Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone

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punisher war zone2 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone

It seems as though the powers that be behind Punisher: War Zone have finally come to the conclusion that they need to ramp up the marketing campaign if they want people to actually go see this much-belabored film. Lately the TV spots have been popping up like zits on a fanboy’s face, and now new stills from the movie are flooding the Net in droves.

Taking a cue from our friends over at Latino Review, we here at Screen Rant have gathered a hefty pile of new Punisher pics for your viewing pleasure. Some are stills from the finished movie, others are production stills taken on the set while cast and crew tried work out how best to convey the dark story of Frank Castle, and his quest to punish the guilty.

See for yourself:

punisherwzstill1 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Director Lexi Alexander and star Ray Stevenson on the set

punisherwzstill2 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Jigsaw (Dominic West) shows off advanced chiropractic techniques

punisherwzstill4 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
The Punisher demonstrates proper knuckle cracking techniques

punisherwzstill6 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Punisher busts his guns

punisherwzstill7 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Jigsaw visits a friend in the psyche ward

punisherwzstill8 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
The Punisher gabs with God

punisherwzstill9 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Punisher Movie? Or Saw VI?

punisherwzstill14 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Punisher and friends enjoy a low-key Friday night

punisherwzstill11 Loads Of New Pics From Punisher: War Zone
Punisher gets the party started (notice the portrait of Hilary Clinton in the background)

For the rest of the latest batch of new Punisher images head over to Latino Review, who have a bunch more.

Special thanks to myself for all those witty captions. Seriously though, the photos make me very curious to see what the finished product of Punisher: War Zone is going to be. The more pictures I see, the more I can’t help but feel like the film is some weird mashup of The Punisher and the Saw movies. Maybe Lionsgate has some kind of specific rules about how their films are lit? That could be it.

But honestly, I’m tired of any and all speculation about this flick. After more than a year of the rumor mill churning, I’m going to buy a damned ticket for the first show on December 5, just so I can see what all the hubub has been about! Who knows, maybe agitated curiosity was the marketing plan all along…

What do you think about the new pics? And are you eager to see Punisher: War Zone?

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I have been trying to get myself excited about this one, but I just cant, it seems to begoing down the Road that Daredevil,Elektra and Ghost Rider seemed to have taken (though one of my guilty pleasures is Ghost Rider). It just looks absurd and just plain stupid. I think based upon what i have seen un pictures and such, Thomas Jane left for good reasons.

  2. I love the Punisher–I even have his skull tattooed on my right leg (from the mid-1990s logo), but I still don’t know about this. I guess I may have to go see it, too.


  3. The overuse of primary colors (reds, blues) in every image and trailer I’ve seen from this just strikes me as really, really odd…

    Fingers crossed it’ll be good but I’m not very optimistic.


  4. Was this deal “cut” so long ago that Marvel didn’t have the making power of this one (ie Ironman, Hulk, yada)?

    That doesn’t bode well, but like Vic, I’m there buying a ticket for it next week.

  5. Yah, regardless of how weird or how it looks like Lionsgate has made another stinker, I’ll be buying a ticket next week too to support Ray Stevenson.

  6. Been following this flick since first news and, not to go against the grain, am excited for it. Interviews, trailers, and production stills have had me in a good and ready mood for this one.

    I was a Thomas Jane supporter at first aswell, but Stevenson dwarfs him–not to mention he looks near identical to Tim’s comic.


  7. This is, what, the THIRD Punisher movie made? Why does it seem like they can’t get it right. As much as Punisher rocks balls I don’t think he’s a very complicated character. It shouldn’t be this hard to make an awesome movie about him.

  8. I wish if this ends up being really bad and maybe Marvel snatches the rights to The Punisher, that they somehow keep Ray Stevenson like they are keeping the same actor for the next Superman. I don’t think they can find anyone who looks better for the role than him. I’ve been waiting for this film mainly because of him. I like the actor and he looks bad ass for the role.

  9. I find it strange it’s getting so much hate. Having been a Punisher fan since he first tried to off Spidey I’m looking forward to this movie. Ray Stevenson looks great, I mean comeon he is Frank all the way! Odds are it will stink, they can’t seem to get it right, but so far this one has a lot more promise than the other two. I’ll give it a shot but if it winds up the same way as Ghost Rider or Fantastic Four it will suck big time. I think they’re taking it a lot more serious and went for the R rating. Max Payne stunk because it was a R rated movie that made into a PG-13 movie and it didn’t work at all.

    I do agree that the overuse of some of the colors makes the movie appear to a little strange. I guess because of what Chris Nolan seems to be able to do, use of golds and browns in Batman Begins and of darker blues and almost purples in THe Dark Knight, they figured they’d try to do something similar. Just doesn’t seem to work, makes it seem to neon, to fake and corney

  10. Is everybody not even gonna give it a chance??????????? Here’s a good review for you: My father is in the film he plays Pitsy and is standing behind Jigsaw in the photo where he’s snapping someones neck. I read the script and it rocks, it’s incredibly violent and brutal but has a good story as well. Don’t worry, you guys say you’re big fans but you have no faith. GET EXCITED cause it’s good. My name is Jesse Camacho and my father’s is Mark Camacho.

  11. Don’t worry, I’m giving it a shot, but mainly only because I have faith in Ray Stevenson. I am getting all of my friends to go watch it with me.

  12. I was going to be dragged to this movie whether I wanted to go or not but im still really excited. Im seeing it a day or two after opening night!

    I guess im one of the few crazy people that actually liked Ghost Rider but Elecktra and DD just sucked and im hopeing the punisher does not fall in that catagoery like everyone is expecting it to do.

  13. I’m probably very alone on this board, but I didn’t think it necessary to reboot the Punisher. Jane’s movie was awesome. I mean, the Hulk reboot was very necessary and appreciated, but I just wanted to see a true Punisher sequel. Also, I though Daredevil was great, except for a)Colin Farrell as Bullseye, and b) the entire cathedral fight scene was crap. The rest of the film was very good. MCD as Kingpin was stroke of genius. I originally though Affleck to be miscast, but he did fairly well with it. Jennifer Garner looks nothing like Elektra, but she’s hot and wasn’t that bad in the part. But Elektra has gotta be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.

  14. That will be like Lionsgate first time, lol. Just kidding… well, kind of…

  15. Everyone always remembers the first time …

  16. @INK
    LOL! Get deep there, man.:D

  17. Sorry, meant ‘getting’.