First Look at The Lizard in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’… as a Pez Dispenser!

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First Look at The Lizard in the Amazing Spider Man First Look at The Lizard in ‘The Amazing Spider Man’… as a Pez Dispenser!

Despite having some top-notch talent behind it, The Amazing Spider-Man is starting to look like the forgotten stepbrother of the other two major superhero films of 2012: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Then again, what the Internet loves and what the general public actually pays for are sometimes two different things.

The most we’ve seen so far of what the film’s super villain, The Lizard, will look like was a glimpse of scaly makeup on actor Rhys Ifans’ neck - as well as closed door Hall H footage at San Diego Comic Con. Well, today we finally get our very first full-on public look at the villain … in the form of a Pez dispenser!

Check out Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and Rhys Ifans’ Lizard as Pez dispensers below, courtesy of Comic Book Movie (click to enlarge):

Lizard and Pez Dispensers from Amazing Spider Man 273x430 First Look at The Lizard in ‘The Amazing Spider Man’… as a Pez Dispenser!

Obviously, the image isn’t incredibly revealing, but it does give us an idea of what The Lizard will likely look like in the coming film. And frankly, the first thing that comes to mind is that the dispenser looks more like Louis Gossett Jr. from Enemy Mine (1985) than The Lizard of the comic books (which is to say, if the depiction is entirely accurate). Rather than sporting a pronounced snout like a crocodile or a dinosaur, he seems to be humanoid-shaped with a layer of scales on top. That said, the Comic Con footage seemed to imply that there could be different stages to the character’s mutation – so it’s certainly possible that, by the end of the film, the Lizard will look significantly different from his Pez likeness.

Either way, one assumes the he’ll look better in living color.

Here’s what Rhys Ifans had said a while back about what makes The Lizard more interesting than your typical super villain:

“The majority of comic book villains are pure evil, but Curt Connors is an exception. Curt Connors is a good man who initially wants to save the world but he gets hungry and greedy and reckless and he pays the price for that.”

I think it’s fair to point out that this was the exact idea Sam Raimi had for Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2, which is considered by many to be the best Spider-Man film to date.

What do you think of this Pez dispenser Lizard, Screen Ranters? Is this how you envisioned him on the big screen? Let us know in the comments.


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The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012. It’s safe to assume this Pez dispenser will hit stores sometime between then and now.

Source: Comic Book Movie [via io9]

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  1. Looks like the aliens from “V”. Too human for me.

    • …Or the Goomba from Super Mario Bros. The Movie

  2. I’ve been waiting for a long time for The Lizard to be on the big screen, and I’ve started to get excited about this new Spider-Man movie. I personally hope That’s not how The Lizard shall look through out the whole movie.

  3. I feel that all the villains (aside from maybe Venom?) in the past 3 Spiderman movies were good men that had freak accidents happen to them that turned them into villains

    • Sandman? Nope.

      • The Sandman was fundamentally a loving father that ended up on the wrong side of the whole “cops and criminals” thing.

        • Sandman even joined the Avengers at one point.

  4. I think the reason he looks so ugly there is because his face is flat.. in the real (low res) picture from the comic con trailer he looks badass.

    • Agreed.

  5. By the looks of the pez dispensor, The Lizard looks like Killer Croc from Batman:TAS. Only colored green.

  6. Wow, he looks like a green Voldemort

      • “Enemy Mine”, classic film. It also reminds me of the “Last Starfighter”

    • hah

  7. More snout pls. K thnx spider-man bye.

    • I have that comic book. The original print. Its a 6 in grade though :(

  8. I hope the one in the movie has arms.

    • I lol’d.

    • Hahaha! :D

    • LOL +100

      you win, sir.

  9. This movie will be a colossal Turd!

    • How can you tell? From the above picture?

  10. It looks like grig from the last starfighter! Sure it will look better in the film tho…maybe

    • NICE lol

    • @ Nat

      AARRGGHH! I think i’m being smat, them I scoll down to see you beat me to it. ^-^

      • Ahem….”Smart”

  11. The head needs to bend forward to release the candy. The snout would complicate that. Plus the plastic package it has to fit into and the product weight. This is not the fully realized Lizard in the movie, the comic-com footage proves that. It’s probably one of the stages of the transformation, reflecting Steve Ditko’s Lizard.

    • Oh wait, does the head bend forward or backward? Whatever, my point is all Pez dispensers probably have to encompass the same volume and weight for packaging purposes. The snout would complicate that.

  12. Not the lizard I expected. Even as a pez, he looks pathetic.

  13. I totally agree with Wally West, This does indeed look like Killer Croc. It’s Certainly NOT The Lizard as far as I am concerned, This movie is looking less and less promising.

  14. Have any of you guys paid attention to other pez dispensers? Rarely do they fully embody the character they are supposed to be. It’s a toy…that dispenses candy.

    • Do you consider the artists of those dispensers so inept as to not being able to correctly sculpt a lizard’s head? While it may not be completely accurate, it is very telling.

  15. really? We are gonna get “Man Lizard” instead of the Lizard Man? /faceplam

    What little anticipation I had for this show (and it was already low) has now dropped to zero. PLEASE let the rights revert back to Marvel so it can be done R I G H T.

  16. I don’t like the look myself, but one also has to consider that this is not Sony’s big reveal. Like a few others here, I too think the Lizard will go through a variety of looks as the transformations become more severe. So sure, the Lizard will probably look like this at some point in the movie.

    It’s important to remember that the comic con footage actually does show the Lizard with a longer snout, as the article has said.

  17. Looks like the Goomba from the live action MARIO BROS!!!

  18. Actually, this is a whole lot of what I imagined him to look like!

  19. Needs the snout

  20. When can we expect a proper trailer so we see for real what this film is going to be like. I want this film to be great – but I’mgetting that same feeling as before Spider-Man 3 – when we were wondering what Venom would be like….

  21. I dont like it at all if its the way hes gonna look through the entire film. I hope its just stage one or two in the evolution of the character. But it makes ya wonder why they wouldnt have chose the final stage for the pez.

  22. I don’t love the pez look, but it does look a lot like the original Lizard design from Amazing Spider-Man #6, back in 1963. I trust that the film version will be much cooler.

  23. Looks like Red Skull… but green. Meh.

  24. Wow, that CGI is terrible…..

    • Dude, did you read the article?
      It’s not a CGI model… it’s a candy dispenser.

      I doubt the Lizard will look anything like the above picture (in the actual movie).

      Personally, my hopes are still high for TAS.

    • What CG are you referring to?

  25. It’s like Godzilla & Voldemort had a baby :)

  26. I think he lacks a snout. It should be longer and that will give out more menacing look. Hope the look will be better in the movie!

  27. Looks like they did decide to continue one thing from the last spiderman.. make the villan look completely different! Venom was HORRIBLE and if that is any sort of a hint then same here. Im a big pez collector and they rarely lie! I mean all my santa pez toppers look just like him!