Dustin Hoffman Coming Back to Save ‘Little Fockers’ [Updated]

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dhoffman Dustin Hoffman Coming Back to Save Little Fockers [Updated]

[Update: It's been confirmed: Hoffman will be returning.]

It seems as though Universal Pictures’ forthcoming comedy sequel Little Fockers is in a tiny bit of trouble. The film, which is currently in post-production, has allegedly not been testing well, and because of this reshoots are needed. The extent of these reshoots is debatable, but the word on the street is that Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman may be joining the cast in an attempt to make the comedy…well, funnier.

Deadline recently ran with a story saying that the film has been in trouble since the cameras started rolling, and at one point Universal even considered replacing director Paul Weitz with producer-writer John Hamburg. However, cooler heads prevailed when they realized that there might be a bit of trouble from the Directors Guild of America, so they decided – as the old Hollywood saying goes -  “to fix things in post production.”

For the last month or so star Ben Stiller has been sifting through the footage alongside Weitz, Hamburg and original Meet the Parents director Jay Roach to see what was needed to make the film workable. Their outcome was reshoots or pick-ups with the principal cast members this coming September.

However, Vulture has a source close to the production who states that the pick-ups won’t just be minor tweaks – they’ll be entirely new scenes featuring Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman starred in the previous sequel, Meet The Fockers, but he declined an offer to reprise his role for this film. At the time it was believed that the studio wasn’t willing to give the star the salary that he expected, or a sizeable enough role to make it worth his time.

If this is indeed the case and Little Fockers in now relying on Hoffman to plug the leaks, then the acclaimed actor could probably get a sizeable check for his effort -  just like Marlon Brando commaned $3 million for appearing in Superman back in 1978.  Hoffman could ask for similar coin for a couple of weeks’ work. Heck, in 1998 Joe Pesce was paid $12 million for Lethal Weapon 4. Just think about that for a minute…

littlefockers international poster Dustin Hoffman Coming Back to Save Little Fockers [Updated]

There is one problem for Universal – Hoffman is currently signed to David Milch and Michael Mann’s HBO drama series Luck, meaning that he could be unavailable, or at the very least Fockers would have to be shot around his schedule. The film isn’t scheduled to open until December, so there is still time to fix these problems, but if the rumors are true, then the ball is now in Hoffman’s court.

Update: And it seems Hoffman is taking the ball and dunking  it. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Hoffman will be returning for Little Fockers, albeit in limited capacity. The actor will be in four scenes, and will appear alongside his onscreen wife Barbara Streisand for some of them. The scenes were shot during a week of “additional photography” and the EW‘s source claims Hoffman offered to do it after he saw the movie and wanted to be a part of it  - whether that’s because it was good, or he wanted to help improve it, we don’t know.

It’s also being floated that Hoffman’s reason for initially declining to be in Little Fockers had nothing to do with money. If that’s true, a poor script or scheduling conflicts are the likely suspects – either way, we will be getting a Little Fockers with Dustin Hoffman, and I don’t think anybody will be too upset about that.

The Meet the Parents franchise has been big money for Universal since the first film was released in 2000. That film grossed $330 million, while it’s sequel banked $516 million. While there are many who disregard the second film, I quite like it, mainly because Hoffman’s character, Bernie Focker, reminds me of my own father. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not – but hey, nobody is perfect!

Will Hoffman join Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Jessica Alba in the film? At this point it’s pure speculation. However, Screen Rant will keep you posted on this Little Fockers news.

Source: Deadline & Vulture

Update Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. OMG yessss!!! I want him in part 3 at least for a little scene. Wow i hope they dont move the dates though i hate that…..

    • hoffman was the main reason i didnt like the second one lol, and they are gonna rely on him to “save” this? get a bigger star with more appeal lol

  2. Niall Browne
    Wow really,he reminds u of your father?!? LMAO thats cool…..

    • @ Ricky18
      Sadly it is very true. It’s the only reason I like the movie!


  3. Quick fix formula: More Hoffman-Less Stiller

  4. Tacoscat
    Hoffman was great in fockers. Stiller is funny too….

    Niall Browne
    Wow the ONLY reason?!? That movie was plain out hilarious!!! I dont know if i like part 1 or part 2 better:/

    BTW this is y i llove screen rant because u guys answer back!!!;)

    • @Ricky18
      Well – we are the best movie site on the “tinterweb”!


  5. GREAT news that Dustin Hoffman is returning for Little Fockers. Dustin made the movie, ‘Meet the Fockers’…he out shined DiNiro as well as Streisand….but, put all together…Dustin was the catalyst that made this a good movie!!!!

  6. So…as far as I am concerned…give Dustin Hoffman the money he deserves…at least $3 million….

  7. According to my sources,,one of the test markets for this film is Leasure World Irvine.

    Its a 70 and over community!!! Aaah!


    • 790, i doubt i’ll be seeing this if hoffman is in it, i didnt like the second one, he ruined it for me, as did striesand. plus i didnt think jay roach was directing this??

  8. futhermore, not having Roach on as director killed the movie already, ive never heard of this other guy.

  9. ok, ive calmed down now LOL

  10. Pesci is worth every penny he gets!!!!ok now im done

  11. I’m not trying to bum anyone out for liking this, but seriously this “franchise” is just a paycheck to these actors. (Read above article)

    There’s no real display of talent going on here…

    Its just a shlocky disposable generic paycheck comedy that is forgotten the moment its over.

    Frankly I’m giving it to much time as it is anyway with my comments.

    • shhhhoooooooshhhhh! there’ll be no more ranting about this topic then!! hahaha

  12. Lol Antman I’m venting all over this one. Lol.

    I’m working on the Teen Choice awards this week so cut me some slack. It goes against everything I stand for.

    Ahh aaah, beer consumption increases when I work on these shows. And then there’s the drunken rantings,,,

    • i understand drunk rants trust me!!!!

  13. 790
    LMAO!!! Hey i liked both parents and fockers but i think this one i wont…..the trailer didnt do it for me IDK. Something was off….

    • I agree on you with that, the trailer was just.. not funny at all..

  14. If I ever make my way down to SD Ants, we shall have some drinks and rap.

    That’s as far as I go, I like chicks.


    • ahaha yeah same here man, next time i get up that way we’ll have to hang out.. as for the chicks, plenty here in SD

  15. Cheers!

  16. Hey invite me guys!!!!

  17. we cant youre not 21 lol

  18. Lmao!!! I dont care lol i wanna meet chicks^^

  19. The show is called LEXX not fleex.

    And if spaceship shows are not your cup of tea that’s cool,,,, at least get the name right.


    • i liked that kevin sorbo space ship show!!!

  20. 790
    LMFAO!!!! Im sorry lol! U seemed really pissed hahaha!!!

  21. Wow u guys see ALOT of different tv shows and movies,do u guys work in film industry or something?!?

  22. Ricky I could never be upset with your comments. I think your a great addition to the SR family. I love your perspective.

    Just keep in mind I have a very dry sense of humor, is all,,, and I come off as a total dbag to most folks here.
    Please feel free to ask me anything you want about any comments I make I will be happy to explain myself.


  23. Antmania,,, your talking about, “Andromeda” a Gene Roddenberry production…
    Went on for like 5 years. Never really liked that one,,,
    The Roddenberry spinoff I did like was, “Earth, Final Conflict”!

    Great show! Went on for 5 seasons,,,

    • yes, thats the one, i liked it, it was fun for me anyways lol

  24. 790

    haha… thanks man i appreciate it^^

  25. Yes!!!! I can’t wait to see this…..

  26. The only way this film could be “saved” would be if time travel was possible and it could be aborted in pre production. Ben Stiller used to be funny, but it was so long ago, I can hardly remember.

    • hoffman saving this film..ahaha sorry he’s overrated, unfunny, and just annoying to watch in screen, he and striesand was what made the second one lame and unwatchable.

  27. Dr sam
    LMAO dude these are funny.

  28. but yeah,this will prob be the worst focker lol!

  29. Meet the Parents = OK
    Meet the Fockers = less than OK
    Little Fockers = trainwreck

    I cant believe the first two made a combined 800 million plus. Are there that many people out there with bad taste in movies?

    I guess so. Sigh.