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Little Favour Reviews Starring Benedict Cumberbatch Little Favour Review

Little Favour is a film definitely worth it if you’re a fan of espionage action, Cumberbatch, slick stylistic indie shorts – or all three.

In Little Favour we meet Wallace (Benedict Cumberbatch), a special ops-type guy who is approached by an old colleague named James (Colin Salmon) in order to make good on a lingering debt. James is currently at the wrong end of a bad deal, and needs help to protect his most precious asset. However, some favors ask more of us than others – as Wallace quickly learns when he is plunged headfirst into the midst of the threat James is up against.

Written and directed by Patrick Viktor Monroe, Little Favour is a film that hits the all the right marks of a great short. At approximately twenty minutes long, it tells a dark and thrilling espionage tale with (albeit mostly implied) depth, good  character and narrative development, themes, symbolism and some slick action and surprising twists, to boot. What’s not to like?

Monroe’s script, as stated above, strikes perfect chords of resonance, logic, and organic emotion, creating a situation that is grounded and wholly believable within the super-spy world the film creates; the dialogue, while sparse, is smart and well-balanced in its heightened reality gravitas. Monroe’s direction is sleek, the shots well conceived and framed – while cinematographer James Friend (Truth or Die) creates a vividly dark and gritty tone that gives the film an appropriately rough (but beautiful) edge.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Little Favour Little Favour Review

Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Little Favour’

Conceptually, the scenes are staged in interesting settings (the Carbonite kid soldier certainly sticks in mind), and there are some pretty strong examples of unique directorial style in the action sequences. Monroe is not just a director with fun ideas – he’s a director with the talent and vision to realize them.

Cumberbatch continues his rapid leading man takeover by anchoring the character of Wallace with more depth and dimensionality than was probably ever required of him. As Wallace goes through the paces of this intense and crazy situation, his growth and development – while rapid –  are more organic and well-earned than most big-budget action films we see. Arrow star Colin Salmon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows star Nick Moran add to the cause by playing fun and/or intriguing characters within this cloak-and-dagger world.

In the end, Little Favour is a film definitely worth it if you’re a fan of espionage action, Cumberbatch, slick stylistic indie shorts – or all three. And if short films are indeed the new audition tapes for upcoming talent, than Patrick Viktor Monroe has definitely earned his shot at the big time.


Little Favour is 22 minutes long. It is now available for download on iTunes. Click HERE to check it out.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. This looks right up my street so I’m really looking forward to this. “Whats not to like?” In Kofi I trust! Next stop itunes.

  2. I’ve watched it twice, and I didn’t feel I was watching a 20 minute short film, instead, it felt like a feature. The first time I was fully surprised by the twists and plot, and felt that I might miss something, so I immediately watched it again, and it’s even better; this time I noticed more plot points and how nuanced and layered Cumberbatch’s performance was, but that’s not a surprise if people had seen him in Sherlock, and as he did in STID, once again he proved that he can handle fight scenes extremely well and because this is an ordinary human, not a genetic-enhanced superhuman, his action sequences felt less choreographed and more genuine, but I think that if the director plans on developing this short film into a feature, he may need to get a Hong Kong fight choreographer who’s more experienced with building the fight scenes and advising the camera angles and edits.
    The whole cast are great, the score suits the film very well, and actually the most intriguing character and plot is not the male lead, but the other character, but I’ll be good and not spoil the fun for people.

  3. I got to see this last night as it was released early. I loved the movie but was saddened by the betrayal at the end. I couldn’t believe it! I was so into the film that I didn’t touch my bag of Jumbo puffy Cheetos! Not once!

    Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing in this. His range as an actor seems unlimited. The “Little Favour” has amazing talent as well, especially just before…well…the tables turned as you could say (trying hard not to give away critical movie moments).

    I look forward to more films from SunnyMarch in the future!

  4. I would like to see this turned into a feature film. i know that’s never gonna happen but… ya know, like you said Kofi, there’s probably some depth there that we didn’t have time to explore or learn about in detail because of the 21 minute runtime… I wanted to know a lot more backstory. It was a great movie and one of the few short films I can say I enjoyed.

    • Actually, the feature film is already in the works. They announced that this week.

  5. I downloaded it at midnight and watched it immediately, and… WOW!! I was completely blown away at how amazing it was. I loved it how every little detail of everything was part of telling the story… the backgrounds, the sound effects, the noises, the mannerisms of the characters, even the lighting and sets were all meant to tell us just as much of the story as the dialogue. There was so much story packed into every minute of this movie that would’ve otherwise taken hours to surface in any other kind of movie. And that plot twist? Whoa!! I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but it’ll make your head spin. X-) And Benedict Cumberbatch was just absolutely amazing… in the same way, every look, every move, every expression, every word, everything he did was part of making us understand the details of his character and his part in the story. I don’t think any other actor could possibly have done a better job than he did… he’s just the best there is. :-) I personally give it 5 out of 5 stars, I highly recommend it. :-)

  6. I saw a LittleFavour and, you know what, I don’t like it. I like BenedictCumberbatch ‘s acting. He was amazing as he always is but everything else leaves much to be desired. And guys, Russian mafia? Really? Not tired?

    • When they trotted out the Russian accents, it was a bit fatiguing.

  7. Hm… Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing actor, probably the best I have ever seen in my life. But I don’t get that film. And I do not really like it, to be honest. Can someone please explain that plot to me?

    • SPOLIER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but wants to, do NOT read this post, just scroll right on past!! Sil, I’ll try to explain how I interpreted it as briefly as possible… X-)

      I suppose the best way to explain it is that Wallace and James served in the military together. We hear Wallace remembering a bad situation throughout the opening scene from the war, and then his therapist talking, implying he has PTSD. In that bad situation, we hear James save his life and say that Wallace owes him for that. James calls in that favor by asking Wallace to protect his daughter Lilah while he tries to straighten out a bad situation gone worse. Wallace reluctantly agrees, since he owes James his life. The Russians immediately come after Wallace and Lilah, abducting them both, and torturing Wallace to try to get him to tell them where James is. Wallace never gives James up, even when Logan threatens his life, deciding that he will honor his word to the death. After Wallace demands to see Lilah, Logan ups the threat, saying that if he doesn’t give up James, he’ll make Lilah shoot him in the head. But in a wild plot twist, we discover along with Wallace that James was a double agent playing both sides, and planned this all from the beginning to use Wallace as bait and Lilah as a weapon… Lilah grabs the gun and expertly shoots up all the Russians while Wallace beats down the one who was holding him, grabs his gun and shoots the rest. Lilah runs outside and bring in James, who calmly walks in, makes Lilah kill Logan, and snidely “thanks” Wallace that he could count on him. That’s how I understood it. X-)

      • I didn’t get that James was a double agent, it’s just that he knew all along that Lilah was *not* innocent. That she was just as dangerous as Wallace was. He was in deep doo-doo, and by asking Wallace to protect Lilah he did two things–he had Lilah protected for a short amount of time to the best of Wallace’s ability, and then when that failed, as it was certain to, they would be captured and questioned. He knew *who* they’d question… Wallace…the girl would be an ace to be held over him-likely with little security- how much can a child hurt them after all? That plays into the second part of James’ plan– smuggling his “partner” (Lilah) into the lair of his enemies so they can be eliminated. While this is reprehensible- which is part of why this is a look into some rather dark people– this, to me, is what the plan was. I’m not even sure if she *was* his kid, or if she was just a child soldier who has become his partner. With Wallace taking the beatings and questioning, Lilah is free to act when the thugs’ defences are down. Wallace is broken and beaten- they feel they’ve won… he’s distraught at the sight of her… and she acts.

        The only thing a little “Hollywood” is the timing. He’d have had to been outside waiting to hear her start shooting, because he walks in right at the right moment… which is a little too precious. But serves perfectly to disillusion Wallace.

  8. I agree it made absolutely no sense.

    • yea

  9. Wasted

  10. This is not a review, it’s a PR release. It made no sense. It felt like a bad first draft of a script. And as for fishing wire on the lens to make it look anamorphic – it just looks like a poor Star Trek imitation.

  11. the Russian was horrible. this coming from a person who doesn’t even speak Russian. I found it uncomfortable, my Russian friend couldn’t even understand what he was saying. phrases were backwards and the guy playing the mob boss was little more than a caricature at one point i was questioning whether they used a prosthetic nose on him. everything else was nice the story was genuinely surprising, i just wish they used a real Russian.