Live Action Star Wars TV Show Closer To Reality

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star wars live action Live Action Star Wars TV Show Closer To RealityA live action Star Wars television series has been talked about since 2005 when George Lucas first mentioned the show and the Clone War animated series while doing promotion for Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith.

Lucas and a group of writers started writing scripts for the 100 episode series way back in 2007, but now comes the first news that casting for the series is underway.

MTV spoke with Star Wars bit part actress Rose Byrne at the Knowing press junket and she said:

“A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it”

While it’s not an awful lot to go on it does look that Lucas will once again unleash the force once more.

As a huge Star Wars fan (I have no idea how many DVDs and VHS copies I own) I have to admit that I haven’t watched the last animated movie or it’s television counterpart. It’s animation – I just don’t get animation.

However, I may just get excited by a live action series – if it’s done right. Television is a new frontier for narrative story telling and I feel that if Lucas has developed the series correctly then it could be a good show.

I know that there an awful lot of Lucas haters out there who feel that he has milked the Star Wars cash cow for all it’s worth, but I believe that we have to give this series a chance – lets see some previews before we bash it.

Don’t expect to see any familiar faces in the show – it’s due to be set in the 20 years between Episode III and Episode IV but with no major character making an appearance.

If Lucas is only casting at the moment I’d say that the show is probably another two or three years away due to the technical effects and because I’d imagine that they’d want a few episodes in the can before they premiere on television.

Screen Rant will have more news on the live action Star Wars series when we get it.

Source: MTV

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  1. I love Star Wars, but if Lucas is writing or directing this, then it’s going to suck as bad as the animated stuff and the 2nd trilogy. The ONLY way that this is going to succeed is if George sticks to writing the story AND taking care of the SFx. Leave the dialogue and directing to someone more capable.

  2. Love Star Wars.
    hated the Prequals only good thing that came out of them where Darth maul & jango fett.

    but mabey the show will go the route of the recently released game Force Unleashed the story in the game was great !

  3. They are going to milk this to death… oh wait, they might have already done so…

  4. I look forwad to seeing how this comes together.

  5. “and I feel that if Lucas has developed the series correctly then it could be a good show.”

    And there we have the deal breaker.

  6. Would rather see a (old TV show) ‘Combat’ series done with the Clone Troopers sim to the Video Games. Life-like and gritty. Alas, it’s gonna be ‘popcorn’ and ‘toy-related’ I’m afraid. Gotta go work on the Armor… -Stark

  7. I liked the prequels as much as I did the original trilogy. It’s been a big part of my imagination since ’77. I didn’t see the cartoon movie or the tv shows because I don’t like the way the animation looks. I’m really looking forward to this live action tv show though. I was hoping it would take place in the time line of the Bioware mmo game, “The Old Republic”. They could’ve done anything they wanted to do in that era. They’ll be stuck with what their story can do if it’s set between episode 3 and 4.

  8. I see this going one of two ways: since it’s a TV series, it’s budget should be considerably lower than the movies.

    This would mean that either the series is filled with less than stellar CGI, or they’ll go with conventional sets and effects like the original trilogy. Lousy story and acting aside, my biggest beef with the prequel films was that the just didn’t feel as “real” as the original movies. Everything was impossibly shiny and clean, and nothing like the gritty world of the originals.

    I really hope that they limit the CGI to maybe space scenes and non-humanoid aliens, and put the actors on real sets. Even if the writing is poor, I’ll enjoy the series so much more than the movies because it will have that realistic feel to it.

    That said, I can’t get behind the idea of having no familiar faces. I don’t want the big ones, so no Obi-Wan or Vader, but what I’d really like to see is Captain Antilles and MAYBE R2 and 3PO, since they’re supposed to be in his possession. We never really get to see the guy other than at the very end of III and very beginning of IV.

    I’m not really familiar with the EU, so I have no idea if they’ve covered his character elsewhere, but I’ve always been interested in seeing more of him.

  9. @ Josh
    Your suggestion would be nice, but forget it. Lucas is kookoo for CGI and goofy aliens. I’d love it if it was all tie-fighters, star destroyers, and x-wings blasting the crap out of each other, but I know better. He seems to try really hard not to do anything set within or after the original trilogy. I guess he knows that’s what everyone really wants.

  10. The orginal movies are cinematic masterpieces, I’ve seen them all a million times. The prequels were ok but no comparison to first movies. I really don’t think that they should make a tv series for Star Wars, judging from where it began to where it is now there is no way that it could turn out good.

  11. Well…. As far as I know, the trilogy is complete, can’t do anymore with that side of the story.

    I would love to see a show with a anti-hero…..

    I the story from a comic book [can’t remember the name right now], with the main caracter being Kir Kanos, a Crimson Guard turned anti-hero, somewhat like Han Solo was before meeting Kanobi and Skywalker. But in actuality, Kir Kanos turned into bounty hunter, to hide his identity from the Empire bounty hunters.

    Now that would be a KOOL story line………

  12. I think the Lucas bashers are in full force on this site. I for one am a massive fanboy of starwars and I accept them for all that is good and all that is bad about them. I enjured episode 1, I weathered episode 2, I acctually quite liked episode 3 😛 and the original trilogy is still the best trilogy ever made. My thought of a live action series really interests me considering he is really only making this for the older set fans I say give him a chance I know he isnt acctually directing the series directly…well he said he would oversee the production of the first series and then leave it to the director there after so that gives me hope and from what I have read he is taking battlestar galactica as once of his influences. So in short that means alot of character development and deep story arc and adult sensibilty along with great visual space battles and s*** going boom. Also this idea it staring none characters or “minor” characters from the series is acctually a clever move so theres no forgone conclusion to the series.

  13. I am looking forward to see the live version Star Wars. As long as the storyline is kept edgy, action-packed, & with deep characters(check out Clone Wars Ep.25). That was what made “BSG” the best rated Sci-Fi series to date.
    I really enjoy the Clone Wars Series. If you haven’t seen it already, go see it and then judge. I am not a big fan of the style of anime, but most of the stories and action are exceptional for a cartoon catered to both kids(more so) & adults.

  14. The new animated show was better then I could have ever expected,and i my opinion it is more Star Wars then the recent movies were !

  15. The new animated show was better then I could have ever expected,and i my opinion it is more Star Wars then the recent movies were !

  16. The new animated show was better then I could have ever expected,and i my opinion it is more Star Wars then the recent movies were !