Tom Hiddleston on ‘Badass’ Loki & ‘Thor: The Dark World’

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Tom Hiddleston Loki Costume Chest Shoulder Tom Hiddleston on Badass Loki & Thor: The Dark World

Even though it’ll be several years before audiences get a sequel to summer 2012′s box office champion, The Avengers, fans of the Marvel cinematic universe have plenty of reason to be excited. Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man are all in active development – with the first two scheduled for release in 2013, the second pair in 2014 (along with a possible Ant-Man release as well).

Of course, few of those films would even be possible if it weren’t for one (evil) man – Loki, played by fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston. The actor, who was recently declared “The World’s Hottest Actor” by Total Film Magazine, is anxiously awaiting the return of his character in Thor: The Dark World and talking up the inner-workings of his Avengers bad guy.

In a conversation with Total Film, Hiddleston was extremely candid about why his Marvel character is more than just a typical comic book “villain” – insight that will, no doubt, lend credence to speculation that the evildoer might have a change of heart in Thor 2:

“Underneath the steely cold veneer of his trickster charm is a certain vulnerability and sensitivity – the wounded fragility of an outcast brother and son. His mind IS a box of cats though! But I love him.”

Unlike some of the Marvel movie bad guys (we’re looking at you Red Skull), Hiddleston has always portrayed Loki as more than just a stock supervillain. Even while perpetuating one unspeakable action after the next (in both Thor and The Avengers), filmmakers Kenneth Branagh and Joss Whedon gave the character room to shock viewers with his vile and thoughtless behavior – paired with a subtle emotional conflict. A conflict that Hiddleston describes as “a well of spiritual pain.”

“He is a combination of mercurial intellectual ability, emotional ambiguity, rakish charm, charisma and provocative wit. He has a wicked inclination to mischief, underneath which is a well of spiritual pain. Both these aspects are central to his depth as a character: his unashamed and perverse delight in creating chaos; and his capacity for raw emotional expression [...] And – as my American friends tell me – he’s kind of a badass! He’s one of the richest, most rewarding, most fun characters I’ve ever played.”

chris hemsworth thor 2 loki Tom Hiddleston on Badass Loki & Thor: The Dark World

Looking back, to the beginning of the superhero craze, it might have been hard to imagine an accomplished actor (War Horse, Midnight in Paris) describing a Marvel villain as “one of the richest, most rewarding, most fun characters I’ve ever played.” However, it’s been especially interesting to see Hiddleston develop Loki over the course of two films (even more than some of the core Avengers heroes). As mentioned, Loki’s character arc will continue in the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World - and Hiddleston is eager to get started (even if he is tight-lipped on details):

“I don’t want to give too much away. But I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Alan Taylor’s vision of Thor 2 is utterly brilliant. The journey continues in the most epic dimension and proportion imaginable. It’s very, very exciting.”

As we’ve talked about in previous coverage, iconic Thor foe Malekith (likely played by Doctor Who and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra‘s Christopher Eccleston) is expected to be the central bad guy in Thor: The Dark World – which should mean “epic” altercations on Earth and in Asgard. In addition, insider speculation (along with comments from Frigga actress Rene Russo) suggest that an offer from Malekith will also give Loki an opportunity to redeem himself – or fall even deeper into villainy.  Very exciting, indeed.

Do you want to see Loki redeem himself or become an even darker movie villain?


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Thor: The Dark World is slated for release on November 8th, 2013.

Source: Total Film

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  1. I want Loki to redeem himself so him and Thor can fight Malekith when he seiges Asgard. Then hopefully they will drop another Thanos cameo so he can get the infinity gauntlet out of Odins vault.

  2. LOKI GET REDEEMED! LOKI! We all know you have it in you! You may be complicated and have done really bad things, but it’s not beyond you! Please, turn around! :_o(

  3. I agree! i think Loki should turn good!

  4. They were an awesome brothership in the first Thor film. I couldn’t figure out why he hated his family after fidning out he was “adopted”. I want to see then work together again.

    • He was jealous of THOR, he knew Thor was Odins favorite son.

  5. I would like Loki to redeem himself but not completely so. I want Loki to have the attitude of “no one can pick on Asgardians except for me!” I would like Loki to fight on Asgard’s side, but then go back to his usual mischievous/rebellious self once the war is over.

  6. The sequal to Thor is the only Marvel movie I am looking forward too. I really don’t like Iron Man after the Civil War arc, but I do like Robert Downey Jr. in the role. Loved the Incredible Hulk, but do not like the Avengers version, and Captain America was downright awful, along with the Avengers. And I have no idea what Guardians is about or Ant-Man. DC fan

    • can i “like” this comment? haha

      • If you ‘like’.


  7. @SnowInVegas YESSSSSS!!!! I don’t want Loki to completely turn good I want him to fight with Thor to defeat their common foes, then turn around and be evil again lol That is Loki all the way! Loki showed moments in Thor & Avengers where you almost thought he was going to turn good but then he just ended up stabbing Thor and laughing. Let him start off evil & when he realizes the evil he’s sided with is going to destroy what he wants to destroy then let him be “good” defeat said evil & then return to his evil ways. Like the Joker, he won’t let anyone kill Batman but him & if need be he’ll side with Batman to make sure nobody kills him until he does. Epic idea.

  8. ahem…

    you either die the hero .. or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    wrong movie? yes.

    applicable? yes.


  9. Redemption would be cool, but only if it sticks I hate it when a character redeems themselves and then goes bad again and then redeems themselves etc, Sayid from Lost, and Sylar from Heroes are prime examples of this.

  10. Loki? Redemption? Preposterous. His is the Prince of Mischief and his goal is to always torment his brother and usurp his foster dad’s throne from Thor. If those things change you might as well turn Thor into a villain because it makes about as much sense.

    Any reconciliation I can only hope will be a ploy of some sort to further his own ends.

    • ^This. Loki is the God of Mischief who later becomes known as the God of Evil. This is not Star Wars where we see Anakin/Darth Vader come full circle and redeem himself. I want to see him become darker and even more sinister than before with each movie he is featured in. What he’s done in Thor and The Avengers can be pretty much considered just mischievous imo, I want to see him become the God of Evil!

      • ***spoiler***

        Actually in the comics, Loki does eventually go through the vader-cycle. His current child incarnation is more neutral than straight up good, but he’s no longer a villain. See kieron Gillen’s journey into mystery that began last may

  11. I’ll be happy if the stick with some of the comic’s history which will play well for Loki to partially redeem himself’ but for his own reasons and not for Asgard or anyone else. Loki while imprisoned is approached by Malekith for help in destroying Asgard. However after getting what he wants Malekith double crosses Loki, leaving him trapped in exile. Malekith being a shape shifter impersonates Loki and infiltrates Asgard and begins to reek havoc. Realizing Loki isnt truly Loki Frigga sends Thor To get his brother cause only together can they hope to reclaim Asgard from the grips of Malekith. Loki agrees but after escaping exile with his brother Loki betrays Thor only to arrive in time to save Thor and Asgard working with his brother in order to get revenge on Malekith. When the battle is over Thor embraces Loki to celebrate only to be threatened by Loki, that their Alliance is over and to beware of what is to come he laughs and thanks him again for his freedom from exile and poof hes gone

    • @Loco Lobo 73 – Yep, that’s it, hands down. Now that Thor 2 is all written up via Loco, let’s get the production going.

  12. Id like them to throw a swist in this an make it seem as if hes making the right choice and at the end makes the wrong one. But they probably wont do that.. btw what dose “mind IS a box of cats” mean?

    • twist***

      • I preferred ‘swist’ myself, has a nice ring to it.


  13. After the beating Loki took in The Avengers’, unless it was a planned deception, it’s impossible for me to see Loki as “bad*ss”. lol

    • ^ THis.

    • Well to be fair, it WAS the Hulk…

      I do agree, though, Loki should’ve been able to withstand the Hulk’s attack somewhat, but oh well. It did result in a rather humorous and unforgettable line lol.

      • It’s definitely an instant cbm classic scene. But my problem lies with the fact Loki has used the”decoy” spell of his several times on film and against Thor. Why not against the dim-witted Hulk? Loki should have dozens of spells to defend against the Hulk or atleast put him out of harm’s way, right? But then again this goes along with the theory Loki intended to lose The Avengers.

        • He didn’t cast that double-decoy spell because he didn’t know that the Hulk would smash. He was surprised. It was a surprising scene – that scene was Whedon poking fun at the cliché bad-guy-gives-big-speech-about his-right-to-rule-and-his-powers-where-everybody-just-randomly-stands-around-to-listen-to-him-give-said-speech.

          Every time Loki used the spell in the movies it was when he expected what would happen (so he planned when to use it). He knew the Frost Giant would storm him, he knew Thor would help him back onto the bridge and he knew Thor would charge at him in the Hellicarier, but he was taken by complete surprise when the Hulk attacked him.

          • lol, c’mon man. You really cant believe that. It was nothing more than ploy for a comedic scene.

            If we recount Loki’s actions through out his MCU appearancs,, he surely would of used the decoy spell. Or atleast the multiple decoy spell atleast. He would have still given his speech but from the safety of a decoy. Loki doesnt like head on confritations. He uses people as pawns to fight for him, especially against The Hulk. Whose incalcuable strength and rage Loki is full aware, of as he used the Hulk against the Hulk.

            Loki would have expected and prepared for a possible attack from the Hulk. I would like tothunk Loki isn’t stupid. That entire scene was a hole in Loki’s characterization for a joke (a good joke). The only other reason for that scene to play out is because Loki intended to get caught.

            • regardless, the scene worked and it was PRICELESS.

              Well worth any suspension of disbelief imho.

              • The scene was priceless, hilarious, but at the cost of Loki’s characterization and intelligence. You cant be both a calculating/menacing villain and the subject of slap stick jokes.

            • Actually, I do kinda believe it, but different people see different things I suppose…
              I fully admit that the scene was used for comic relief (I did say “that scene was Whedon poking fun at…”), BUT
              from what I’ve seen in the movies (discounting comic books now), Loki only used the spell when he planned ahead/when he could anticipate what was coming next. At no point did he cast a spell when he was caught off guard – that’s just me drawing a valid conclusion from the examples seen in the films.
              Loki didn’t know that Hulk would do what he did, and he also didn’t know Coulson would shoot him. Loki is powerful, but he can’t see into the future lol.

              Normally I’d agree that Loki is very smart and plans everything ahead (and that he’d have thought of casting a spell when the Hulk was standing in front of him), but let’s keep in mind (from what was seen in the movie and from all the interviews with Hiddleston) Loki is mentally damaged in the movie. He’s kinda cracked a little… he saw parts of the universe that normal Asgardians have never seen and that means “his mind IS a box of cats” – so I think it stands to reason he wasn’t thinking all that clearly the whole time. The Asgardians (including Loki) are pretty cocky b@$t@rds as well ;)

              So yes, Loki is smart, he isn’t stupid, but he was pretty messed up in the head during the events of The Avengers – and that can sometimes influence one’s way of thinking and acting.

              But yah… I’ll reiterate: different people see different things… I’m just over-rationalizing things I guess.
              Both were working under another force (Thanos/Talia) trying to cause destruction and take over (Gotham/the world) and both got their @$$es handed to them pretty easily at the end…

              • Okay… for some reason a part of my comment disappeared from my post:
                I’ll try again
                On another note (and I’m not trying to start an argument about this subject – just pointing out something I’ve just realized):
                In many ways Loki and Bane actually served the same purpose in their respective films.
                Both were working under another force (Thanos/Talia) trying to cause destruction and take over (Gotham/the world) and both got their @$$es handed to them pretty easily at the end as well…
                It is a little strange how those characters both had so many similarities…

                • “Loki didn’t know that Hulk would do what he did, and he also didn’t know Coulson would shoot him. Loki is powerful, but he can’t see into the future lol.”

                  I find it hard to believe that Loki, even in his supposed “mental-state”, would think a raging brute would NOT attack him and listen to his monologue. That is point blank foolish. Their are inconsistencies in his intelligence. The scene with Coulson only reinforced his ragdoll status. He is not a menace but a simple minded punch bag.

                  Loki has always been “mentally damaged” for years. This isnt a new development to scapegoat his actions. There is no way to explain Loki not being prepared for attack other than it was for comedic entertainment, utter stupidity on his part or that he planned to lose the Avengers. Loki’s manipulation should reach epic levels of layering instead of half baked schemes.

                  • Well, you’re entitled to your opinion.
                    You’re not gonna convince me otherwise, and I’m sure I won’t convince you otherwise, so um… I guess that’s it…
                    as usual with our little discussions: agree to disagree ;)

                    • I fully expected The Hulk to charge at Loki, but never did I expect The Hulk to take him by his feet and whip him around. I didn’t expect the Hulk to attack Loki like that, this is why it was so, so unexpected and why the audience laughed so hysterically.

                      It seems that Loki did not expect that kind of attack either. Loki thought The Hulk a mindless beast, all force, no brains.

                    • “It seems that Loki did not expect that kind of attack either. Loki thought The Hulk a mindless beast, all force, no brains.”

                      That’s a contradiction. Of course you would expect a mindless beast, all force, no brains to attack you.

                    • @Ignur Rant – A Legend Mr Wayne – Argh, you’re right. I didn’t write out my thought completely.

                      Yes, Loki thought The Hulk was a mindless beast and, yes, Loki thought The Hulk would attack him, just not in that way.

                      I don’t think any audience member thought that Loki would be attacked in that way, including Loki himself. The Hulk proved himself smart. Dragging is harder to defend.

                  • I think that these “inconsistencies in his intelligence” are connected to his emotional state. When Loki gets emotional he doesn’t think as rationally as when he has the calm (clarity of mind) to be cold and calculating.

                    From the way I’ve seen it in Thor and The Avengers, his plans fall apart and he makes the stupidest mistakes when he’s being overly emotional.

                    It only happened during the second half and the end of Thor, but in The Avengers, he’s riding an emotional roller coaster all the way through!

                    He’s manically laughing, then preaching, then he’s lashing out like a rabid dog (on Thanos’ leash), then he has a psychopathic forced calm thing going with shark-like grins, then he was crying (Thor-Loki fight, I hope you all noticed), then he was furious again and lashing out.

                    That kind of emotional state would definitely make someone’s intelligence inconsistent.

                    That’s how I see it. He’s not thinking clearly when he’s emotional, thus he makes stupid mistakes that gets him shot, blown up by an arrow and Hulk smashed.

                    • NO i didn´t noticed!! when did loki cry???? oh pls tell me the time in the avengers movie!

              • “Loki didn’t know that Hulk would do what he did, and he also didn’t know Coulson would shoot him. Loki is powerful, but he can’t see into the future lol.”

                I find it hard to believe that Loki, even in his supposed “mental-state”, would think a raging brute would NOT attack him and listen to his monologue. That is point blank idiotic. Their are inconsistencies in his intelligence. The scene with Coulson only reinforced his ragdoll status. He is not a menace but a simple minded punch bag.

                Loki has always been “mentally damaged” for years. This isnt a new development to scapegoat his actions. There is no way to explain Loki not being prepared for attack other than it was for comedic entertainment, utter stupidity on his part or that he planned to lose the Avengers. Loki’s manipulation should reach epic levels of layering instead of half baked schemes.

  14. I think Loki should redeem himself but then later on (in Thor 3 maybe?) you figure out that it was all a deception.

    • Exactly. Redemption should be in Thor 3 in the Final battle against Surtur the Fire Demon.

  15. Redemption themes also exist with a dragonball villain vegeta and piccolo also fan favourite spike going from evil to good to could nt rats ass to ok I ll help only say I saved the world better so he could rub it in angel face lol

  16. I do love Tom Hiddleston’s Loki probably the most of any Marvel bad guys so far, but I just gotta add something since it was commented on in the article: Red Skull was portrayed exactly as he should’ve been. There is no grey in the character, he is all black.

  17. Any comic book fan would know that Loki can never truly be “good”. He’s the God of Mischief – even if he redeems himself at some point, he’ll ALWAYS have an agenda and he’ll ALWAYS have tricks up his sleeve.

    I’m sure he’ll join forces with Thor in Thor: TDW, but it definitely won’t be for his brother or adopted family… it’ll be to further his own goals and plans.

    Awesome Hiddleston is awesome ;)

  18. I have to agree with some of the comments. I feel like the only reason Loki would try to ‘redeem’ himself is to further his plans. If he does fight alongside the other Asgardians in TDW, I would hope it’s to either sneak in to get The Infinity Gauntlet or pave a way for Thanos to get it.
    Though it’s kind of funny to see some comments about him never being able to be ‘good’ while in the comics right now he is ‘good’. Though I’m sure that will change in the future.

    • At the moment Kid Loki is “good-ish” (I read Journey Into Mystery every now and then), but he’s still very sneaky. He makes deals with devils and he goes behind the back of the Asgardians at times.
      I’s only a matter of time before he stabs his brother in the back again.

      • Indeed. I’m interested where he goes in the future, he may be head lining a new comic (or it could be Journey into Mystery) with Wiccan & the new Miss America for Marvel Now! So it will be interesting to see him in a team dynamic.

  19. There is a great opportunity here to give Loki and Thor a common purpose without any sort of redemption resonating over Loki’s self-centered reality. Using insider knowledge against the primary villain, for example, in an effort to bring other foes/species to their knees, could easily place the “brothers” side by side, so to speak, and even imply a false redemption, leading to a relatively plausible outsmarting of all parties. I would like to see him come out on top, after using the main villain and effectively defending Asgard, essentially surprising everyone without having to fall into the obvious redemption story. Let his support of Asgard, however selfish, be the only lingering doubt as he steps back into the role of supreme villain. Maybe he earns trust with an unexpected military victory against his “ally” the villain, only to murder his “father” Hopkins and claim the throne of multiple worlds. The use of those ice giants in the central story or the climactic, brutal clarity of his final designs could be fun too…

  20. I like the Thor film, although it is my second to least favorite, infront of Captain America. I actually really like Loki as a villain and as a character. Not just the typical villain who wants to be naughty because he can be. I feel you can sought of connect with him and understand why he does what he does (even though attempting to rule earth and blow up a realm is an over reaction).

    I hope they keep him on past the second Thor to be honest, maybe not as the central villain, but as a substantial character.

  21. Loki was never ‘evil’ in the sense that he want’s to kill/maim, etc. He’s not a sadist or anything like that.

    He’s more of an amoral egocentric (with a deep-seated need to prove to Odin that he’s the God he believes he is.) He doesn’t want to kill humans or destroy lives, he just doesn’t care what happens to them while he’s realizing his schemes, and if a few of them need to die to get what he want’s, then that’s alright by him.

  22. yes i am for readeem, but you know him,he´s the god of mischief.

  23. I love Tom as Loki he was excellent casting, I am really looking forward to Thor The Dark World I think it’s gonna be totally awesome

  24. I’ve read, that the events in Avengers could be planed by Loki and Thanos:
    The relative easy defeat of the Chithauri and that it was Lokis intention to be taken to Asgard again by Thor, so he can help Thanos to get inside or steal the Gauntlet of Infinity himself.
    That would also explain the easy defeat of Loki by the Hulk, because it was the plan to be defeated.

    I realy hope this is true, I love this idea. And if this is true, I hope it turns out to be all Lokis plan, that would emphasise his genius plotter characteristics.

    • It needs to happen. It’s the deciding factor if Loki is a great and formidable villain or nothing more than a simple minded nuisance.

    • Interesting. However if they did it that way you essentially imply that the Aven. Movie and heros accomplished nothing at all and for no purpose. That movie and group would be heavily invalidated as heroic and victorious if they were all just played. Therefor, at the very least, they would want to be careful with any such ideas moving forward.

      • Don’t forget, that this was the first mission to the Avengers as a team, and nobody is perfect, even less when the “god of mischief” is plotting against you.
        Hey, they must grow with their tasks, and next time they would know that they deal with a real devious god/alien/whatever.

        So, I think it would make it all more believable, since this is the only problem I have with the movie. It was highly entertaining but there was never a real threat, it was all to easy for the Avengers, in particular because it was their first mission.

      • And they still have rescued earth, nonetheless. If they didn’t intervened, earth would be in the hands of Loki.

        • Good thoughts on this. I still think it is delicate ground. On a certain level it’s plenty to imply that the only victory of that film is the “assembling” of Earth’s greatest hero’s into an unstoppable team. On the other hand, clearly implying that the villain ” lost” on purpose undermines all real victory, and is about as fulfilling to an audience member such as myself as telling us at the whole movie was a shared dream that never happened. It really deflates the relevance in my opinion. Yet the idea you have still has merit… I think it should be handled VERY cautiously to avoid my “oh give me a break, you mean winning was losing and the whole movie was just a ploy!?” gut reaction. Some slick dialogue implying the extent to which Loki manipulated events and rode the waves of war to his own ends could leave unsettling questions, and even the inevitable implication that he was pulling his punches, without adding a retroactive tag line to Avengers: “Earths mightiest warriors spin their wheels and get jerked around until Loki is satisfied and goes home.” That at the very least is cumbersome on a poster, right? Hope they write with our thoughts in mind, but who knows…

          • We can come together with this:
            Lokis “plan A” was to take over earth, but when the Avengers were to hard to defeat, he/Thanos/both had a “plan B” up his/their sleeve (all I’ve mentioned).

            BTW, I don’t realy believe that they are going that route, but I can dream (I don’t want this to be flaws in the Movie ;).

            • Sounds like it could work. Too bad I don’t think they will do that either. On the other hand, hearing Joss will do the sequel is awfully good news to me. He seems to think about these sorts of details, so there’s no telling what he may come up with, or already has. Fingers crossed!

  25. I’d forgotten that he was in Midnight in Paris. He was good as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  26. He shuld turn gud, then get killed!

  27. In Britain it’s a “box of cats”, in Ohio it’s “two wildcats in a suitcase”.
    I suspect when Loki fell through the wormhole, he went through real life Timothy Leary land. There’s no way he can be right in the head after that, and he wasn’t that well glued together to begin with, especially after he found out what he was.
    He’s not just mischief but Chaos, like a tornado to Thor’s thunder. I don’t think even he knows what he’s going to do. He may think he would be doing good, and then totally botch the works with his cattybox brain.
    I was surprised that, for the god of lies, he’s not shown as being very savvy or tricky. Unless it’s a lie within a lie, he always gets caught out.
    Think of that sister-in-law that ruins every Christmas with her mood swings, histrionics and weird psycho-baggage.

    • Don’t make fun of me.

  28. Loki resurrected and becoming a child hero, like in Journey into Mystery (the current series) would be great after he brings on some more chaos.

    • Replace Hiddleston with a child actor? Well, what’s the worst that could happen? Oh yeah, he could totally suck like almost every child actor in the world. Sounds risky to put it mildly. I wouldn’t consider it if I was in charge.

      • I was pretty much being sarcastic. Although, I do love the current Journey into Mystery series.

        • Oh good! I’m no expert on this, and I don’t know that story, but even if it’s greatly told, the loss of Hiddleston would be doubly unfortunate if his replacement was an incompetent child actor. Maybe that twisted little bastard from Game of thrones could give it a shot…


  29. Redeem himself