Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 7, 2013

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July 7 Box Office Despicable Me 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 7, 2013

It was a very busy Fourth of July weekend, but one summer blockbuster flopped big time at the box office.

Despicable Me 2 (read our review) comes in at number 1 with $82 million over the weekend and $142 million over the 5-day holiday. By all accounts, Despicable Me 2 is a hit, surpassing the first film’s opening weekend tally of $56 million by a pretty wide margin.

Not only that, the sequel’s 5-day total is the highest for an animated feature in that span. Granted, the film had an extra long holiday weekend in its favor, but that shouldn’t stop the film from finishing with a domestic total between $300 and $400 million.

On the international front, Despicable Me 2 opened with $151 million, taking the number 1 spot in 35 of its 38 new markets. The film is already at $293 million worldwide.

On the opposite end of the success spectrum is The Lone Ranger (read our review), which grossed $29 million over the weekend and finished with a 5-day total of only $48 million. Disney’s big budget (according to some reports, over $250 million) blockbuster was hoping to draw similar numbers to the first Pirates of the Caribbean, but unfortunately poor word of mouth spread way too fast.

Lone Ranger‘s disappointing opening isn’t surprising, though, as a lot of movie fans had already pegged this one as a potential flop. Surprisingly, even the presence of Johnny Depp couldn’t save it.

July 7 Box Office The Lone Ranger Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 7, 2013

Coming in at number 3, and not far behind Lone Ranger, is The Heat with $25 million. Now at $86 million, the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy buddy cop comedy is on its way to becoming the summer’s most successful comedy, and is on pace for similar numbers to last year’s Ted.

Monsters University is the number 4 film this weekend with $19 million. While Disney proper is scrambling to find ways to write-off The Lone Ranger‘s losses, Disney Pixar is basking in another success. The animated sequel has already secured $216 million in domestic box office dollars and $400 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top 5 is World War Z with $18 million. We didn’t expect to be saying this, but Brad Pitt’s zombie outbreak film has grossed an impressive $158 million over 3 weeks. World War Z is also doing extremely well overseas, raking in $366 million worldwide.

In at number 6 is White House Down with $13 million, which brings its domestic total up to $50 million. Lucky for White House Down, The Lone Ranger is drawing most of the attention in the flop conversation. That being said, Sony is likely very disappointed considering the film reportedly cost $150 million to make.

Superman flies into the number 7 spot as Man of Steel grossed $11 million over the weekend. Now at $271 million domestic, Zach Snyder’s reboot has a great shot at reaching $300 million total, but it won’t go too far over that mark. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, though, as Man of Steel has also grossed $586 million worldwide.

July 7 Box Office Kevin Hart Let Me Explain Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 7, 2013

Kevin Hart: Let me Explain opened very strong with $10 million on only 876 screens. Including Wednesday and Thursday, the stand-up comedy feature has already grossed $17 million. The Kevin Hart fan base is clearly growing as Let Me Explain has already doubled the final tally of Hart’s 2011 stand-up film, Feel My Pain.

In at number 9 is This is the End with $5 million. Seth Rogen’s post-apocalyptic comedy is now at $85 million, which is almost triple its reported $32 million budget.

And finally, at number 10 is Now You See Me with $2 million, which brings its total up to $110 million.

Outside the top 10: The Way, Way Back opened with $575,000 on only 19 screens for a per-screen average of $30, 263. The coming-of-age comedy from The Descendants writers Jim Rash and Nat Faxon is set to expand next weekend, where it will presumably break into the top 10.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, June 17th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Man How could a 250 million dollar western fail like that it unheard of. Too bad Armie. Kevin hart did good considering it cost 2 mill to make and he produced it.

  2. I don’t hate Lone Ranger but it is a bad film. I hate its flopping because I do like Armie Hammer and hope he gets to stardom especially as a superhero, especially as the new Batman. And I really like Johnny Depp even though he plays the same character in every movie. Even though I hate Pirates 4, I hope this doesn’t effect 5.

    • I doubt this impacts Pirates 5. Even if the series’ popularity continues to dwindle in the states, it remains a billion dollar guarantee thanks to how strong the franchise is overseas.

  3. meh meh, and more meh for the flop-o-matic lone ranger.

  4. I’m surprised by all the Lone Ranger negativity. It’s a pretty fun movie. Disney should have known better than to release it against Despicable Me 2 though.

    • It’s a 250 million dollar movie!!!!
      They had to open it on a long holiday… They just had to

      • As if Despicable Me is such a tentpole movie. I don’t even know what it is.

  5. I thought The Lone Ranger was decent.

    I think part of the problem was opening against Despicable Me 2, a week earlier might have been better.

    • You don’t open an action movie against another action movie (white house down )

  6. Anthony Ocasio must be proud of his part in increasing Kevin Hart’s fan base! ;)

  7. I loved both “Despicable Me 2″ and “Monsters University” over the long weekend. They were cute and fun, and both left me smiling when they were over. One negative thing is that I saw the preview for “Planes”…it is NOT going to be a good film. As for “The Lone Ranger”, as I stated on another thread, I enjoyed while watching it; then, I forgot about it once I got to the theater lobby…it was merely fluffy cotton candy.

    This week, I’m watching MOS one more time; then, I’m off to the “Pacific Rim”.

    • What about “Planes” looks immediately unappealing to you? I mean I’ve seen the previews and thought it’d be at least worth a shot if not pretty good. Can’t be worse than it’s “spiritual brother” Cars 2 right?

      • The preview made it seem as if the operating principle of the movie, a grand air race, is contrived–written into the movie PURELY to give Dusty a reason to be in (what, ideally and seemingly, SHOULD be) his film. Whereas as “Cars” really DID star Lightning McQueen, “Cars 2″ came across as a money-grab, relegating the protagonist to a supporting role simply to highlight the “flavor of the month” Mater…more to the point, the “actor” playing him. At least, however, IT effectively showcased the larger world of the “Cars” Earth.

        “Planes” seems, at least from the preview, like it’s trying to pull a “mater”.

        THAT is why I have my doubts…

  8. So many people in the Pro Man of Steel camp, I’m surprised by the drastic box office fall off in the last couple weeks. The bad word of mouth must be spreading. I’m surprised it’s not even going to come close to the sub par Iron Man 3.

    • Iron Man 3 didnt have like 6 huge films to compete with.

      • Thats true if it came out in June or july who knows?

        • It also had line six huge films leading up to it.

      • It seams that DC can release at most one movie a year – releasing MOS when they did was a marketing decision that didn’t quite work out well for them. IM3 grossed more than MOS – it’ll be interesting to see how well Thor 2 does comparatively (and The Wolverine).

        • It was already a given (for me anyway) that Iron Man 3 would make more than Man of steel. I mean it is the 3rd film of a very successful franchise as well the post Avengers film. I’m guessing Thor 2 and The Wolverine will be more in the same realm as Man of Steel.

          • I’m pretty sure Thor will benefit from being an Avengers sequel as well. Disney/Marvel have very good promotion going on for the MCU as well.

            Let’s not forget that the first Thor movie made $449 million worldwide. And nobody knew who “Thor” was back then, not really. It only made $181 millions in the US, its success came from the international market. Only Iron Man 1-2 and The Avengers did better from Phase One.

            Now everybody knows him thanks to The Avengers. So I have a feeling that it has a good change of doing better than Man of Steel. IM2 was $623 million, I think Thor 2 can do better numbers than that.

            We’ll have to wait and see of course, but the Avengers will boost Thor: The Dark World significantly, compared to the first Thor film. The success of IM3 is helping it along even more.

            Also, Chris Hemsworth (and Tom Hiddleston) got a lot more popular since the first movie came out in 2011 (and not just because of The Avengers). That helps a lot too.

    • MoS has done very well for the first movie in a series, it’s surpassed Batman Begins and the sequel is sure to do gross more money.

      Iron Man 3 is the third movie in a popular trilogy and more importantly was the first follow up movie after the Avengers movie. It was guaranteed to be successful.

      • BB started very slow and gained momentum. It was generating positive word of mouth throughout it’s theatrical run and well beyond. A lot of people caught it later on TV. MOS started strong but simply has so-so (on average) word of mouth.

        I don’t get the “for the first movie” thing at all. You aren’t the only one to say that, but usually a first movie is huge and helps draw for the sequel. I don’t see too much excitement for MOS2 or ASM2, but we’ll see. MOS2 will definitely utilize Lex Luthor as an attempt to create a BO draw, so they have that.

        • I’m not getting the “for the first movie” excuse either. There have been 5 Superman movies, and everyone and their dog knows Superman. When I asked people who Thor was (before the first movie), most didn’t have a clue (same for IM). Sure, this Superman is a reboot but still, everyone knows who he is.

  9. Man of Steel is doing really, especially with the uphill battle it had. Looking for at least 650 mil by the end of the run. Too many movies to catch up on!

    • MOS has made 586 mil worldwide so far thats not successful? How much does it have to make to be successful 5 billion?

      • Really well*. I don’t think my comment was clear, I’m saying Man of Steel is doing very well, despite its uphill battles. Plus the “Too many movies to catch up on!” comment, I was just saying that there’s many movies I’m interested in watching. White House Down, Monsters University, World War Z and soon Pacific Rim and The Wolverine.

        • i agree with you that comment was for @Dken1 sorry

          • Ah understood. No worries.

      • I suppose it depends on who you ask. The budget is supposedly upwards of 250 mil but the bill was split between Warner Bros. and Legendary. Then you have to consider what they spent on marketing which I’ve heard is another 50 to 100 mil. Then there’s the money they probably made from all of the product placement thanks to Sears, IHOP, 7-Eleven, etc.. I’ve heard that was +100-something mil, which helps.

        I’m no expert on the subject but then there’s all the people you have to pay after the film releases who get an interest from the box office. Then I believe theater owners and theater companies get around 20 to 30 percent from the studio to have the films leased in their theaters. Basically, it all entails a lot of math and details.

        You can’t really take the box office at face value. Sure, the number is big but that doesn’t include everything that needs to be taken care of after. It’s like when you see a popular athlete get a huge contract. In baseball, Alex Rodriguez had a 250 mil contract but about half of that goes to taxes, then another 20 to 30 percent goes to his team of lawyers and assistants and whoever else.

        • in that case who ever green lit lone ranger is SICK!!! and somebody is getting fired at disney

          • Honestly, it wasn’t a bad idea to give a go on The Lone Ranger. Gore Virbinski has made Disney at least a couple billion from his three Pirates films and Johnny Depp has made them a few billion due to those films and Alice in Wonderland.

            At first, Disney even argued with Verbinski over the budget. There’s no way a Western should cost 200+ mil. In the end, they ended up with the huge budget anyway and it’s obviously not working. Someone will get fired, I’m sure.

            • the Lone ranger is like doing a green Hornet movie nobody knows or remembers their story cuz i sure dont.

              • Fun fact: Green Hornet is related to the Lone Ranger, his grandnephew.

        • It probably has and will make “enough,” but you raise good points. I was unimpressed with the movie and I think the overall so-so reaction is showing in the week to week BO drop-off. People compare this to BB, but that movie only built in momentum, even beyond the theatrical run. There was a good buzz, so by the time the sequel came around theaters were packed. MOS is not the same at all.

    • What uphill battle did it have ?

      • Mix reviews ,all the competition from other blockbuster movies when u come out in June instead of May. People complaining that they want something different then when they get it they still complain. People who are mad cuz it when away from the comic book ,( Like the Reeves superman didnt I never seen superman fly around the earth a reverse time if thats the case he would never fail and could always be there, Or throw a giant S,or kiss lois and make her forget I meam c’mon) I did want to hear him say knell b4 Zod I was unhappy about that . I loved Mos I wasnt a fan of all the changes but i understood he was learning how to be a hero still. and he had a fear of being accepted. Instead of we love you superman when he comes People would scream ahh kill the alien. but the movie left so many questions it has to be a sequel. Like where the fortress they hinted it was his scout ship but he destroyed that when zod was in it ( im glad cuz a ship as the fortress was lame.) He has to grow to be the hero we all know . He has to master his powers. and we get to see the daily planet clark kent and how he acts.i just wanted a MOS where he fights a worthy villian and plenty of action so i was happy

    • Superman is the most well known superhero in the world, being the first. The same can hardly be said about comic book heroes like Iron Man and Thor. Superman has gone through several successful incarnations over the past decades, in film and on TV. In terms of momentum, it followed three successful Batman movies and had some of the same creative team working on it. MOS had a lot of hype going into it and a very strong marketing campaign – DC fans were hungry for a film set in their universe. All in all it had just about everything going for it. I believe it’s success not living up to expectations is due to the quality of the film and bad word of mouth.

      • Agree.

        • Seconded.

  10. Man of Steel is doing really, especially with the uphill battle it had. Looking for at least 650 mil by the end of the run. Too many movies to catch up on!

  11. I just don’t understand where the $250 million went… are the set pieces really that impressive? I would think that a good western could be made for much less…

    • I mean Cowboys & Aliens was made for about $150 million… there should have been a couple of lessons to be learned there.

    • The set pieces actually are pretty impressive and are a big highlight of the film I think. The budget might have been overblown but I think it was put to good use.

  12. One of the reasons why Lone Ranger is flopping may be because people have been boycotting it over Johnny Depp playing Tonto.

    People are getting tired of white-washing and take it as an insult that POC characters are repeatedly played by white actors.

    Tonto’s portrayal was pretty damn inappropriate and insulting to Native Americans for many reasons and the casting is only one of them. I’m not gonna get into it, because there are plenty of very good articles online about the issue. I just think that this could’ve been a reason.

    I saw people urging others not to watch it on social media sites since the first trailer came out. That sort of online campaign can harm a movie a lot nowadays.

    • Disney being racist? Never!

  13. lol… people actually said MoS would get a billion… hahahahaha. it will struggle to get 700m….

    iron man 3 is still the best comic book movie this year and only kickass and thor will beat it. not talking about BO either, MoS was only amazing in the effects and fights. the story was not too great. we got everything in the trailers regarding story.

    i think thor will be the best comic movie this year but i do think kickass will catch everyone off guard again like kickass 1 did.

    • Lol are you really laughing at people for being optimistic? You’re being optimistic about Kickass and Thor being better, what if they bomb, should we laugh at you too? Very sad…

  14. People are tired of the one act Johnny Depp. The movie should be about the Lone Ranger – not Tonto.

    • I agree with you Staziak, Johnny Depp playing same character in every movie is just not working anymore. I haven’t seen any of his movies since the last POTC, as soon as I see a trailer for his movie, it’s like I’m seeing “Jack Sparrow” in a different environ. I’ll just wait for the next POTC.

  15. I just recently saw Lost Ranger. Its not that movie is bad it is simply average and too dragged. Also Johnny does Jack Sparrow from time to time. I really think he should play in a few serious movies before going back to comedies/light movies. It doesn’t matter how he tries its the same Captain all over again. Maybe its Disney who want is though. Anyway my 2 cents.

  16. They were showing Lone Ranger at my Local Movie Theater.

    Opening day, a total of 112 people saw it…

    I would throw in a reference to it being a wreck of a movie, but that would be an understatement.

    As for Johnny Depp playing Tonto. Is it racist, no. It is insensitive.

    This is the equivalent of Denzel Washington doing a portrayal of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

  17. I just recently saw Lost Ranger. Its not that movie is bad it is simply average and too dragged. Also Johnny does Jack Sparrow from time to time. I really think he should play in a few serious movies before going back to comedies/light movies. It doesn’t matter how he tries its the same Captain all over again. Maybe its Disney who want is though. Anyway my 2 cents.

    “Now you see me” – the best movie of 2013 so far. Alittle to no marketing is not playing in its favour. Its also better than “Prestige” but lack of piar made its thing.

  18. Finally saw World War Z and I’m so glad I did! I read the book and while the movie was so different from it (re: camoflage??? C’mon!), I really enjoyed it! The pacing was good, I was holding my breath several times because I honestly did not know what would happen next. I liked this film so much better than Man of Steel (which I also enjoyed but I hated the fact that Superman HAD to kiss lois lane amidst the destruction and didn’t even bother to see if there were survivors). I’m happy to see its doing so well at the box office, now, sequel please!

    • I agree with you on WWZ. That movie rocked and I also wondered the same bout Superman in MOS (amongst other happenings I found stupid), MOS was good but I’ll take WWZ over this.

  19. Kevin Hart’s Laugh at My Pain not Feel My Pain

  20. Don’t cry for Disney… despite ‘The Lone Ranger’ being the ‘John Carter’ of this year, the STAR WARS franchise will pull their fat from the fire.