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Little Focker robert De Niro Little Fockers Review

Screen Rant’s Mike Eisenberg Reviews Little Fockers

Little Fockers is one of the most disappointing and pitiful movies of 2010. The first film was a welcome addition to the plethora of awkward family dinner comedies, but Little Fockers is not only a cheap excuse for a threequel, but a cheap excuse for a film in general.

Director Paul Weitz steps into a franchise that has more than overstayed its welcome, regardless of its big box office numbers. The problem isn’t so much a relentless and misguided need to play off more “Focker” jokes – it isn’t the fact the movie barely even shows the titular children. The movie’s biggest flaw isn’t even the tiresome predictability of Gaylord Focker’s (Ben Stiller) awkward mishaps. This film ruins your evening with the bastardization of one of Robert De Niro’s most prized films, The Godfather: Part II.

Little Fockers catches up with the Focker clan in their modest Chicago apartment. The two children are old enough now to play along with the immature profanity-related jokes and provide the occasional hilarious projectile vomit gag. But the movie is honestly not about the children, regardless of what the title suggests. The real focus of Little Fockers is, once again, the relationship between Jack Byrnes (De Niro) and Gaylord Focker.

Heart trouble has forced Jack to revisit the family tree and begin the transfer of “power” to whomever is next in line. Through a series of character-deleting exposition-heavy discussions, Jack reveals it to be Gaylord. The remainder of the film is a series of situations in which Gaylord attempts to authenticate his newly appointed position as… wait for it… the “Godfocker.”

The minds behind Little Fockers found this joke to be so funny that De Niro repeats it multiple times. Yet, the film’s way of exploring the plot is through lazy Godfather-related jokes and the typical clumsy Focker routine.

The kids of Little Fockers Little Fockers Review

Maybe I am nitpicking here, but one scene involving a turkey dinner and a blood-spraying wound that results in a minor bandaging (hint – the trailers give it away) had me desperately wanting to leave the theater out of sheer absurdity. Similar occurrences make the entire movie just as unbearable.

At some point, somebody must have shown De Niro the script written by John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey. I struggle to comprehend how the ensuing discussion resulted in De Niro saying, “Sure, I’ll do that.” De Niro’s longtime friend and producer Jane Rosenthal has told us many times that De Niro truly enjoys comedy. In recent interviews, the actor has referred to his affinity for the cast and crew in explaining his return for a third installment. But why now is he suddenly poking fun at his own legendary roles?

There is more to Little Fockers than the frustration of watching one of America’s acting legends take a dive. It also features the new addition of Jessica Alba. Her performance fits right in with the strange, unamusing humor of the rest of the film. One could argue she was a scene stealer at times, sufficiently stealing all life remaining from her few moments on screen.

Little Fockers Jessica Alba Ben Stiller Little Fockers Review

Alba portrays Andi Garcia, a hyperactive drug representative who acts like a giddy 15-year-old girl and who oddly asks for fist bumps instead of hand shakes. Her presence in the film exists solely for creating the suspicion of infidelity on Gaylord’s part and the pleasure of hearing Jessica Alba sell an erectile dysfunction pill called Sustengo. Ultimately, her character is a waste and only stretches the plot so thin that it is barely visible.

To the film’s credit, there is the occasional spark of comedy. De Niro isn’t all slop and sometimes pulls through with a classic Jack Byrnes moment. His initial 911 call after experiencing what his wife refers to as “chest palps” is what I want out of De Niro’s comedic side. Laura Dern is hilarious as the Headmistress of an elementary school called the Early Human School. Harvey Keitel’s face-to-face confrontation with De Niro is a classic moment worth waiting for if you force yourself to watch Little Fockers.

Regardless of the accidentally funny parts, Little Fockers is a mess. It is everything we have come to expect the third installment of a comedy to be. How many times have you honestly seen a good comedic trilogy? You won’t see it here. Skip this disaster, re-watch the original and keep your positive image of Robert De Niro’s career intact.

Little Fockers cast Little Fockers Review

My main concern is the franchise has already made nearly $850 million worldwide and people really seem to love it. They will blindly attend showings of Little Fockers. I urge you not to see it for two reasons. The first is for your, and Robert De Niro’s, own good. The second reason is to prevent franchises like these from milking your pockets without putting in any effort to raise the bar on comedy.

Check out the trailer to Little Fockers:

Our Rating:

1 out of 5

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  1. wooow has there every been another 0.5???? but i do totally agree with the review keep it up :)

  2. i guess jessica alba needed a 100 million dollar hit that of course she won’t contribute to, been a while since she has had any hit… hahahahahahahah yet she thinks she is a pro at picking scripts and calling film writers mediocre.

    • Bull I’m a fan of Jessica and I think she is a very very underrated actress, but I agree that she has horrible taste in scripts. I think the reason so many people talk crap about her is because of how bad the films she chooses really are and if she were a bit more picky people would appreciate her talent a bit more.

      Same goes for Nick Cage who is also very talented, but with him not only has he just signed on for every crap film out there he has also let him self get lazy.

      • I agree Daniel.

  3. Wow, .5. That just shows how unnecessary this film is. IMO, the first was enough. The second was pretty funny, but still unnecessary. The only thing LF has going for it is the beautiful Jessica Alba.

    • The beautiful but untalented Jessica Alba. I loved the first movie, liked the second and I will probably check this one out when it´s on DVD.

      • Yeah, but at least her ass his nice to look at :D. Another reason why Sin City 2 needs to get off the ground. Her butt isn’t getting any younger.

        • Hahaha… :D Have you seen her leaked post-pregnancy nude pics?

          • *looks for link* lol

            • Woot! Got it before Vic takes down, ha ha.

              Nice though, I’d tap it. Pregnant even.

              Weird though, she shows a pretty long scar across her stomach, she already a kid I take it?

              • I hope Vic doesn´t ban me for that… Please, Vic! DON´T!

                @ Netshark: As far as I know, these are post-pregnancy pics…

                • Thanks for not banning me, Vic. :)

                  • Woah wait you posted the pic? Damn i missed it :(

      • Disagree Scape. I think Alba is very talented she just makes bad choices in films

        • Then how can you tell she’s a good actress?

          • Netshark because not every film she has ever been in is bad. She’s done a few good ones and because even if she’s in a bad film at least 80% of the time her performance is still good, but people think about how much they hate the movie that it clouds their ability to actually watch the acting. Also some people forget that she can only read the lines that are written and confuse bad dialogue with bad acting.

            • Tell me which role(s) she did well in your opinion and I’ll check it out.
              I figure she’s cute therefore people want to give her a chance, undeservedly.

              Speaking of hot Jessica’s, Im a little partial to Biel myself. Now that is the nicest rump Ive ever seen, period. heh

              • I mean, the swoop on that is incredible. lol

              • I hate Jessica Biel. She’s an ok actress, but I find her horribly unattractive she looks like a man to me especially in and after Blade Trinity.

                As far as Alba I pretty much think She always does a good job. Alot of her films are bad and she sometimes gets stuck with bad dialogue and a horrible script but usually her performances are good so I pretty much think she does well in everything she is in despite the films them selves being bad. However if you want a list of GOOD movies she’s been in it will be very small lol.

                I really enjoyed

                Idle Hands (She did well and the movie was fun)
                Sin City (She did great and the movie was fantastic)

                and Good Luck Chuck (wasn’t great, but enjoyable for one watching as long as you got to see it cheap, but her performance was really good. )

                • Jessica Alba looks like a man?

                  HAHAHAHAAHAHA! This is a joke. It HAS to be Daniel.

                  • No, Jessica Biel looks like a man. According to Dan. I think she´s hot…

                  • ricky you might want to read what I said again. I was talking about Biel and her big buff arms and masculine jaw. Not Alba Jessica Alba looks like supreme hotness.

                    • He always misreads things, no surprise there.

                    • Ok Daniel Im happy I misread. I mean someone thinking Jessica Alba looks like a man must be crazy as hell.

  4. Cmon man this review is brutal lol. Just watching the trailer mind you, besides the repeated Focker jokes it doesnt look as horrible as to be a 1/2 star.

  5. Based on Mike’s review I’m bumping it to 1 star. He did say there was at least ONE funny part. ;-)

    • Jessica Alba trying to act? Was that the one funny part? :D

  6. NO! NO! NOOO!!!!!!

    ONE STAR? NO WAY! Iam dissapointed. :(

    • Whoa! Is your avatar you? ‘Cause that’s not how I pictured you at all. Haha

  7. Exactly what I expected. The first was good, the second was pretty bad, and this looked worse than the third. This franchise shoudl have ended with the first. De Niro and Stiller have great acting careers I don’t understand why they subject themselves to stupid movies/sequels like these


  9. That’s pretty harsh dude. Besides I haven’t seen the film and “Godfocker” is hilarious in the trailer!

  10. I thought the first was horrible, the fact they made a second made sense since the first did well. This just makes me laugh.

  11. I honestly hate de niro in comedy. The de niro in taxi driver would probably shoot the de niro in little fockers

  12. Laughed so hard seeing the half a star… Very disappointing that Kofi bumped it up to 1 full star.

    Surprised that you guys can change each others reviews seems kind of wrong.

    Why even bother having some else do the reviews if one of you can just go and change his score to what you prefer it to be?

    • Daniel,

      It’s certainly not arbitrary, and Kofi is an editor. I’ve discussed before how “fuzzy” star ratings can be, and based on the content of the review and in agreement with Mike Kofi bumped it a half star.


      • Im thinking the half star made me laugh more than anything in the movie might do.
        But if the rating is legit, it wont be long before I can pick it up in the Walmart bin to find out…..

      • Ok Vic didn’t realize that Kofi and Mike agreed upon it.

        Sorry if it came out wrong wasn’t trying to sound like I was complaining just trying to understand. I thought that Kofi just went in and changed it on his own despite the fact that Mike had it one way. Made me wonder where that could lead eventually like Someone giving a review that one of you didn’t like so you just go in and change all of it. That’s obviously an extreme just coming up with an example.

        Thanks for the clear up

      • But surely it should be the opinion of the person who actually reviewed the film? Not an overlord?

        • DSM,

          Mike agreed with the change. Based on WHAT HE WROTE IN HIS REVIEW the decision was that the rating didn’t MATCH it.

          Again, why ratings are a pain in the rear as far as I’m concerned.


  13. Well, whatever the quality of the film may be, I’d guess that De Niro and the others keep coming back because the movies are fun to make.

    Let’s just hope that De Niro gets back to his roots with The Irishman.

    • yea, that’s what they all say. I hope that’s the reason. But it’s like that uncle who still thinks his farts are funny when you are 25 years old, just because you laughed at them when you were 5.

      • Some movies are timeless Mike. There series of films aren’t. I still laugh my butt off when I watch A Christmas Story and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

      • @ Mike: My uncle still laughs at my farts… :D

        • but do you laugh at his? that’s the real question. haha

        • Scape is the “Hey son, pull my finger” type of guy lol

          • @ Mike: No, not really…

            @ Anthony: As long as I´m not the one who´s pulling the finger… :D My farts can be pretty lethal sometimes…

  14. I had a feeling this was gonna be a bad movie
    I might delay seeing this one.

  15. Lol I knew it would be bad (‘m sure everyone else did to)

  16. I just got back from watching LITTLE FOCKERS. It was the worst one in the series but it was still OK. I think it deserves at least 2.5 stars. I hated that the movie wasnt about the kids,but oh well. It was still enjoyable.

    • LOL…You still see crap movies after terrible reviews?

      • Maybe he wanted to have a laugh. And maybe not everyone thinks this movie sucks. Like any other art, it´s a matter of taste. I will watch this movie too. Maybe not in theater, but when it´s on DVD or TV…

        • Let me remind you Ants that I see it free.

          Thanks Scape.

    • I though you were going to watch The Fighter. Weren’t you begging me to watch it earlier?

      • Jose

        I told you to see the fighter because it is really good. Iam going to re see it soon.

  17. I haven’t even seen it and I totally agree.

  18. I’d have to be paid some serious money to even consider seeing this film, the first two are awful, and every single person involved in this project should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
    Let it forever be a black mark on their soul.

  19. Not a massive fan of the Focker films, and yikes those kids look butt-ugly! But this review is another example of how critics and fans alike are so worried about actors so-called ‘legacies’. Good on De Niro for not taking his job too seriously (he’s an actor for god’s sake).

  20. after reading the review, i think this movie will be terrible. the trailer wasnt bad thought. looks can be deceiving…

  21. SO. I went to go see this last night. Hoping you guys were wrong since I loved the first one and enjoyed the second one (kind of). Well..

    This movie was…. HORRIBLE… I have only walked out of a movie and asked for my money back twice. The other movie was Meet The Spartans.. I lasted about 20 minutes then left. There was nothing remotely even funny and the script was horrible. I like Jessica Alba, but her part in this movie was just stupid and unnecessary. And.. She acted HORRIBLY.

    DON’T see this movie.. Save yourself the nervousness of asking for your money back. AND FOR GOD SAKES put this review back down to 0.5! HAHA.

    • Saw it last night. What were you expecting Oscar material? Its comedy.

      maybe you have no sense of humor … ZERO!!!

      I thought it was pretty funny.

      • Lmfao. I have a great sense of humor. And this movie was pretty funny actually. I laughed a lot on the way out of the theater 20 minutes after the movie started.

        If you think this movie is pretty funny you’re nuts bro.

      • By the way. The Hangover was Oscar material and that was a comedy. By your statement, Comedy can not be Oscar material. Obviously that is wrong! I could give you a large list of Comedy movies that are Oscar material if you would like. And Little Fockers is NOT on that list. Meet The Parents maybe, but NOT LF.


  23. I’m gonna have to disagree with this review.

    No, Little Fochers is not Oscar material – BUT – I saw this movie today and enjoyed it. In fact, I thought the movie was better than the second one – which I thought was too long and not quite funny enough.

    I also enjoy watching DeNiro in his comedic role. Stiller is as good as ever. Whatever her face (the drug rep, can’t remember her name right now) was hot eye candy.

  24. LF is a S H I T movie and it made me wanna puke.
    The acting was tired and monotonous.
    The cheap ‘events’ was useless to make anyone laugh.
    The story was boring.
    I wanted to put a condom over it.
    It sucked.

  25. I agree. The movie was not as funny as the previous two movies. I would have liked to see more of Streisand and Hoffman; they were hilarious in Meet the Fockers.

    I did laugh sometimes. I must admit the blood squirting thing was a little much. It looked like it was a big cut, and yet Greg’s finger was alright in the next scene.

    It was fun to finally see Jack and Greg finally duke it out at the end.

    Maybe they should get the previous director and writers to come back to the series for the fourth movie.

  26. De Niro has joked at his legendary performances in the past with Analyze This and Analyze That. So what the hell do you mean by: But why now is he suddenly poking fun at his own legendary roles? They even did a Godfather part 2 parody in Analyze this with De Niro playing Fredo instead of the young Don. I do agree with you that the series should be laid to rest. Hollywood will always milk a good idea until the milk goes sour.

  27. I actually didn’t think this movie was that bad. I’d have given it a 2.5. I laughed more than I thought I would.

  28. I enjoyed it alot more than the second film, wasn’t a touch on the first film but was alot more amusing that the second, Can’t beat the chemistry between de niro and stiller. Laughed most of the way through it.
    Think this should be the last of the meet the parent’s think they’ve took it as far as it can go but this was a good way to finish it tho.
    A must see for comedy fan’s lots of laugh’s.
    Rated it 3/5, not the funniest comedy i’ve ever watched but defently one of the better comedies i’ve watched in the last 5 years.

  29. Anyone else seeing the Andi Garcia joke here? Male name? Takes a sustengo at one point just before attempting sex (erectile dysfunction pill). fist bumps instead of hand shakes and gets turned on, and attached to Focker, while she tells a patient to ‘just relax and let it slide in’. Ilooks like a very subtle transsexual joke through the whole thing! Sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I’ve looked elsewhere, doesnt appear like this is a popular conclusion to draw, but I figured what the hey, might as well.