Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the ‘Justice League’ Movie

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Lobo in The Justice League Movie Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

After The Avengers scored over $1.5 billion at the global box office, it was no surprise to see Marvel quickly green light Avengers 2  with Joss Whedon at the helm. However, despite extremely high expectations for the studio’s 2015 follow-up, many movie and comic fans are busy trying to wrap their heads around the other in-development superhero mashup, Warner Bros. and DC’s Justice League.

Now a fresh rumor has surfaced indicating that the studio is considering the inclusion of fan-favorite anti-hero Lobo for the Justice League mix. While the character might, at first, seem like an off-putting or distracting addition this round, there are a few strong arguments for why Warner Bros. might be interested in seeing The Main Man featured in the film.

Until now, most of the speculation has centered around who will direct Justice League - after Ben Affleck dismissed rumors that he was attached – as well as whether DC should even attempt to implement so many characters all at once. The argument states that one reason The Avengers found success was because Marvel had patiently introduced the heroes in their own films, leading up to the assemblage.

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a lot of speculation about what other DC characters besides the usual Justice Leaguers might make it into the film. The discussion shifts today, courtesy of CBM, who reports that the DC/WB is “tossing around the idea of including Lobo in the film, [the script] that Will Beall is currently writing.” The report doesn’t contain an official (or off-the-record) quote, and as CBM openly admits, “tossing around the idea” could mean that the studio was just brainstorming – and Lobo is already off the table. As a result, this is all strictly inRUMOR category right now.

lobo movie brad peyton Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

That said, while some might simply dismiss Lobo as a niche biker mercenary character that doesn’t belong in Warner Bros.’ first attempt at a superhero mashup, the addition of the character could actually be a smart move for the studio – if implemented correctly. In addition to traditional superhero qualities like super strength, durability, and regenerative abilities, Lobo’s abrasive personality could serve a Justice League movie well by forcing some of the main characters to show new and interesting elements of their personalities (not just standard good guy tropes) – regardless of which side he was on.

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  1. The Rock as Lobo would be an amazing addition for the JL movie. I love it

  2. Dont you want to establish the Core Players before bringing in an Alien Bounty Hunter for whom the target audience cannot connect with. Superman, Batmam, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Man Hunter. There are far more higher tier heros, Green Arrow, Cyborg…

    You want to make a Justice League Movie, not Justice Leage Unlimited right out of the gate. Lobo is not First Movie Material, a Cameo, but he is not a “Hero”.

    Movie does not even have a script and someone wants to put in Lobo?

    • If the source article is right, then DC/Warner Bros. is considering it – we’re only attempting to say why it COULD be cool IF done in a smart way.

      That said, casual moviegoers (who played a large part in making Avengers so successful) probably aren’t going to have a real attachment to characters like Martian Man Hunter or Cyborg either. That’s the whole difficulty of the DC/Warner Bros approach – putting the team up film out before the standalone movies.

      • Also Im sure alot of ppl saw the JL and JLU series and now wit Young Justice they stand a chance of recognizing him too.

      • Exactly.

        Casual moviegoers (at least from my experience living in the UK) barely know Superman and have no idea who Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are.

        I don’t even think we get a Justice League cartoon over here. The last DC thing I remember was the debut of The Batman, before that it was Batman Of The Future (or Batman Beyond as it was called in the US).

        Even the Smallville crowd who might recognise a few characters are fairly tiny in number.

        • But rememeber a big thing in entertainment today are characters that audiences relate to IN anti heroes walter white dexter game of thrones. characters that are fun to hate are big now adays and I think lobo could be part of that.

        • Maybe it’s my age (21) but I don’t go to the movies that often, but growing up on cartoons I can safely say we did get justice league when I was younger and I think everyone knows who superman is unless you’ve been living under a rock since, well, forever. As for the rest of them, a lot of the older generation will know who wonderwoman is from the TV show of the 80′s (it was the 80′s right?), they might not have seen the film but they’ll atleast of heard of green lantern (i suspect a few women went just to see ryan reynolds hoping he’d take his shirt off).
          At minimum that gives you Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. If Lobo was to be in it then that makes five people so chuck in The Flash for some tension breaking humour and it seems a pretty solid line up.
          Actor wise we’ll have to see. Cavill could nail it in Man of Steel and then we’re sorted there. Ryan Reynolds did a fine job acting, but the script was pretty meh so bring him back, I’m sure given the chance he’d love to show that with the right script he can be a fan favourite. The Rock as Lobo would bring it up to 3 well known names (by the time it comes out). Then it’s just casting the other 3.
          Personally I’d love to see NPH as the flash, he’s certainly got the humour side of the character nailed and the slim body type (we don’t need a bulky guy for this character really), although I haven’t seen him do any action. If nothing else it’s another big name to bring in the crowds and he can definitely act, however the flash was always the youngest so I’m not sure who we could go for thats younger. For batman I want to say JGL but really if we’re rebooting batman we’d need someone new to the project completely, but I reckon Joe Manganiello would suit it, I’m sure there’s others but my mind is drawing a blank. As for WW, well I’ve no idea, every adaptation recently has seemingly fallen short, but perhaps whoever they get for the possible “Amazon” WW could be signed on for the film version if the TV show is a hit.

          • you neglected to mention Aquaman, whether on purpose or not I am disappointed.

            • I’d actually forgotten to mention him, I apologise, I was more thinking along the lines of not starting off with too large a roster, however if they didn’t go for Lobo I’d be quite happy with aquaman being involved. I do think that Alan Ritchson did a good job portraying him in Smallville, but I wonder how likely it would be for him to get offered the job if it arose.

        • @Dazz: Superman is one of the most iconic characters/trademarks/labels in the world, if not THE most iconic.
          Everyone and their grandmas know who Superman is lol.

          Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and even Aquaman are pretty well known as well by now, but certainly to a lesser extent than Bats or Supes.

          People don’t necessarily need to know the origins or the villains of these characters to recognize them: Green Lantern in the green guy with the “magic” ring, Wonder Woman has her lasso and bracelets, Flash is the fast guy and Aquaman is the joke (although, the New52 comic books have certainly changed some people’s opinion on that).

          These characters are a HUGE part of pop-culture, and anyone who doesn’t (at the very least) know Superman and Batman, seriously need someone to get them out from under that rock! ;)

          • What separates Batman from Superman is that Supes is an American staple in that he reflects the ideals and symbolism of a particular culture. The support and prominence behind the character in America does not necessarily transfer to other cultures that have no investment in the country the character symbolizes. You’d be surprised how many non-American cultures probably have no more than a vague idea of who he is, and some even less than that.

            There is a reason Captain America was sub-titled The First Avenger right out of the gate and subsequently released in some countries with TFA preceding CA or even without the CA portion of the title at all.

            • I’m a non-American and most people in South Africa know who friggin Superman is… and if South Africa’s population is familiar with the character, then I can assure you most countries are (because here all people ever talk about is sport and the weather ;)).

              I mean come on people, Superman is the first superhero ever created! He’s had tv shows and movies, there are Supes toys in every toy store. You can buy t shirts with the House of El symbol on it (and you’d be surprised how many non-nerds actually wear those shirts)

              Supes is a house hold name. Other countries might not see him the same way way people in the US sees him, but I’m certain that most foreigners (if you just walk up to a person in the street and show him/her a picture of Supes) would recognize him and know who he is.

              I agree that Cap is more of an American hero, and not so well known in the rest of the world, but if you look at TFA (the movie), you’ll see that about half of it’s box office gross came from international markets… and with the recent success of The Avengers, I think it’s safe to say Cap’s fan-base and or recognition has expanded into other countries as well now…

  3. I have no problem with them including him, could be an interesting wildcard in the bunch.

  4. Especially if they are doing the team up movie first, I think they need to restrict how many members are in the team. Cause they are going to need to devote a large portion of time to introducing, and in some cases, reintroducing characters, making the audience care.

    And Batman. I think he needs to be rebooted stat if they really don’t want to use Nolans Batman. Most people see a super hero team up movie with Batman, and I think they are going to expect to see Bale.

    In my opinion, the second and third tier characters need to be introduced in the justice league sequels or stand alone films.

  5. As a bad guy in the first film the JLA are trying to stop yes, as a hero fighting along side JLA 100x no to that. It’s just jumping the gun and there are way more qualified lesser known characters like Lobo but would be more suited for the JLA that need to be introduced. Even the Spectre a character they already made an animated feature on would be a great addition to the film,far better than Lobo. I am not saying he is a bad character but a sudden inclusion of him doesn’t seem right.

  6. Dwayne Johnson as LOBO would be Awesome and he would be Hilarious too!!!

  7. I think Lobo should be on the team and play the “loose canon” role. Having him as the villain wouldn’t really be a good idea, seeing as they could have actual villains, like Darkseid or Brainiac or Sinestro or whatever.

  8. I’m still fine with Ryan Reynolds as GL. The Green Lantern movie can just be to DC what Ang Lee’s Hulk was to Marvel. An “oops” that they move on from but still build upon.

  9. Here is why I think doing the JL film without the lead up solo films is way too ambitious, which will undoubtedly compromise the final product.

    It all comes down to design. Each of Marvels heroes were fleshed out independently from a design perspective. Their worlds were constructed around them, along with costumes that were created to ‘fit’ the world the character inhabits in a believable manner.

    Each solo film Marvel did allowed for the design work to be firmly established, so that when it came for conceptualizing the look for the Avengers movie, Marvel had each respective artist from the original solo films come back to evolve the design of the character each artist had previously established.

    To put the horse before the cart means that DC will undoubtedly rush the design work to get all their characters onto the screen. DC is basically trying to pull of the feat that was The Avengers, on less than a quarter of the design budget. I doubt it.

  10. ‘quarter of the design budget’ – That is the combined budget of Phase One, in case I wasn’t clear.

  11. I don’t think the JL movie needs to follow the Avengers formula of introducing all the characters in stand-alone films first. Unlike the members of the Avengers, the JL members are more entrenched in popular culture and are more famous (except of course for the likes of Martian Manhunter or Cyborg, should they be in it). Even Marvel considered Iron Man a C-list character prior to his successful film series. Before the Marvel films, soccer moms are more likely to know who Wonder Woman and Superman are compared to Iron Man or Thor. Of course, I would love it if they started this shared universe with Man of Steel (or even Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern).

    As far as Lobo, he seems like he would be a worthy opponent necessitating the team-up. It’s possible at the end of the film, he ends up joining the JL’s fight against a bigger adversary.

  12. Jason Momoa or Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Lobo

    • Mania definitely has the look to pull off a great Lobo. Don’t know if he has the comedic chops though, I’ve never seen him play that kind of role.

      • Mamoa not mania. I hate auto-correct.

        • lol I figured

  13. Please DC – no cute tricks! Establish the actual Justice League characters before worrying about the Lobo’s of the DC universe. I would not mind seeing Lobo on screen one day but I don’t think he needs to debut in the first Justice League movie.

    Secondly, unless you are a comic book reader, the general public hasn’t a clue who Lobo is. There is no need to waste valuable budget dollars and movie minutes on a character people don’t even know. Stick to building the brightest & best Justice league possible.

  14. Does anyone else get this feel that this whole JL film is coming across as forced? It seems like (Assuming the 2015 date is correct), they are going to go straight to JL with NO buildup whatsoever, expecting everyone to just play catchup mid-film with the likes of Martian Man, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman. Are they planning on making it a 4 hour film to fit in all the back stories? Or are they going to give us 2 or 3 main characters and everyone else is going to be fight scene extras? If they fail with this, it will set DC moves waaaay back and even though I prefer Marvel, there are still some DC movies I’d like to see someday (rebooted Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Suicide Squad) that I may not if they manage to put out another sub par movie with their biggest names (wouldn’t be the first time). Just scares me is all, feels like there isn’t whole lot of planning happening. Am I being crazy?

  15. NO!!!!! no no no no no…….I hate that guy. ONLY SERIOUS CHARACTERS. I REALLY REALLY HATE THAT GUY. I never understood why WB bought the rights to the character. They spent all their cash on the other cool characters and stuck him into far too many episodes. It would take down the quasi-realism aspect of the DC universe and reduce it to a Trash movie.

  16. I do not want.

  17. The only guy that I think could pull off Lobo is Jason Momoa the guy who played Conan the barbarian and Game of thrones Khal Drogo he would be the only one if the Rock is in the JL movie he would be the biggest name in it because WB is not going to spend the money to use Bail and Caville.

    • Sorry Christian LOL BALE

    • Bale hasn’t expressed any interest in the JL film.

      • for the right price he would be BUT WB wont spend that money

    • You know, I had never considered Mamoa for the Lobo role but thinking about it I agree he does look much more like Lobo “out of the box” than The Rock.

      Excellent call but unfortunately I believe The Rock has already signed on to play the character in his own movie.

  18. Isn’t the Flash the Justice League’s comic relief?

    • Wally West Flash yes, Barry Allen Flash no.

      • Blue Beetle with Booster Gold, Elongated Man, even Guy Gardner, in his own obnoxious way, were all funny during the Adam Hughes period.

      • Actually New 52′s JL has Barry Allen and Hal Jordan handling comic relief.

        • I prefer old school Hal Jordan, he was always a straight up, “means business” guy back then. I think Hal Jordan has become the current way due to Reynolds’ involvement in the movie.

  19. I’m sorry but Lobo is not one of my personal favorites and I think that including him as a hero or a villain in the Justice League movie is an all-around bad idea.

  20. I can’t really say I’m a fan of this idea.

    I do like Lobo, and obviously I love the JL and in future installments, who knows… he might make a good addition to the cast, but please, not for the origin!

    As a hero, I can’t see him fitting in with the rest of the team (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman/Martian Man Hunter) and as a villain, I think there are more deserving JL villains who deserve their big screen debut more.

    This just seems like an unnecessary risk (one which I don’t think will pay off).

    • Since the Justice League movie is pretty vaporware at this point most of this just sounds like the speculation mill running at full speed. That said if someone is under the impression the Lobo will push a JL movie over the top or something then this project will be interesting in an either good or terrible way…..

    • I of course agree with you although you were a bit more diplomatic in your reservations. :)

      Adding in a side character on top of the iconic 7 plus villains (I’m still hoping for a Legion of Doom angle so that means 7 villains) would be excessive.

      And if they was some comedic relief in the JL movie, that’s what the Flash does. The movie itself however needs to have a more serious and darker tone than Avengers.

      • I never read many DC comics, but I remember all the Justice League cartoons from as far back as the 80′s. The thing I don’t get about them just trying to do a one off for Justice League is that they not only have to introduce the other heroes (that aren’t Batman and Superman), plus won’t they have to introduce at least some of the Legion of Doom for them to have someone to actually fight.

        So that would mean doing another Joker (which is not going to be easy at this point) and probably Lex Luthor. On top of that they want to add Lobo, that sounds like a mess even for the best script writer and story people to fit in one film.

        • Yeah while Lobo is most closely associated with Superman (because he rivals his powers) he has no clear cut ties with anyone specific and has shown himself to play the hero on occasion. That is something I don’t think at least the first JL movie needs.

          My personal vision for the first JL movie is the members coming together on their own to battle some universal threat to earth (very similar to the JLA origin) and then Superman and Batman putting their heads together to actually form an official group, constructing the space HQ and officially recruiting the other 5.

          Once the JL is assembled the individual criminals start to take a beating because the heroes don’t travel alone and so Luthor gets the bright idea to mimic the JL and pull together the heroes arch nemeses. While it will ultimately fail, the group will be formed and will be ready for a JL2 movie.

          I’m unsure about what the plot of the second movie should be, the third one I would like to see as the coming of Brainiac and the need for both teams to cooperate to avoid the planet falling under Brainiac’s control. (the second movie could start the process of Luthor falling under Brainiac’s grip similar to the JLU plot).

          I know that 14 main characters is a LOT to ask for and possibly overly ambitious but they need to do something completely different than what the Avengers is doing.

          • Rogue thought, I wouldn’t put it past WB to pull some Crisis in Infinate Movies and go that route to explain away the disconnect between pre/post Nolan Batman, Superman 1-4 / 1-2-Returns, and reboot Green Lantern and the rest of their properties. WB/DC handle their films bad enough to go that route, which would be a bad enough way of handling it but I can see some exec dropping the idea.

            On top of that, they could hire someone who’s never done a live action film before to direct.

            In all seriousness, my confidence in them not botching this isn’t very high.

          • The thing is without establishing the core villains (which from what little I know were the major foes associated with the individual heroes), what they might end up with is some bad-guy with generic minions attacking Earth (I don’t know what city they would use since DC has it’s own version of major cities). That sounds a lot like the base concept of the Avengers on paper, except they won’t even have an established villain like Loki to keep the story moving without a whole lot of extra exposition.

            And then there is still the issue of introducing the other heroes and trying to either link it to the new Superman, plus doing a new Batman. Because we all know that casual fans will link it to the Dark Knight at first glance and then that will just cause more confusion.

              • You probably mention Star Wars because in many ways it has become the prototype for this type of movie, and was the benchmark financially for the whole franchise concept over the last 3o years. The example you cite about not needing to explain Darth Vader, Obi Wan, etc. worked for the first Star Wars movie for the simple fact that nobody had an preconceived notions or expectations. Something like Justice League has decades of history and fans both working for it and against it.

                Like you said the back-story we ended up getting with Star Wars may not have been as satisfying for some people, partially because it had too many expectations to live up to. Something like Justice League has that obstacle to get around with die hard fans, while casual fans may not care one way or another. If it can be done well in a stand alone movie then it can be successful without having to go through the same motions the Avengers did.

                They are in a catch 22 no matter what they do though. If they copy the Avengers to either good or bad results, it will always been seen as something that borrowed from something that worked. If they go their own route and it works, they are geniuses, if it fails well we know what happens then…

      • @Mongoose: exactly :)

  21. Dolph Lundgren or Ron Perlman for Lobo.

  22. Would DC be better off making the Justice League movie a two-parter say split between a summer and december release? This would give them more time to provide some degrees of character introductions, room for well-done character interactions and the room for the obigatory action necessitated by the film. Perhaps if the first part involved principally the introduction of the characters to each other along with the initial formation of the league with a strong undercurrent of building threat and tension to lead into a fully realized confrontation in the second film. Would this be more reasonable than a single movie?

    Obviously the major worry is that with one movie either there will be too much action without enough character development, leaving the superheroes as paperdolls, or too much development without enough superheroing around or any combination that leaves any particular heroes underdeveloped.

  23. lobo woulds best be forgotten period……0

  24. dont think lobo would work for jl

  25. I’m glad it’s an unconfirmed rumor.

    A one-note chatacter with limited appeal.
    A spoof on Marvel’s Wolverine.
    An alien Bounty Hunter sharing screen time with Batman.

    If the rumor is true, regardless if Lobo is hero or foe, mark my words :

    Cast who you want, even Rock. Won’t matter. It could come right down to the wire like Mortal did a few years ago, but it will suffer the same fate.

    Life support.
    And then…
    Pull the plug.

    Dead serious.

  26. Lobo Begins