Armie Hammer Is The ‘Lone Ranger’

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It’s definitely been an excellent twelve months for Armie Hammer. Over the past year he’s gone from relative obscurity to being hailed for his dual performance as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, to landing starring gigs in projects like Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, Tarsem Singh’s Snow White movie – and now, Gore Verbinski’s Lone Ranger.

Hammer was said to be in talks to play the titular Old West hero in Verbinski’s new film a few weeks back; now, he has reportedly secured a deal to star as the iconic mask-wearing Texas ranger.

Johnny Depp has been associated with the Lone Ranger movie since 2008, but (as Variety pointed out in its report on Hammer) many a person was quick to assume that meant he would be the one playing the Ranger character, following in the footsteps of actors like Clayton Moore and Klinton Spilsbury. However, Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean leading man will actually step into the role of American Indian Tonto for the new cinematic incarnation of The Lone Ranger.

Those who have been following this Ranger project know that Verbinski, screenwriter Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road), and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are not planning a conventional Lone Ranger adaptation – or even one that’s more gritty and dark, in current Hollywood fashion.

Here’s what Verbinski has previously said on the topic of Lone Ranger:

“The only version of ‘The Lone Ranger’ I’m interested in doing is ‘Don Quixote’ told from [his sidekick] Sancho Panza’s point of view. And hence I was honest early on with Johnny [Depp] that Tonto is the part. We’re not going to do it [straight], everyone knows that story. I don’t want to tell that story.”

“I want the version from the untrustworthy narrator who might be a little crazy — but somehow the question is, is he crazy or is the world crazy? That, I find fascinating.”

The Lone Ranger movie with Johnny Depp Armie Hammer Is The Lone Ranger

Both Depp and Hammer seem to be nice fits for their respective parts in Verbinski’s Lone Ranger, with Depp playing what sounds like a quirkier take on the archetypal sidekick (shocking, we know) and Hammer starring as a gallant cowboy who’s (put mildly) lacking in the area of self-awareness. But will those versions of the Ranger and Tonto character fly so well with casual moviegoers and longtime Lone Ranger fans?

Verbinski and Depp have once again achieved box office success with their currently-playing warped animated take on the western genre, Rango, but Lone Ranger might not go down so well with most moviegoers. A CGI film that mixes brazen adult humor and postmodern riffs on the conventional western with a cast of anthropomorphic animals is one thing (take a moment to marinate on that description); however, a live-action adaptation of a beloved American icon that is done in a similar vein might just seem too weird for mainstream audiences.

The combined might of Verbinski, Depp, and Bruckheimer pretty much assures that Lone Ranger won’t fall flat on its face at the box office, though – and chances are good that Disney will focus on marketing the film as a big-budget, action-packed treatment of the classic western story. That would be a bait-and-switch approach to selling Lone Ranger on the part of the Mouse House, but it wouldn’t exactly be a totally unprecedented move either…

Lone Ranger is slated to begin production this fall and could make its way to theaters by late 2012.

Source: Variety

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  1. First! HAHA!

  2. Yeah this went to the crapper, wont be seeing it.

  3. “The only version of ‘The Lone Ranger’ I’m interested in doing is ‘Don Quixote’ told from [his sidekick] Sancho Panza’s point of view”

    “We’re not going to do it [straight], everyone knows that story. I don’t want to tell that story.”

    “I want the version from the untrustworthy narrator who might be a little crazy — but somehow the question is, is he crazy or is the world crazy? That, I find fascinating.”

    These statements are and indictment as to why
    Gore Verbinski is the worst choice for director.
    The legend of The Lone Ranger is not his
    story and he is unequipped to tell it.
    Utterly clueless is too kind for him.

  4. I would like to see what Armie Hammer and Depp can do in a movie together.

    I would like to see Verbinski direct them in a project.

    But I think this would be a more interesting story if it was NOT connected to the Lone Ranger.

    Then if Verbinski really wants to do an Old West version of Don Quixote, he truly has a blank slate in the area of public perception by using using a similar construct such as the “Strange Ranger” or such. This would seem to make more sense than trashing people’s expectations of a Lone Ranger movie.

  5. Wait, didn’t Futurama already do this? Sounds like Hammer’s Ranger is just gonna be Zapp Branigan in chaps.

  6. What’s interesting is that Clayton Moore eventually became self dilluded with the character and became the Lone Ranger in reality based on the lawsuit to maintain the right to wear the costume and is quoted as saying that he became the character the Lone Ranger in life.

    The idea of Don Quixote does ring true for the essence of the Lone Ranger. Here is a man who watched his brother and a fellow Rangers die in an ambush, survive thanks to Tonto and becomes obessed with up hold justice. It’s the same essence that almost every superhero created is patterned after.

    The delusions of grandeur is a modern day issue for many heroic figures. In a way, the Lone Ranger is delusional fool but in literature, those who preceive the fool to be the fool are the ones who are the fools.

    • Clayton Moore did not “become The Lone Ranger in reality”
      because of a lawsuit and Clayton Moore did not become
      “self-deluded” into thinking he was The Lone Ranger.

      Because of a planned motion picture remake, The Legend of the Lone Ranger,
      released in 1981, the rights owner obtained a court order prohibiting
      Moore from making future appearances as The Lone Ranger.

      Clayton sued and won the case and and was
      able to resume his appearances in costume.

      Moore often was quoted as saying he had “fallen in love with the
      Lone Ranger character” and strove in his personal life
      to take The Lone Ranger Creed to heart.

      The Lone Ranger is no delusional fool
      and neither was Clayton Moore.

    • JoeK…..if anyone can claim an expertise in delusions…it is you

      Rock N Roll theme song, Tonto as narrator/Spirit Warrior…I knew Disney/Bruckheimer would screw the pooch on this one..just like the @$$clowns did in 1980.

      Gore Verbinski….sorry but I have never heard of you and from what I read that is to my eternal gratitude

      Here’s what Verbinski has previously said on the topic of Lone Ranger:

      “The only version of ‘The Lone Ranger’ I’m interested in doing is ‘Don Quixote’ told from [his sidekick] Sancho Panza’s point of view. And hence I was honest early on with Johnny [Depp] that Tonto is the part. We’re not going to do it [straight], everyone knows that story. I don’t want to tell that story.”

      “I want the version from the untrustworthy narrator who might be a little crazy — but somehow the question is, is he crazy or is the world crazy? That, I find fascinating.”

  7. The Lone Ranger?

    I remember a Far Side cartoon where the Lone Ranger learns in his old age that “Kemosabe” meant a horse’s rear-end.


  8. Bring in on ! Most films Depp is in is worth checking out. Plus Lone Ranger is an evergreen favourite. People will want to see it. Brickbats or whatever later please.

  9. If hammer does as well in this roll as he has in other, this version of “The Lone Ranger” saga might help reinvent the brand. Telling the story from Tonto’s viewpoint will give more realism to the tale. Hammer has the same squared off jaw that Clayton Moore had, and if he’s half the straight shooter Moore was, he’ll have proved his acting skills in an assortment of characters. Now, they just have to shoot the movie in Texas.

  10. To me this gets a little scary. It seems that everybody wants to destort everything that was good. I am as much Cherkee Indian as Depp. One of the things that bothers me is the fact of where he got the idea that the Lone Ranger ever abused or was at any time disrespectful to Indians on any of the shows. There seems to be some sort of rebellion on his part that makes me question his part as Tonto.If this is what he saw, then I am convinced that he was not familiar with the Lone Ranger at all. I know that the American Indian got a raw deal from the White man, But it was the same Attitude that Depps seems to have that created that Attitude.

  11. Johnny Depp as Tonto?? Seriously?

  12. I would like to comment on Clayton Moore, the former Lone Ranger. Although Clayton did not portray the original Lone Ranger in the first Republic Serial, and did not portray the Ranger in the second serial, he was a well known stunt man and B Actor from the many Republic serials, Gene Autry films plus many of the Republic western films produced through the years.
    I beliewve him to have been a gentleman in not only his real life but in the many years he brought joy to the youngsters {7-75) such as myself. I have never known anything questionable of Clayton Moore’s life. My friend, Pierce Lyden {also a B actor, who liven into his 90′s) shared with me what an upstanding manMr. Moore was.
    Sorry he is not alive today. America could use more of him, Autry, Rogers, Starrett, LaRue, Hopalong and all the rest. They are needed.
    To the individual who will again ride Silver and the one who will become Tonto, walk easy in those boots you fill. They are big and have a lot of Histosry behind them.

    Good Luck

    Pastor Ralph

  13. Well! There has been nothing much that I have wanted to see more than the Lone Ranger character to be protrayed truthfully in these days. He was my main Hero as a kid and influenced me as a man. I know that there are those that would laugh at such a notion. But he was much more real than werewolves. when I found out this was going to be the kind of movie and that dep was going to be the real star under the name of the movie being The Lone Ranger. I was glad they pulled the plug.The Lone Ranger character stood for the good of God, Country, and Man. and served a realistic cause as a real hero of justice. He has maintained his creed for about 78 years now and I don[‘t believe that Depp[‘s Movie of himeself could have put the damper to his true image. The lasting reputation of the Lone Ranger will still be around when Johnny Depp is begging for some part to play in a movie.

  14. I Have nothing against Johnny Depp, to me He is a very Good Actor, But there are many INDIAN ACTORS THAN CAN PLAY THE PART OF TONTO , And that is who should play Tonto a Real INDIAN ACTOR IN 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I just saw this remake it is very good. But I saw many thing from THE PHANTOM lee falk other wise I like it a lot..

  16. I saw “The Lone Ranger” and I loved it, especially with “Armie Hammer!! I am annoyed with the Regal Theatre showing preferred times for showing this movie, as no matter the times they (Regal Entertainment) they cut down the feature times, people still continued to see it, UNTIL NOW, when they (Regal Entertainment) took it off completely, so they can feature the stupid movies out there, so out of real movie quality!

  17. The lone ranger has now been out for a while. I my self thought it was fun, but I do have one problem. Armie hammer was awful. The tittle’s names sake was the worst part of the entire show. They made the lone ranger a complete wimp. I don’t see why they had to dumb down the masked man, to boost the loyal tonto. I’m just saying, they could have both been heros.

  18. I love this movie and I lived the actors. I think the choices made were brilliant. This is now one of my favorite movie! But everyone has a right to their opinion.