, screen and TV, into a stupid whimp is the unforgiveable error. One can overlook using tube lipstick that wasn’t on the market till 1915, and Tonto saying he searched 26 years and Butch saying 20 years. Even changing the bear fighting Silver into a Spirit Horse. And,even who had the indian medal owner from John to Dan. And,other story line changes. Even using cotton tail rabbits instead of jack rabbits.

  18. Please do not let the last director of Lone ranger direct ever again. Please let the Director of Fast and furious direct it or let the director of Django direct it or let the director of bourne legacy direct it but please not him or johnny depp ever again. They have destroyed the legend of the lone ranger and turned it into a campy batman disaster starring Adam west and Don Knox. Fre the director ab do not call johnny back again. He made the lone ranger and Tonto into two idiot clowns.