Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the ‘Justice League’ Movie

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Lobo in The Justice League Movie Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

After The Avengers scored over $1.5 billion at the global box office, it was no surprise to see Marvel quickly green light Avengers 2  with Joss Whedon at the helm. However, despite extremely high expectations for the studio’s 2015 follow-up, many movie and comic fans are busy trying to wrap their heads around the other in-development superhero mashup, Warner Bros. and DC’s Justice League.

Now a fresh rumor has surfaced indicating that the studio is considering the inclusion of fan-favorite anti-hero Lobo for the Justice League mix. While the character might, at first, seem like an off-putting or distracting addition this round, there are a few strong arguments for why Warner Bros. might be interested in seeing The Main Man featured in the film.

Until now, most of the speculation has centered around who will direct Justice League – after Ben Affleck dismissed rumors that he was attached – as well as whether DC should even attempt to implement so many characters all at once. The argument states that one reason The Avengers found success was because Marvel had patiently introduced the heroes in their own films, leading up to the assemblage.

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a lot of speculation about what other DC characters besides the usual Justice Leaguers might make it into the film. The discussion shifts today, courtesy of CBM, who reports that the DC/WB is “tossing around the idea of including Lobo in the film, [the script] that Will Beall is currently writing.” The report doesn’t contain an official (or off-the-record) quote, and as CBM openly admits, “tossing around the idea” could mean that the studio was just brainstorming – and Lobo is already off the table. As a result, this is all strictly inRUMOR category right now.

lobo movie brad peyton Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

That said, while some might simply dismiss Lobo as a niche biker mercenary character that doesn’t belong in Warner Bros.’ first attempt at a superhero mashup, the addition of the character could actually be a smart move for the studio – if implemented correctly. In addition to traditional superhero qualities like super strength, durability, and regenerative abilities, Lobo’s abrasive personality could serve a Justice League movie well by forcing some of the main characters to show new and interesting elements of their personalities (not just standard good guy tropes) – regardless of which side he was on.

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Lobo vs Superman Justice League Movie Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

Unlike The Avengers which, as mentioned, introduced each of their films in standalone movies – Warner Bros. is putting their cart before the horse and assuming that audiences who are now familiar with that other superhero team adventure, will line up to see DC’s iconic characters (especially Batman and Superman) together – even if every member hasn’t already been privy to a shared universe standalone film. However, that approach leads to a problem: without previously establishing why the characters are worth our time, the studios are going to have to shove a lot of kick-butt action and slick character moments into the project – without depriving any of the key heroes of their potential spin-off appeal.

As a result, Lobo could be included in the mix (either as a hero or antagonist) to add some levity to the proceedings and force the characters into conversations or actions that help open them up a bit – given that Lobo has enjoyed a tense relationship with the Justice League in the comics. Without a snarky and repugnant person (whether hero or villain) to goad the characters into showing character, it’s hard to imagine that a Justice League film with a serious tone will be able to successfully introduce multiple new characters; give them all memorable set piece moments; provide intriguing interpersonal dynamics; and allow for the respective DC superheroes to each show different shades of their larger personalities. Without a dynamic character (like Lobo) to push things along, the filmmakers risk forcing one or two main characters to carry a lot of the film’s humor and/or expository banter – characters that A) the studios hope to spin-off into individual movies and B) audiences are just getting to know. Remember, a rebooted Batman may even be introduced in the film, so pretty much everything will be new to the audience.

Justice League Alex Ross Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

We’ve previously suggested that, in order to be successful with their own properties (and not just copy Marvel), DC is going to have to change-up the superhero formula. The studios already weathered a misstep with Green Lantern (not to mention the failed Wonder Woman TV series), so they’re going to have to be pretty intentional from here on out about how they position each of their core heroes. The absolute last thing that DC will want to do in the Justice League is ruin any potential interest in individual standalone films – so Lobo might be the right person to help keep things from getting too serious, without standing out as an overly-campy addition – given that he’s also a ruthless antihero. Plus, the character isn’t a typical good guy (hence his longstanding tension with the heroes) – meaning his storyline could cause problems for Justice League members and/or aid the team in their do-gooder efforts.

Similarly, since DC could go with some up and coming actors for Justice League (i.e. Henry Caville in Man of Steel), the film would no doubt benefit from some well-known star power – a household name that, as part of an ensemble, could draw in reluctant non-comic book moviegoers. Despite a few missteps, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has delivered a number of memorable and crowd-pleasing performances in recent years (Fast Five, Faster) – and, even though he plays some ruthless asskickers, he also has clout with the family crowd (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island). Johnson is already in talks to play Lobo in Brad Peyton’s standalone Lobo film – so it’s easy to imagine that Warner Bros. would be anxious to help ground a cast of unknowns (playing iconic heroes) with a fan-favorite actor like “The Rock” (in a less iconic role).

The Rock DC Comic Movie Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the Justice League Movie

While a blockbuster feature film is certainly a different type of project, Lobo was a favorite addition to the DC Universe cartoons – dropping in once in awhile to offer a much-appreciated change of pace in certain story lines. For anyone unfamiliar with Superman: The Animated Series, the episode “The Main Man” is an especially good example of how Lobo could fit into the Justice League movie. Admittedly, recreating the character for big-budget live-action will be a challenge but, if done correctly, Lobo could be a standout element of the film – one that allows the Justice League to differentiate itself as a dark and gritty superhero mashup – without taking itself too seriously.

Of course, all of this is just rumor at this point but we’ll keep you up to date as we hear more about the Justice League as well as Lobo‘s standalone film.

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Source: CBM

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  1. Thank You. That would be awesome.

  2. he’d better have an antagonistic role if he’s in the movie at all. I swear if they use him as a martian manhunter replacement I will crack some skulls!

  3. Rumors like this make me very nervous about the JL.

    • Me too bud, me too…

  4. The more I hear about this project, the worse it sounds. Without the individual movies first this will be a train wreck.

    • They should do a World’s Finest with a tag team of sorts.

      • I think a JL-Lite with the Big Three would be DC’s best bet for getting their unified movie universe off the ground.

        Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? Everybody is familiar with all three. Set up for the inclusion of the rest of the Justice League in a cliffhanger-style ending, and bring in everybody else with JL2.

    • Agreed. I don’t think Batman needs an origins movie, but he needs a solo movie first. He’s new to being Batman, but not brand new. It should take place after Man of Steel, with Batman having started operations slightly before.
      Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman need their own movies too. Aquaman can be badass. Filmmakers need to play Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  5. Maybe he’ll be like Wolverine in the X movies and end up leading the team, stealing all the love interests from the respective male heroes, etc. Almost too bad Hugh Jackman wasn’t available…

  6. Maybe the thinking is they want to stray away from the “Super Friends” perception and add a Wolverine type character. I understand. I’ve never liked Lobo, but that aside, he’d be a difficult and risky character to bring to the big screen. Doesn’t he ride a “space chopper” or something? I can’t seriously believe they’d risk a multi-million dollar movie and franchise on that.

    Wouldn’t they have their hands full enough making a new interpretations of Batman? Not to mention Wonder Woman, Flash, GL, etc.

    It won’t happen. I’m getting the impression all these director and character rumors are just inexpensive ways for WB to generate some buzz. All we know is that there’s a good chance they’ll be making a JL movie in the next few years.

  7. DC has been doing every single I e of their movies wrong from the very start. This is sad because I enjoy DC comics much more than marvel but all the films where set up to fail. Green Lantern, my fav super hero of all time was a chick flick… Go ahead and make your Justice league movie, I’ll probably see it in theaters busy most will probably just pirate that s*** for free rather than spend money I’m sure.

  8. They never said how big his role could be. For all we know it could just be a small role since after all he is a bounty hunter the blanks are easy to fill in that case. I really feel he is gonna be the wildcard element.

  9. Honestly I think this would be a stupid idea. It’s a good thing Nolan and Bale jumped ship before they ended up having to be involved with this disaster.

  10. The problem I see while giving pause to think about it is that if you don’t create 3 or 4 background films to build up a threat that leads to a team up as a necessity then you must find an enemy powerful enough with some popularity and familiarity to throw at the team. Ideally it would be nice if they were disposable. Since an individual Lobo film has been rumored as possible and his bounty hunter storyline seems to be a good motivation for the character to tear the scenery up, Lobo the film can be a good place to start. He’s going to be a point man though for a bigger threat. True he could be a catalyst to get several heroes on screen together but like Bishop or the Silver Surfer from the Marvel comics he would be better utilized as a segue into a larger confrontation or galactic threat.

    Lobo definitely could use a makeover for the big screen. Since his story is relatively new changing some of the more irritating aspects would enhance his appeal. I would like to emphasize though that it’s something you have to be careful to do lest you strip him of what makes him popular…

    • Ah, setting up Lobo to play a similar role to Loki’s in the MCU, wouldn’t be surprised if your on the money there…

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying all along.

      • (tips hat)

    • Warner has owned DC for a long time, and the fact that they find themselves playing catch up with Marvel studios is funny. The obvious similarities between the comics will make it hard for DC/Warner to do a film that doesn’t look and feel like the Avengers at this point. The question is do they want to go the safe route to make the film more financially viable, or do they go out on a limb and risk making one big-budget bomb and then scrapping the whole thing.

      • Idk JL:Mortal sounded pretty interesting, could’ve been awesome. Never knew what the script was exactly but rumors were the League Of Shadows was involved. Im all in favor if they do it LOTR style, thereby focusing on the heroes themselves alone and then standalone movies after detailing their daily lives struggles etc. Cautiously optimistic I am.

  11. I see the inclusion of Lobo in the JLA as a good thing. Officially years ago in one of the rebooted JLA series, Lobo really was a member for several issues so that Batman could keep an eye on him. Not to mention Guy Gardner and Lobo used to mix it up pretty good together. That was really fun stuff.

    Of course now, I think it would be a great thing for Lobo to beceome a honorary JLA member. As a plot line, to get the team together, Lobo comes to earth and gets into a fight with Superman. Barry Allen(the Flash) sees it happening on the police screens and changes into the Flash to go help. Notifying his long time friend Hal Jordan who of couse has to lend his hand into it.
    Right there you have a team starting up. Lobo comes to earth in the wake of a greater menace that he intends to cash in on. Telling the others what the menace is, heroes contact other heroes and there you have a super team. Of coure Lobo doesnt want anyone taking all the credit for the catch so he can collect his bounty.

    See, its not that hard to bring a team together if you have the people that know the background of the heroes involved. Id go see a movie made like that. I mean who wouldnt?

    • The best story ideas come from the people that frequent this site. Damn shame WB/DC don’t have the quality talent like the posters here.

    • Bravo, I was imagining something similar.

    • I envisioned the same type of storyline but with Aquaman instead of Lobo. There’s trouble with the oceans, Aquaman blames the surface world and starts trouble, the JLA heros unite to take him down, whoops it was actually (insert villian) trying to take over the world thereby causing the oceans problems, all heros untie and beat down the big villian. I think it would work if Aquaman had a “Namor” attitude, you know basically a jerk.

  12. Lobo? Naw, whi is this weenie? Let’s stickj with the “old comic” basics. Here are some good villains, then I will get to the heroes. How about Darkseid, Apocalypse, Time Commander, Hyper-Thief, Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash) and perhaps just to mix things up The Psycho Pirate, just to name just a few that would give the JLA enough evil muscle to give them a fight? Multiple villains are needed so it does not seem one-sided. And a 3-hour movie is a must, to give everyone enough developement and also enough screen-time. If the movie is well-written, well-scripted, well-directed, with good special effects, this is not too long to sit through a movie. Just muffle your criticisms with another fistful or two of popcorn, sit back,and enjoy. And when one considers the slate of heroes, well, in the original comics the original team included Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hawkman (and sometimes Hawkgirl as well) The Atom (Ray Palmer), Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow (this list is the original team plus a couple of members who joined up soon after the team’s inception). DC needs to pick from that list (but absolutely needs at least Flash and Green Lantern to start). If they were to add anyone at all other than these heroes, I would recommend JSA members Dr. Fate and Hourman (Kent Nelson, Rex Tyler), altho I would rather see the two of them team up in their own film. To introduce a few heroes that are lesser known, perhaps a quick mini-team-up movie with, say, 3 heroes (for instance, The Atom, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman) against 2 or 3 villains. Wonmder Woman probably is well enough known, as is Aquaman, to the core audience, and a quick intro could be made for most of the heroes in a 3-hour JLA movie. I also should mention I definitely want to see green lantern #2 and #3, with ryan Reynolds as hal Jordan (not a reboot), and also a Flash movie (or a team-up between Green Lantern and Flash, the heroes being hal Jordan and Barry Allen. These movies need to be fast-tracked but done as top-notch efforts so they don’t just nose-dive into the swamp, while the interest is high. If Marvel can do it, then I would think DC could also, or else they better hang up their shingles as mere popcorn-sellers out in the lobby for future Marvel movies.

    • Apocalypse is a Marvel character. Unless you meant Apokalips, but that is not a character, it is Darksied’s homeworld.

      • Oops, actually you might be right, I think I may have been mixing up my characters just a bit…shows what a long week of work can do to ya! Thanx for the heads-up enlightenment!

  13. Getting a little bit worried about the direction this justice league film could be headed. Just a little, but not 2 much.

  14. I say Yes i would want to see him as a hero working with the Justice League, because WHY THE HELL would Lobo do that!! For a character that isnt sp kid friendly, and just plain bad ass, he basically goes against the JL norm… it will be interesting to see how they manage to bring him and the JL together if this gets done…

  15. Why does everyone want Lobo to be A hero in this movie. For peet’s sake he nuked his home planet out of extance for fun. This guy cares for no one or nothing except himself and the bountys he collects.

  16. I think the wb and dc are watching superman man of steel closely as it comes together, I feel Superman will be the template to start the process for the JLA. Superman will be the access point to begin the process of introducing small little tiny hints of JLA in the future the studios at wb are a little bit wary and nervous so they put this kind of stuff out there to see what kind of reaction it generates.

    if you remember in superman returns there was a small little nod to Batman’s home town Gotham, where they are all watching the news in the daily planet on the tv and a news item comes about superman and his rescues all over the world and then the news reporter mentions superman in downtown Gotham,, I think superman is the template for the big launch of the Jla, from listening to Zacks words at the comic con this year, he wants to get superman right and wrapped up well before even been able to go into other superheroes coming into the picture,, all i can say is everything is on man of steel and how well it is received and how much it generates in peoples interest and at the box office.

    its a big one to have allot resting on one film, we will wait with anticipation and excitement to see what is coming down the tracks, I just cant wait for more trailers on the new superman film..

    Its good to be back here i havent been here for a while i was away for a while in Lourdes, maybe some of the bosses in Wb could take a trip and a few days there, it might help their nervs over the stress of making the jla and superman etc ,, few times in the Lourdes water will get them working in super speed,, and have a few good films,, nothing wrong with a bit of Devine intervention and inspiration ps i must note there is a fantastic underground basicla in Lourdes and its mind blowing, it looks like a space ship or something honestly if there is any movie makers reading this and have spare time and are traveling around europe , take a look at this amazing building in Lourdes called the underground church,, well i said enough,, all the best top of the night and top of the morning to you all,, dave

  17. man this is why WB sucks. it’s the EXACT opposite of what they should do. since MOS will be the only solo film prior to JL they need to keep the character count down (for the league). i’m talking sups, bats, wonder woman, flash and MAYBE green lantern (honestly i think GL needs to be reintroduced in a solo film the last one was a disaster. plus GL is an intergalactic hero so there’s just so much that comes along with him)

    for the sequel def bring in GL, cyborg and martian the manhunter

    • Probably one of the most sensible approaches, if they wish to make the characters compelling, i’d agree.

  18. Lobo could be pretty interesting, but may I make some recommend regarding the cast of the Justice League characters :)

    Superman ……….. Henry Cavill (of course)
    Batman …………. Russell Crowe
    Wonder Woman ……. Christina Hendricks
    The Flash ………. Ryan Gosling
    Green Lantern …… Ryan Reynolds
    Aquaman ………… Charlie Hunnam
    Green Arrow …….. Stephen Amell
    Martian Manhunter .. Mos Def
    Black Canary ……. Amber Heard
    Nightwing ………. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    AND FOR SOME BAD BOYS i would suggest

    Lex Luthor ……… Jamie Foxx
    The Joker ………. Javier Bardem
    Harley Quinn ……. Amanda Seyfried
    Bane …………… Tom Hardy
    The Riddler …….. Jim Carrey
    Hugo Strange ……. Mark Strong
    Death Stroke ……. Terry Crews
    Darkseid ……….. Ron Perlman (who else?)
    Ma’alefa’ak …….. Peter Mensah
    Lobo …………… Mickey Rourke

    That’s it from my end of the line. I know Justice League is far away, but I’m already waiting so much for it.

  19. Though i can imagine the upcoming Lobo movie being a good time at and i think Dwayne the Rock Johnson will be good in the lead role, i have a hard time picturing Lobo being in the Justice League, i think its interesting that DC is trying to use more B-list superheroes (well in this case anti-heroes) but the character of Lobo has never been interesting to me, i mean the guy just grows up on a crappy planet kills and destorys the entire planet how the hell is that supposed to be interesting. But the way they put it in this article makes me think that maybe it could be done well by making Lobo sorta encourage the League to go all out to stop the villain, maybe that could be done well but who knows really. Still really excited for Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, i think Lobo will be entertaining at least maybe not phenominal but just fun to watch like Transformers, and i’m interested to see what they do with the upcoming Batman reboot. By the way SamuelL i agree with you Rourke would make an awesome Lobo but i look foward to Johnson he does entertaining action movies. good cast though

  20. Lobo will not be in the movie. Give me a break. There is no plan to do that, barely was an old rumor of there being a Lobo solo film, and that was BIG rumor, nothing more. It would be nice if Screen Rant would come with something realistic and credible instead of this off the wall nonsense. Lobo would bury the Justice League Movie, not make it better!