Bruckheimer’s Lone Ranger May Have A Director

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the lone ranger Bruckheimers Lone Ranger May Have A Director
Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as The Lone Ranger and Tonto

I remember watching The Lone Ranger on TV, the classic show that was adapted from George W. Trendle’s classic old-time radio show. I still listen to the replays of the old 1930′s radio show today on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty ‘Hi-yo, Silver!’, The Lone Ranger!

Oh yea. Those are good memories. Listening to the radio show has its own merits. If you’re a regular long time reader of Screen Rant, then you also know that there are efforts afoot to get a modern day version of The Lone Ranger on the silver screen.

In February of 2008, we told you about Jerry Bruckheimer looking to redo The Lone Ranger. Like we said then, with a Disney backed Bruckheimer behind the lens, The Lone Ranger is in for some interesting action.

We also pointed out that the effort was going to be written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, who have penned a few things in the past, including Aladdin, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then in September of 2008, we let you know the news that Johnny Depp was coming on as Tonto.

With Depp playing Tonto, who in the heck is going to lead Depp as the main character, The Lone Ranger? Early… very early rumors put Nicolas Case in the mask. More recent rumors have George Clooney possibly playing The Lone Ranger.

Several sites said that Clooney was signed on and other sites reported it but linked to themselves rather than their sources.  Eesh.  In circles we all go, but then, this is why you come to Screen Rant, to get straightened out.

After the Clooney speculation floated around, Bruckheimer himself denied that Clooney had been confirmed for the role, saying that they needed to find a director first.

Now we have a director who is in contract talks to helm the project – His name is Mike Newell. Sound familiar? It might if you’re a Prince of Persia fan. Right now Newell is in the middle of directing Prince of Persia, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton, but when he’s done there, he just might head on over to helm our surviving Texas Ranger.

His past credits, if you’re wondering, include the 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and he’s worked with Johnny Depp before when he directed the 1997 film Donnie Brasco.


I know Depp has talent that comes from some untapped depth of character, but Tonto? Is there something out there he’s done that might make you think Depp can pull off a Tonto characterization?  I’m sure he’ll deliver as usual.  He has an expansive source of originality.  But…  I am not wrapping my mind around this that easily.  My wife snapped at me that she can totally see him as Tonto.  Anyone else want to weigh in on that?

The Lone Ranger

There have been no confirmations. In fact, there seem to have been denials of George Clooney playing the Texas Ranger. Yet, even if the denials are just SOP, I again, can’t wrap my mind around Clooney on a horse, in a mask. The last time he donned a mask, well, it probably wasn’t a great experience for him… though he did get to work with the slinky hot Uma Thurman doing Batman And Robin if that counts for anything.  How about Dolph Lundgren?  WAIT… don’t go to the comments section to flame me… I was just fooling with you guys.  Seeing who’s really reading.

About The Story Of The Lone Ranger

mask1a Bruckheimers Lone Ranger May Have A Director

It all starts with six Texas Rangers getting ambushed by a ruthless gang.  Five are killed. The sixth Ranger survives, but leaves six graves so the gang that ambushed them didn’t know he survived.  One of those graves holds his brother. Hence, he dons the mask so he cannot be recognized, keeping the myth of his death alive.  The gang would not know he’s out there looking for them.  He is driven by his vow to bring the gang that ambushed him and killers like them, all to justice.

  • The masked man’s last name is Reid, (Though he originally went unnamed), and once he had a name, he was never given a first name by the original series, though later modern-day versions have.
  • The original radio program ran for an amazing 2,900+ episodes.
  • His mask was made from the Ranger vest of his fallen brother who was one of the other 5 Rangers.
  • Silver was a white stallion that was attacked by a buffalo. Reid and Tonto found the horse and nursed it back to health. The horse stayed with him from that point on from gratitude.
  • He used silver bullets because like life, silver is valuable and should not be wasted. With that, he vowed to never shoot to kill.

After All Is Said And Done

This new version of The Lone Ranger will again show us the origin of how The Lone Ranger came to be. The question will be how closely Bruckheimer sticks to the story or if he’ll really make it his own in this era of endless remakes.

I’ve been a big fan of the franchise and I am building a subtle anticipation for this project. I hope I’m not alone in that!  Am I?

Sources: Wikipedia, BBC News, Coming Soon, Main Image: The Lone Ranger Club,

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  1. These Hollywood schmucks are really digging deep into the zeitgeist of America. I must admit I was a Lone Ranger fan but not the ranger. Tonto was the man in my book. I cringed every time he called Moore Kemosabe or something like that, it supposed to mean trust worthy scout or some nonsense.

    I cannot get with Depp playing Tonto, whats next Brad Pitt as Kato? Really, they can’t find a Native American actor? This reminds me of West Side Story where Natalie Wood plays a Puerto Rican. Gimme A Break!

  2. The Lone Ranger is a special childhood hero and
    I cannot imagine anyone filling Clayton Moore’s boots.
    Whoever they cast must possess commanding authority
    which eliminates just about all actors today, especially Clooney.

    Russel Crowe has it and he would not need horse riding lessons.
    I am fine with Depp as Tonto, he is part Cherokee Indian
    and Johnny will make him convincingly all Indian.

  3. I’m guessing that Johnny Depp was interested in the part because he is part Native American, Cherokee I think. Maybe he thought it would be fun to do. Kind of like Dark Shadows. Depp as a little vampire? I can’t wait.

  4. Depp is a very good actor but Native American he ain’t. Why I am being so stubborn? Because a Native American is more than a sixteenth a drop of blood. There are plenty of Native American actors who could do this without having a make artist color their skin and change their hair. And oddly enough they would be all Indian. Yep, I know this is all just make believe. Denzel Washington has Germanic dna I’d like to be the first to put him up for the role of Thor.

  5. I agree with the good doctor. Depp as Tonto?? There are PLENTY of Native American actors that can do that role, heck even Lou Diamond Phillips would be a better choice than Depp. I like Depp, but just not for this part!!

    I also do not like the idea of Nicolas Cage as the Lone Ranger. I’m sure he’d be ok, but how about Brad Pitt as the Ranger if they’re looking for a big star for the role? Think about it.

  6. Jay Silverheels was certainly the perfect Tonto.

    Fortunately, Hollywood did not insist on
    casting a Native American for the role.

    Jay Silverheels was Canadian.

  7. Canada is North America and they had Indians too.

  8. Hi Ho Silver, no way.

  9. Native American refers to the American Indian.
    The Indians indigenous the the USA, not Canada.

    Source: The Oxford English Dictionary.

  10. Well darn it. There goes my expertise in the Native American. I sure thought they didn’t have a force field around the US border since it didn’t exist before we took it over but when I’m wrong I admit it. I’m wrong and I hate that. There were not other Indians except in the US. And movies never take liberties with their Indian is from. Like they care about reality.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I should read before I make statements like that. I am sorry.

  11. A person born in Canada of American Indian or
    Inuit descent is referred to as a Native Canadian.

  12. greenknight333: I sincerely apologize.

  13. @greenknight333

    Yes, we’ve spoken before and we’ve always had fun. I would have apologized to anyone I’d offended and when I’m wrong I’m wrong but I especially didn’t want you to think that I didn’t respect your feelings.

    Back to joking around? :)

  14. The term American Indian is not offensive to all Native Americans.
    The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma
    and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are two of many
    tribes that insist on the using American Indian name.

  15. Sounds good :)

  16. That must be what greenknight said earlier when he said that “most of my Native relatives and friends dislike the term “Indian””.

    Frankly, I don’t think they should remake that show in the first place. I sort of remember it and wasn’t it a bit racist anyhow? You know they’re going to have to change a lot of stuff to make it PC.

    Now are we all buddies again because my back and knees hurt and I don’t feel like arguing terminology anymore. I’ve apologized, greenknight has accepted my apology. I call this “Case Closed”. Who’s with me!! ;)

  17. @greenknight333

    There’s your problem, always talking about yourself: Me, Me, Me. ;)

    I’m an American but I’m made up of German, Engish, Irish, and French. Plus whatever my hit and run dad added to the mix. He didn’t leave a note but he left my mother with a big surprise. You know how those “I’m leaving in the morning, I’ve been drafted.” stories go. Personally, I suspect she just wanted to get laid but what do I know.

    Goodness, that was off topic. How rude.

    Now let’s stop talking about this, it’s making my head hurt. That an my lovebird making his little machine say “hello” and a bunch of other stuff. I thought I liked rap but this is killing me! ;)

  18. @greenknight333

    I said not all Native Americans are offended by the term
    which implies some indeed are and I read you yourself are.

    Your comments seemed to imply anyone using the term Indian
    was perpetuating stereotypes and perhaps had malicious intent.

  19. Didn’t I say to cut this out?

    Let’s talk about the Lone Ranger’s tight spandex pants. He must have had to strap that bad boy down!
    Was it small and didn’t need hiding or was it huge and require Gorilla tape? That’s gotta hurt!

    Amd that mask! How stupid were these people that a tiny mask confounded them. He didn’t even change the sound of his voice. He must have been trying the help the stupid American section.

    I really shouldn’t write when I’ve taken so much Oxycodone. I get bonus stupid, darn it! And yet I’m still going to press post comment. WEEEEEE!

    Ok, now ponder that for a while.

  20. @greenknight333


    Don’t worry about cleaning up jokes for me. It’s all good, baby. :)

  21. @prtfvr

    You post was not visible yet
    when I was answering greenknight333.
    I noticed your post only after my post was entered.

  22. @ Robert Palmer

    I claim being high on the stupidity of my responses. That should cover every thing.

    I can’t believe how Vic bragged to me about how fast he healed from back surgery. I’m SO jealous.