First ‘Lone Ranger’ Image: Yet Another Weird Johnny Depp Costume

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The Lone Ranger Begins Shooting in February First Lone Ranger Image: Yet Another Weird Johnny Depp Costume

After what feels like a short eternity of production delays due to a budget which (at one point) had inflated to over $250 million, Gore Verbinski’s unorthodox Lone Ranger movie has at last begun principal photography. Verbinski is reuniting with his Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy star Johnny Depp on the flick, which features Armie Hammer (The Social Network, Mirror Mirror) as the titular gunslinger, and Depp as his more capable sidekick Tonto.

Lone Ranger producer Jerry Bruckheimer (also a Pirates franchise alum) has tweeted the first image of Hammer and Depp in costume. As you might imagine, Hammer as the masked John Reid looks conventional enough while Depp as Tonto looks like… well, a very “Depp-ish” take on the traditional American Indian character.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis, followed by the aforementioned image of Hammer and Depp in costume:

“The Lone Ranger” is a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero is brought to life through new eyes. Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

johnny depp armie hammer lone ranger image 570x400 First Lone Ranger Image: Yet Another Weird Johnny Depp CostumeCLICK FOR LARGER VERSION

While few people might’ve predicted the specifics of Depp’s Tonto outfit (especially the stuffed bird on his head), is there anyone who’s genuinely shocked to see the actor will be donning unusual makeup and strange body decorations in Lone Ranger? After all, Jack Sparrow’s eccentric look was also personally fashioned up by Depp.

NOTE: As some readers have pointed out, Depp’s Tonto getup may not be as unprecedented or bizarre (at least, in terms of historical accuracy) as one might think at first.

Case in point: check out this artist’s rendition of a Dakotan American Indian in traditional attire, and compare it to Depp’s outfit:

nativeamericanart1 First Lone Ranger Image: Yet Another Weird Johnny Depp Costume

Artwork by Kirby Sattler (

Verbinski previously promised that Lone Ranger will be “photo-real… a complete stepping back over the fence from ‘Rango’,” but that doesn’t mean the former is going to be a fully (if at all) grounded western adventure. Considering that an earlier draft of the film’s screenplay featured “supernatural coyotes,” an elaborate animated sequence, and other seeming incongruous elements, it stands to reason that Lone Ranger could feel more like the third – and overall most peculiar – of the Pirates films, At World’s End, rather than a comparatively down-to-Earth western like, say, 3:10 to Yuma (for better or for worse).

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters around the U.S. on May 31st, 2013.


Source: Jerry Bruckheimer

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  1. Really? Johnny Depp as Tonto? I’m not OK with that.

    • Johnnny Depp plays dress up… again.

  2. Let’s hope that this is simply war paint and hopefully he won’t be walking around for two hours straight looking like that. And why is the ranger…dressed in black?! What is that?!

  3. Johnny depp is one of the few actors who would dare put that on haha mad props

  4. Kinda reminds me when Frank Reynolds on ITS ALWAYS SUNNY talks about dressing up a white guy as a black guy… Then he says “make the lips funny”

    Im not native, or african decent. Im white. But I think this is a slap to the face to native americans.

    • Does seem like a weird throwback to “black face”. Not sure how this is going to work…

    • For what it’s worth: Depp apparently has some substantial Cherokee heritage, and has said before that he was interested in playing Tonto as a way of honoring his American Indian lineage.

      Like I said – take that for what it’s worth.

      • Interesting. That changes a little of how I view it. Nice to know.

      • If I had 1% native in me… I should not be cast as crazy horse.

    • Why? Is he portraying a particular race of Native Americans incorrectly?

      Is he wearing the makeup/costume wrong?

      Do aliens get upset if in a make believe movie that is not based on reality someone does something not right?

      If I was religous I could find your name a slap to the face. Unless of course you are of Spanish decent….. o wait you are a white person.

      What does a “Native American spirit warrior” supposed to look like?

      @the Article Depps Sparrow was heavily influenced by Kieth so I dont think it was all Depp. ;)

  5. Looks ridiculous…

  6. I’ll pass on this, thanks..

    • no problem Nichtus!

  7. I for one, am very glad they got away from those cheesy costumes from the old series. I did watch and loved the original show when I was a kid, so it’s not that I hated those costumes. However, to bring those old costumes back now would certainly look ridiculous. Love the black outfit and white hat (kept that at least) on Arnie. More realistic than the blue leisure suit! As for Depp, I had no idea what he’d do and I’m happy with what he’s done with Tonto’s look. He’s obviously done his homework as the proper look for a Crow Indian. Google, it, people.

  8. The ranger’s mullet bothers me more than Tonto.

  9. This looks like rubbish. I watched the old LR tv reruns and movies as a kid. I don’t get why he’s wearing black or why Depp is dressed like Tonto Looks Like Pirates…

  10. please change his make up. why Johnny love to seem bad looking? I assure
    to Johnny but this movie has too risk.I hope this make up don’t be for
    entire movie. and please not a lot of tattoo .

    • That is a slap to the face of Native Americans and was probably painted by a alien…….


      Nice find.

      • “Nice find” +1

  11. Depp looks weird, but I’m sure he’ll sell it. He looks enough like a Native American. Hammer’s costume is a little too Seth Rogen-in-Green Hornet-esque.

  12. People complaining over a color…

  13. Cool looking pic…but how did Lone Ranger get a mask of that quality from those days?

    • Saddles and clothing have been made from leather for centuries, and they’re a whole lot more intricate to make than that simple mask.

      • Good point, but the mask while I like it looks so 2012.

  14. I understand the idea that if you are going to do a Lone Ranger movie, it can be different than what came before, however, the picture above illustrates one reason why Depp was wrong for this film. He’s visually too close to Sparrow. Plus, he doesn’t come across as native american (whether he really is or not). The Tonto from the TV series was clearly native american—this is a step back and feel less accurate.

    • Look at Crow Native American pictures and then look at Depp. Look at other Native American pictures. I’m sorry you’re response is dependent on the actor’s previous movie franchise.

      • I’m also sorry that what Depp has done before looks like what he’s done here. It’s almost as if he takes all the male roles in Hollywood that are planning for face paint. Or, if he is always working in a way to get white face paint and eye-liner on his characters. There’s really no reason to have Depp here so it feels like the actor fought for the roll simply because it involves more face paint and a bandana. The producers said “sure” Depp = money.

        More important than costume and face paint, I would have liked an actor that actually appears to be 100% native american in the role.

  15. I’m going to base my entire opinion on this movie based solely on ONE SINGLE PICTURE….

    Uhhhh, shut up

    • The Lone Ranger is a pre-existing property with built-in expectations. The costumes (art direction) impact the desire of many to spend money “supporting” the decisions. One can make a decision to see the film or not based on the direction the property is headed. When I first saw the Green Lantern suit, I knew I didn’t want to see the film; when I first saw JJ’s Enterprise I knew I didn’t want to to the film; Zach’s new Superman has the same problem.

      Valid response from the people who are suppose to pay for the entertainment.

      • The new superman suit is nearly identical to the new comic version. The rights to the superman image went back to the creators’ families so they had to change the look, hence no red trunks, its a legal issue.

        • I don’t see anywhere that’s it’s a legal issue. If it was, wouldn’t they also have to change the image on the chest? They just wanted something different.

          • The “s” sheiks has changed significantly over the years so it doesn’t even remotely look like the original so it was unnecessary to change it again in any major way

            • *sheild

            • But with that logic, he would have to remove the cape too…

              • Dozens of characters wear red capes that’s not strictly a superman accessory

  16. Not sure about the Ranger outfit; I think it would have been better if he either wore a white suit and white hat, or a black suit and black hat. Depp looks strange, but that’s Depp. :O

  17. Thats actually not an unusual “outfit” if you happen to be Native American. But,Bruckheimer and Depp better be careful if they want Natives to respect this Film. The way Depp is dressed has religious connotations. It’s not always funny to poke fun at religions.

    • Thank you.

  18. Ha I’m not surprised by Depp. With the bandana he looks like Jack Sparrow still. As if instead of being captured by pelologos natives or whatever in potc2 he wound up in early america and taken in by natives. I see the comparison with the link someone else posted, but I can’t help but see Sparrow. If he got rid of the bandana…..

  19. yeah, I wont be seeing this.

  20. I was hoping they would keep to the spirit and characterizations of the original. The hat bird, over the top make-up and the unidentifiable black suit, shows it moved way off from the ‘Hi-Ho’ Silver, Lone Ranger and Tonto I found so endearing. I won’t be going to see it. No doubt those who did not grow with the the show and Depps fans, will.

  21. A Sparrow with a Bird on his head!!

  22. I quite like the Ranger’s outfit, the black and white work for me.

    Depp looks strange, but if the look is authentic then go with it.

    What concerns me are descriptions of this movie as a “comedy” because that brings to mind the completely clueless Green Hornet where the main character was portrayed as a bumbling buffoon while the sidekick is the one with all the smarts.

    Is it really so difficult to portray the sidekick as a highly skilled individual, while also portraying the main character also as highly skilled if perhaps less knowledgeable than his ally in certain areas.

    The Ranger traditionally is the last survivor of a company of Texas Rangers who cut his mask from his dead brother’s coat. He ought to embody the traits that are traditionally seen in that role. Taciturn, shrewd, good with his fists and with his guns. If not as skilled as Tonto, still able to follow sign tracking beast or man across country.

    Tonto meanwhile is an Indian warrior which means he is, first and foremost, a very deadly fighter. Bowie knife, tomahawk, lance, bow or rifle, if he picks it up you know someone is going to have a very bad day. Far more skilled at following tracks than the Ranger, a hunter without peer, but no real interest in, or familiarity with, the white man’s world beyond that which he might have learned riding scout for the cavalry.

    Two men, brought together by chance and Tonto’s compassion for a wounded man. On a quest for revenge of the most bloody kind.

    It isn’t the formula for a comedy, but it would make a great western in the style John Wayne used to make.

  23. It is a rare image that that engenders both laughter and sadness.
    I blame Depp more than anyone for resurrecting this zombie
    ranger from the dead and for that Depp is dead to me.

  24. we all know how this is going to play out…white man is inept,and if it wasn’t for the indian he wouldn’t know his a$$ from a hole in the ground…just as in every commercial the man is a dumba$$ and the women knows everything….

  25. This actually looks pretty cool. However, I’m fairly positive that Armie has his cowboy hat on backwards. I saw some actors do this on TV shows not too long ago, and even saw a guy do this at a bar recently (I live on Montana so I see cowboy hats worn all the time – usually correctly).

  26. I’m Kemosobbing right now…Depp looks like Peter Criss.

    • Kemosobbing,thats very funny!!