Rumor Patrol: Amazon Reviving ‘The Tick’ TV Show with Patrick Warburton

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the tick bus Rumor Patrol: Amazon Reviving The Tick TV Show with Patrick Warburton

If a new rumor is to be believed, The Tick, Ben Edlund’s cult favorite live-action TV adaptation of his uber-indie comic book of the same name, may be on its way back to television thanks to Amazon – and both Edlund and series star Patrick Warburton are said to be on board.

Launched on the credibility of the comic and the popularity of the mid-1990s animated series that was inspired by it, The Tick ran for just 8 episodes on FOX in 2001 (there is another episode that did not air but lives on the DVD and on streaming sites).

Well-received by many critics at the time, the show about a vigilante hero and his low level hero friends now seems to naturally align with Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Firefly, Drive and Wonderfalls to serve as painful reminders of both FOX’s boldness in trying shows that were less than standard and their inability to give those shows enough time to find their audience.

For The Tick (and those other shows, most likely), the timing just wasn’t right, but these are very different times. The winter of 2001 (when The Tick debuted) could adequately be described as a pre-phenomenon period where pop-culture’s most familiar representations of superheroes were Christopher Reeve’s Superman performance from almost two decades prior, the first X-Men movie, the uneven track record of the earlier Batman films, and comic books. Contrast that with the present-day – we’re awash in comic book movies, TV shows and chatter about those things.

But despite the abundance of projects that hold comic book heroes in high regard, there really is very little that exists to gently poke a little bit of fun and lovingly lampoon this cultural behemoth. And in a moment where there are rumors that some comic book movies may adhere to a super serious sounding edict about avoiding lightness when portraying mythic superheroes who fly or run very fast, we need something like The Tick (and The Greatest American Hero) more than ever.

the tick coming back Rumor Patrol: Amazon Reviving The Tick TV Show with Patrick Warburton

As I said up front, though, this is just a rumor right now and it almost feels too good to be true, especially with Edlund and Warburton on board. Back in 2009, Warburton himself seemed to believe that it was unlikely that he would put on his blue rubber suit and play the character again when he spoke to CBR, but now we have this news from out of the blue and so many questions. For example, will the rest of the primary cast – Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel, David Burke as Arthur and Liz Vassey as Captain Liberty – also return and will the show maintain its low-fi charm?

In that the rumor states that the show will be picked up by Amazon, I’m also curious if this would be a series order right off the bat (giving fans a set number of episodes to look forward to) or if Amazon would throw The Tick into its annual Pilot Competition, which asks people to “watch, rate and review” their potential shows before they become full-fledged series.

Doing something like that might sound like an indignity for such a beloved property; it might even be logistically complicated (or impossible) for a pre-existing show that wasn’t developed explicitly for Amazon. That said, it could inject a bit of a crowdfunding element into the process (without the outlay) while proving that there is a market for new episodes of The Tick.

As is the case with all rumors, we’ll just have to wait and see if this becomes a reality and in what shape it takes when/if it does. With that said though, even the hint of a chance for more episodes of The Tick and the excitement that is accompanying this rumor seem like a good indication that one day, someone will smarten up and give Ben Edlund the money to bring back the character, even if it isn’t right now.

For more news about the possible reboot of The Tick stay tuned to Screen Rant.

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  1. Kinda cool I guess but I honestly never saw the live action version and thought it was probably not as good as the 90s cartoon that I loved anyway.

    Anyone seen it to maybe explain why I may be correct/wrong because I did enjoy The Tick as a character, a comic book and a cartoon but it just doesn’t feel right when you can see his full face and obviously live action also blocks certain things from happening that cartoons could easily get away with due to the different laws of physics.

    • It was the best thing I ever saw!!!

      Patrick Warburton was born to play The Tick!

      My and my mates found the live tv episodes a few years back by accident in a drunken voyage through youtube cartoon intros and then watched every single episode in a row.

      If this pans out, this is the best news I’ve heard all year!

  2. I remember watching this as a kid, it was pretty funny.

  3. Being a fan of the cartoon as a kid, I remember this show super pailing in comparison to the cartoon. I wasn’t a fan at all. But to each there own. If they rebooted it, gave it a less “sitcom between adventures” and some villians to fight or something, I would totally give it another chance. Elsewise, for gods sake, bring back the cartoon. It was amazing!

    • *paled

      But yeah, that was what I assumed the live action version was, less insanity and more “superhero sitcom”. Plus, how could they have done Chairface Chippendale and Dinosaur Neil any justice in live action?

      I guess it’d be like having a live action version of The Terrible Thunderlizards or Freakazoid.

      • Yes yes, “Pale”. Tyops are what i get for having a rough time typing on my phone earlier. ;)

        People always reference Chairface when i make a comment about villians and this show. But seriously, the villians were a major part of the source material. Sides, i don’t need Chairface to have a chair for a face to be happy. If they were that serious about the source in the first place they wouldn’t of changed the names of certain characters(Batmanuel? Seriously?) but i can accept that stuff. Sides the strongest interaction was Tick’s stupidity against a villians nonsense.

        If they revive the show, and keep it the same, it’ll last a full season order and no more. Riding on the backs of superhero popularity is one thing and *could* work. But using a gimmick of “inbetween adventures” got tired for me long before Episode 8 or 9. People complain about Shield not having proper villians.

        It’d be a waste of talent for Warburton. I loved how they’d cast the show, just try to make it a little adventurous is what i’m saying. Sides, CGI has come an awfully long way and dropped way in price since back then.

        • I just really loved the idea of Chairface having a literal chair for a head rather than being a goofy Dick Tracy style nickname. He was one of my fave villains from The Tick’s universe.

          I wonder why they changed Die Fleidermaus (possible spelling correction required) to Batmanuel in the live action version?

  4. Loved the animated series and the live version. Barry Sonnifeld gave the live action series its charm, as he produced it and directed the first episode. Wonder if he will he back.

  5. The cartoon was brilliant and probably a few year ahead of it’s time, the live action show as I remember it did not have the same energy as the animated version. I do not think this property lends itself well to live action and if I recall correctly one of the reasons aside from low ratings the show did not make it was because of it’s high price tag to produce.

    If anything they should try to revive the animated version of the show and have Warburton do the voice of the Tick. And while saying that I find it odd Adult Swim never aired any of the old Tick episodes, it fits in with a lot of their programming.

  6. I own the series because I found it pretty funny. The main problem with revising it is it’s been like 12 years or more since the original was cancelled. Warburton is 49 now. I guess if he’s still in shape it’d work, but generally super heroes (Even spoof ones) aren’t aged past their 40′s.

    On the othe hand. If they can get clever writers again it could be a lot of fun. I think my all time favorite bit from the original was when the Tick was working with a Superman type super hero who only wore glasses as his disguise. If he put the glasses on in front if the Tick he’d be mystified as to where the super hero went to. That was so funny because it was a real poke at the whole Superman disguise everyone has laughed at for years

    I’ll definitely check it out

  7. If this actually happens, I will happily throw money at whomever has this available to stream. This show was excellent!

  8. This rumor just put the biggest smile on my face. I want this to be true so, so much!

  9. This is great news, assuming it’s true. I’m sure that Amazon would have some reason to even entertain the idea, probably number of views the episodes gets presently though Amazon Prime steaming service.

  10. Hope it’s true! Great show at its best, but had a few clunky eps amid the classics. A short season might help keep the quality up. This show was remarkably funny.

    “Some of these salad fragments are unwieldy.” Still makes me laugh. Seeing Batmanuel in the context of his serious Lost character was hilarious. They should try to get the same guy back.

  11. Oh sure now that super heroes are cool they come crawling back.
    Respect the warburton!


  13. i kind of hope netflix picks this up and not amazon and the only reason i am saying that is because i have a netflix account and i am to much of a cheap ass to do that paid episode deal

  14. Go on youtube an check put an interview with the tick it’s a fan made comedy series and it’s hilarious plus they do the mask right!@

  15. Evil is a Foot! haha Was bummed when it was canceled. I am one of the few people that actually owns the unopened Action figures produced for the show…gotta be pretty rare. Hope this happens! The Tick Rules!!!

  16. Return of “The Tick” yes.

    Patrick Warburton as The Tick? God no.

    I do like the actor, and enjoyed most everything he has done, but he didn’t fit the part, and didn’t play it right.

    The Tick was a clueless overexcited moron. Warburton played him more as an unexcited dimwit. And yes there is a difference between a moron and a dimwit.

    The Tick isn’t stupid, he is just so caught up in his fantasy of being a superhero that everything is going over his head. Not really stupid.