Gore Verbinski Adresses ‘Lone Ranger’ Werewolf Rumors & More

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lone ranger gore verbinski Gore Verbinski Adresses Lone Ranger Werewolf Rumors & More

Gore Verbinski’s Lone Ranger almost fell completely out of the saddle after the classic western adaptation’s budget climbed to over $250 million, thanks to a screenplay which (at some point) is rumored to have included an animated sequence, a giant Wendigo, and werewolves – among other anomalies.

Considering that Verbinski’s last venture into the western genre, Rango – which is favored to win this year’s Best Animated Feature Oscar – boasts a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired protagonist and a spiritual entity in the form of Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name riding a golf cart (among other off-beat aspects), it’s less surprising that the filmmaker’s latest collaboration with Johnny Depp was originally shaping up to be equally surreal.

Principal photography on Lone Ranger is getting underway in New Mexico, with a shooting script – as co-penned by Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy writers, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio – that recounts the eponymous masked cowboy’s adventures in the following (conventional?) manner:

Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer) a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

In a new interview with The Playlist, Verbinski downplays the idea that Lone Ranger will be as overly off-kilter and bizarre as we’ve been led to believe so far, saying:

“['Lone Ranger' is] going to be photo-real and it’s going to be interesting in its own way, but it’s a complete stepping back over the fence from ‘Rango’.”

The term “photo-real” seems to imply that we’ll be getting a pretty grounded portrayal of the Old West, more along the lines of recent westerns such as the Coen Brother’s True Grit or the AMC TV series Hell on Wheels – or, rather, an Old West as filthy and rundown as the world in Versbinski’s Pirates trilogy.

lone ranger Gore Verbinski Adresses Lone Ranger Werewolf Rumors & More

Verbinski also had the following to say, with regards to those pesky werewolf rumors:

 “I don’t know where this idea of werewolves came from. It’s never been in any draft I’ve worked on. But there’s a kind of Native American overlay of omens and other things happening that we don’t fully understand.”

Lone Ranger producer Jerry Bruckheimer previously mentioned that a scene involving “supernatural coyotes” had been cut from the script, while the budget was being trimmed down. That particular element is believed to be the source of the werewolf rumors that ran rampant (and sent many fans up the wall) last year.

However, the main element that continues to rub many longtime Lone Ranger fans the wrong way is Verbinski’s previous suggestion that the John Reid/Tonto dynamic will be akin to that between Britt Reid/Kato in last year’s Green Hornet movie (ie. the former is a comical foil for his more capable sidekick). Like it or not, that element isn’t being dropped from the film.


Lone Ranger is set to hit theaters in the U.S. on May 31st, 2013.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. I feel like the only way this will be successful is if it gets positive reviews. Most viewers don’t really flock to westerns, but with Johnny Depp they might.

    • Of course, you could’ve said the same thing about Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens. Their presence didn’t seem to help that film.

      • I liked that film! Then again i’m not really inspired enough to buy it on DVD.

        • I wasn’t saying whether or not Cowboys and Aliens was good (I haven’t seen it), just that it didn’t do well at the box office despite starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. So Depp’s involvement in the film doesn’t guarantee that it’ll do well.

  2. I have my Doubts. Lots of doubt.

  3. Tonto as comic foil is a clueless reimagining of The Lone Ranger.
    Nothing can salvage this production from that moronic mindset.
    Gore Verbinski takes zero confidence in him to less than zero.

    • I thought they were gonna make the Ranger the comic foil.

      • You are right. I misspoke there and meant the Lone Ranger.
        Of course, the Lone Ranger is envisioned as the straight
        man and Depp doing another comic shtick for Tonto.

  4. I love Westerns, in fact a movie about were wolves terrorizing a town in the west would be a fun idea to me, but the Lone Ranger should be more realistic so there will be no were wolves in this film. Need to see the trailer before I decide if it’s theater worthy.

  5. Am I the only one annoyed that, instead of giving a Native American actor a job, the role of Tonto went to the already over-exposed Johnny Depp?

    • While not full native american, Depp IS part native american.

      • Even if he wasn’t, he’d get the gig over a Native American anyway. Which is sad :(

  6. *pukes all over his keyboard*

    some directors should be hanged for the atrocities they unleash upon the world. this man as well Uwe Boll deserve that fate.

    • Amen.

  7. Nice try but you don’t get to a bloated 250 mil. budget shooting a simple, “photo real” western. The only thing that would cause a budget to climb that high is heavy CGI (Green Lantern anyone?) which this movie wouldn’t need unless they were going to use something like say werevolves and other supernatural elements.

  8. “Adresses”? Seriously? Is there no editing on this site?

  9. I can’t begin to state all the things that are wrong with this premise.
    For anyone who remembers watching the Lone Ranger growing up (like myself), Tonto was an aid and loyal companion. If they make this a western version of ‘Green Hornet’ this is doomed to fail.

    Also, the Ranger was a bastion of righteousness and justice. Bright bold colors (well, through a black and white screen anyway!). He was the Superman of the west, his powers were roping that outlaw and beating the tar out of him mano-e-mano. His trusty side-kick could follow a 2-day old trial though a thunderstorm and calm a runaway horse from 10 paces.

    My first thought was the same as Idancewithshadows, “puking on keyboard” and I haven’t seen anything to change that.

    • Remember the spoof called “The Villian” with Schwarzenegger? His role of “Handsom Stranger” was pretty much a spoof of the Lone Ranger…And pretty much right on. He always did good, and he always shot the guns out of the bad guys hands because he even had a target range set up with just hands holding guns (One of the funniest bits in the movie).

      I too think that the Lone Ranger really isn’t one that should be dusted off for today’s audiences….Because it just doesn’t fit without basically making it something that isn’t the Lone Ranger in the first place. Look at the Maverick remake….What a total waste that was….Old time fans went there expecting Maverick and got something totally absurd. They did the same with “The Wild Wild West” But if that one was done right that would be a better vehicle for a western with Warewolves than the Lone Ranger would be.

      What I can’t figure out is why they haven’t tried to use a vehicle like Silverado for a newer western. Look at all the young new stars out of that one that went on make many movies and stardom. They could use some of them for a bridge to the original along with some new up and commers. That would probably work better the The Lone Ranger for getting crowds.

  10. I can’t wait to see this and I don’t care if people refuse to see it.I’m just happy to see one of my childhood hero’s on the big screen.Next up The Six Million Dollar Man.dodododododododododo LOL

  11. johnny depp continues his descent into mediocrity

    • I think he already made it there at least by the time he played Willy Wonka.

  12. I’m so sick of the haters, doubters and downers! There is nothing wrong with WEREWOLVES in the Lone Ranger universe.

    Werewolves could easily fit in with all of the lore and mythos of the Native American culture and heritage. Anyway, I hope that Verbinski will go a bit down the Rango/Pirates of the Caribbean road with The Lone Ranger.