Guy Ritchie to Direct DC-Warner Bros. ‘Lobo’

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lobo1 Guy Ritchie to Direct DC Warner Bros. Lobo

The “Main Man” has found a man to bring him rip-roarin to the big screen, lock, stock with both barrels smoking!

That’s right, DC Comics interstellar bounty hunter, Lobo, has a feature film in the works and Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes) will be the man helping to realize the vision… But what’s all this about a PG-13 Rating???

Variety is reporting that DC/Warner Bros. has attached Ritchie to the project, which they hope to have in production by early next year. If you’re not familiar, Lobo is the foul-mouthed, interstellar bounty hunter of the DC Universe. He rides a pimped-out space bike, is strong enough to take on Superman, with enough energy left over to drink, party and get laid all night by the lovely ladies of the cosmos. All when he isn’t brutally slaughtering bad guys and collecting bounties, that is.

Ritchie seems like a good fit for this material. After all, the director has been playing in the sandbox with thugs, thieves, crooks, and other anti-hero types ever since his early films set in the London underworld – Lock, Stock, and two Smoking Barrels, Snatch (and to to a lesser extent) RocknRolla – catapulted him into fame. With the upcoming big-budget adventure film Sherlock Holmes already in the can, Ritchie has certainly demonstrated he can tackle high-profile studio projects.

But how “high-profile” is a Lobo movie? The character is not nearly as recognized (certainly not at all beloved) as say Superman, Batman or even Green Lantern, which is likely the reason that DC/WB is reportedly shooting for a PG-13 rating for the film. I figure they’ll push the limits with the language/violence, but still keep the movie clean enough to have teenage boys flocking to the theater.

lobo pic 1 Guy Ritchie to Direct DC Warner Bros. Lobo

And, if done right, I see a Lobo movie potentially being enough of a hit to lift the character from the level of a D-list comic book anti-hero, to a worldwide anti-hero icon. He certainly fits the bill of the “darker” super hero many fans say they want to see onscreen these days (sorry Superman).

Don Payne (Rise of the Silver Surfer) is handling the latest draft of the Lobo script, which will be produced by Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona. Lobo will be a co-production between Silver Pictures and Weed Road.

What do you think: Is Lobo a character you expected to see on the screen before The Flash or Wonder Woman? And are you happy Guy Ritchie is at the helm?

No word yet on when DC/WB wants to have Lobo in theaters. As for who should play the Main Man… We’ll see how Danny Trejo does carrying Machete, but I think he’d be perfect. Otherwise, I guess I’ll sit back and get ready for yet another “Cast HHH” campaign to start up.

BONUS: Want to see Lobo take on Superman? Check out this clip from Superman: The Animated Series.

Source: Variety & YouTube

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  1. I am open to Guy Ritchie doing this but PG-13?
    PG13 and Lobo dont mix.
    I am glad there is at least movement on the project.

  2. hehehehehehehheeheheh…yeah!

  3. i think Guy Ritchie can really pull this off if given the right resources. I’ve followed the guy since he started and love every film from him (except for Revolver- horrible film) He has a nitch for witty dialogue, dry sarcastic humor and at the same time keeping with well paced action. His story telling skills are so refreshing and the replay value of his films are way up there, (EXCEPT for Revolver) I guess with Sherlock Holmes we’ll see if he can resuscitate a forgotten icon. As for Lobo, i think it’s a dick move to bring a dark underdog anti-hero out of the comic universe and have it play against the big dogs like green lantern, iron man, and avengers. But at the same time we can sure use someone tyrannical to cheer on. Almost like V from V for Vendetta, I can already imagine hand bags and t-shirts with Lobo’s face at your local Hot Topic selling out. Its apparent that most people like the cynical ways of an anti-hero better than the main hero. Just like Joker and Batman. I saw more people loving the Joker than Batman himself. His maniacal laughter, his violent ways of getting a message across, and his heart piercing glares. WE LOVE ALL THAT DARK CRAP! So in my opinion, yeah, Lobo is a freakin awesome idea and Guy Ritchie can make him bad ass with great dialogue and a violent demeanor. How about Vinnie Jones? He’s big and crazy violent. He’s done his share of hunting people down and getting answers by slamming their heads against car doors!* (* see Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels and Snatch) And he works alot with Guy so it should be perfect. If done well this D list character will be swimming with the big fish. I would always think every movie where the main character had a motorcycle would be a fail-safe formula for awesomeness, but I guess I was wrong… *cough* Ghost Rider!… So hopefully this movie reaches my expectations and can drown out freakin Twilight so that all the lil emos can have something better to enjoy… LOBO!!

  4. I don’t think people will scream cast HHH he isn’t really fitting for Lobo.

  5. pg-13 rating = FAIL

    i think richie is good for the job. if it were 18+

  6. I got no major problem with a PG13 rating. Sure R would probably be a little better, but as long as they push it hard they can make it just fine with a PG13. The movie has got to make money I mean they are not really looking to make a flop here. Why aim for R when they know they can make more off of it in PG13.

  7. and as for the animated fight between lobo n superman since when did superman need a space suit???? they are killing him off slowly its so sad.

  8. i say Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Comedian in Watchmen)
    But PG-13 for Lobo…please that is so wrong!

  9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an excellent actor. I guess he could work as Lobo I can see that.

  10. IMO, cast Micky Rourke

  11. PG-13 be damned! LOBO LIVES!


  13. This bodes well for the value of the comics which I bought and thoroughly enjoyed when they came out. [checks list...] Cool I even have two copies of the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special! Here are the titles of the original 4-part series:

    #1: “Portrait of a Psychopath”
    #2: “Lord Dance”
    #3: “Spell or Die!”
    #4: “The Last LAST Czarnian”

  14. I love JDM. He would be perfect, but I don’t think he’d want to get typecast. He already did the Comedian and he’s working on The Losers. He would be perfect, but it might be too much for him. Besides, he’s overdue to due a romantic comedy. One where he’s naked. LOL

  15. Brad Garrett all the way.

  16. Lobo sucked. I can’t believe someone actually took on the project of producing a film about that retard. What a waste of celluloid.

  17. The first time I saw Lobo was as a kid in a 90s animated cartoon. There was no violence, but the huge biker mixed with the comedic/psycho mentality dragged me in. Now that I’ve read a couple of Lobo comics, I feel like now is the perfect time to bring a movie like this out onto the big screen.

    PG-13 won’t cut it. I’m sure they’ll change the rating to R, or else there will be no way it can be a decent film. Lobo’s main attraction is his violence, right? In order to capture his being, you have to include the gore. Characters like the Joker, as Heath Ledger portrayed, are maniacal in what they DON’T show you, such as Ledger’s murders in the entire film. You know he killed ‘em, just exactly showing it. Lobo however, is a completely visual character. You might get away just once with showing him stalk towards a victim with a shiny hook, then cut. -But you can’t make that each kill in the film.

    I’m studying film as of right now, and I swear, if these ppl screw up, I will do my very best to make Lobo my second project, aside from the first one which is in production right now. xD