Logan’s Run: The Teen Years

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logans run Logans Run: The Teen YearsI last mentioned the plan to remake Logan’s Run in August, and it looks like although there’s been no news on it since then it’s still “on.”

MTV Movies sat down with producer Joel Silver and they chatted about his vision for the remake.

Disclaimer: I have not read the orginal story that the movie was based on.

In the original film, the story was about a society consisting exclusively of young people. At age 30 they would go to “Carousel,” which they thought was a passage to some higher level of existence, and thus went willingly, but was in fact forced euthanasia and they were just killed instead. It was an interesting concept and for its time (pre-Star Wars) it was a really cool flick. Sure, it’s a bit dated looking now so I’m not totally opposed to the idea of a remake…

But I really don’t like Silver’s idea for the movie.


Because in this version, instead of being killed at age 30, he’s going to drop the age down to 21.

I’ve heard of appealing to the younger demographic, but given me a freaking break. Here’s his logic:

“It’s the story of a very young culture that is controlling the world, very young people [who] never really become adults. They just stay youthful. We’re in a world today where everyone wants to be young.”

Now excuse me, but on what planet is 29 years of age (the max age of life in the original movie) not considered young? Sure, from the point of view of a 15 year old, it seems “old,” but making the max age of characters 21 in this thing is really stupid as far as I’m concerned.

Seriously, you only really start to experience life in your early twenties, and most people don’t even know who they really are until their late twenties. Brilliant idea killing off the population just about the time that they’re old enough to drink and vote, don’t you think?

I mean really, even in the original film 30 was too young an age if the point of the forced killing was to not have anyone in the population who was infirm, deteriorating due to age or otherwise unhealthy – it could easily have been set at 40. Although I do think that putting it at 30 was a good compromise from the point of view that they really wanted to nip things in the bud and emphasize to the audience how terrible it was. But 21? Please. That’s just retarded and it’s silly to set the age to a level where most people are just hitting their stride physically and mentally.

From a backstory point of view it just makes no sense and unless something changes I’m labeling this a stinker far in advance.

Source: MTV Movies

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  1. The main problem I see Vic? Joel Silver. The guy started producing movies back in the seventies. He’s been at it for over forty years, time to retire. There is no way that you can be that close to the business and maintain a high level of quality. Typical Hollywood. Everyone wonders why action movies have been totally lame recently and here is the reason, the same guy producing action/genre films that produced Die Hard but who also produced Xanadu in 1976.

  2. Hey, why are you dissin’ Xanadu?



  3. There is nooooo
    sanctuary from all these remakes.

    Logans Run, I was thinking today Logans Run is prob the only 70’s sci-fi film South Park hasn’t goofed on. Matt and Trey??
    But seriously, “Escape from NY” “Star Trek TOS.”… Now Logans Run? WTF Hollywood???
    What angers me most about these remakes is for every remake we are forced to endure , a unseen original concept gets not made!!

    Leave the Logans Run film alone and get off your latte drinking ass Hollywood!!

  4. Steve,

    Tell me about it. One of my biggest pet peeves here is remakes. Do a search and see how many times I talk about them…


  5. Actually if you look, the book references age 21 as the age of Last Day. So technically it’s more correct to the book..

    As for remakes.. yeah.. I think in generally they aren’t turning out so good. Some are good stand-alone movies if you forget the original (Dawn of the Dead for instance).

  6. Drax,

    See? That’s why I love my readers. You guys educate me all the time. :-)



  7. hey, one episode of stargate atlantis the meet a people that kills themself at 21(or was it 20?) So the Wraith wont come for them.

  8. I watch Atlantis but don’t remember that one…


  9. Perhaps you should actually read the Nolan/Johnson book where the age of last day is 21. I’m a fan of the Michael York film (and even enjoyed the Gregory Harrison series) but it was vastly different from the original source material.

  10. Rob, you’re right… I *should* read the book. If I can remember to I will.


  11. Yeah, the age limit was 21 in the book, but there’s no Carousel – just a Sleepshop where you get sprayed with hallucinogens and gassed to death in a pod (so at least you go out with a smile) – and no domed city. Logan talks about visiting Japan and a Sleepshop in Paris at one point, so the age-limited society is presumably worldwide. Cool guns too (though I loved the ones in the film), that fire a range of different bullets: homer, ripper, tangler, needler, nitro & vapor. I seem to remember they actually had those in the 7-issue Marvel comic tie-in. Box is there, but he’s a walking cyborg as opposed to a… box. So I suppose for once I can live with a remake that bears no resemblance to the original movie. Could still be rubbish of course…

  12. Here’s a side note for ya. I had a teacher back when this movie was released that served in the military. He told the class that select officers were required to attend a private screening to evaluate any ideas the movie might have had, for creating a post nuclear war society.

  13. (The old man)
    The military has an extensive underground base network.

    Just take a flight from Arizona to New Mex mid-day look north and you can in certain areas see the ventalaton grids.

    They hide alot of bad stuff down there.


  14. I don’t doubt it one bit. Some military analyst probably wrote up scenarios on how to build a city on top of those underground facilities after the dust settled. With the discovery of the famous Greenbrier who knows what else is out there. You know a SciFi writer wrote a story about an A-bomb being developed in Manhatten during world war 2. Can you imagine the fix this guy was in when Military intelligence asked him where he got such an idea. “Uhh, out of my head!”
    yeh.. right buddy….